I wasn’t going to write an article today until I saw Lisa Gawlas blog.  She is one of the people that make me feel “not crazy”.   Her visions and what she see’s in her clients is right in line with my work.

lisa-g-pic-1She captured an image with her camera that sums up what I have been writing about.  It is a real picture of the Mu Cord, plus more.  The video I posted with my last article is another physical event that shows us what is occurring is real.  The funny thing is, I have been taking random pictures with my camera for the heck of it.  I felt like I would be the one to see an image of something.  I never do this….but I was drawn to take photos.  I got nothing.  But Lisa G. sure did!!!!!

In her photos you will see 4 images that I feel are important.  Starting at the bottom are 2 females, one is blue and one is gold.  These are two versions of Gaia.  As I have been writing, the old Earth (old version of Gaia) is currently being reconnected via the Mu Cord to the new Gaia.  The name of our new Earth will not be Gaia she will have a new name.  The blue female is the old Earth, we have been called the blue planet for a spiritual reason and a physical reason.  One, the planet is mostly blue water, second blue is connected to Mary Magdalene, the energy of Gaia.  Blue is the color of humility.  Gold is the color of enlightenment, and is the frequency of the new Gaia.  You can see in her photo they merging and the Gold is on top.

lisa-g-pic-3Next we see Santa.  I have been writing about how Santa is symbolic for the claustum oil that rises up the spine and fires our enlightenment.  The chimney is our spine.  I won’t go into the details as I have already done that.  Santa is male energy…fire.   The women are of course female energy water.  Ultimate these two combine to make the Mu Cord, which is Azoth…fire and water combined.

You can clearly see at the top of Santa’s head the Mu Cord.  You can see the two plasma currents wrapping around each other to make the new DNA for our new Earth.  The Mu Cord in science words is called a Birkland Current.

This picture sums up my two years of writing, and it is currently coming into the physical.  Here are the links to my 4 most recent articles.  If you go back and read what I have written over the last 2 years or so, you can see how this evolved.  The last article covers the Santa connection.  I wrote that one yesterday.  Some of these articles have been published by the Higher Frequencies YouTube Channel in audio form.  They are all long and detailed, each one leads to the next.


First article to check out….White Horse Prophecy

Second…..DNA Activation For Gaia, Leading To Ultimate Shift In Consciousness

Third….Arrival Of The Cord Of Azoth…Mu Cord

Fourth….Christmas and Hanukkah 2016, Bringing The Energy Of Enlightenment As A Unified Energy

Here is the Link to Lisa Gawlas blog for today, she offers readings and is the real deal……Lisa’s Amazing Article

You just can’t make this stuff up.  I am still in shock, I shouldn’t be….I know it’s real and it’s happening.  But it is a humbling and incredible experience to see it in the physical in this way.

Happy Holidays To All,

Lisa Rising Berry

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9 thoughts on “Physical Picture Of Mu Chord And More

  1. Hi Lisa, I want to thank you for all your sharing, it has helped me to see what has been going on with my physical body the last several months. I have hesitated to share, mainly because I thought possibly I was making more out of it than it was,but after this last article and then also reading Lisa Gawlas last post that you linked, well as you say you can’t make this stuff up. So here goes, it’s long, but I hope that’s ok and worth the read. In Aug I quit my job. I was going to have a bit of stay vacation and then start doing some classes so I could make changes in my life for the better & work part-time for awhile. Well life had other ideas. 3 weeks into my “vacation” I went into menopause hell!!! I was having the most debilitating hot flashes/night sweats hitting every hour lasting 15 to 20 mins. To make matters worse, I live in the hawaiian islands w/no a/c and Aug and Sept are the worst months. So I really couldn’t function. Anyways, I think it was your article on the white horse ( I’d have to go back and re-read) I realized that what was happing to me was emulating what was happing here on earth with the fire and water elements. But I sort of then thought I was “reading into things” so I just went back to trying to really cope with my menopause symptoms & not doing really any inner work on this aspect of it. Fast forward to this past weekend, for no reason my sciatica nerve got pinched. I was in a lot of pain for 2 days , then on monday it released. So what comes my way but another one of your articles & I realize that this might of been attributed to the energy waves and that this might of been some kind of kundalini experience ( this was just what pooped into my head as I have never had much experience with this energy). Now todays post and then reading Lisa Gawlas post and she had a physical experience with her lower back and hip as well!!!! I’m sorry this is so long, but i’m just flummoxed as I’m not imagining this, and although I am in menopause, it’s not a coincidence it started when it did. Although it has been most upsetting, I can now see my body is really going through a “change of life” literally lol to upgrade w/the changes of “Gaia”. So thank you for always sharing your journey as for me at least , it’s helping me with my own and because of it, I now will truly not dismiss my intuitive knowing especially with physical symptoms that arise in my body when I read your posts that there is some “work” to be done. Happy Holidays to you Lisa and family xoxo


  2. Very interesting photo, but I bet you got something too, but just didn’t see it, as in this photo of Lisa’s one could miss it if they didn’t study it or look deeper into it….look again at your photos, since you were drawn to take them, and you haven’t deleted them, just like emails that were not in my inbox a couple days ago, showed up today….as so may be worth a second look???!!!!

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      1. Your photos you took…you mentioned you got an urge to take some photos…and then you said you didn’t see anything in them like Lisa’s photo above…I am guessing that if you look again, you may see why you got the urge to take some photos. I was saying to look at them again….you may see why you felt the urge to take photos. She didn’t see it either at first but took a second look.

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  3. Hi Lisa – I would just like to say your articles are always interesting and sometimes very helpful


    (PS: did you know Jesus and Lucifer were/are lovers?)

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