It is interesting that the first night of Hanukkah is December 24th this year.  It’s the same night that many Christians wait for Santa.  Both are stories that teach us how to light the upper light of our bodies.

The season of Hanukkah is symbolic for our own inner light.  I made a post about how the story of Santa Claus is also related to this inner light.  The Chimney and the Candle are metaphors for the main central channel that runs down the middle of our bodies.  We have 3 channels in our bodies.  They can be called channels of light for Pranayama, breath work, or the 3 Pillars in esoteric knowledge.  The central channel is the focus with these parables.

In the story of Hanukkah the candle represents our bodies which are impressionable and pliable.  The wick is our spinal column where our central nervous system operates.  This is the energetic location for the claustrum/colostrum oil to rise up.  Without the oil rising in the lamp there is no light at the top of the wick.  The oil metaphorically rises up the wick (spinal column), which is inside of the wax candle (body) and lights at the top, which is Kether.

The condition of the wax determines if the wick will light at the top.  If the wax has holes in it and is damaged, the wick will be broken or bent and cannot make the connection to the upper light.  The same is true for our bodies.  If our ego has been damaged and impressed upon with negative thoughts, deeds, and actions, our claustrum/colostrum oil will not rise up our central spinal column.  The physical health of the body is also important with this process.  Mind, body, and soul balance is the key to lighting our upper wick.

There are 9 candles of the  Menorah.  9 is the representation of higher consciousness that we enter into when our upper temple has been light.  Everything we do in our daily lives contributes to the enlightenment of our inner Hanukkah candle.

So it doesn’t matter if you are waiting for Santa Claus to rise up your Chimney after he brought you enlightenment (gifts) of the claustrum/colostrum oil, or if you are raising your claustrum/colostrum oil up the wick of the Hanukkah candle, the meaning is the same.  It is the enlightenment of the upper temple of our mind, our upper lamp or chimney.  

What is unique and important is that both traditions are celebrating this on the same night.  This reminds me of the two energies that make up the Mu Cord that is now wrapping around the planet to create one new energy.  For more information about the Mu Cord you may read my recent previous articles.
I wish everyone Happy Holidays!

Lisa Rising Berry

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