This article is a result of my most recent experience, which occurred on 10/5/16. I was in my normal altered state of consciousness when I saw a card which was in the shape of a Tarot card. It was on a blueish background with puffy clouds at the top. There were two lightning bolts on either side of the card towards the top. Down toward the middle of the card on either side were white wings. In the direct middle of the card was a large white horse, and it had 2 yellow/brown straps underneath its belly lifting it up. I was sending this horse somewhere.

When I woke up I was completely confused. This did not appear to have anything to do with the Azoth energy that I write about, but I knew it was of huge importance. I have decided not to make
this article in 2 parts. There are so many aspects of this information, but I decided to keep it in one long article. I tried my best to make it flow properly.


I will begin this article with my personal experience with the White Horse, followed by research that I was lead to which will give a deep understanding of how this White Horse is working with the
Earth right now. I did not know of a White Horse Prophecy until I began my research after my experience. I did know of the White Horse of the Apocalypse, but that was it. As I did my research
I used my clairvoyant ability to connect with my computer. This is something that everyone can do. We all have a outer internet on our computers, and we have a inner-net which is our internal
computer. I connect both to do my work. I have written about this aspect of our being in a previous article. I have to say that the information I was lead to was incredible. Writing this
article has been a journey for me, as it connected many personal dots.

white-horses-twoI had to think way back in my past to remember any connection to a White Horse. I then remembered that I had a reading by a local well known psychic right after my walk-in experience. She was one of three psychics that have ever been able to read me. This reading occurred in the fall of 2008. It started off with me putting my hands into hers. The energy that passed between us was startling to me. She saw 2 White Horses running towards her at full speed ahead. She said she had to jump out of their way or they would have run her over.

She told me that these horses of mine were on a big mission, and they were running out of time. She told me this was the first time she has ever experienced this in a reading. She had to stop for a minute to get back into her center. The next thing she said was I would play a role in helping humanity with the “shift,” but I would not really begin my work until sometime after 2012. I had zero idea what she was talking about back then, but she was completely correct. It was only during the month of October 2016 did I find out what one of my White Horses was for.

I did not understand why I was sending one of my White Horses away. I could tell it was going up and into the sky. It was connected to the wind element because I saw 2 wings, and it was connected to fire or electricity because I saw 2 lightning bolts on either side of the card towards the top corners. Then something absolutely amazing happened to me. It is so incredible that you just can’t make this stuff up. I was in a session with one of my clients. Her name is Randi Gerber. It was her first session with me. What she told me at the very beginning of the session blew my mind. It was all I could do to maintain my composure. She was telling me of her recent experiences that she felt I could explain for her. She told me that a White Horse came to her during a very deep meditation. The dates she experienced this where in line with mine and the rest of her vision was right in line with my other articles, which she had not read yet. She had no idea that I had just had an experience with my White Horse. I was so excited that I could not write all that she was saying fast enough. I was almost shaking with excitement. She was kind enough to write her experience down for me, and I have decided to include her entire vision in my article.


My Vision/Dream. Began on 10/5/2016 and finished on 10/8/2016

The first part of my vision began on October 5, 2016. I was doing an afternoon meditation when a beautiful white horse ran across a green grass field and came right white-horse-in-green-fieldup to my face and looked into
my eyes. My feeling was that it was wild horse, but it had come just to see me and let me know that it was here and ready for me. Then it turned ran back into the horizon. I did not really know
what the horse meant at that time.

Three nights later on October 8, 2016, I was meditating before bed. I had the distinct feeling that it was time. I instinctively knew that this meant it was now time to fully integrate myself with my
higher-self and become one with all aspects of myself. This I had spent most of September preparing for and it was now time to do it. In my vision my higher-self embraced me with total unconditional love. She accepted all aspects of me just as I was with no judgment and complete unconditional love. This was lovely feeling and beautiful and appropriate union.

I was by this point near asleep and my unconscious mind took over the vision and it became more like a dream. In this dream the white horse immediately returned, and I knew that I was then ready to ride her. She also knew it was time and came willingly and ready for this as well. I hopped on her back and with the passion and strength of a warrior I began to run. As I ran I
saw a portal that I was to enter. I saw the numbers 888 and 999. I instinctively knew that this was the 999 portal. I saw earth on one side of the portal surrounded in a white crystal energy. Earth
went through the portal with me and then I saw her surrounded in a gorgeous golden light and she had a crown on her head. There she sat glowing. I also saw my beautiful horse become a unicorn.
This was the end of the dream at least as far as I could remember.

Upon awaking I received a download explaining the dream including parts that I didn’t see or remember. I was told that earth had been in a time loop which was represented by the 888. Yet it
was an 8 on its side which was like the infinity symbol. This is also represented by the hour glass on its side. When the hour glass was tipped on its side time would stop. This is where earth had
been for a long time I sensed. After this experience on the night of October 8th I was told the 999 meant time had once again started. I was also told that October represented the 8th month because Oct means 8 not 10 on the lunar calendar. I also had a feeling that the horse represented the white horse of the apocalypse and I was the rider and this would begin the unveiling. Truthfully I didn’t believe this at the time and disregarded it as my own thought and not truth. It seemed too far-fetched to me until later that thought I had was validated by the one who sent me the horse without me admitting that this feeling had come to me. After this validation I was able to accept this truth and my mission as the rider of the apocalyptic white horse. During this download I also saw the appearance of a triangle made of 3 dots that I was told represented “3 dotters” or 3 daughters. This lead into the next dream that I would have 3 times after this day that was part of my next mission.

The one thing that I wrote down during our session is that she saw wings appear on her horse at one point. Holy crap on a cracker! I found the rider of the White Horse I sent out. I am telling ya,
you can’t make this stuff up. I know this is real but at the same time, it feels unreal. As the ancients have taught…all is a but a dream. Yeah, I know what they mean now…wow!!!
Now, that I understood how important this White Horse is, I needed to connect my inner-net (heart) with my outer-net (computer) and dive deeper into this. What is the great purpose of this White Horse and what have others written about it? I was positive that humanity and the Earth had been waiting for this horse, and I remembered how my horses were running out of time and ran the psychic over.


The first thing I did was Google White Horse Prophecy just for fun. I found the Prophecy of white-horse-researchthe 8th Fire by accident this time last year, so why not a White Horse Prophecy. I was not really expecting to find anything so easily, but I did. What I found was a weird but interesting Mormon connection. I decided to put that aspect on hold, and I dove into what I am familiar with, which is the Theology of the 4 riders of the Apocalypse.
This teaching is not to be taken in the literal physical sense. It has a deeper meaning that is taking place on the Astral level of the planet. What I found was a weird but interesting Mormon connection.  I decided to put that aspect on hold, and I dove into what I am familiar with, which is the Theology of the 4 riders of the Apocalypse.

This teaching is not to be taken in the literal physical sense. It has a deeper meaning that is taking place on the Astral level of the planet. I never really fully understood this teaching until I had my experience.  The symbology of my simple White Horse card downloaded a bunch of information into me that I need to back up with physical research.
The symbology of my simple White Horse card downloaded a bunch of information into me that I need to back up with physical research.

“White Horse Prophecy” and The Revelation of St. John the Divine, Chapter 6………1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the
four beasts saying, Come and see. 2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.


The rider has borrowed the bow from Sagittarius the centaur, a half horse, half man creature. In the constellations, Sagittarius follows after Scorpio. The centaur has turned around and points his arrow at a star called Antares, which is at the “heart” of the scorpion that gives the sun the “kiss of death”. A scorpion’s sting is in the shape of a pair of lips. This is where Judas (Scorpio) betrays Jesus, the sun, with a kiss before he goes to his death during the winter solstice in Capricorn (the goat). The bow symbolizes that he plans to conquer death. He will be resurrected. (Waking Times Source)….Link to Waking Times Article

The connection to Scorpio is important here. The rider of the White Horse will enter through the center of our Universe. Scorpio is our 8th sign of the zodiac and the tail of Scorpio points to the center of our Universe, which is the 13th gate which I have written gold infinitymany articles about. Basically, the White Horse will go through the center of infinity that is connected to our planet Earth and our local Universe. Now, I know all of you that know your astrotheology are saying that the third horse is Scorpio, and I agree, but they are all connected. My vision was only of the first horse which is the White Horse. Will we experience all 4? I don’t know, this has never happened before. We are writing the script as we go. Perhaps we will not need all 4 horses. Or perhaps the Parable of the 4 Horses of the Apocalypse was written in reverse order for those with eyes to see and not to be taken literally. And perhaps we have already experienced the other 3 horses. I honestly don’t know yet. Only time will tell us, as we watch this unfold in our physical world. Ok…back to the Biblical meaning of our beautiful White Horse.

One symbol representing Sagittarius is the BOW. The bow is an instrument for extending the reach, for sending at great speed. Sagittarius is a fire sign, which explains why I saw lightning bolts.

It also explains why my horses were running at great speed. This is the essence of the astrological sign of Sagittarius – the sign that is associated with higher learning, philosophy, religious fervor, law, and cultural exchanges.


According to the Vedic studies of the zodiac we find the following description of Sagittarius…. Sagittarius is lightning in the atmosphere. Sagittarius is a bow (Dhanus) or a white-horse-sagbow and arrow. The bow is a symbol of the rainbow and the arrow of lightning. The horse, with which this sign is associated, is a symbol of Prana or atmospheric force. Lightning is associated with law and justice that this sign indicates. Lightning is mutable or dual natured (dvisvabhava) fire because it is always changing. (American institute of Verdic Studies) It describes what my card was….with the lighting in the sky. The sky’s the Atmosphere. The Lightning being connected to law and justice is in the Mormon connection, which I will get to later in the article. There is science to the lightening as well, which I will cover later as well. This information is immense.

After Randi was riding the White Horse, she had an experience of seeing the Earth covered in Rainbow energy. Notice the word bow in rainbow. This energy is being delivered by the bow of Sagittarius.  Ironically she had this experience on my Birthday which was October white-horse-rainbow30. October 30th this year was a 13 day in numerology.  Normally you would reduce further, but my instincts say not this time.  It is all connected to Scorpio. As I said, you can reduce the number 13 down further to a four.   She actually had experiences with the number 4 on October 30th as well. But I am not going to include them in this article, because it would become too confusing.  Her experience is right in line with Verdic information. She sent her visions and experiences to me before I started to do any research. In my humble opinion, when I look at our actual experiences combined with the research, it appears that the first phase of the White Horse is in process now.

The Atmosphere was charged during the month of October with a new Rainbow electrical energy. This Rainbow energy is the first phase that will lead the Earth to the full connection to the 13th gate.


Now, let’s get to the Mormon connection to the White Horse Prophecy. In 1843, Joseph Smith, who is the founder of the Church of the Later Day Saints, apparently delivered the information about a White Horse Prophecy. He stated to the effect that when the U.S. Constitution was hanging by a thread the Mormon people would rise up and save the nation.

This is how Brigham Young reportedly explained it in 1854:
“Will the Constitution be destroyed? No; it will be held inviolate by this people; and, as Joseph Smith said, ‘The time will come when the destiny of the nation will hang upon a single thread. At
that critical juncture, his people will step forth and save it from the threatened destruction.”


I need to state, that this quote has not been substantiated by any historical research and is not accepted as Church doctrine. However….while this is not to be taken in the literal sense, I see truth in here. When I tune into this piece of information, it “feels” that Joseph Smith had a vision as I did, but he did not apply Universal Knowledge of the stars to his
information. Instead his ego got in the way, and he believed his religion would fly in and save the day for America. It’s not all about America. It’s about the planet as a whole.

What I feel he got right was that the White Horse he may have seen in his vision is connected to the fire sign of Sagittarius. As we have learned this sign is associated with legal matters, philosophy, intuition, expansion of consciousness etc…. Sagittarius is the 9th sign, and we are in a 9 year. This coincides with the previous articles I have written about the 9 year we are in where I outlined our journey to the upper section of infinity (8), which is higher consciousness. Sagittarius is a fire sign which goes in line with the Azoth energy that is now present on the planet. As I have previously written about, this year is the time where the fire element of Azoth is coming in.


Now, we will explore what the White Horse will ultimately form in our atmosphere. For this aspect I turned to my study of Tibetan Bon Buddhism and Earth science, along with something I saw clairvoyantly last year. I will begin with what Andrea Covington Mullaney, who is my Rising Frequencies business partner and best friend, clairvoyantly saw.

Actually we have two other close friends of ours that saw the same thing during the same time period. It was quite shocking to us, and we did a radio show on this, but did not publish it on youtube. I decided it was too controversial and people were not ready for it. I didn’t want to deal with people’s egos getting angry. This show was recorded on Blog Talk radio. We didn’t want to deal with people’s egos getting angry. This show was recorded on Blog Talk radio. We discussed the information about the actual Souls on this planet. What people in the West have been taught and lead to believe about what the soul is… is flat out wrong.
Tibetan Buddhism in the Bon tradition has it correct. I saw it with my own eyes, and I wasn’t ready for what I saw. It was the biggest eye opener for me. I had to let go of my

Crown Chakra by ambercrystalf

previous subconscious programming and kind of mourn what I thought the Soul was. I am still not completely comfortable discussing this. It would be an entire article, and I still don’t think people are ready. After seeing what I saw, I don’t think that while we are in our current human bodies, that we can ever really understand the full concept of what a soul is and what a soul does. I will only go into as much detail as needed for this particular article.


First, we saw what what the soul actually looks like and could see what its ultimate purpose is. Remember what we feel is correct is at our current level of understanding. This will definitely change for us as we grow in light and awareness. We were able to sit with this new information for a short period of time. Then we saw the Soul change purpose, and next we saw a line of energy coming from people’s crown chakra(top of the head) connecting them to God, (Source). However, we did not see one for the planet, only for people. I will get back to this and ties it all in with the White Horse. But for now, I want to continue with the Tibetan aspect. It really shows how all information is synchronistic and explains the same concepts, just with a different flair according to the culture.


In Tibetan Buddhism there is a Wind Horse which is a “mythical” creature that carries the energy of prayers to the heavens. Soul/spirit is known as the breath or your inner wind. Lungta (རུླང་ར་ྟ, Wyl. rlung rta or ཀླུང་རྟ་, klung rta) literally ‘windhorse’. This Wind white-horse-wind-horseHorse is connected the 5th element which the Tibetans teach as the space element. Space is vast and without limits. This is the essence of the Space element. In the West, it is known as the Aether. This aspect of my vision was represented by the blue background with the clouds. In the Tibetan tradition this is how the Space/Aether element is drawn. The Wind Horse/Spirit energy going up to the heavens was represented in my vision as the wings on either side of the horse. The practitioners of Tibetan Bon Buddhism, which I am a part of, use prayer flags to raise our Wind Horse energy for the benefit of ourselves and the benefit of all sentient beings. The prayer flags are the color of the 5 elements that are found in our body. They are called the 5 pure lights. These lights make up the Rainbow body, which is the highest level of achievement.

Remember Randi had the vision of the Rainbow energy covering the planet after she received the White Horse I sent. I will tie this in later. My card that I had in my vision had white-horse-prayers-flags4 elements of the flags…blue and clouds is Space/Aether…white is Wind…red (lightning) is Fire….yellow is Earth…which were the yellow/brown straps lifting horse to the Earth. I don’t recall seeing any green in my vision card. Green represents the element of Water. However, I have been seeing a lot of green energy lately. Especially in my house. I feel this color green, will play a role later. I think it is the olor of the energy that the Azoth will mutate into. For more information on the use of Tibetan Prayer Flags…LINK TO TIBETAN PRAYER FLAG USE


I would like to return to the line of energy that we saw coming from people’s heads. I called it a cord. That was the first word that popped into my wee brain. I didn’t know why until I was researching the Tibetan connection to my vision. I discovered by sheer accident, (of course everything happens for a reason) the name of a cord that the Tibetan Bon teaches about. Remember how I discussed how you can connect your inner-net to your outer computer’s internet?  Well, I know this is how I found this information. The Tibetan name for the cord we saw is dmu-thag-smu-thag. Also known as the Mu Cord.

“The phrase for “heavenly rope” in Tibetan is dmu-thag-smu-thag. As for the word dmu-thag, I believe it to be closely connected to the Tibetan word for “rainbow” (vjav). A rainbow could well be understood by early societies as a rope connecting heaven to earth, a rope sent down by the heavenly gods. Literally, dmu-thag means “the heavenly gods’ rope.” According to Tibetan literature, when the Tibetan king btsan- po died he looked like a rope under the “rainbow,” and he went up to the heavens along the dmu-thag.    SOURCE

In basic terms the Mu Cord is the heavenly rope that connects us to God and the upper realms. It is the rope we climb to our next incarnations. The Tibetans have written in their white-horse-rope-to-heveanliterature how this rope disappeared in our distant past. They make no mention of its return; however, my inner knowing tells me this is why they do the Prayer Flag practice to raise the Wind Horse. It is now working, as we saw the cords back at the tops of people’s heads last year, at least on an energetic level. But, my Wind Horse vision is connected to the Earth’s Mu Cord. This teaching is found in various other mythology stories, and I would love to cover them all, but this article is long enough as it is. I don’t think people really understood how the other mythological teachings were connected to our Mu Cords as well as the Earth’s Mu Cords. I feel that aspect was lost over the hundreds of years to those of us in the West.


Now, we are going to leave the Tibetan information and dive into Earth science for a bit. This aspect really brings to light what is occurring. For this aspect, I once again had to white-horse-birkland-currentsplunge back into my past to remember some other things I have learned. I have always been interested in the Physics side of Aether and how it works within our planet. One of the concepts I came across was Birkeland Currents. This is a very indepth study, but basically they are two different types of lightning bolts (electricity), that wrap around each other and make a rope. This is the most basic way of describing this. I will include some great links for the science nerds out there, (like me) to explore further.

So there you have the science behind the Mu Cord, which as we learned is the heavenly rope. This is the lighting in my vision, and I saw 2 bolts, one for each part of the rope or cord, and one for each of the two plasma currents that make up a Birkeland Current. It’s like an electrical each of the two plasma currents that make up a Birkeland Current. It’s

Milo Reckow’s Horse/Nebula Paintings

like an electrical cord we use to plug in our appliances. People are now on an energetic level plugged into God, and now it is the Earth’s turn. Now….what I clairvoyantly see is there are many different types of Birkeland Current ropes. The one for people is different from the one the planet is trying to form. The one to form. The one people have is energetically different for each person and it goes through the top of the head and connects in the heart. I do not think these heavenly ropes are fully turned on yet.
Here are two links to learn more about Birkeland Currents. Electric Universe is the best I have found.  ELECTRIC UNIVERSE

I would like to take the concept of the Birkeland Currents and the Mu Cord one step further, and discuss what this means to our current physical bodies. We discussed how the planet’s White Wind Horse is being raised but, I would like to talk about our inner White Wind Horse that is also rising. Remember in earlier in this article the physic I went too saw 2 White Horses running at her. One horse is for people on the planet and the second is for the Earth. I can see that each person has the astral Mu Cord in place, but it has not been fully turned on. In other words we are not plugged in yet, and you could say that the switch has not been flipped to on.

We have our energetic heavenly rope (Mu Cord), which science calls a Birkeland Current that runs up our spine and exits from our crown chakra, and then connects to the upper realms. As I stated, this cord was cut short. In the past it ended at the crown. The energy that runs up our spine is called Kundalini energy. When the Kundalini energy extends beyond the crown it then becomes the Mu Cord or heavenly rope. We all have physical Kundalini right now, but we only have the energetic Mu Cord. Our physical Kundalini is just the beginning for us. The next step is for our physical Kundalini to continue out the top of our heads to form a physical Mu Cord.


This can actually be seen in the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic drawing of the Dendera light. If you look at the base of the “light bulb”, you will see what looks like a flower. That is a lotus blossom, which represents our crown chakra. The “light bulb” is what will extend from our crown when we are fully turned on. Inside the bulb you can see a snake, white-horse-denderawhich is what our physical kundalini will turn into…the Mu Cord. If you follow the cord that is attached to the base of the lotus you will notice it runs underneath the “light bulb” and connects to a Djed. The symbol of the Djed means many things, but one of the uses is to bring the dead back to like. We are the dead….without our heavenly ropes connected we are spiritually dead. These days are ending. Once this connection is fully made in the physical for us and for the planet we will be what is known as resurrected. We will have arisen from the ashes.

I find the word “light bulb” very interesting. And there is a higher teaching here, as there is with everything. The word bulb, is also used to describe a plant bulb. The Lotus flower white-horse-dendera-doubleis connected with our inner light. Now I see why they are called “light bulbs”, and why the Dendera light is drawn the way it is. I have also read accounts where the ancient Egyptians could power up their inner and outer light bulb to the level that they could light up the inside of the temples during initiations. This was a requirement to move on. Of course this was before the Mu Cord was lost. But – this is what we are returning to.

To give a very short summary, I saw a vision of a Tarot-shaped card which shows how the White Horse is returning to charge our Earth’s atmosphere with Rainbow energy in the form of a Mu Cord (heavenly rope). This can be seen as the return for humanity to possibly obtain the Rainbow body. Or, also known as the level of the 13th Gate of Ophiuchus. Our justice, legal, political consciousness will change. It is my inner feeling that when the planet’s physical (not astral) vibration reaches a certain frequency, it will naturally attract the energetic Mu Cord and the two will connect.

When will this Mu Cord for humans be fully turned on, and when will the Earth receive its Mu Cord? I have no idea. I do feel that when both of these connections are made, you will not even remember reading this article. I do also feel that not all will participate in this, and everything you do now to prepare yourself is important. I kinda see once this connection is made it is the deadline for this planet. Right now it is the physical that is important, which means your physical spiritual practices should be your top priority. You can not think yourself into enlightenment. Notice the word light in enlightenment. We are human Dendera light bulbs, when we are fully turned on we will have “in-light-ment”.

I suggest that you jump on your inner White Wind Horse and ride like the wind to infinity and beyond.

Lisa Rising Berry

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    1. I did Kundalini by chance I was a snake crossing the physical world using my senses to navigate, vibrating my energy to find my path, I left my past and my old skin shed a knew I was reborn, I rose upwards from there I took form of a falcon/eagle jumping from a cliff, like a sign of my good faith and no fear attitude from their I was given flight and to see from the upper worlds upon my decent I took on the form of the white horse, many times I meditate now I keep seeing mainly white, horses, waterfalls, rivers, wildflowers this place is so beautiful, there are many butterflies as well, I am really wondering about this white horse, the rest all makes sense, is this horse just my pure energy roaming freely and liberated? I know it was Kundalini, but I haven’t seen much about the white horse being involved so this interests me

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  1. Wow, as usual, jam packed, dot connecting article! My experience with a white horse, was a huge one when I was 5, I wanted so badly to ride this wild horse in a field with our horse, and finally my parents relented and put me on him in which he immediately bucked me off, and knocked the wind out of me. But I still wanted to ride that thing. Still can see that horse in my mind. I have always loved horses, and always picked the ones that didn’t want to ride the trail, or would try to knock me off.
    So very interesting about your experience with this white horse and all the symbolism in the tarot card you saw. I feel a great connection with this information, as I am a Sagittarius and the rainbows and unicorns…I do feel we are to attain the rainbow body, and there is also the rainbow people that are to come and help the earth too…sure you have heard of that prophecy:
    “One day… there would come a time, when the earth being ravaged and polluted, the forests being destroyed, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, the fish being poisoned in the streams, and the trees would no longer be, mankind as we would know it would all but cease to exist. There will come a time when keepers of the legends, stories, ceremonies, culture, healing, and all ancient rituals will be needed to restore us to health. There will come a day of awakening when all the peoples of all the tribes will form a renewed world of justice, peace, freedom for all beings, and recognition of the great spirit. They will be mankind’s key to survival, these people will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow, the Rainbow Tribe.

    The rainbow tribe will spread these messages and teach all people, young and old, of the Earth or ‘Elohi’. They will tell them of why our mother earth is sick. They will tell them of the great fall, and how this was the result of turning away from the ways of our heart. They will teach them how to live the way of the great spirit.”
    Funny, the song ‘Ride like the Wind’ came into my head while reading this….LOL.
    This rainbow cord must be an upgrade from the silver cord that we have known to be attached to the solar plexis area. This is very interesting and I remember that show. I wanted so badly for you two to explain what the soul really is! Who cares if the rest of the world is not ready for this information, there are those of us who are ready and when they are ready, they will find it on their inner-net search. Don’t hold back for those that are not ready will not find it, and if they do and it makes them angry, just disable comments for them, they are the ones who secretly know this but don’t want the rest of us to know, like the wizard of oz, behind the curtain, telling them, don’t look behind the curtain! LOL…
    Also, there is a book written called ‘Behold a pale horse’ written by William Cooper who wrote about the NWO and the agenda based on his experiences with them and they did eventually take him out!
    “And I looked, and behold a pale horse:
    and his name that sat on him was Death,
    and Hell followed with him.
    And Power was given unto them over the
    fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword,
    and with hunger, and with death,
    and with the beasts of the earth.”
    Revelation 6:8
    Which also brings me to the ‘ressurection’ part where I told you previously about the ‘Dragon Magic’ and the merging of the pranic tubes, and all the other info about the three stages of ressurrection.
    Anyway….as usual, writing a novel here…great article, will have to read it again and again! LOL, but I do connect the dots and except for the Mormon stuff, I relate to it. I had a Mormon friend who would not tell me what their religion is about. Like some big secret or what they are about. I tried to learn about all religions, because they are all pieces of the big picture. I later found that he had gotten all this supposedly from an Egyptian paprus which was a prayer of the dead. I think you are right, he was more into ego consciousness, and not so much into understanding the symbolism of his visions. More of a puritan philosophy…but also another sort of cultism, of control of the masses like Catholicism. Ok…LOL, done! Big hugs and great work! Love hearing your connections with clients and love that it is keeping you busy, getting the validations of your insights and theirs so exciting!!! ❤

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      1. The last email I got you mentioned Andrea going to get her Dad and you two had to go over the site together, you both were very busy…so If you sent one after that, no, I don’t think I got them. I usually check everyday. Hugs…try facebook, I am there on the farm….LOL.

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      2. Would you believe me if I tould you all this makes sense to me..

        *Solomons pioneers (Gaurdians) of the Sacred Land.
        *The White Horse –
        *The rise and Transformation of the Capricorn to Orion (the white lion) who is the Gatekeeper to the 13th Constellation of Ophiuchus..
        And the connection of The Bermuda Triangle and its Capricorn ascension with Scorpio who represents the snake being carried from the depths, theoretically The Bermuda being the rope to the heathens and The mother earth being shielded by the colors of her rainbow warriors ..
        My name is Robert John Baxter, my now deceased fathers name was John: who had 3sons3daughters and my now deceased grandmother was of Native american descendant of Chief Whitehorse of Mayan or Navajo people and of the Solomon family who traditionally are the guardians and custodians of the biggest mountain in the southern hemisphere located in australia with biblical and native indigenous origins. I am born on the 29th of December 1981, on the Sapphire coast of Australia.
        From A – Z, together I know we have the answers to rise Kundalini. Need Reading asap..
        Blessed be. FYI everything I have been reading even down to the color green that you speak of, representing “emerald green” cloke of the high priestess, yes I am a cardinal sign Of earths element, and have even dreamed of the pure white unicorn of mythical significance although it (Whitehorse) was shuy and only showing its beauty of hair, nose and horn. !!!!
        Let’s awaken kundalini 😉

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  2. Thank you for being brave and continuing to share…it reaches far corners of the Earth (I’m in South Africa). So many dots connected. I’ve had a serious pressure/pulling from my crown chakra for 18 months or so and could not figure out what it was until now 🙂 in the last month or so I keep having dreams of green too which I couldn’t work out. It’s just so wonderful to begin to understand. And please do share more info about the true nature of the soul with us!

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  3. I keep driving by a statue of a large white horse and keep thinking “that means something” for months now!! I saw it again today and wondered about it. How synchronistic!!!

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  4. I just seen a white winged horse while meditating in my basement today around 2:00, 11-15-19. After I seen the white winged horse I found myself astral projecting walking out of my bedroom into my living room which is upstairs. I then found myself facing the south and looking up at this golden light beaming down on me like a spot light. It was like the roof of my house was taken off entirely as this light was shining down directly onto me. It was very soothing and felt like it was cleansing my soul.

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  5. Thank you Lisa, I have gained such a greater understanding through reading your words. I know there is a connection with all this. The white horse has been on my thoughts before I read this. I recently read of the Prophet who mounted his white horse and sword in his battle to victory, this stuck with me. Since then the white horse image is popping off. The mormon connection has been ringing true for me too, funny you had mentioned that. Not to mention I was born under Sagittarius, my birthday is 29 November, being the 333 day of the year. To top it I’m turning 33 this year 🙂
    Thank you again Lisa for the time and work you share.

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