Narrow is the secret gate is DAATH, the home of the fires of AZOTH.


The Sephirot Daath which is located at our throats, is the true gateway to higher inner knowledge.  It is the location where the energy of Azoth is stored, which is why Daath is the secret or hidden Sephirot.  It is secret so it will not be misused.  But the real truth is that is’s not secret in the literal sense.  If you study Kabballah,  you will learn in the books about Daath.  However, as I always say, books will only take you so far.  You cant move into Daath with your energy body by just reading and discussing theories.  In fact, there is great speculation about they mystery of Daath, because few have actually moved through successfully with full memory of doing so.  Most just share opinions based on previous writings.  I feel this is about to change very quickly.  Many people are knocking at the door of Daath, but don’t know how to get in.  I hope my simple article can be of assistance.

holy spirit

Daath is the home of the most amazing energy we have on this planet Azoth. (for more info on Azoth you can refer to my previous articles)  This energy has increased in frequency and completely surrounds our planet.  It has always been with us, but not at the level it is currently.  This includes our bodies as well.  It lives within us, waiting for the switch to be flipped, and the fire ignited.  Daath is the next step in the process of awakening after someone has had several Kundalini experiences.  Kundalini fire, is the basic fire that burns away the dross and blockages that are preventing you from moving forward on your path.  It is a required pre-requisite to entering into Daath.  One must also be adept with lucid dreaming to enter Daath.  You need to, not only fully remember your dreams, but have total control during them.



Once you enter and exit Daath your inner Azoth fire will be ignited and your own Philosophers Stone will be created.  This stone is extremely powerful, and this is why it is guarded by the doors of Daath.  Many theorize about this, few complete it.  After leaving Daath you will have earned the ability to use the fire of the Holy Spirit and light up the higher Sephirot/Realms that are located in the mind.  These are the true Holy Trinity of the upper mind, Chockmah, Binah and Keter.  This is our Arc of the Covenant.  This is the most important contract a human can have with God/Source.  Our temple candles are lit with Azoth, but we must pass through Daath to light them.  A friend of mine asked me to watch a video where a very knowledge and well respected teacher was asked about his experience with Kundalini.  His response was that Kundalini is child’s play, and this is so true.  Kundalini energy pales in comparison to the power of Azoth/ Philosopher’s Stone .


3d white people lying on a question mark

This is the biggest question someone can ask, and it is the easiest to answer.  You will know 100% that you have completed Daath because you have become fully adept at lucid dreaming and you will have full memory of your journey.  It’s simply something you never forget.  If you are not remembering your dreams, then you don’t vibrate at the frequency of Daath.  Learning how to navigate in the astral with memory of it, is part of the pre-requisite to enter.  It’s part of the training.  Also, having several Kundalini experiences helps with this process.  This removes your blockages, which are like boulders blocking your path.  When you learn to navigate the Astral, you learn how to fight your inner demons.  Many people right now think they are being attacked by evil entities outside of themselves, and this is wrong.  They are in training, and learning how to fight.  If you are not adept at this, then entering Daath is not even an option.  Advanced esoteric knowledge of this aspect of the path is the cure and antidote for anyone who thinks they are being attacked.  If you see evil entities in your dreams, don’t be scared, fight them.  They aren’t real anyway.  You can turn them into unicorns or owls.  Or better yet….once you realize the true nature of your mind and reality,  you will know you can make them disappear.  The true nature of our reality is nothing but Aether/Space, or as the Buddhist call…Emptiness.  Once you learn how to empty your mind in meditation and connect to the clear light of awareness, you can make anything you encounter in the Astral disappear.  This is a skill you HAVE to have in Daath.  Exiting Daath is just as tricky as entering, and dealing with what you find there. But with practice anyone can complete this.



Since we are all different, all experiences are different.  However, some things are the same.

  • Daath is not a friendly place.  It is a secret location that you have to earn the right to enter.  It is not child’s play and is to be taken very seriously.  You will not find fuzzy feel good energies in here.
  • It is the location where you are really tested in.  You are tested in courage, lucid dreaming, astral fighting, and realizing the true nature of your mind.  Can you empty your mind and have control over your thoughts?  This is important.
  • What you fear will appear before you.  You will need to remember that all is an illusion.  You can do what you want in the Astral and the same is true in Daath.
  • You will remember your experience

I will write about my experience moving through Daath at the end of my article.



One of the biggest pitfalls I see people falling into these days is not focusing on developing their spiritual maturity at the same rate they are raising their other frequencies.  People are removing blockages, becoming lucid dreamers, developing psychic abilities …but they are spiritually immature.  Spiritual maturity is a completely separate frequency that has to grow.  It is connected to our personalities.  This special maturity is the most difficult to develop since there aren’t any books telling you how.  We live in a day and age, where people read more than they do.  It is completely impossible to read your way to becoming spirituality mature.  I can “see” so many individuals right now that are vibrating at the frequency of Daath but can’t enter because of their maturity.  There are two sides to everything, and spiritual maturity is the other piece we need to have in order to enter.  Otherwise, God would be giving matches to a child.  This will not happen.  Vibrating at Daath, but lacking the maturity to get in, is a dangerous place to be.  If someone can feel the immense power of Daath because they are right outside the door, they will be mislead into believing they have achieved something they have not.  These people develop a “God Complex”, because they are out of balance at a critical point of the path.  They feel the power, but don’t understand what they are feeling.  Most will claim to be this or that, with the ability to do this or that.  They are not humble, and feel the need to proclaim to the world or groups how great they are.  Just like a child, they are compensating for what they are lacking within, which is what they still have to develop…maturity.  These people will eventually burn out when their prophecies, teachings are found to be false.  These people have anger and judgmental issues, since they think they are more than they are.   You are either humble and mature or you are not.  This attribute can not be faked for long periods of time.  Unfortunately, when they fall they fall hard, and many stop all spiritual practice for a while.  They need time to heal and lick their wounds.



Humbleness is living with understanding and having non-judgmental behavior.  It is knowing your inner wealth and being comfortable in your own skin, and realizing that this naturally shines out to others with no extra effort.  These are necessary to enter Daath.  We might not like what others do for a living…we might not agree with their food choices….we might not like their behavior, but being humble gives you the ability to tolerate them.  Knowing that all happens for a reason, and they are where they need to be on their path, for their own personal higher learning, is crucial for spiritual maturity.  It is not our position to judge anyone for where they are.  God/Source does not judge us, it see’s all experiences the same….God learns from good and bad.  So, when someone thinks they have the authority to judge another, they are out of balance and not spiritually mature yet.  Notice I added Yet….

“Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life and there be that find it.”  Matthew 7:14

Straight is the spine, the middle pillar.  Being in the middle pillar means you are in balance with your energetic frequencies and your spiritual maturity.  Both must be in union on the narrow path in order for the gate of Daath to open for you.  If they are not, only the ego will grow, and you will have a huge ego with psychic abilities, which is not a healthy combination.  Azoth is your inner flame that must be ignited from within.  It is your Philosophers Stone, and Daath is the door you must enter to claim your stone and leave with your stone.  And most of all….as amazing all of this is, and knowing how challenging it is, and realizing this is a huge achievement.  It really is just the tip of the iceberg.  Once you have your stone, you must learn how to use it.  This is even harder than claiming it.  I know this from experience.  I can’t tell you how many challenges I am facing right now.  Every step gets harder and harder.  Which makes us more and more humble.


Ok, I promised I would share my journey into Daath and my exit out.  But remember, this is mine, and yours will be different.  The only things that may be the same are previously listed.  My reason for sharing my experience is to help others.  I can sense many at the door that can’t get in, and it is my hope that this article will help the unlock the key within.  I thought at first that I was being attacked or banished when I was in Daath.  It wasn’t until later when I realized what I just did.  I am not going to share everything, as this was a very personal experience.  I am only sharing what I feel will help people, and what I feel most are ready to read.  Those that have been through Daath will understand my decision.

My experience of Daath lasted for two days.  My preparation for this event started well before my current incarnation. I have had many Kundalini experiences and have been an adept lucid dreamer for as long as I can remember.  (around 4 years of age)

It started in 2013, around my birthday, which is on Oct. 30.  I was sitting and having dinner, when all of a sudden I was hit with the most intense elevator feeling I had ever had.  I was so dizzy and light headed that my vision was not straight.  I felt like I was moving up so fast that I was going to float away and disappear.  I had to actually hold on tight to the table to avoid falling over.  At the same time I was hit with severe nausea, I am prone to motion sickness, so I felt horrible.  It took a couple of minutes for it to reach its peak height.  Instead of having a feeling of coming back down, I stayed at the level I went up to.  I had to sit still and not move.  Eventually the energy dissipated.  I still was not feeling well, and I needed fresh air.  So, my husband and I walked outside so I could try to ground myself.  When we looked up at the night sky we saw a meteorite falling.  I knew something special had just happened, but I didn’t know what it was.

When we went to bed that night, I was visited by a special being whose energy was amazing.  It appeared right over my body.  It was a mix of colors that I have never seen before.  The best I can describe is a redish purple color.  I wanted it to stay but it left after about five minutes or so.  Once I entered my lucid dream state, I was surrounded by meteorites falling all around me.  I then saw a flash of a vision which was a straight path with nothing blocking it.  Then I heard a verse from the 3 Doors Down song…Kryptonite  The fact it is from 3 Doors has huge spiritual meaning that blew me away.  Here is the verse I heard that night during my lucid dream state.

I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind.  I left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time.  But I watched the world float to the Dark Side of the Moon

The second night was more intense.  I entered into my lucid dream state and was on the Astral level of my home.  I was standing in my driveway looking up into the sky, staring at a thing that best resembled a floating basketball net.  (I now understand this was the portal to Daath.  I had traveled there last night, and now I can see it tonight.)  My first reaction was… WHAT????.  I didn’t understand it and I didn’t like it either.  But I knew I had to go in, so in I went.  Once I entered I was in Daath.  I found myself in a location that was not hospitable.  It was dry and barren.  There was no way anything could live here.  The ground was a soft sand and it had a red-like color to it.  It looked like a red desert.  I would describe it like a ghost town.  I walked farther in, and then all of a sudden I have two “people” on both sides of me.  They were so close that they were almost touching me.  They of-course were not the welcoming committee.   I tried to communicate with them, I asked the questions, and they would not answer, they just locked themselves to me and stared straight ahead.  They did not want me there.  I saw one abandoned building, and I walked toward it.  It was falling apart, and I knew not to go in there.  I could tell I had done what I needed to do, and this was not the time to explore any further, as I do in other locations.  This place was completely different from any place I had ever been.  It has such a strong weird feeling, that I can’t put into words.  I needed to get out immediately, I knew my time there was done.  I turned around and I saw a large mound of dirt off in the distance.  It was in the shape of a giant ant hill, and I knew it was the portal of the exit.  But the two body guards would not let me get there.  This is the part of my experience where I am going to fast forward to protect the innocent…which is me.  LOL…  I used my own methods to handle what occurred next, and I ran/flew as fast as I could to the portal.  I moved at the speed of thought and I jumped in.  Once I jumped in, I found myself completely weightless, and I am STUCK, and I can’t breathe…there is no air.  I can’t move, I can’t breathe, and I knew I can’t panic.  I tried to move in the direction I need to go in, but there was nothing for me to push my energy against.  I was in the void/abyss of Nothingness.  I cry out to the Universe to help me, I knew I could not do this alone, it’s not about just me.  I also could tell there was a time limit, and I honestly felt like if “time” ran out, I would physically die in this abyss. I would die in my sleep, and really have to start over.  I still could not breathe.  I started moving my entire body like a crazy person, using all of my energy/chi/prana I would conjure up.  I was twitching and jerking as hard as I could, and then I started to move.  At that point I saw a grey background with tiny red dots moving very fast as I moved through.  I was moving at such a great rate of speed, that once again I felt like I was traveling deeper into the abyss never to be seen or heard of again.  It felt like I had lost all control, and I just let go!  I then heard very concerned voices saying “It’s OK, It’s OK…she is almost through.”  I can see glimpses of light, and I struggle to open my eyes, but they feel like they are glued shut.  Then I hear the voices say…”OK, she made it through!!!”  I can open my eyes and see my room.  I am gasping for air and I just collapse and cry.  Just as I opened my eyes I see an energy right next to me.  I had a guide with me the whole time.

raziel 2

A couple of months later I am in my lucid time and I am talking to an entity that says its name is Raziel.  I had never heard that name before, so at the time it didn’t mean anything to me.  But I wrote it down…well, I wrote it the way I thought it was spelled.  I told a friend of mine about this entity and they informed me that Raziel is the Angel of Chokma which is beyond Daath.  Raziel means “God’s Secrets”.  He is the guardian of the secrets of the Universe, and works with Daath.  Right then I knew I had passed through Daath with Raziel right by my side.  Daath door guards the secrets of the Universe which are found in Azoth/Philosopher’s stone and Raziel is the Angle in charge.  His is kind and helpful, but he means business, and takes his job in Daath seriously.  His energy is a very strong warrior that will boot you out of Daath if he feels you are not worthy.  Raziel was the energy that was over me the night my journey began, and is with me still.

It is my sincere hope that this article in combination with sharing my experience will help just one person walk in and out of the difficult door of Daath.  If you read this very long article to the very end, then there is a huge reason for it.

Keep knocking on that door, and never give up.  Daath awaits you,

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Wow…so very interesting Lisa! Thank you for sharing your experience, and know this was not easy for you to share. Surely, your experience in the Daath was deeply moving and hard. From what you wrote, you said you knew you were done there, and I couldn’t help myself, I wondered if you had a mission there, like you said, the philosopher’s stone, as it didn’t seem from your experience that you were there very long, or didn’t get anything but just the experience of being there was what you were there for. I realize there is probably a big gap in what you wrote about and what you experienced. You know me, I am the curious one. LOL, I understand about Daath, always wondered why it is not included in the tree of the Kabballah, and knew it existed, but have tried to understand the purpose, and now I understand the purpose of that…sounds very profound and just alittle scarey…even though I know that one must go thru that when they are ready, and not alone like you thought…very interesting and grateful for your candor and sharing it with us. I have had my times with lucid dreaming since I was a kid….but as it is in my life, there have been all the distractions of the 3d living to stall me and I hope to get back to doing more on my spiritual path if I can swat off the 3d some and just get back to it….LOL, again, thanks for sharing, and BIG HUGS!!! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You know you were the one that asked me to share this experience last year. But I knew it wasn’t the right time. Yes, as I said in the article I fast forwarded through quite a bit of the story. LOL… But I think your higher self knows most of what I went through, since we are so connected.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes….and so honored and grateful you shared it…and of course when you were ready and it was time! THANK YOU for your humble courage! ❤

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Yes my dear, I can help you with your website…if you want, email me and give me an idea what sort of website you want and amount of pages, or just basically, what you want in your website…I would be happy to help you get your website up and looking/feeling the way you want! my email is:

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    2. Dear one my name is Brett and I would love to talk with you ,on the 23rd of September 2017 on the equinox I went through a seven day enlightenment full kundalini awakening beyond anything I’ve ever read about past or present it lasted for seven days I saw visions and touched the Devine mother Namaste reflection can we talk

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  2. Lisa,Lisa,Lisa. Love this! You are so brave and wonderful to share it! I have re-shared this on Google singing your praises yet again….(I’m hardly on Facebook these days)
    3 Doors Down – one of my favourite bands! Ha
    “What you fear will appear before you…” first thought that came to mind was that Will Smith movie – ‘After Earth’. Have you seen it? It is brilliant!

    I read years ago that the best way to get out of an unpleasant dream was to raise your vibrations through prayer and you would ‘dissolve’ out of it. It’s so effective! In my earlier years I remember being entangled with some nasty entities and would often wake up shouting ‘The Lord’s Prayer’! Glad those days are over!

    A few years ago a Reiki Master from France ‘just happened’ to wander into my little crystal shop in outback Australia and she told me after my healing session that she had felt a strong connection to Raziel. I had also never heard of him – she called him the Rainbow Angel. After research I discovered him in Stewart Pearce’s book – “The Angels of Atlantis”. Like you, Stuart has called him ‘The Guardian Angel of Illumination’ and he stands in vigil as the sacred Portal-Keeper of all time!
    I will be knocking on the door with informed eyes…

    Love & Blessings to our humble Sage

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Catherine! I have not seen After Earth, but I love Will Smith so I will have to check it out! I do remember reading that way back in Egyptian times when the initiates would go into the pit of the Main pyramid they would see what they were thinking as a test. It was to teach them to clear their thoughts. I believe Drunvalo wrote about this in one of his books. I can’t imagine actually going through that in your physical body like they did. Going through it on our astral bodies is challenging enough. 🙂 Thank you for the re-post!!!!
      Have a wonderful day and Onward and Upward!

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  3. Madam what is the significance of my dream after what i believe i met my twin flame who broke all contact with me now last ..the dream was last year in October there was this dream in a dream ? Mahamaya vidya of shukracharya? I was in a boat which was sinking with waves rushing in slowly then again i slept in it and woke up at my old place where i grew up there was a black hole and nothing but empty darkness in place of the ground but my building was in place above 3 or 4 golden beings came in a spiral manner like up a staircase from below up to me the leader was extremely godlike with golden light as they came up in front of me the asked me What is aether ? That moment i replied it is the dark matter or halahala or poison that lord shiva has swallowed and kept behind his throat to protect the universe and then i woke up from this dream within dream after which i had dreams of giant beings chained ufos me asking entities is she the women i met my twin flame though i have a wife and kid..when she questioned once how i found on calculating that our birth dates add upto 11/11/8 her bday is 19 /6/ 1990 mine is 28/5/1978 dunno i get this weird feeling of this or us being related to the second coming of Christ or 144000 of his disciples feel like a twin flame dunno how she has broken contact now and i was led to your articles

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow. I was feeling your intended vibe, until that last comment. I didnt even know what I went through until I was able to read your story so I want you to know that I appreciate and I am grateful to you Lisa for sharing. I do not know you so I dont judge. I feel. I only know myself. Miigwetch. Love and Light

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      2. Btw. I have been in and out the door. More than once. I love it! Just have to make it through that Death energy. Then BLISS

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    1. Hello, I really don’t have time to just chat with people. I get many offers to just talk, which is nice. But, I own a business, have 2 kids etc…. I talk back and forth in writing, as long as it doesn’t turn into a session.



      1. I reread your article because it was fascinating and I didn’t want it to end. Something was telling me I needed to take it all in again. Thank you for this amazing piece of work, Lisa.

        I’ve had this strong urge in the past to learn how to lucid dream. However, I had many things going on in the past so I let go of this idea until now. I feel as if this article is anchoring me back to the path of learning this.

        Who do you believe were those two who were standing on both sides of you? The protectors of Daath? Or were they an Illusion created by your mind?

        Liked by 2 people

  4. I’ve been studying Gnosis for almost a year now and embracing it — is really like walking on a razor’s edge. Sharing your Gnosis experience is somehow showing a map to other Gnostic students (in my level) if we’re on-track or off-track… Thank you for sharing this…

    Liked by 1 person

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