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  2. Hello Lisa, I’m in love with what you do and would love to do something very similar actually. I am currently struggling to find my path in life and to walk my path in life. I am interested in your services. I was looking into the place you studied and could not find it anywhere on the internet.. Appalacia Institute of Awakening? Could it possibly go by another name? I only ask because I want to begin studying metaphysics/energy/healing with Gaia/ Meditation/Reiki/Hermetic principles… And it is all so overwhelming, I don’t know where to begin and it’s frightening. I want to move forward with my life and make a decision of where to study/what to do with my life and I do NOT want to remain in the matrix, where I currently am, working an 8-5p everyday completely unfulfilled and not happy. Please provide whatever guidance you can. Thank you Lisa

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    1. Hello Sara! It’s very nice to hear from you. My school is no longer in Pa. which is where I live. My teacher retired and moved to the beach. 🙂 I now walk in her foot steps. I teach classes online, and privately over Skype. I just taught my first essential oils class last weekend. You can visit my page and schedule a appointment with me, and we can discuss “things”. You can order the recording of the first class oils class. It is 2 hours long and I send a PDF with more information. I am teaching my second one on April 22. I look forward to hearing from you. Here is the link to my website. http://risingfrequencies.com/
      Much Love,


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