heart-to-brainWe have to be aware of our level of consciousness throughout the day.  Are you aware of what you are saying, doing, thinking and how it affects others?  Are you being judgmental and lacking in compassion? Our thoughts, which most people don’t think can do any harm, are very powerful.  We have to check-in with ourselves many times a day, until it becomes continuous.

When we are not aware of our thoughts, and actions we are in a sleepy state of unawareness.  When in this state of “sleepy”, our emotions and actions operate from our reactions to our outside world.  And this is a harmful state of mind to exist in.  It’s not only harmful to our bodies, but also to those around us.  

consciousness-1When you are aware and conscious of what is going on around you, it is easier to not have a knee jerk reaction from our lower energy centers.  Being conscious is more than just a state of mind, but it is also connected to the amount of Aether/Chi/Prana that is currently running through your body.   Consciousness is the 5th element and has the power to transform our thoughts and actions.  It is our source of vitality.  

When our Consciousness (Aether/Chi/Prana) is low then we are in the sleepy state of mind, and we don’t have the energy to be mindful.  All it takes is a change in perception to open your body to more Consciousness awareness.   Simply paying attention to YOU, will stop you from reacting with low awareness.  

This simple practice of paying attention to yourself, by being your own watcher will not only increase your Consciousness, but it will make your interactions with others more peaceful and harmonious.  You can not create in our outside world what you do not possess on the inside of your heart.  

life-is-goodSo, if you want to experience more joy in your interactions with others, you must begin with yourself.  Then the rest will follow.

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. What if you can’t afford to ‘pay attention’? LOL, I know, can’t lives on won’t street…. 😉 Great reminder to monitor our thoughts and mine have run amock! ❤

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