where-do-you-live-2Most people live in one of three locations.  Past, Present or Future.  The majority begin with living in the past.   Because they wish to change past mistakes, remember arguments and change the events in their favor.   “If I had said this, or If I had done this”   Or, they loved their past so much that they want to go back in time.  “If I could turn back time”, this is where they live.

What is so sad it that NOTHING can be changed from this energetic space of our reality, and this is what we are here to learn.  Well, it’s one of the reasons…LOL  The past is no longer real.  Only our thoughts are there, and our thoughts are a creation of our ego mind.  They are not real, as they are illusionary.

Mastering our mind is the key to manifesting what we want in our lives.  The goal is to make our creations a reality in the physical world.    If the sage or the magi wants to create a change in their life it must have the right conditions and ingredients.  First on the list is that you have to be in the right energetic space.  All creation begins with energy that most of us can’t see.  If the sage is standing on the wrong street, then he or she has no way of putting what they want where they want it.  You must be standing on the street from which you want to place your creation.

So, this is why I ask….”Where do you live, what street are you on?”  If your on the street of the past, then your creation will be placed in the past.  Since it is impossible to live in a location that is not real, your creation will die.  Now, once most people heal the past they tend to skip over the street of the present.  Why???  Because they can’t see it.  They begin to fear the future that does not have the past in it.  We are silly creatures that need to have something to be afraid of or worry about.  We will substitute living in the past with worrying about our new future.

where-do-you-live-4This is actually perfectly normal.  When we heal the past we begin to get excited about the possibility of a new reality.  Since we have never experienced this before, we naturally feel some hesitation.   Now we try to plan for the “new” on the street  where we think the “new” lives….in the future.  But, sadly, the “new” doesn’t live in the future.  If we make plans from the street of the future, our creation will die there as well.  We can’t get to the future because, like the past, it doesn’t exist either.  It only exists in the illusionary thought of our minds.

Where should we live?  We should live in the location that God/Source gave to us as a gift.  Which is the present.  What is another name for a gift….a present.  The present moment where-do-you-live-3is God’s gift to us.  From this amazing energetic space, we can create and heal our lives in the way that is suitable for us.  This is where energy and physical are connected.  “As above meets As below.   The magician Tarot card teaches us how to create.  His upper arm is pointing to the sky, and is bottom arm is pointing to the Earth.  This shows us that you need to be standing in the right place to be the real Magician of your life to create.   As you create in the energy space of the present, it will filter down to your 3D Earth world.  You are now standing on the right street.  This is such an easy concept to read and say, yes…I am in the present.  However, if your life is not what you want, then you may need to question this.  Knowing something and actually living something are entirely different.  Master Your Mind, Be Humble…and the rest will follow.

Where do you live?  Maybe it’s time to send in your change of address form.

Lisa Rising Berry

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