Will The Real Isis Please Stand Up? (This article has been re-written on 11/27/15)

I have to write about something that is really bugging me.   As a woman who knows her ancient knowledge, I am appalled at how the name of ISIS is currently being used as the name of a Military Group/Movement, and is associated with terror and blood shed. I don't care what it stands for. … Continue reading Will The Real Isis Please Stand Up? (This article has been re-written on 11/27/15)

Be Blessed and Balanced

A friend of mine posted an interesting comment about the meaning of the word Blessed. He then asked for some thoughts on the subject. He showed how the word Bless is really BE LESS. I have been studying how to take a word and pull it apart to see it's true meaning for a few years now. Words are mini "spells" formed by spelling. What I found with in the words Blessed and Balanced is truly remarkable. Even the amount of words in my paper shows complete balance. 838 words. Infinity balanced between the trinity.

Mysterious Owl Magic…What The Owl Really Teaches Us…

As far as I can remember, I have always been connected to the energy of the Owl. I encompass all polarities of this majestic creature of silent flight. The owl, through out the ages, has been a symbol of both light and dark, just was we have both light and dark within us. In some cultures they are seen as wise and noble symbols, and in others they are associated with black magic and evil. My personal journey, as some know, has been to experience and overcome both of these aspects of this reality. In my opinion the Owl is a symbol of balance and how to obtain balance even while being in the mist of evil.

Spiritual Companions and the Twin Flame Theory

Ever since I was a teenager, I have always felt that another person's energy could not complete me.  I would get frustrated when I would be introduced as someone's "other half", even it they said I was the "better half".  It didn't matter, because somehow I knew deep within my soul that I complete me. … Continue reading Spiritual Companions and the Twin Flame Theory