I didn’t think I would write another article about this subject until I continued to receive multiple messages from people who have had this procedure done.  They all say the same thing.  I received another message today from someone who asked excellent questions.  It makes me sad to see good people go through unnecessary issues due to a simple lack of information.  Please take the time to read this article in its entirety before making comments.


As, I stated in my earlier article, artificial implantation of the etheric kind, can’t exist in the new energy we are in.  I have written many articles going into detail about this new energy, as well as about our new location in time and space.  There was a time, many years ago when implantation was an issue.  But that outside manipulation is ancient history.


Every single human body on this planet has blockages that prevent them from progressing on their path.  There are no exceptions.  If you ask a Tibetan monk if they are free from working on themselves to remove blockages, they will tell you, they are not free from inner work.


What so many people feel as implants are nothing more than their own inner past trauma’s, anger, guilt, fear, jealousy, control issues.  And there is nothing wrong with this.  It is normal to have these issues to deal with, and it is our job to do so.  We did not come here and expect things to be easy, and have a clear path to enlightenment, with no blocks in our way.


We came here for a challenge to overcome our blockages and continually transmute them into light.  “Continually” being the key word.  It is taught in every single ancient teaching/writing,  than one must do inner alchemy.  Which is nothing more than dealing with our issues, or our inner demons.  Now, grated, our ancient ancestors did not have the horrible issues we have, and this job was much easier for them.  But, the basic job is the same.  We just have more goo to deal with in our bodies.  Inner work is like weeding your garden.  If you don’t keep it up, your flowers will be overgrown and can’t be seen.  When this occurs, it is easy to feel overwhelmed like there is no way out.  There are too many weeds covering your vision and clarity is just not there.  It is normal to want a quick way out of the weeds, especially since we live in a society that sells fast fixes.


People who have not been taught anything about inner work, are beginning their spiritual path, and they are quickly discovering “things” are blocking them from progressing as quickly as they feel they should.  Then they read about how someone, can go in (with permission), and remove what is blocking them, and the name of these blockages are called “implants”.  Da ta….this person feels they have found the answer to their problems.  Just remove the implants and they will have a clear path.  This is not the answer since implants do not exist.  This is also not the answer because no one can remove another’s  blockages.  Someone can help you and help you figure out what may be blocking you, but that is as far as it goes.  The rest is up to the person to do their own inner work.


When you go to your local healer, you receive energy that flows from the Universe through the healer’s body and into your body.  The energy you receive is only as clear as the healer’s body.  It is important to be careful who you let into your aura.  This is a different kind of healing.  It is done at the level of the aura and the chakras.

Removals are completely different.  Removals go deeper than the aura, they go into the actually energetic bodies.  On a physical level it is the same as surgery.  On an energetic level it is similar to an exorcism in theory.  People are very careful when they give consideration to have surgery, but they don’t think twice about having a removal done.  Why is this?  Because of lack of proper information.  Most people will not give away physical power, but they will give away energetic power.  They are the same thing.  “As above, as below”.  I have past knowledge of exorcisms and how they are done from my training in Mystery School.  They also, are no longer necessary.


When you give permission for someone to go into your body and do a removal that is not necessary, there are consequences.  There is NEVER any need to have a removal done…period.  Protection of your energetic body is needed.  Do not open the door to every salesman that comes knocking with quick fixes.

But let’s say someone did not know better, and gave permission for a removal…what happened?  Well, the FIRST thing is you now have someone’s energy signature running though out your body, and along with that comes their issues.  We have enough to deal with by ourselves, we don’t need to add someone else’s issues to it.

How do you fix this?…Simple.

  • Kick it out.  Do not give it permission to be there any longer.  Take your power back, you are the one in control of your physical and energetic body.  Stand in your power with strong will and intention.  Revoke the permission you gave.  It was your permission you gave so take it back.  Writing this down on paper and then burning it is a powerful ritual to perform.
  • Saying the Tibetan seed syllable “pe” which is pronounced as “pay” will cut the unwanted energy from the root.  I suggest going into a meditation, finding your power and yell this syllable loud.  Once is enough, and you will feel your energetic body expand and release the energy that you no longer want.  This exercise is also helpful in letting go of issues you not longer want to hang on too.

The SECOND negative side effect may not occur to everyone.  A friend of mine Lisa Gawlas actually saw this next effect occur with one of her clients.  I will elaborate more.  She saw someone’s guide had been tampered with during an implant removal.  Her client’s guide was not  “normal” looking, and the person doing the removal thought it should not be there.  Many of us have guides that are multidimensional in nature and don’t fit the “normal” cookie cutter definition of what a guide should look and feel like.  The good thing is that NO ONE can remove a guide that is there for your best interest.  However, that being said, I can see how the guide may be shaken up by the attempted removal.  This MIGHT (not always) slow down the work the guide is doing with you.  Either due to the guide recovering, or it may decide the person needs to learn to not give their power away.  This really makes me sad.


For the most part, I say NO, they are not evil.  I honestly think, they have the best interest of people at heart, and they really want to help.  But they are not educated enough on this subject to know it is not necessary, and they are not educated enough to know to stay out of someone’s energetic bodies.  Not all healers have the ability to enter into another’s energy body, but those that can, are lacking in spiritual maturity.  Just because you find you CAN do something, does not mean that you SHOULD.  There are consequences for this.


 There are no shortcuts to inner work.  People have blockages and not implants.   This is normal, don’t freak out, just do your work.  Give your energetic bodies the same respect, attention and protection that you give to your physical body.  If you give a lot of thought to having a physical surgery, do the same with your many energy bodies.

Here is the link to the first Implant article I wrote 3 months ago

Click here for link to article

Much love to all,

Lisa Rising Berry

If you need assistance or advice with your journey, please schedule an appointment with me.  I use my clairvoyant abilities to help you remove blockages and move forward. Please read our website to explore what I have to offer.  You can also read my Bio on our page to see my qualifications.  Click here to schedule an appointment….LINK TO SCHEDULE

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  1. This is very interesting Lisa. In what I call the ‘Microwave generation’ and wanting it now, there is the call for those who wish to help others with their progress, and always comes down to ‘we are the ones we have been waiting for’. When people get blocks, it sometimes manifests as disease and very hard for them to break thru the bloackages/issues on their own when one is feeling bad. The body and our energy does tell us what is wrong, depending on where the blockage is and the illness…as you know, each has a significant issues and that is where the healers are best at helping their clients figure out what the issues are. I had heard about implant removal, but thought that was mostly for the supposed alien technology and where a lot of them feel their energy is being usurped by entities. It is good to know that they can’t be in this new energy, and I think so much of the fear of this stems from the fact that they cannot exist in this energy, and would like to keep humanity in their lower fear level for their very existence. As you know, we create our issues, and even when we wish to clear them, there is the fear of change, and things are always changing…who would want stagnation, and what would we be doing if we did not have challenges and things to work at and overcome? In our struggle for enlightenment, I see many who just can’t see past the illusion and focus on clearing their issues and get overwhelmed and that is where I think healers are necessary but not to remove anything or get rid of guides. My question is, isn’t a guide sort of giving our power away as well? When we look to someone or a being to help us over the hurdles, and not look to ourselves for the answers? I know there are times when I will look up and say, ‘Come on, this is enough already, I try not to react to things, and let it pass, but sometimes, I look for signs that I am going the right way, or Help me here…I am not getting the need for this being ‘MY ISSUE’ and find myself looking up for some sort of angelic or universal sign or clue as to what I could do or if I just need to run away…LOL. This world can be quite overwhelming in social norms and the technology that is in our faces everyday, telling us that life could be so much easier if you just buy this or that. Sometimes, I just say “I take my power back, therefore, no one may use my energy but me, no one may use my energy but me for the good of my path and of the infinite intent’.
    So, then what do you do, but to work on your issues and it seems like you are going in circles. How do you hop off the circle, and get to a point where you don’t have to struggle so hard to get somewhere? Where just getting thru the day is the goal and survival is taking all your energy? I know meditation is key, that I get…and it’s a uphill battle to find that space, that no time bridge, in the gap, or whatever it is that one can find the door off the wheel of ‘same shit, different day’! LOL…yeah, I know…I was thinking about what you said how the ancients had an easier go of it. They didn’t have the distractions we do, in this microwave generation and the constant blast of technology. It’s suppose to make our lives better and it has in some ways…like I can sit here and type a novel to you on a computer and you get the message. The ancients were also not so distracted by all the disinformation that is running rampant out there and glad you wrote about this. People spend a lot of money on clearing implants but I wonder, what issues do they say happens after they get them removed, I think you mentioned they get the other ones issues…yes? So, it would be a healers job to not remove or get into a clients energy but to teach them how to do it themselves…yes? Ok, well, LUV U GIRL and thanks so much for writing about this. Deep Bow and Gratitude! ❤

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    1. wow…I don’t know if I can remember all your questions…LOL But having a guide is not giving your power away, unless you don’t use your own discernment when speaking to them. I know people that take their guides advice as 100% fact. That is a dangerous thing to do in any situation. I love my guides, and I don’t want to do this all alone, however they my “guides” not my boss. when a guide becomes your boss, then you have given your power away. How do you jump off the circle. You do that by achieving the highest level of self realization. And that is to know that the true nature of you mind is emptiness. Your thoughts and issues are mental projections only. In the true nature of reality they do not exist. Your mind created them. You have nothing to achieve or get rid off or transmute, because you have become complete and whole. You are empty space…pure aether…pure 100% awareness with no mental projections. This is a rare achievement to obtain while in our current human bodies. There are monks in caves that have achieved this. They intentionally shut out the whole world and have dedicated their lives to obtaining this high achievement. The purpose of this is a selfless act on their part. They delicate the energy of their achievement to all sentient beings on this planet. Their purpose in life is to be the living embodiment of pure azoth. They are the real keepers of the flame. I guess you can say they keep the home fires of our planet burning. A healer can not remove the other’s person’s energy that got into the individual’s body from a implant removal, because permission was given. Like I said, they have to do it themselves…and I told them the best way to do this. I love you so much!!!!!

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      1. Thanks Dearest Lisa, very well explained! And yes, you answered all my questions. I just wondered about the guides as they were set up in part of the false matrix, or the reality that was set up by the Archons, and while I understand that you don’t take your guides advice 100%, they are probably no better equipped than yourself own power to find the answers, and don’t care for manipulation of myself or my reality from another….so yes, thank you. Sometimes I think about where one draws the line in the sand, for when you even reach outside yourself and ask, is this no relying on your own power to resolve things. I know I don’t wanna go thru this alone, and have been ‘saved’ by many unseen forces when at critical times, I would not exist here…and am grateful they are there waiting to assist, so anyway, thanks for that explanation! I always love it when you are POINT ON!!! Big HUgs and LUV U TOO~~~!MY lovely SIStar!!! ❤

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      2. You bring up a good point…on the old time line energy, people with low spiritual maturity and high abilities, did not have the discernment to “know” who they were talking too. So, many times, the guide did not have the best interest of the person talking to it. And since the person can’t tell the difference, they would get so excited and think it was benevolent, when it wasn’t. My husband and I experienced this several times, but we could tell the difference, and we did not play that game. Love you my Big SIStar!!!!!!

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      3. Thankyourmuse and Lisa, I just have to put in my two cents on this guides topic.

        Just to let you know, I have never taken guidance from anyone but God (All That Is) and my higher self. I have not settled for ANY middle man. And I have always had a “no bullsh*t” intention in my Divine contacts.

        And the angels? Well, angels are thought forms, meaning basically, they are YOUR creation. They do YOUR bidding and not the other way around. Now the archangels could be thought of as God’s thought forms. But even they know what I’ve been about. One time I bothered to check in with AA Michael and he said, “Why are you talking to me? I know you’ll just go over my head.” We did have a good laugh about that because, as with most things funny, what he said was absolutely true.

        Don’t get me going on ETs, especially the GFL and ET councils, but then again, I documented all that on my blog.

        And I’ll let ya know right now that even God is not infallible…

        This is how I look at God’s perspective – He knows all that there is TO know. He sees everyone’s perspective. He knows what we all know. He experiences THROUGH us.

        Now, bear with me while I diverge onto a little story that is an analogy to all this. Years ago there was the phenomenon of the “Phoenix lights” which was one huge UFO sighting over Phoenix (if you recall). But anywho, someone who was not in that area told the story of contacting some news agency of some sort in Phoenix to ask what was going on there. The person said, “Let me check the wire” meaning the AP (Associated Press wire feed). The first person laughed because the folks in Phoenix would be the ones to PUT that info ON the wire. They were the ones on the scene. And yet, here was this person about to check an “outside source” for what was going on right under their noses… or above the heads, as was the case.

        We ascension forerunners were trail blazing. So sometimes we couldn’t ask God for guidance because we were IT. We were moving into unexplored territory so WE were actually guiding God. God was getting his AP news feed from US. Ya know. And when in situations like that, you are the “resident expert”, if you will. You’re the one figuring out what works and what doesn’t and you’re the one putting that info on the ATI (All That Is) news feed.

        We forerunners actually got God to change His ways on how He was handling things or who He was working through… and I have those above the veil (higher dimensional ET types) in mind as I say this.

        Thankyourmuse, I’d love for you to take a look at my site and see if it helps to answer some of your questions (while they are fresh in your mind) and I don’t ask this of you for your sake only. I’m also looking for some feedback on just these sorts of things – how to help those who know so little that they may not even know how or what questions to ask to get answers. I have fundamentals of healing, then tales from above the veil and also getting after light workers on things they ought to know better about by this time – some having been at this for longer than I have and even served as my “teachers” (re-minders) back in the day. Son-of-a-gun if some of them will allow me (or others like me) to return the favor and teach / remind them of something.

        I speak plain, simple English, with hardly any $10 words and throughout my whole life, in many arenas not just with spiritual topics, I have often played translator, turning a particular vernacular into layman’s terms.

        Yes, would love to hear how I’ve done in that regard. Any added nuances you might like to add in comments would also be quite welcomed and useful to others. Not many posts there, but go to bottom of page and look at titles to see what draws you.

        And Lisa, one need not run off to a cave somewhere (although this apartment is certainly quite cave-like, lol) to unplug from “the old world”, which is still going on around us.

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      4. Thank you GAF and Lisa…I have always been sort of a rebel in that I never wanted to rely solely on a God as in the HE that most speak of, because what we were always taught about him and his rules and suppose to love him when as a child, I didn’t understand how to love a God that was pretty scarey to me. As for guides, I don’t even remember a time I have make contact with one, but may have gotten advice from him/her from time to time. I believe there is an infinite consciousness who doesn’t want to put limits on us, and wants to experience life in joy…Some call it source, what ever the name…the God that most refer to as a HE is to me, a being that had lots of power, and maybe created things and wanted us to do it’s will. Does the infinite being have will? I like what you said GAF about how it is us who puts it on the wire. I feel the infinite being realized it was conscious and able to create, but could not keep it’s focus on it’s creations and the thought that fractured the infinite of ‘Who am I’? Every time the infinite looked away from it’s creations, they did not exist…while scientists even suggest that it only exists as we observe it…so I think the infinite set it up in a matrix sort of fashion, like the Sims and so why it seems we are on a wheel, a cycle that repeats itself, as an A.I. intelligence, and the infinite being cares not about agendas or missions…it is just All that is. Like inside the infinite while it expands and we discover what it’s all about for the infinite, and agree GAF, we send it on the wire….
        By the way GAF, you did not state what your website is…I would love to read it and see what you have and might connect some dots. I am always asking questions…LOL, LIsa knows, I may not agree with everything or feel that it’s not like that in my world…but I adore our conversations and the depth of the insights we gain together!
        So GAF, what is your website?
        Thanks to both of you!!! ❤

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  2. Dearest Lisa, thank you for your beautiful work and sharing gifts, I am so grateful for the time you take to share your information with me. I will lay it straight out, may I offer free editing help for your articles which have too many commas. As important as your work is to share it helps when it is presented in a more professional manner. I would be more than happy to assist you in pre-reading your articles. I just felt led to send this, please don’t take offense as I love your articles and will keep reading regardless. Loving blessings to you in your work and life. Sincerely, Molly Moblo Perusse >

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    1. LOL….Thank you so much Molly for your offer. I know my grammar is horrible! I am not offended at all. I would will definitely think about your offer. I do have one person that does my editing, however she is not always available for me. There are some articles like the one on Implants that I feel are so important that I don’t want to wait to publish it. Patience is not my best virtue, as you can tell. So sometimes, I just put the information out there before waiting to have it proof read. My e-mail is lafd125@aol. You can contact me there. Do you have a facebook account. I am under Lisa Renee Rising (my maiden name) Thank you for your offer to help me, I am very excited.


  3. I’m so glad I never learned about implant or implant removal in terms of blockages. I was taught that removing a block is up to an individual, and I’ve always liked using the image of an ice cube melting gently. Great things to be aware of. I try to own my energy and keep it in present time.

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  4. Lisa, hallelujah for the message you put out here. I often tell folks to think of it more as software (disempowering programs) as opposed to hardware (actual physical implant). It’s a very empowering message you put out. I nodded most of the way through. Yes, people do indeed need to do their inner work, and that inner work IS the shortcut that they are looking for. The way TO is THROUGH, no work-arounds, no cheats. Healing / inner work is what is required and what actually works.

    I do have one beef with what you’ve said here:

    Every single human body on this planet has blockages that prevent them from progressing on their path. There are no exceptions. If you ask a Tibetan monk if they are free from working on themselves to remove blockages, they will tell you, they are not free from inner work.”

    Nope. Not all of us. Some of us ARE COMPLETE, have done our inner work, cleared the blockages, finished healing and have been for years now. Some of us could have been even earlier if it wasn’t for this being a planetary and collective effort and not just about individual ascensions.

    We forerunners could teach Tibetan monks a thing or two… but would they allow themselves to learn / re-member? Hope so.

    I will caution you to be careful not to get stuck in the idea that everyone has and will continue to have blockages. We cleared ours. We stand as living, breathing examples that it can be done. It HAS been done.

    Some of us have completed and that was the whole goal, the whole reason we came, and we shot for the goal, were diligent and got there, ARE there. Don’t get stuck in thinking that it’s an endless transition.



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    1. I love your comments. With one exception…That there are perfect people on this planet, that have reached full realization with no blockages. That is impossible as long as you are in a human body. I myself am complete, having merged ego and soul etc… You can see that in my energy field etc… However, clearing is a continual process. I have seen countless people think they were done, that they reached the highest level of achievement, that they had nothing left to clear, and their lack of humility caused them to fall hard. There are many goals to complete here, once you achieve one you move on to the next. It will never stop. There are a few that are working on goals that have never been available on this planet before. They are working on these new goals because they have enough spiritual maturity and humbleness to know not to think they are done. They continued with the “maintenance” inner work. Inner work is not a once and done process… One must make it a life long practice for continued growth, in our current bodies. The blockages will return, mark my word. I have seen it happen so many times. Friends of mine that did years and years of inner work, and achieved a high level of consciousness running though them, reached a point when they thought they were done, they thought they had arrived. These same people are having their lives fall apart from lack of humility and maturity, and they are wondering what went wrong. Even God evolves as we evolve. I do my best, continue to always work on myself, I observe my actions. I am always clearing what I can improve. I will never view myself as a forerunner of anything, and would never be so presumptuous to think I am more evolved than an any being, and that I can teach them a thing or two. My path will never end, I will continue moving upward and forward, and that is the beauty of it. I would be horribly bored, if what I have achieved thus far on this planet is the highest I can go, nothing more to clear, and no improvements to make. If someone thinks they have “arrived” and are done, then they have surpassed God/Source, as God does not stop improving and evolving. So, while some have achieved the original goal for humanity on this planet, there is a new school in session with new goals to achieve that have not been available before. If you personally think you are done, then you have 2 choices to make at this time. Either enter the new school that few are in…or the weeds will grow back, and you will have to re-do the old school. I know this sounds harsh, and this is something I have not written about before. But you can not stay stay standing still. It is either up or down in this new energy. To remain balanced you must continue to work. Good luck to you.

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  5. Yes, complete and merge, good terms. I agree about the clearing… and maintenance. At this point, this is what I refer to as “release maintenance”.

    But screw the human body bit. Many ETs who are NOT under the 3D consciousness veil, not human incarnate are as much or more idiotic as some of the most sleepy humans. (see my blog)

    And the learning and growing never stops, ever, at any dimension or Divine level, for God also. But yes, one can be blockage-free. Indeed.

    But I do know what you are talking about that many folks do think they are “done” even at an “ascension-ready” level when they are far from it. One of the biggest clues they can have is that they still have ascension symptoms. Symptoms are caused by blockages. I’ve not felt ascension symptoms since my own completion in 2011.

    Yes, humility and also the whole “know thyself” thing, making honest self-assessments. We forerunners are just the sort to do just that, which is why we are where we are… even when others still can’t “see” us.

    And ya know, it’s really as easy as “asking” God “Am I complete and if not continue to let me know what more to work on.” I did that the whole time I worked on my own general healing for years. “What more can I do?” And whatever was left would be brought to my awareness.

    Lisa, you’re not hearing from someone who thinks or believes I am blockage-free. I KNOW I am.

    We forerunners could not have done what we did if we had not completed and that DOES mean / include being blockage-free.

    Lol Honey, you ARE teaching folks a thing or two. That’s what your blog is. lol

    Oh, as I’ve been used as a human antenna, and in the last 1 1/4 when God would no longer allow me to be used for energetic service work – myself and 20-some other forerunners who are literally spent as far as what we can do energetically for this effort from this 3D carbon-based body – oh, I know boredom alright. Not the entire time by any means, but what to do when you’re doing God’s will and that means just being in the world and not of it… and not allowed to move along to matching frequency dimensions… or more adventures.

    I also know what a ball feels like to be held at the bottom of a pool when their natural place is floating on top.

    Keep working on you Lisa. Perhaps some day you’ll go, “Oh, this is what GAF meant. Now I get it.” Perhaps some day you’ll see this crackpot as a mere genius. 😉

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