I have been on an advanced spiritual path since I was a young girl, although I didn’t realize it at the time. I started having lucid astral projection/out-of-body experiences at age five. During these times, I visited and experienced many different realms and realities. I have even attended classes in these locations and have participated in two graduation ceremonies. This is where I received a lot of my training, and I have memory of it. Having a certain unexplained knowledge of “things” has always been my natural state of being. This is not really special, but the way we all are meant to be.  These spiritual abilities are discussed in many Ancient Texts, including the Bible.

In August of 2008, I had one of my most profound spiritual experiences that changed my life forever.  It was a once in a life time event, that I have chosen not to discuss any longer, unless absolutely necessary.  It seems there are many individuals now claiming this and claiming that, and I don’t not wish to be in that category.  

I have studied at the Appalachia Institute of Awakening, where I received my certifications in different healing modalities such as Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Aroma-medicine, Reiki and other energy work, and Indian Head Massage. I am a also a fully certified Holistic Life Coach.  

   I have participated with the Modern Mystery School where I studied the Ritual Master Program. I attended The Life Spirit Seminary and became Ordained as a Minister Practitioner with the Lightwing Center of Life Spirit. On my own I have taught myself Astrology, Sacred Geometry,Tarot, Gematria, Alchemy, Kabbalah, and many of the other Hermetic Sciences. Hermetic learning is my passion, and it is a never-ending process for me.  My connection to God is unshakable.

I have been a Tibetan Bon practitioner since 2011.   I am currently studying to become a Western Female Bon Lama, which is something that we currently don’t have.  It may take me the rest of my life to accomplish this, but I will not give up.  My Bon practices have changed my life.

However, it is my actual experience in other realms and realities combined with my experience here on this planet that has been my greatest teacher. If you haven’t lived it then you don’t know it, and you certainly can’t help others achieve it. I currently own my own modest healing business, where I see clients for healing the mind, body and soul. I provide a refuge for them to sit back and relax and reconnect. As a Holistic Life Coach and Minister; I do a lot of spiritual counseling in my work, which I feel is necessary for true inner healing to begin.

I have a local class I teach, which is called Spiritual Scholars/Esoteric Wisdom. I also teach Essential Oils Classes. I do not view myself as their teacher, but rather a guide who is helping them to become future leaders in our local spiritual community. I want to help humanity remember their own personal divine birthright so they can reclaim and re activate their internal sacred technology, which is more powerful than any computer we have in the “outside” physical world.

By doing this individuals take back their freedom and become the puppet masters of their own lives. We are all so unique and amazing, with each person at a different level on his or her path. Now is the time for us to stand together as a united collective and make this Shift of the Ages the one that will never be forgotten. When we succeed, this Shift will be remembered as the greatest achievement of all the Universes in all recorded time. Onward and Upward we go….let the journey of your existence begin!

Much love to All,

Lisa Rising Berry

If you need assistance or advice with your journey, please schedule an appointment with me.  I use my clairvoyant abilities to help you remove blockages and move forward. Please read our website to explore what I have to offer.  You can also read my Bio on our page to see my qualifications.  Your first session will be one hour, and I offer it at 1/2 off the normal price.  Your cost for your first session will be $44.00

If you are not familiar with what I do, here is an article I wrote.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE ABOUT MY SERVICES.   Or you may visit our website by clicking on the following link.  CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE and schedule and appointment.

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    1. I actually left what could be considered in linear terms “my current” incarnation to come here. And I am starting out as a baby there. I am having a soul experience in a human body just like every soul that is here is doing. All souls come from someplace else. Being human only refers to the physical body that our soul light is using to live on this planet. So, yes, I am very lucky to be here at this time to get the full knowledge and experience that comes along with evolving on Earth in an amazing human body! I am blessed.

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      1. Lisa, you’re mentioning on Rising Frequencies Episode One that the human body is a biological machine. I am sending you an email via Facebook regarding that. Can you read it and answer back?

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  1. Just Listened to Episode 7, Throat Chakra … WOW!, I was looking for the 7 deadly sins, 7 chakras and stumbled on this. Maybe it’s a 7 part series? Must mention that I actually threw up in my mouth earlier today (just a little) and wondered what that was about. I seem to have 90% of the symptoms for a blocked throat chakra so I am pretty sure this was a life saver. As well, I found the information about following a guru and getting ‘stuck’ very beneficial. I was led to an Astrology group for years yet didn’t join, then…when I was ready I did. Only to find out by accident what they were about (overheard a conversation about someone trying to manipulate a situation at work and a suggestion was made that a ‘spell’ needed to be put on a co-worker .. to create serious illness .. so that person learned a lesson). I was sitting right in between them so it was impossible not to hear and I did say that wasn’t nice only they insisted it was necessary. I attended less frequently then left when I moved. Didn’t want any bad mojo coming my way. So, now I understand that they were taking my ‘Inner Chi’! Makes so much sense. I must admit that the knowledge I gained from that one interaction was extremely helpful very shortly after. I just love the way the Universe works and constantly supports. Thanks for the information, just the answer I was looking for. I have been asking friends lately how one is able to discern if a website is honest. Well, your show was so good it made me cry.
    Just me Speaking My Truth, Love, Forgiveness, and Listening to My Heart. Wish I could color these words in blue. 🙂


    1. Hello Katerinna,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your experience. 🙂 It’s interesting how your experiences parallel ours! We really are all in this together, and together we’ll help to support each other to find our way.

      Here’s a big hug from me (((((hug)))))
      – Andrea

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  2. I have a request. Could you please write a blog about candle gazing. I have just begun including it in my meditation practice. I have done some research on it but I heard you mention it briefly on one of your radio broadcast and I would like to have your take on its benefits and the proper way to practice it. Thank you.

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  3. hi there dear i am really amazed with your story.I find it incredibally inspiring i also have a gift that im awhere of but i cant make contact or connect with it.How can i put it to practice and fully receive it

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    1. My simple answer is always the same Meditate, Meditate, and Meditate some more… LOL Find a good spiritual practice and develop it. Spend time going within your self everyday, even if you can only fit in 10 minutes into your schedule.


  4. the night of 9 December 2014 i had this beautiful dream i was walking in the night sky and the stars was so bright blue making patterns and i was so excited about it and here a big light swirling down towards me and i have entered into the light and i was speaking in tongues and i woke up. But i felt so good and light like all my burdens was taken away.All of a sudden i started seeing these blue light but its like an airwave that cant be seen by thee eye only on camera and i can feel, sense,and smile this aura. Ive been asking people if they see what im seeing and their response is that they do see anything.Ive took photo and video record every night and still they dnt see it.I want to make contact with what ever it is cause its so annoying cause they playing with my hair and touchers me and my partner says that he doesnt feel anything and im crazy what can i do please advise

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    1. That is a beautiful dream experience. You need to do what feels right for you and your path. I feel energies play with my hair frequently, and I have friends that can’t feel a thing. We have our own experiences and travel our path at our own pace.


      1. When someone speaks of someone dying, I experience tingling on the top of my head. Sometimes, I get the chills as well. I don’t even have to know the person and this happens. And I can be in the middle of a stressful situation, not even thinking about it, and it happens. It is so distinct. My aunt says it is the crown chakra opening. What do you think? It does happen at other random times (working at my desk, going to bed, etc.) but it is especially clear when I first learn of someone dying.

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      2. Hi Wendy,

        It could be a number of things, but the first image I got as I read this was of one of your guides or angels sending energy to your crown chakara at these times. I feel this at random times as well. The dying correlation could be that your may get a little stressed when hearing someone has passed and you are being sent calming energy. But only you can know for sure what this is. I would suggest asking out loud what your question is, and ask to be shown signs to answer you. Signs can come in all forms, which may include, songs, books, something someone says to you etc… So keep your eyes open and your lucidity high, and I bet you will get your answer.


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    1. Meditation is the biggest key for clearing your mind of junk. In order to activate these gifts in the future we need to understand and experience the true nature of mind. Which is free from judgment, anger etc… When we have a monkey mind, there is no room for high vibrating gifts like levitation. Imagine a person that is not in control of their own mind having the ability of levitation. It would be dangerous. So, that is why meditation is so important. Also, maintaining a healthy body is important. For your body is the storage for these gifts. Great question.


  5. This design is wicked! You definitely know how to keep a reader
    entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to
    start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job.
    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.

    Too cool!


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