I was so excited when a friend of mine showed me a video online by dutchsinse.  I will provide the full video at the end.  The name caught me right away.  “Large energy hitting Earth from unknown source.”  When I watched, the hair stood up on my arms.  I saw a sine wave move across the screen.  And then he slowed the video down and pointed to the sine wave.  It is clearly moving around the whole planet.  Then I saw a second one, and he also said there is a second sine wave on top of the first one, also moving around the whole planet.  OMG!!!!!!!  I will add the links to my last 2 articles at the end.

This is not a unknown source as he says.  I have been writing about this energy for years, as it has evolved.  It is Azoth, and now, it is forming the Earth’s Mu Cord.  Which I have written about in my last two articles.  Each of the sine waves is ½ of the DNA strand of the Mu Cord.  He called them electricity, and he is correct.  They are Birkland currents, which I explained 2 articles ago.  But the Birkland current is the energy of Azoth.

Unless someone is messing with the video, we are seeing the arrival of the Mu Cord.  It has not connected yet.  If it had our hypothalamus would be reprogrammed, and our memories would be different.  Again, I explained this in the last article.  The electricity of this Mu Cord/Birkland Current is Azoth energy.  Which has not been on this planet in the amount it is for a long time.  This is why it is called an Unknown Source, no one talks about it.  But if you have followed my work for the past 2 years, I have explain the source of this energy and how it grew.

Then he really knocked my socks off when he said he can see it moving to the center of the Earth.  That is what I just wrote in my last article.  I published my article 2 days before this video came out.  I knew the timing of the article has to be perfect for some reason.  Maybe this is the reason.  It was the hardest article for me to write, I just couldn’t get it together.  I was frustrated that it was not done sooner.  But life kept getting in the way.  

It is obvious to me that the Mu Cord is here, now….when will it connect?  I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.  When it does, we won’t remember.  We are starting a new Earth school, with new rules etc…  You can look at it this way.  Earth is being reborn into a new energy body, just like we do when we die.  Most people do not take the memories of the past with them.  It’s makes it too hard to begin the new.

 Our bodies will be different.  The plants will be different.  The animals will be different.  What we learn will be different.  The amount of people on the planet will be different.  Not all will want to learn on the new Earth, which is fine.  NOthing will be the same, which is why it is a new Earth School.

I feel the need to discuss Ascension symptoms, and give some background information.  Because people will be focused on symptoms instead of experience the cool phenomena that may occur at this time.   If you are suffering from symptoms, then balance yourself.  We are not supposed to suffer on this path from physical symptoms…yup I said it.  If someone is, then they are unbalanced in the area of the symptom, and it needs to be fixed immediately.

 But, instead most people ignore these symptoms as if they are a badge of honor that the energy is kicking their butts.   If you have cold symptoms you don’t ignore them and think that you are doing the right thing because you are getting sick.  If your mind, body and soul, is balanced, then your symptoms will be either a non issue or they will be slight.

 Occasionally, you may get hit hard, but if you are used to being balanced then it is an easy adjustment.  If a person wants to experience the really cool things about this shift then they need to have these symptoms under control.  

As this new energy continues to get closer to the Mu Cord re connection there may be crazy things occurring as this computer matrix shuts down.  I don’t know when this will happen, but when it does, you don’t want to be unbalanced with ascension symptoms.  You want to vibrate with the energy not against it.  Or you will miss out on the possible cool occurrences.  I will write about anything that I go thorough. Well maybe….LOL


Well, that’s it for now…I really hope this video is real,
Lisa Rising Berry

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22 thoughts on “Arrival Of The Cord Of Azoth

  1. Lisa, your work here is exceptional. I just read several of your articles relating to Aether and Azoth. They explain so much about the shift in energies that has occurred since 2012. And there is more to come as these are vast cycles. It is a good idea to go back and read all the articles to gain perspective on just how grand this transition is for the Earth and humanity. Thank you!

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  2. I’ve been following his videos for awhile, and then I channeled yesterday and was told that every other being in the universe got the “notice” to be prepared for what’s coming…

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  3. On the day it arrived, my personal energy field filled for hours with a descending ladder made up of giant snowflakes and two silver cords. (I was specifically told they were cords not ropes.) I strongly got the “rebirth” vibe! Exciting stuff! Thanks!!

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      1. What are symptoms that would indicate an imbalance? The evening this took place, I and many in my community of what we consider as being consciously engaged beings all had great disruptions in our sleep … We were unable to sleep! For myself, even though this was true, I still functioned well during the day. I was not nearly as tired as I would have expected, was expecting.
        Thank you for your insights.

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  4. “If someone is, then they are unbalanced in the area of the symptom, and it needs to be fixed immediately. But, instead most people ignore these symptoms as if they are a badge of honor that the energy is kicking their butts.” So glad you said this Lisa! I am tired of reading about people saying that they’re ‘chosen’ to take on the pain for humanity or whatever – they are delusional! In my opinion, they need to do the work on ‘Self’ (fast!) and stop being an ostrich….
    Yes, since the 18th kicked in I’ve been feeling weird, but in a good way! You’re right no one really knows what will happen and everyone has their own interpretation; however the main theme is that something major is about to happen….Exciting times ahead! Also, have just been reading about this wave in Lisa Gawlas’ blog (who I know you follow) https://lisagawlas.wordpress.com/2016/12/20/what-if-god-was-one-of-us/#like-6524
    I do hope I remember you Lisa and I’m sure everyone that has connected with your articles will meet up somewhere on the other side… Everything is in motion and we have been warned for a very long time….Hey, just remembered I had this amazing dream the other night that I was been attacked by a savage wild dog (I love dogs). I just stood there calmly and said “Yeah, whatever…” It was like I had this protective bubble around me and nothing could ever harm me. I knew this was a turning point for me that I have been overcoming fear in all areas of my life. Also, have had several dreams about levitating and surrounded by Americans!
    I’ve been reading your brilliant articles for some time now. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Lisa – you are appreciated!
    Love & Big Hugs from down under in Aus’ (())
    Catherine Heferen

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    1. Thank you Catherine!!! Yes, no one is chosen to take on the pain on humanity…LOL… They are unbalanced individuals that are making excuses not to work on themselves etc… I love Lisa Gawlas. And her articles confirm so much stuff for me and make me not feel crazy. We are seeing the exact same things, but in different ways.

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  5. That video is amazing! I use to watch him years ago, still have subscribed to his channel, just hadn’t been keeping up on his stuff. But so cool that he uploaded this and showed it. I know this energy has been getting more intense which flared up my blocks forcing me to pay attention and work on it. The past two days my head has felt like a giant pimple about to explode…I know gross, but no other way to explain the swelling on the sides of my head at my ears, and how it feels like it is going to pop like a balloon! LOL, but I am working on it, getting better today and that is all that matters. I worry I am a bit late for the bus on energy, and afraid I will miss it so I don’t want to do that and I certainly wouldn’t want to forget you and the others whom are dear to me, but I suppose it would be like it was when we incarnated here, with no memory and just a baby, probably the same there and we will learn how to control the new energy just like we have done here. Very interesting Lisa! Please do update us on any of your experiences if you can….’wink’ ‘wink’, I know it can help many who might be going thru the same thing!
    BIG HUGS!!! ❤

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      1. Yes…and Thank you for that. I have been doing what you said for the most part but haven’t gotten to the meditation yet…I know, if there is ever a quiet moment here I will do them. My ears are much better, been doing what you said, and my head doesn’t feel like a giant balloon now. I do have a headache today, and there is so much that needs to be done, but I am working on it!!!
        Sent you an email…THANKS!!!

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  6. You said something about our memories being different and that we may forget the past. It reminded me of what Corey Goode said on the show Cosmic Disclosure on gaia.com when talking about the Mandela Effect. He said that it is possible with all what is happening with the timelines that we may wake up one day in a post-disclosure world where we don’t even remember there being a cabal and the mess we are in now.

    Interesting and exciting times ahead! 😀

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