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I made a small post about the activity in Sagittarius A on Facebook.  Our black hole which is the center of our Universe, is lighting up with energy.  I made a comment that I was interested in this because I have written many articles about Sagittarius which lead into Sagittarius A.  I started these articles as a continuation of my work with Aether, Azoth and the changing consciousness of this planet back in 2014.  I started to add Sagittarius to my work when I started having different experiences.  As a result of this small post, I had many requests for my articles on this subject.  I was reluctant to write, but the request continued, and I decided to blow the dust off my computer and get back to my writing.  However, I still feel my writing days may be ending, after one more article which will wrap up all of my work since 2014.  Or maybe not….who knows.

The first article is actually on the White Horse Prophecy, which sets the stage of the activity and purpose of Sagittarius.  Here is the link to that article


The next article DEEP DARK SCORPIO ENERGY AHEAD talks about the connection of Saggitariius to Scorpio.  We are now in the energy of Scorpio for the Full Moon eclipse, and Sagittarius A has lit up like a light bulb.  Here is the link to that article https://lisarisingberry.wordpress.com/2018/10/22/deep-dark-scorpio-energy-ahead/

The next article: Letting The Aether/Dark Matter Dust Particles Settle Into Physical World talks about the explosion that took place from the activity in Scorpio and Sagittarius.  Here is the link to that article.  https://lisarisingberry.wordpress.com/2019/01/05/letting-the-aether-dark-matter-dust-particles-settle-into-physical-world/

The next article: The Dust Has Settled, Time to Move Forward, talks about the “new energy” that was settling down.  I use the word “new” loosely, because I have learned more about this energy during this month, I will write more on that later.  I feel that article will wrap up all of my articles about Azoth that I have been writing since 2014, and it may be my last article.  Here is the link to that article. https://lisarisingberry.wordpress.com/2019/03/14/the-dust-has-settled-time-to-move-forward/

The next article: RETURNING TO WHERE WE CAME FROM, goes into Sagittarius A and the Divine Femine energies, which will actually lead into my next article.  Here is the link to that article. https://lisarisingberry.wordpress.com/2019/09/03/returning-to-where-we-came-from/

The next article: The Dawning Of The Golden Age Of Maitreya, I almost didn’t include.  But, it talks about the Gates of Scorpio and Taurus which are important right now in our astrology.  This article has way too much information in it, and can be confusing.  However, it will lead into my next article.  Which will be about the shifting energy of Azoth created by the Divine Femine energy and the Aether.  When I had my recent experiences this month (May 2022), I didn’t realize how it is a continuation of everything I have written about since 2014.  And I feel it will be my farwell article…maybe.  It’s a very difficult decision for me to make.   My Lama training needs to take the front stage in my life, and I need to dedicate my life to that fully.  I have been feeling my last article coming on for some time now, but I will always leave the possibility to continue writing.  We will see, time will tell, and I always follow my heart.   I also feel that my experiences and information are getting too much for many people to handle energetically. I still discuss my experiences with my close inner circle of regular students and friends that are having similar experiences as I am.  I have had countless experiences that I didn’t feel I should share at this time.  I really am becoming more private recently, and I am not sure how to mix my Lama training with the work I began in 2014.  The journey continues…..all I can do is follow my heart and see where my love of writing takes me.  Here is the link to the article. https://lisarisingberry.wordpress.com/2020/12/13/the-dawning-of-the-golden-age-of-maitreya/

I hope these links work.  WordPress makes it difficult to share articles years after they have been written.  If you have difficulty, let me know and I will find a different way to share them. 

If you want to schedule a session with me for a ritual or counseling, please either write to me at Risingfrequencies@gmail.com or visit the following link https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=12398844

Thank you for following my work for all of these years, it’s been quite a ride for me.

Lisa Rising Berry

13 thoughts on “Sagittarius A lights up the center of the Milky Way.

  1. The links work perfectly Dear Lisa, and so happy you brought up some articles that I reread as you pointed out the significance of them in this time. I see a universal theme going on here as in my life too, particularly the division of the wheat from the chaff, family and friends you thought loved you and cared about you are showing up and uprooting everything we believed to be sacred in the past. I have read so many other stories of how others are experiencing the almost very same thing as I am. The unicorn point process you went thru is probably now on a global scale forcing us to release the grief of our old selves, and face the past relationshits for what it is that we truely thought we have moved past was still there only we didn’t see it. Especially when it comes to parents or siblings, I had forgiven my Mom but in her last two years she told me she was sorry, she was wrong….she was a libra so for her to admit that was huge, but I didn’t feel so affected by it because I already forgave her. But she still didn’t stop her ‘gossiping’ ways, and that is what is also affecting me now and the revealing of family members that I thought would never be so ‘evil’ is about the only word I can find for it. Seems to be ‘greed’ is the main thing, and holding onto ‘stuff’ as an excuse to deem these evil actions as ‘doing the right thing’. I spent two months or more just trying to get over the shock, and then just pain of what I thought I had in my life all these years was totally a fake pretense. I’m a Sag as you know, and you the scorpio…I know you experienced this sort of betrayal years ago, so you are way ahead of us, the universe or those of us who had yet to experience this process and the unicorn point of grief and loss. It also brings in the ‘trust’ issues as in not even knowing who you can trust or even to trust yourself because you didn’t see it coming or couldn’t see to the heart of those close to you, and when I say you, I mean me and many others at this time. This energy is literally forcing everyone to clear out the old, and not in a nice way…that is for sure. I withdraw from it all and work on me to find the new me that will help me get on with a new path. I do miss the old me, the confident one, but for something new to come, you must make space for it and release the old. So family ties, siblings and children included….trying to be fearless but yet stronger, and hard to let go of all I thought was precious to me. When I can, I may get some of those oils, and once I can be free of this place, in a new space…I can purge it all…and thought I already did go thru the worst darkness I had ever experienced in my life, but certainly doesn’t compare to what is now, or a different sort of darkness so THANK YOU precious Lisa Rising Berry….I LOVE YOU and HONOR your spirit and appreciate your candor, in sharing your experiences even though it was hard to do. Big hugs to you ❤

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    1. I love you and I relate to this post so well two things I tell myself I will share with you my father’s last words to me everything is going to be okay in any situation no matter how far down and love always prevails Love Never Fails we are love I love you🏹💫🔥💎🙏🧡

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      1. Yes, I keep asking myself, what would my Dad say right now. They certainly would not be happy with my sisters, it’s like they lost their moral compass once the parents are gone. I so miss them. I feel so alone on an island surrounded by enemies, and there’s no life boat coming. Trying to build a raft with no trees…lol, that is how it has been. But I know love prevails, it’s hard to imagine what my life is gonna look like and hard to focus on anything positive right now. But I am working on it. It’s a day to day, almost minute to minute thing…it’s like ‘shew, got thru the day, now I can sleep’…but then lay there thinking…..I have usually been very good at letting things go when I go to bed at night. I know that not sleeping just makes it worse. It’s all so very painful, and yes, it will pass….I’ve sent out the emergency call to the universe, ‘why am I still here?’ I need help to unblock the pathways that I hit everytime I try to move on or options that will get me out of here….it’s like quicksand….where’s the branch, what’s the purpose? I don’t want to have this experience, hasn’t it been enough already? I have two other sisters who don’t want to be in the middle, they want to remain neutral and I honor that but seriously….if my sisters were doing this to them, pretty sure I would be going off on them, but they are threatened with the ‘money from the estate’ and so if they help me, they can’t tell the sisters….and I just don’t get that? Who the hell am I really? Why am I the only one who stands up for myself in this family? Why am I so different from them? Yesterday, my sister put the internet ‘on vacation’….can you believe this shit? Had to call the company and tell them she don’t live here, it’s just another stab at me, I guess I shouldn’t be allowed to be on the internet right now…like it’s all I do or what? Well, what comes next? I hope it is something positive, cuz everyday is such a struggle. So, I will work on sending love to them, but that is sooooooo very hard when I feel their hatred, and greed and the things they do just to hurt me. And then there is tomorrow…*sigh…. ❤

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    2. Hello my dear friend. Yes… division of the wheat from the chaff is occurring, but not in the way most people think. I am here
      for you, don’t forget to reschedule with me.

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  2. Suggestion… a little something that helped me a person asked me once what was I running from and I found as long as I was running from something I couldn’t get anywhere but when I decided I was no longer running from anything but that I no longer chose to be there doors were open… and I can’t tell you how many times a day I call for divine intervention and divine assistance in this now moment lol I try to tell myself they’re tired of hearing it but in my reality they’re waiting for for me to ask for the help are the healthiest help in Divine Precision Timing 😅 in one more suggestion you might find not so exhausting instead of sending them love just hold the space of love for them… and I might add how very considerate to allow the internet to go on vacation LOL cuz we all know it needs a break I just didn’t realize that your sisters were the ones who chose when to give the internet that vacation LOL sorry not talking about your family just poking jokes for jokes or pokeable hahaha sounds to me like but a blessing to be different from them it must be very hard on them to have a sister full of love shining bright even in her misery these are the things I deal with people really try to tear me down because they don’t understand how I’m happy with next to nothing I’m a minimalist I guess you could say I don’t need much I don’t require much can’t fathom that and so they tried to make my already simple lifestyle difficult I suppose I should allow them to see the challenges that I go through in the struggles each day instead of always being so bright shiny smiling happy joy-filled and definitely gives them the wrong idea of my life but I enjoy the challenges of each day in my RV in the middle of nowhere doing whatever I want which mostly includes enjoying each moment of the day in nature but my friends like to do things like when I ask if I could come do a load of laundry make me wait until it’s a difficult time to get back to the RV in the evening to get my things done and somehow gives them a sense of mastery as they sit in the recliner with their remote and their air conditioner LOL I don’t mind giving them that moment because every other moment of the day is mine to enjoy they always ask me things like do I need some food try to give me clothes that aren’t even like any of the clothes that I wear more like Vagabond close and thank them the entire time for such a lovely outfit sometimes I like to go so far as to tell others that were talking to a very appreciative I am I wearing I know it’s a jab but I’m not perfect and it makes me giggle because I didn’t think that far ahead when they saw me some poor helpless nobody hahaha it took me a long time to get over wanting to know the reason why people wanted to tear me down when I already have nothing until I realized that I have nothing is their words I have everything painted before me morning with a brush of the sun rays I’ve long moments during the day where I can spend every minute raising the vibration of Love simply by opening my heart and thinking of others and our beautiful planet don’t get me wrong I enjoy people as well as Solitude in nature and I get along just fine in public and I imagine that can be very confusing to my friends whose days seem so structured and scheduled and like they’re ready to break at any moment I don’t let their judgments bother me anymore I actually think they’re kind of cute now but that took me a long time to get to as well I suggest if I may try to find the irritations of your sisters adorable it helps tremendously in the healing process and one more suggestion you’re raft with no trees maybe the universe asking you to Just Surrender and float if you’re pissed be pissed if you feel hatred express your hatred in a loving way of course healthy healing involves accepting and on occasion displaying your true emotions the more you try to push them down or mask them the more they will just keep showing up if you really really want to get to them find something you’re actually right on that their judgment calls and tell them you are so right about this but then show them how you were able to change it transmute it uplift it… I’m sorry about your parents but don’t wait so long. Start sentences with things like Dad wants told me to do it this way or mom showed me like this or even better say to your sisters how they may remind you of your mother or your father or even ask them did they learn that from mom or dad maybe including them in the conversation will help unstick it from Jessica sisters you know I hope any of this helps even speaking of it out loud to someone changes the vibration so you’re already making progress🥰 ho’oponopono 🥰

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    1. Thank you lovely for your suggestions…I use to be such a strong and resilient person, but after my Mom passed and I was sick as a dog, is when they started to kick me when I’m down, instead of helping me heal, or just being present to mourn together. I don’t have much either, and not caring about it all, but you are right, my sisters are all about that, act like they are better than me, and because they have money and ‘stuff’. Yep, not like them at all. I cannot speak to them, because nothing I say is gonna make any difference. I do speak to the other two who are trying to stay neutral but helping if they can but shhhhh, that’s a secret. You can’t tell the others that you are helping me because you won’t get your money….I’m the only one who stands up for myself in this family, and that’s ok, I suppose it’s not for me to understand anyway. Most people think that because you dont have a big house and lots of stuff that you must be miserable. I don’t see it that way…like you I adore to watch the sun rise or set, and don’t care about the stuff, because they are working their lives away to keep that stuff. I doubt I could find anything cute about what they are doing, and yeah, who knew the internet needed a vacation…LOL, that was kinda funny but not.It’s just more of their trying to control me, and I know that when people try to control others, they are out of control inside themselves. I suppose they are in pain and this is their way, but I sure would love to just get out and move on. I can’t surrender my effort to get myself and my granddaughter and furry family out of here because that would just keep me here spinning in the muck. Nothing happens if you do nothing. I will surely get unstuck here soon. I plan to get this trailer my sister gave me…shhhh that is a secret too, out of here and go be in peace away from the harrassment and to be able to just be and relax….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, LOL, I’ve been trying this chant that is suppose to change the energy where you are….will let you know if it works Oh yeah and the hopono’ono good stuff…working on it.

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      1. Ho’oponopono changed my life and brought Miracles before my very eyes within 7 days or less guaranteed you have a wonderful spirit can I ask you something personal… do you even want to be there do you want anything out of it the estate I’m guessing could you maybe just focus your attention and your intention on your next move they don’t involve them or the estate I only ask because something I personally experienced just recent well actually just got unstep myself but that people kept baiting me I guess and well I’m a really kind giving person of myself don’t worry I learned a good lesson on that too giggle giggle they kept doing it right about the time that I was going to take us to step in my own Direction and are witches not loving myself and in reality lying to everyone else by saying yes I can help you because For the first time in my life I did a lot of half-assed jobs and I didn’t complete several of them LOL and my previous 44 years not have done that there’s not a fiber in my being that would have allowed it however when I talk to Spirit and my higher self they informed me that we must live each aspect of ourselves so I had to do the incomplete I had to do the can’t count on me I had to do the flighty thing the irresponsible girl for once and really he better to do all that with them my friends Lisa won a bunch of strangers who really believed him much easier to let my friends down you let strangers down that I have agreed to do something for so that in itself was a blessing how did I get unstuck you might ask… well I am an extremist I mean as a Sagittarius woman Libra Rising and Leo moon it only makes sense really and I gave all my things away I sold my RV for a fourth of what I paid for it to year ago very little of my already downsize sentimental things out of the RV into the trunk of my car there’s one thing that I know about me and so does everyone else it doesn’t take but a second to get any of that crap back and I said crap lightly because let me remind you that already down size 2 only my most special the long game when I moved into the RV very difficult to have that’s totally worth it I showed myself that I don’t need the material in my hand feel each moment I showed myself that I am resilient a word I cannot stand by the way because the definition of resilient pretty much is being able to up and situate yourself again and again and again and again because you can because you have to because people keep messing with you LMFAO resilient yay hahaha but then I got this beautiful message ringing so beautiful clear in my ears from the Angels themselves who said what lies ahead is far greater than anything I’ve left behind and they’re right already because what lies ahead after relinquishing all my crap all my pretties all of my everything’s is a sense of peace and serenity inside of me and the fact that no one can ask me for a thing cuz guess what I got nothing LOL so there’s that piece in serenity and have this beautiful ability to do and go absolutely anything and anywhere I want so what I traded all my beautiful beautiful possessions for in fact was freedom peace serenity and the Wide Open Spaces of nature totally worth it really and I couldn’t have picked a lovely or time of year now I know not everyone can just up and walk away but the more you can leave behind the more that rainbow shines on the other side and moments like these talking people like you about things such as this will that’s the pot of gold I see you I acknowledge you I consider you I embrace you but most of all I love you🥰🥰🥰 and you have given me a gift that seems to be leaving marks down my face tears of appreciation for spaces that allow me to be myself in and do what I do best and that’s love simply love thank you so very much I have a feeling and by the end of the week your whole world will have already changed for the better🥰🤟🆓️ℹ🆖️🧡🌬🔥💫🏹💎🙌 Ho’oponopono 🤟🤟🤟

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  3. Thank you, and I wished it was so simple as just walking away with just the stuff in my car. I have a jeep but it needs fixing, and I have to take care of my granddaughter, another long story of BS where the state likes to adopt kids out to strangers rather than let family help out…so I had to figure out how to get by since my Mom passed with no transportation, and them using city/gov. agencies to harrass me, it’s been nonstop. I tried to find a place for us but rent is so very high, and couldn’t qualify for any place. That is first and formost is trying to keep my granddaughter out of the system they tried to do before, and took me two years of fighting them to finally get her out of it. My family was so evil for even calling those people with lies, actually my brother in law admitted that he called, and I just want to leave with my granddaughter and be in peace. There is also my furry family I had here with my Mom and hers too which I promised I would take care of….thinking I will have to break my promise because I will have no room in the trailer that I got. I’ve downsized before, it wasn’t so bad, but I’ve downsized everytime I moved. I never owned a house so moving from apartment or house, you decide to throw stuff away that you kept for whatever reason. But for me to do anything, I kept hitting roadblocks. The only one helping me was my daughter and she didn’t have transportation either but would have friends give her a ride just to bring me food and boxes. I pretty much have my whole life in a storage room, and have for two years. It’s really not that much, but just to function in this world, I must at least maintain a roof over my head and we do need things to use to survive, and mostly for my granddaughter and furry family. I can’t abaondon them, nor can I give up trying to get out. I’m not worried about ‘stuff’ or money, my sisters are gonna make sure I get nothing, that’s on them. I can’t even afford an attorney to fight them. There are very few attorneys in this area that even do this sort of thing. They are all about the stuff, and have and will do whatever they can including throwing me out on the street just so they can get it. My problem is just trying to get out of this stupid small town. It was freezing cold when my Mom passed away and within two weeks my sisters were already working to get me out, almost like day one. It was such a shock and betrayal. They tried to tell me I had to be here alone and no one could come over unless they were here. That is how this whole thing started, plus she had cameras all over the house and everything I did was scrutinized. when I said my daughter was the only one helping me, and I had no transportation, all they said was ‘WELL THEN GET OUT’. Ok, not even possible in 10 days after my Mom passed away and even the judge and police told them that I could have who I wanted here, and that you can’t just throw someone out in 15 days. They seemed oblivious to the looks the police and judge gave them as to how horrible they were being. It was like watching robots, no awareness of their actions and deeds being so evil, is all I can say…mostly greed. I told them I don’t care about the stuff, but they tell everyone I’m a squatter and in the paperwork they now want $1200 a month rent, and I know that they will most likely not give me a cent of what my Mom wanted us to have. Unfortunately, it takes money to live, and can’t live in a car. If it were just me, then sure, I could have packed up and been gone. But I can’t cuz I have real responsibilities to my granddaughter whom I had to fight so hard to keep her in our family…the state is all about money, and they like to adopt kids out to strangers, and I couldn’t let that happen. It’s all buearacracy and when my Mom died, I was so overwhelmed, and I was very sick, all I wanted to do was lay down, and just did the best to do the absolute necessary stuff to get thru the day. It’s hard to focus when you have just that going on, add the knocks at the door almost daily, and I never wanted to bee here in the first place. I know my Mom wanted me here to ‘work on our relationship’. She appologized for the things she said about me and I was a good Mom. I had already forgiven her but for her to admit that was huge. It simply didn’t affect me much because I had forgiven her. It’s hard to focus on the one thing I have to do and that is get out of here. It always boils down to money, and finding a place…so I wished I could just pack up a car and go. It’s just not that simple for me….and I can’t live in a car. They would surely ruin my life and everything I have struggled and worked for and that is for peace and to be with my family. Igranddaughter and furry ones). People don’t ask me for anything, I have very few friends, and the ones I have are only able to say they are sorry, and I could go stay with them but then it comes down to their expectations of what that is…seems now that I need a real friend, there is the ‘relationship’ thing they now profess they always like me….it’s all so convoluted, I said I always saw them as a friend, happy for them when they found someone, but don’t want to lose them as a friend and I also cannot be involved in a relationship until I can have some time to heal. I have for the past 10 years or more, been single and fine with that. I’m enough already but people just seem to think you can’t be happy if you are single. I don’t get it. anyway….LOL, writing a novel. I LOVE YOU too…I will work on this LOVING those who have and still are trying to hurt me right now. Trying not to be afraid, and getting unstuck. Thank you for your positive input, and sharing your experience. ❤

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      1. Yeah…I know, it’s crazy and that is just a bit of it all. I know everything happens for a reason, and surely, once I can relax I will know, but for now, being in this space….I can’t for the life of me figure out why I need to have this experience or what the deal is with everything I try getting blocked…..it’s like the universe wants me to stay here but I seriously don’t know how much more of it I can stand…I’m strong, but also human, It’s hard to focus on what there can be done to do this escape from hell…LOL, I know, I shouldn’t be laughing right now, but maybe I’m just alittle crazy by now. thanks Lisa for the prayers, I think you already have done some prayers or something for me because for a few days there, it was like I had no worry or ‘fight or flight’ response to everything for a few days. It’s all so weird, cuz the day I was going to court for the ‘unlawful detainer’ the bailiff sent us to the wrong floor, he sent many people to the wrong floor, and alot of 9O’clock hearings were standing around on the wrong floor. So they won by default. The judge told me to get an attorney and appeal….but the catch is I had only 10 days to do that. Tried like calling every attorney that does this sort of law only to hear them tell me they can’t help me cuz they will lose, so in other words, they don’t want a loss on their record so basically…I”M SCREWED. So I had to file an appeal on my own. Acting as my own attorney, and filed as a poor person cuz the office there told me it would cost $45, but then the judge refused the poor person filing because I guess it don’t cost to appeal a case…and this is how everything has been going…one thing after another…right up to a wall, and all I can do is ….WHY AM I STILL HERE!!!!!!!!!??? LOL, yeah, I think I’m now certifiable…LOL. Big hugs Lisa ❤

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