Things are energetically crazy right now, and sometimes we need a helping hand.  Everyone needs assistance from time to time.

what-do-you-doWhen people ask me what I do for a living, it’s hard to describe.  I have many certifications, and none of them tell the whole story.  You can read about my qualifications and “story” on this site.

I do my best to use my clairvoyant ability to help people locate what is holding them back on the mind, body and spirit level. I give loving suggestions and practices that help to break through the barriers.  I follow up each session with “homework,” which is really the client’s inner work.  I do a great job at helping people find balance in their life, so they may do the same for others.

I was fortunate enough to have many helpers in my life assisting me and helping me grow.  Sometimes they pushed me, and sometimes they just let me go.  But most of all they never stepped on my free will.  I was free to make as many mistakes as I wanted, and I made plenty.  They were always there for me in the aftermath and never said, “I told you so.”  I learned from the best, and the learning never stops.

change the world one person at a timeThe greatest lesson they taught me was to give back what I learned from them and to be of service to others.  This is what I do for a living, and nothing brings me more JOY.  During these turbulent times, it’s nice to have a support system. It is my greatest hope that every one of my clients grow, expand and then share with others.  This is how you evolve a planet.  One person at a time.

I assist the whole person, which is a very multi-directional approach.

On the BODY or physical level, I will be working with you to develop healthy nutrition and exercise programs. I will assist you to create healthy environments and action plans that support your physical goals and desires for a healthy and thriving body.

On the MIND or mental level, I will work with you to uncover the underlying limiting beliefs and patterns that cause physical manifestations such as headaches or other signs of stress.

I will assist you to create and incorporate new thoughts, beliefs and actions that are aligned with your values, goals and desires. Re­programming the subconscious mind is essential to healing and making life changes. We live what we believe on a subconscious level.  If you are not a master of your own mind you will suffer.

On the SOUL or spiritual level, I will work with you to connect to the higher aspect of yourself – that which is unseen but exists within each of us. I will assist you with various meditation practices and mantras to find the silence, stillness and spaciousness in your heart.

I am so blessed to have obtained the knowledge and practices that I have, and now it is my turn to do for others what my teachers did for me.

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owl counciling

Big Hugs,



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