This article is a continuation of the White Horse Prophecy, which was my last article, white-horse-rope-to-heveanwhere I discussed the Mu Chord.  This is is the Tibetan word for a heavenly rope that connects as above to as below, spirit to physical.  Please read that article for an introduction to the Mu Chord. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE This has been an extremely difficult article to write.  The information I came across clairvoyantly and thorough follow-up research was complex.   As fate had it, a friend of mine was having psychic experiences that mirrored my physical, and matched my psychic ones as well.  We decided to put our energies together for this project.  Reader beware,  this is not a short article, and will most likely continue.  We are focusing our attention on how the Mu Cord will connect the new energetic Earth with our current physical Earth, and how DNA plays a huge role.  We will also discuss how this is described in allegory in many different traditions through history.  We are living in the time where this will become our reality, and everything we think we know will change.

The Mu Cord is DNA.  The energetic Earth contains the correct Mu Cord information that the physical Earth needs to shift into our new school.  The physical Earth does not vibrate at the level of the new Mu Cord, and this is where DNA Activations for Gaia are necessary.  dnaimage1As we will explain in our article this will quickly raise the vibrations so the Mu Cord connection can take place.  This will raise us up from the fires of Azoth which are currently burning.  Since this is a long article, here is a bit of what we will cover.  We will discuss our personal experiences with DNA Activations recently, Ammon’s horn and it how relates to the hippocampus…(I wrote about a deer experience in my last article, now I know what it meant), the Tibetan aspect of the final white horse which leads us to the new energy, the Pegasus planet and how Pegasus exists with us and Gaia, the fire of Azoth is connected to Dante’s Inferno, and finally Olmo Lung Ring which is the location of where the Mu Cord will be connected, and a bit more.   As always we will bring it all together and discuss what this means for us right now, today.

I discussed in a previous article how I am returning to my roots with my Mystery School egypt-adeptstradition, which is connected to the Lineage of King Solomon.  It is part of my very vast practice, it might not be for everyone, but it works for me.  Part of this tradition is DNA activations given in the same manner as was done in the temples of Egypt.  Since we are on a new timeline and new energy etc… it felt right for me to partake of this energy.  I decided to schedule two activations with my Mystery School teacher.  My experiences after both were profound.  After the first one, I woke up in the middle of the night with my eyes rolled back into my head up towards the center of my brain.  That is what it felt like.  I had zero control over this.  I saw colors, shapes and my whole body vibrated like when during Kundalini events.  But this was not Kundalini, this was taking place in my brain.  It released and then my eyes rolled back again.  This repeated three times.  I felt like my body had disappeared.  The next day I accidentally saw a lecture being given and I listened.  The teacher was describing what I had just experienced.  I was in a state of Jhanas, which was caused by my recent energy work.  Wow!  After that experience I had a second one.   I  saw a new computer screen for me.  (I have written about how I have an inner computer screen that I can access)  It was black with different words around the edge.  I then heard a loud computer sound.  It sounded like a re-boot.  Then I heard a very faraway computer sound that was not connected to my body.  At that point all sound in my room went away.  I must mention that I was awake for this.  I had a fan on in my room, and I couldn’t hear it for a couple of seconds.  I figured that we lost power.  So, I opened my eyes expecting to see the clock blinking.  But it was the same, we had not lost power.  When I closed my eyes again I saw so many words going past my screen that I couldn’t control it.  They moved so fast, so I didn’t get to write a thing down.  I could tell that the second computer sound was coming from the Earth.  Something happened to the planet that caused me not to be able to hear and connect.  I can always tell when I am experiencing my personal stuff and when I am tuning into Earth stuff.  This time the lines came together.  I still did not understand what it all meant until talked to my friend during her session.  She put the pieces of the puzzle together for me, and my jaw hit the floor as I heard he tell me what she and a friend just experienced.  On that note, I am going to pass the pen to her,, and I will bring it all together at the end of her story.


(This experience occurred on 11/11/16 at 11.11am)

My friend and I, meet for what we were advised was going to be to work on DNA, we waited until 11.11am and went outside to meditate, under the Jacaranda tree, told to face north, (which we later discovered was on 0 degrees on a compass), we proceeded to meditate and very quickly was told to lie down and keep my spine straight, because there was going to be an activation performed, in meditation we both entered a large while dna-strand-red-and-blue-11building,  my friend envisaged two white Pegasus horses taking us there, I was told it was to open my 13th gate, (which I later found out is a term for nerve gates in the brain), my friend was also told to lie down to keep her spine straight, she saw the DNA being activated and the two strands twisting together, and then we became the DNA, red and blue twisting together, and it was the sun and moon combining, the divine masculine and feminine combining, or the water and fire energies mixing.  We both felt a slight pressure in the back of our head, but nothing else seemed different.

This ends my friend telling her story.


After my friend told me her story, I could tell that after I had my DNA activation, the energy went to my friend.  It was delivered to the center of Gaia by my friends  via their white horses.  The white horse is connected to our DNA and to the center of our brain, which is where my eyes were locked during my Jhanas event.  I think that is when I energetically delivered the energy of the activation to my friend.   I know this sounds nuts, but I feel it with every bone in my body it is true.  This was the first and most important thing she felt she needed to discuss during her session.


Our Deer Encounter

While I was talking to her, I came to realize the meaning of my Deer experience that I wrote about in my last article, which was the White Horse Prophecy article.   My friend Ginger and I were on a spiritual retreat, we decided to climb to a hill that is called The Sound Of Music hill.  It is in the shape of a circle.  It was here that we had the close encounter with the deer.  You can read the details in the previous article.  I knew the Sound Of Music was for me, but I thought the deer visit was just for her.  The whole event was for both of us, and it involves the changing DNA of the planet.  Music is connected to our DNA, through various tones.  We

Me in the Sound Of Music Circle

were standing in the center of the Sound Of Music circle when the deer approached.  Deer antlers are said to be the connection to higher energy, and are another symbol for the Hippocampus and Ammons horn.  We felt this activation occur as the deer delivered the energy to Ginger and I.  Now, I finally know the reason Ginger and I were supposed to be at this retreat.


I never would have put all of this together with the help of my friend during her session.  Spirit works in mysterious ways.  I had the experiences, but I was not putting the pieces together like I normally do.  Why you ask?  Well, because, we are to be working together at this time.  We are finding and connecting to people when we work with.  People who are part of our lineage.  In other words, we are finding souls that work in our office, that are doing the same work for the planet.  

ammon-hornRight in the middle of the brain is Ammon’s Horn, also known as the Hippocampus.  It is connected to the Gods and the brain.  Ammon’s Horn is said to be the hidden creator, the king.   In ancient times the god Amun or Jupiter Ammon was usually depicted with curved horns.  Amun name first surface in brain terminology in 1742 as a designated part of the sinuous part of the cerebral hippocampus, the immortal’s head was adorned with might, curved ram’s horns  this attribute made Amun the indisputable patron for spiral and coil formations, as in DNA spirals.  The hippocampus-sea-horseHippocampus/Ammon’s Horn is responsible for memory.  The word hippocampus in ancient greek means sea horse. It is white in color. Through my friend I learned we had a White Horse in our brains.  I never knew this before writing this article.  I always begin with just experiences.  The fact it is a sea horse is amazing, because it ties into my Tibetan knowledge, and it is pictured in a ancient drawing.  I will pull this together when I get to the Tibetan aspect.


pegasusThere is another name for this White Horse that we can learn from, and that is the great horse of Pegasus.  We have Pegasus in our brains in the form of the Hippocampus, there is the Pegasus constellation, and even a planet.  This horse has returned and is being activated in Gaia as we speak.  Pegasus is the White sea horse of Revelation.  A interesting fun factoid is that Pegasus was sacred to the Muses.  The mother of the Muses is Mnemosyne, who is the Goddess of memory.  Pegasus is the hippocampus which is responsible or our memory.  

We also have a Pegasus planet.  The following information was found by my friend…  On October 6, 1995 astronomers Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz announced the discovery of the first Jupiter-like planet in orbit around a distant sun like star. They made their announcement in the journal Nature.

51peg-b1The star was 51 Pegasi, located about 50 light-years away in the direction of our constellation Pegasus the Flying Horse. Astronomers officially designated the new planet as 51 Pegasi b, in accordance with nomenclature already decided upon for extrasolar planets. The b means that this planet was the first discovered orbiting its parent star. If additional planets are ever found for the star 51 Pegasi, they will be designated c, d, e, f, and so on. So far, this planet is the only one known in this system.

Astronomers call 51 Pegasi b by another name. They unofficially call it Bellerophon, from ancient Greek mythology. Bellerophon was said to be the Greek hero who tamed Pegasus the Flying Horse.

The Scriptures actually said  in Revelation 19:11 that Heaven opened, and Behold, The White Horse.  Notice the numerical meaning of 19:11.  If you add of of them up you get the number 12.  Which is important, but when you add 1 and 2, you get 3.  The Trinity, and the return-of-the-kingsource of heaven.  This is where our White Horse ultimately comes from.    Also, we see the 111.  Which corresponds with the date my friend had her experience.  Then, we see the number 9, which is the number of higher consciousness and we are in a 9 year.  Once last little note on the number is when you divide them in half 19….11, you see two separate numbers, and experiences.  My friend had her experience on a 11 day.  The day of my first DNA activation was a 10 day in numerology.  Which is amazing.  I always say you can’t make this stuff up.  It just happens in the physical in a natural way.  I am so blessed to have people in my life that share these crazy experiences with me.  And the fact that they have these experiences independent of me, just makes it all the more wonderful and powerful.    There is a reason that the hippocampus is at the center of our brain, and this correlates with the Tibetan aspect of this puzzle that is currently occurring on our planet right now.  I will get to that in a bit, but right now I would like discuss Dante’s Inferno.  Here we can further see what is currently taking place through this amazing story about our escape from Hell. 


I am not sure how I came across this information, but Spirit lead me to it.  I knew about dante-infernothis story, but never read anything about it until now.  It really paints a clear picture of what the Earth is currently doing.  We are exiting the fires of hell.  This fire is Azoth, which I have been writing about for a long time now.  Hell is not negative, it is just the lower energies we entered into af the fall in consciousness.   And who is bringing us up and out?  It is Lucifer the light bringer, the most misunderstood consciousness we have to date.    I could go on and on about this energy, but I will save that for another article.  It is interesting to note that Ammon’s Horn is connected Jupiter.  Lucifer, the light bringer is also connected to the energy of Jupiter.  Hmmm….

dante-coneI am glad that I never looked into the story of Dante’s Inferno, because it’s easy to get too caught up in all the tiny details and never see the real truth, which is usually very short and sweet.  When I looked at the drawing of Dante’s inferno I saw it was an upside down cone.  Which is the upper half of infinity.  This is another subject I have written about.  The exit out of the top of Infinity is the Golden Gate, also known as the 13th gate.  Which Lucifer is in charge of.  There are also 9 levels in Dante’s story, and we are exiting the 9 year.    The last level is shown as a icy lake, which has great significance to the current creation of the Azoth energy.  Azoth is fire and water, and is in the processes of creating a new element.  Allegorically, once we exit the fires of Hell in Dante’s vision, the fire will melt the ice cap and we will leave and enter into the new Azoth energy.  This ice also connects to the Tibetan aspect.  But, for now I would like to dive into Dante more.  Because what I found through research just blew me away, and now I know why Spirit lead me down the Dante’ rabbit hole.  Dante talks about St. Lucy, and while he is asleep he dreams jacobs-ladder-byzantiumof a Golden Eagle that flies down and swoops him up from the fire.  The St. Lucy is Lucifer, which is the Golden Eagle.  Gold is the Golden Gate, the Eagle represents Scorpio the 8th sign, connected to infinity.  Virgil explains that Lucy saves him from Purgatory.  In a sense our Gaia is about to leave Purgatory, for this is a transitional allegory.  Dante mentions Jupiter in his story and makes the connection between the Eagle and Lucy.  In very Ancient times the Eagle was a symbol for Jupiter, and as previously stated, Lucifer is the light bringer of Jupiter.  Ancient knowledge teaches us that Venus is not the only Morning Star, and many people miss this entirely.  The name Lucifer is latin Phosphorus, which is connected to the firing of the DNA codes.  Apparently, the planet Jupiter, actually contains the element Phosphorus.  You can see in this drawing of Dante’s rescue from the burning fires of hell, that he is being lead up a ladder.  Which is in allegory, Jacob’s ladder, or better known as DNA.   Is there a Horse in Dante’s story?  Yes, he dreamed he was in Troy, where the wooden Trojan Horse is.  What happens when fire ignites wood?  It burns.  I happened to deeply study all the works by Homer in college.  And we learned that the Horse symbology is also seen as a Ram.  

river_of_bloodWhich makes so much sense because this connects to Ammon’s Horn or Ram’s horns.  The collective memory of Gaia is being rewritten through DNA activations.  When we look at the work RAM, it is also Random Access Memory in our computers.  Our DNA is our bodies computer.   I would like to discuss one more aspect of Dante’s story, and that is blood. In his story there are rivers of blood that are described as Phlegethon, which means river of fiery blood that boils souls.  This is the lake of fire that I was taught about as a child raised in the Baptist religion.    Blood is connected to our DNA, and it is connected to the Phosphorus that lights it up.  What most people don’t realize is that our blood is both fire and water combined, which is Azoth.  When the rivers turn to st-lucyblood, this is a good thing in allegory.  I could write about just this one aspect for pages, but I will stop here.  We can see in Dante’s story how Gaia is being lead out of the 9th level of Dante’s hell through DNA activations of the White Trojan Horse energy and the energy of Lucifer.  On December 13, was the celebration of St. Lucia.  Young girls wear a crown of candles on their heads.  The esoteric meaning behind this, which people miss, is the “fire in the head”.  Which occurs when we are completely illuminated.  And of course, I have shown how Lucifer is the 13th gate in previous articles.  Now, onto the Tibetan White Horse, and the connection location of the Mu Cord, which is the new DNA for our 3D Gaia.


shiwa_okar-on-white-horse-2Shiwa Okar is a deity featured in a written work by Buddhist Lama Chogyam Trugpa in a piece called “The Golden Dot, The Epic Of The Lha.  Just like in Dante’s work where there are 9 levels,  there are 9 Lha’s in The Golden Dot.  And it just so happens we are in a 9 year of higher consciousness.  Shiwa Okar is the 9th cosmic deity and is crucial in the creation of Shamballa.  Shenlha Okar means “wisdom of gshen of white light”, the variant Shiwa Okar means “peaceful white light.”    According to the text, after the 9 cosmic deities have created the world, Shiwa Okar goes to the things they have created and places each one with a drala.  A drala is considered an “unlimited field of perception” in which there are sights, sounds and feelings, that we have never experienced before.  It is the secret piece of the nature of mind, which changes our perceptions.  By Gaia receiving DNA activations to the hippocampus of the planet, the collective consciousness memory will be re-written and everyone’s field of perception will change forever.  This is the last step of the reconnection of the Mu Cord.  In many ancient Bon Texts the name Drala means la of sound.  Remember, the connection to shiwa_okar__71663-1329430275-1000-1200DNA and sound and how my friend Ginger and I stood in the Sound Of Music Circle on our retreat.  Now that I think about it, when you look at the tibetan  word Mu Cord. there is a connection to sound and music here as well.  Mu are the first 2 letters in Music and Cord can also be spelled like a musical Chord.  So, our Mu Cord is clearly a DNA rope.  I did discuss this in my last article, and I went into the Birkeland current science aspect.  Looking at the picture of Shiwa Okar, we see he is riding a white horse, and in the upper left and corner you see a winged fish being.  This to me is a clear connection to the sea horse symbology of the hippocampus, and the winged fish being has red hair, which to me is fire.  On the right hand side we see a serpent, which is DNA.  Now, where is the location that the Mu Cord will attach?  This would be the Golden Dot that Lama Chogyam was speaking of.

Mu Cord Location

It is easy to find the location in our bodies.  It is the hippocampus which is located in the olmolungringthankabyharriet1center of our brain, but where is this location on our planet?  I asked Spirit to lead me the way via the internet, and I was amazed at what I found and how it correlates to the previous sections of my article.  I was lead to my Tibetan Bon teachings about the ancient spiritual center of our planet.  It is called Olmo Lung-ring, this is the spiritual zero point that most people don’t know exists. When you look at the center of Olmo Lung-ring.  It looks like Dante’s cone turned right side up.  Which means when the Mu Cord is attached our upside down reality will be turned to it’s correct perception.  This is the shift, which could be considered the Ultimate Pole Shift.  Which is all energetic that effects our brain, and the brain of Gaia.

mt-kailashLung is wind, and ring is a circle.  And in the middle of this ring is the Golden Dot.  Mount Kailash, which is 9 levels with ice at the top, is considered the holiest place on Earth.  Remember we are in a 9 year, and Dante’ had 9 levels, and there are 9 cosmic deities.  Ancient texts also tell us that Mount Kailash is the ladder where heaven meets Earth.  Or, Jacob’s ladder, which is DNA.  this tells me that Mount Kailash is the DNA location for the Earth/Gaia and is where the Mu Cord will be attaching.  Look at the word Kail, it reminds me of Kali the destroyer, and the word ash in Kailash, represents the ashes that we will rise from.  Symbolically as this occurs the flames will melt the ice at the top of this Mount.  dante-9thThe 9th level in Dante’s Inferno also was covered in ice, just like Mount Kailash.  NThis Mu Cord connection will change our world as we know it, but it will will not turn it into Shamballa, it will remain the human realm, but it will become a new school.  Our lives will be easier.  It is like Heaven is opening up for us to give us the codes for the new school.  It will be easier for people to fully obtain the rainbow body and fully enter into Olmo lung ring, where you will no longer need a body to incarnate in.  The ancient texts specifically tells us, “When, at the end of the kalpa, the world will be destroyed by fire, Olmo Lung-ring will spontaneously rise up and ascend into the sky and there it will merge with its celestial archetype in the heavens which is called Sidpa Yesang.  When this world is metaphorically destroyed by fire, it will melt the ice caps of Mount Kailash and we will rise from the ashes.

Another interesting fact about Mt. Kailash Is it’s unusual shape has led to speculations that perhaps the mountain is not a mountain at all. Russian scientists have suggested that mount-kailash-is-giant-man-made-pyramidthe top of Mount Kailash is actually a giant man-made pyramid from ancient times. Now, if this is true, then human history has to be re-written. It would mean that this is the largest known pyramid known today.

Scientists who have studied the mountain’s topography and structure say that it has a pyramidal shape, and not unlike all known pyramids, is strictly oriented to the cardinal points. “The results of recent Russian studies of Tibet and the Kailash range in particular, if true, could radically alter our knowledge on the growth of humanity and civilizations. One of the theories that the Russians have put forth is that Mt. Kailash could be a vast, human-built pyramid, the heart of an entire complex of a hundred smaller pyramids.


What this means for us is that the Earth/Gaia is having a major DNA shift.  This is the ultimate shift in consciousness.  It will reprogram the hippocampus/memory center of the Earth.  All of our current perceptions will shift and we will not see things they way they are now.  It will become a new school with new rules etc…  This is the purpose of the Mu Cord.  Once the physical Earth we are on now is close enough to the frequency of the perfect energy of the New Earth, then it will connect.  When?  I don’t know, there are many little events that will occur that will bring us closer.  When it happens, there is a possibility that our memories will be so different that you will not even remember reading this article.

I will continue to write about the events that occur leading up the actual re connection.  But, I will only write about events that are occurring or ones that will absolutely occur, like the Mu Cord.  I am always receiving information about possible events.  However, there are so many possibilities, that it I don’t trust that they will occur until I have actual physical experience with it.  I consider events that have not occurred, opinions running around in my mind as possibilities.  They only become “real” to me when they are occurring to me.  

The energy will continue to increase and shift constantly, no more lulls or breaks.  If you read or hear someone state that the energy is increasing, or we are going through another portal, you can politely tell them, “Yea, so what else is new!”.  It’s the events that we need to focus on.  Pay attention to what is going on around you in your normal daily life.

Onward and Upward my friends!

Written By:  Lisa Rising Berry

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    What this means for us is that the Earth/Gaia is having a major DNA shift. This is the ultimate shift in consciousness. It will reprogram the hippocampus/memory center of the Earth. All of our current perceptions will shift and we will not see things they way they are now.

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  2. Well I was lead to this for a reason, not sure exactly what that reason is yet. But I’m new to all this, it started a few years ago, thought I was going nuts and so did everyone else. They all still do, I’m stuck and I’m confused, don’t know how to get out of this situation I’m in. Fill alone and lost and like I can’t trust anyone. Schizophrenic is what it feels like, BUT I truely fill it’s more then that. Like I’ve been targeted since I was a child and have been controlled my whole life, on a path that I wasn’t supposed to be on. Now I’m a 30 yr addict that wants so badly to be free and clean, but for some reason it is so hard to stop. Feel like I’ve lost or pushed away those I love, then on the other hand . nobody believes what I hear and see, look at me like I’m crazy which has made me feel crazy. Don’t know half the time what is real or what I’m made to believe. I really need help an things just keep changing and distracting me. Don’t know who to trust for the right advice. I know now, somehow, I have purpose just don’t know what that is. Feel as if I’m being drained of my life force more each day. I’m scared and think those close to me are not who I think they are. Want to just disappear so I can go into rehab where they won’t know where I’m at. Cause I feel like they would interfere. Somehow, as it seems they do every time I what to go in that direction. Reading your article I was shaking all over, or more like a vibration running through me. I’ve been reading in some stuff and it’s some if what you are talking about. Just not making a lot of sense to me, maybe if I was in the right mindset. Right now I have no money for a session, but I’m desperate for help!!!!!

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    1. And you are right….. Idk how I know this but humanity is not ready to hear the truth.. Like that movie that says…. “You can’t handle the truth” the people don’t want to know they are being controlled by what they thought would save them. Its so ugly and I don’t know how but somehow I have to do something. I’m watched carefully though, but I have lost so much already, I have to find the courage and strength that I kn o w is inside of me. To help in anyway I possibly can. Reaching out in hopes that someone will grab my hand and pull me out of this vicious current that don’t want to let me go. Love and light

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    2. Hi Laurie. I am sorry you cannot afford an appointment. I hear this a lot and I am emphatic.

      However, There needs to be a energy exchange for my one on one work I do with people.

      All of written material, 4 hours of teaching videos, along with our radio show are available for free.

      Many people are helped just by hearing or reading my words and don’t need to ever schedule with me.

      I am grateful to be of service in that capacity.

      I hope what I give for free will be of service to you. When you are in a better financial situation, then you may consider scheduling with me. My prices are very reasonable.

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      1. Thank you and yes what I have read has helped and I know I have to,get off my ___ an do what I have to an get in the right mindset so I will overcome the obstacle blocking my way. I’ve been somewhat lazy, I guess, and oppressed by certain things and it has buried my strength and courage that I do possess. Ive been letting this get the best of me, unlike my true self, so it’s time to bring back my true self and overcome this nasty habit and live for my purpose. Thank you and live in love and light. Your work is very informative

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    3. Laurie, you are hearing ‘the call’ to live your purpose. Many hear it and ignore it…staying in their little box of misery and chaos, and misery loves company so as many as they can bring with them, they will. This is where you have to dig and LOVE yourself enough to break away from those who want to keep you on their level. To truly love yourself, you will do what ever it takes to feel better, to never put anything into your body that doesn’t serve it, and to keep your focus on healing and loving you first, then the rest will come along. Do not give your power away to others for some sort of temporary peace that it may bring, stop the draining of your life force with holding onto you and your love within you to clear your body and mind. Release the need for approval from those around you who think they are helping you but are sabotaging your progress. You have heard, “No good deed goes unpunished” Anytime there is an energy exchange, good or bad, the result will show up in you as either a feeling of fulfillment or tired as hell as if you have been sucked dry by a spiritual straw, and have no energy to do anything but escape into the addiction which only is a temporary fix. You are sacred, you have your power, ‘TAKE IT BACK’ Say ” I take my power back, therefore, no one may use my energy but me, and only for the good of the universe’.” Rise out of the victimhood keep on stepping up out of the muck. You can do it! Just connecting to the energy of Lisa’s articles and reaching for you is a start. Hang in there baby….just don’t look back! ❤

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  3. Very interesting article Lisa, for some reason, I never got a notice in my email about the last one, and just got one for the most recent one today. But I know that it is usually because I was not ready to read it, so basically, today was the day. Interesting about the MU cord, and is this connected with Lemuria? As we all know the name for Lemuria was MU. So the MU cord is like an umbilical cord, and we are in the womb of creation, awaiting the birth of this new level of existence, and we all must upgrade or we can’t exist in this new level….and funny you mention pole shift. Have been reading about this for years, and the magnetics of our brain is similar to the Schumann resonance of our planet, and think this is what happened to previous civilizations where the magnetics changed and some went mad but those that did the work, and raise their vibrational magnetic to this level were able to handle it, and maintain the memories, but like magnetics in this 3D world, if you put a tape near sray or magnetic energy, it erases the tape. They speak about this in the Bible how it would be three days of darkness and not to go out during this time, as the world would have gone mad….Many ancient cultures speak of how the sun use to rise in the west and set in the east, this would indicate a pole shift and the world stopping spinning, and then going the other way. This is suppose to be the age of the 5th sun, so interesting, and perhaps why they cannot figure out what happened to these previous civilizations, and maybe they are still there, just on a higher level or they went mad and ran into the ocean! So very interesting! Big hugs and Thanks! 😉

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