helane-by-herselfThis article is dedicated to the most talented clairvoyant astrologer I have ever met.  She is the only person who has ever been able to “read” me.  Her name is Helane Lipson.  I was only able to spend time with her in the physical a few short days, but it was life changing for me.  It was this time 3 years ago, at the Return to Atlantis Conference, and now it has come full circle.  I tie this aspect together at the end of the article.  Sadly Helane passed away 10/4/16, which was the first day of the conference 3 years ago.  Everything has come full circle.  It is also interesting to note that Hurricane Mathew’s path is also coming full circle in the way it is heading.  If you remember we had sprites coming from Mathew which are similar to the gamma ray burst that came from Ophiuchus the day Helane passed.  It is all connected.

gamma-ray-burstI have wanted to write about Ophiuchus for quite awhile now.  But I felt fear because what I have to say about this sign has not been discussed before.  Even after Ophiuchus made the news, I still continued to share my information will only two people.  Then on October 4th, the same day that I published my last paper, there was a gamma ray burst from Ophiuchus.  I knew that was my sign to put on my big girl panties and write this paper.

This will be another long and detailed article, and the information will not resonate with everyone who takes the time to read it.  It will trigger many egos into cognitive dissonance.  If you disagree with my article, that is fine – take what resonates and leave the rest.  HOWEVER, think before you quickly send me your responses.  I know this is sensitive information, and if I trigger you then there is a deep reason for it, and it has nothing to do with me nor the information I am providing.  Do you inner work and fix it.  Whew….ok, now that I have taken care of that aspect. Let’s get to it.


what-the-heck-is-thisI actually laughed out loud when I read that the agency that has claimed astrology to be fake had the audacity to say that we now have a 13th sign, and our astrology has changed.  WHAT?????  REALLY??????  However, there is a positive side to this.  The very fact that the mainstream media is discussing astrology is amazing.  They are feeling the effects of our 13th sign, and they can’t avoid it.  They have completely incorrect information, but that’s okay. At least it is a start in the right direction.  Instead of making fun of them, I applaud them for coming forward and discussing astrology.  It will all work out in the end.


As always, everything that I write about is connected.  Ophiuchus is connected to the 13th Gate of the Gods, our 13th Cranial Nerve, Azoth, Infinity, Daath, Thrice Great etc….  All of full-circlethese I have written about.  They all lead to our fabulous future and our ultimate goal.  Our future is Ophiuchus.  It is interesting that the English Gematria for Ophiuchus is 720 which = 9.  We are in a 9 year, and 9 is the upper part of infinity that we have moved into.  The other words in our language that share the same Gematria equivalent of Ophiuchus are:  Prometheus (fire) and Mary Magdalene (water), which make up the Azoth energy.  I wasn’t surprised to find those names, but the name equivalent I was shocked to see was the word “double thirteen.”  So I thought about this, and when you write 1313, it all makes sense.  This just blew me away!  When you add 1313 you get 8, which is infinity.  However, I took this a step further.  When you flip one of the 3’s and connect it with the other one you have 8.  The 1 represents the middle pillar running through our body.  And that is the main channel in our bodies from which we operate.  It shows us the narrow path, and it is vertical.   Now with that being said, I will drop the information that most do not want to hear.


Yes, you read that right.  I know I popped many a bubble with that statement.  Ophiuchus is an achievement, and it is not just handed to someone by birth.  Right now only monks and yogis who have dedicated their lives to this achievement have attained it, and most are not out in the public.  Ophiuchus is the “Thrice Great” level of attainment, and it is now open to all of us.  This was not physically possible for the majority of the population.  Our 13th cranial nerve was not open as it is now.  This attainment is the Return Of The Gods.  I know we have all heard the phrase, “We are the ones we have been waiting for,” and we all have heard that the Gods are returning.  Well, this is it.  Yes, we are the ones in human bodies that will do this work and obtain the level of Ophiuchus.  Thrice Born or Thrice Great like Thoth and Hermes.  What does this mean?  

ophiuchusYour first great accomplishment might not seem like much but it is a big deal because you had to earn it.  It wasn’t just handed to you, and that was your physical birth when you came through the Silver Gate Of Men. That is your first birth, and it was no easy task.  Your second birth was more difficult, and that involves creating the energy of Christ Consciousness around your body, and then moving that energy into your heart.  This is where humanity failed due to many reasons that I won’t go into here, or my paper will be a book.  So, like I explained in my last article we were gifted with this energy when the Star of Bethlehem alignment occurred.  One half of the job was done for us.  The energy of Christ Consciousness returned to this planet, and all people have to do now is balance the right/feminine side of the brain with the left/male side.  Or, you can look at it as ego and spirit merging in the heart.  This is taught in the science of the Merkaba or star tetrahedron.  Ego, which is represented by the lower triangle, comes up to meet with Spirit, which is represented by the upper triangle, in the heart.  Ego up and Spirit down.  You can see the second accomplishment here in this diagram.  There is a small serpent wearing a crown in the middle.  Then notice the huge upward infinity symbol above it.  

How will you know if you have attained this crown?  I can tell you my experience, and perhaps you can relate.    I was unbalanced with bliss.  When I say blissed out, I mean blissedoutlogoblissed out.  I was drunk on bliss for 2 weeks.  You would think that it is a wonderful experience and it was….at first.  But with all things there comes inner work.  By the middle of the first week, I could no longer feel any anger or mean/rude/evil people in the world.  To say this was uncomfortable is an understatement.  It was down right hard.  I could not feel judgement towards them at all.  I was unbalanced, or so I thought.  This is a necessary step in our energetic development.  You have to feel this type of compassion for a period of time so that it becomes part of your central nervous system.  Then you go back to your “new” normal.  It was a hard time for me.  I would think of mean people and try to be angry and I couldn’t.  I would just cry and cry with deep compassion that I didn’t understand.  There was no turning it off.  After 2 weeks it ended.  And I felt balanced.  My new normal is different.  Rude/mean people….I see differently.  I get angry at times and that helps me make changes.  But,  I no longer live in the anger.  Now that the blissed-out experience is in my heart, I can return there anytime I want.  My teacher calls it our inner refuge.  When the evil of the world is too much for me I go within to my inner refuge of compassion and from there I can see why they are the way they are.  I hope this makes sense.  It is something that you have to experience for yourself.  I am sure many of you have.  For me, it was fun and not fun at the same time.  This is the first step.  99.9% of the population has not achieved this yet, which is why they are not ready for the energy of the 13th sign.  Let’s look at some mythology for a deeper understanding.


There is a lot of information about the legend of Ophiuchus that you can Google. I am going to touch on just a few.  In legend, I learned Ophiuchus has two planets connected to it.  One is like a volcano and the other a swamp, which is the balance of fire and water.  It kundalini-2is the serpent holder with 2 hands on the serpent.  The serpent is our kundalini energy.  One hand represents mastery over the physical body (first birth) and the second balance of the ego in the heart (second birth).  Each of the 2 serpents represents a level of attainment, with the 13th sign as the winged disc, the ultimate achievement.  Ophiuchus the man is the God that has returned, and he represents mastery over his mind (third birth).  He is fully liberated and commands his energy.  He holds his kundalini energy in his hands and directs it where he desires.  Raising kundalini is done several times, and it only the beginning.  Many feel it is a one time and done thing.  It’s not their fault they think this. No one taught them differently.  Ophiuchus is described in the astrological poem of Marcus Manilius: “The Astronomica,” which is dated at around 10 AD.  Here is my favorite excerpt…

“They will receive snakes into the folds of their flowing robes, and will exchange kisses with these poisonous monsters and suffer no harm”.

The poisons we can learn about are found in Buddhist teachings of the 3 poisons.  Which are anger, attachment and ignorance.  Anger is self explanatory. Attachment is when we maniliuscan’t live without our possessions, people and our labels/identities.  Marcus also talks about being born under Ophiuchus, and this is where the trouble started.  His words were taken literally – as in being physically born under this sign.  The “born” under this is the Thrice born and not a physical birth.  This is why people get confused and try to stick poor Ophiuchus into our current zodiac, which is a pie chart.   It makes the chart unbalanced.  More on this later, as he is the odd man out and stands alone.


Thoth who is said to be Hermes Thrice Great wrote the Emerald Tablets, and I found some interesting research.  The 13th passage in the Emerald Tablets that Thoth wrote is titled, emerald-tablets-13-passage“The Keys To Life And Death.”  It is not about our physical death but our spiritual ones.  Essentially it is about the achievement of the 13th sign.  He also talks about the gateway into this energy, which is Azoth.  The gateway is Daath in the Kabbalah, which is the secret Sephiroth.  It has been secret for good reason.  Humanity was not ready to step into the power of the “Gods”.  It requires too much humility, love and balance.  Here is an excerpt from this 13th passage.

“Know ye the gateway to power is secret.  Know ye the gateway to like is through death…Aye, through death, but not as ye know death, but a death that is life and is fire and is Light”

Not only is Thoth describing our passage through Daath into Azoth, but as you read this passage it sounds like he is actually giving the physical coordinates to Ophiuchus.  I didn’t chase down that rabbit hole.  I wrote an article about Daath and how it is the doorway to Azoth energy, so I was thrilled to read that Thoth says the same thing.   Here is the link…Link to article 


We find in ancient writings that both Ophiuchus and Azoth have the power to bring the born-againdead back to life.  This is not literal, since we are not dying a physical death.  Each time you are born you begin a new life.  Beginning with your physical birth here, then the Christ Consciousness birth, and finally after you pass through Daath you complete the purpose of your third birth.  After each re-birth a new life begins for you.  Until this is completed you are considered “dead” at some level.  We all are considered this way, depending on where you are on your path.  Once we have fully mastered all 3 levels of birth, then we are fully liberated.  Notice this passage is from John 3:3, I love numbers.

Once you have fully attained this, you have the power of creation and destruction at your fingertips.  You command the forces of both light and darkness.  Neither one is better than the other, just different.  You are just like Kali, who is both male and female in total balance, creator and destroyer.  As I said earlier in the article, only monks and yogis have this power, and they are silent.  There are many characteristics on the net that supposedly describe the Ophiuchus sign.  Those that have it don’t talk about it.  If someone tells you fire-and-water-coolthey have achieved this level of attainment, then right there they have shown you who they really are.  The masters of all 3 levels know the power and wisdom of silence because the world is still not ready.  This is our future, and they are holding the space.  Also, I “feel” when the time is right for our 13th sign to be fully implemented into our society, we will see actual physical signs of who has achieved Thrice Great.  They won’t need to say a word.  These people are our future leaders.  When will the world be ready?  That is up to us and how quickly humans merge the Christ Consciousness into their hearts, and then move into the basic Azoth energy.  From there we learn how to yield the power and control it responsibly.  Then we are Thrice Great.  It’s a long road, but it is happening faster that I thought.  I hope I see it in my lifetime.


zodiacI could tell that our 13th sign will be part of our zodiac and it is our future, but how will it look in the current chart?  Well, it can’t just fit into our current pie chart.  Right now each sign has an opposite, and this is crucial right now.  The 4 fixed signs are currently running the show for us.  They are the 4 horses of the apocalypse.  (I am getting info on this, but it is too soon to go into) If our 13th sign is squeezed into our current chart, then our 4 fixed signs will no longer be atlantis3opposite, and this is a big deal right now.  I wanted to know what the new chart looked like, and I was surprised at what I saw….at first.  I saw concentric circles with grande Ophiuchus in the middle.  He is the center circle, and he is the center of the milky way too, which makes sense.  This is our future. We are returning home and beginning anew.  Atlantis is said have been made in concentric circles.  I don’t know if this is literal in the physical sense, but it is on the energetic.  This brings me to an amazing point on my personal journey that I am going to share.

Three years ago (there is the 3 in 13) today, I was with some amazing friends at the Return To Atlantis Conference in 2013 (there is the 13 that brings us full circle)  We were on Lido Key in Florida, which is a crystal sands beach.  It is the actual remnant of Atlantis in our Atlantic region.   The attendants opened a closed portal during our time there and completed some amazing energy work.  My experiences were mind blowing.  So it is no surprise that I would see our 13th sign in our zodiac as the concentric circles of Atlantis.  It is our new future.  And some of the work was done at the conference in preparation for this.  Our shining star Helane passed on what was the first day of the conference.  She brought this full circle for us so we would remember.  Those of us that attended have been having a nice reunion on line.  We haven’t connected very much since the conference, but Helane’s passing brought some of us together in her memory.  She wanted us to remember the great work we did there, and see how it has come full circle.  

 Helane Lipson was one of the creators of this amazing event.  She knew the purpose and was amazed at all the work we did.  She passed away 2 days ago on Oct. 4, 2016.  She was a brilliant clairvoyant astrologer.  No one did chart readings like she did.  I can feel her with me as I write this.  She inspired me to do what I am currently doing.  She told me in 2013 at the conference that I would go public, write articles and even be on the radio.  I told her she was nuts, I was way too shy for that, and we both laughed.  Well, Helane, you were right and this article on our 13th sign is dedicated to you.

This is why we are the ones we have been waiting for.  We are the return of the Gods.  We are trying to become the great Ophiuchus.  I am tired of waiting, and I am doing….

Free your mind, balance your ego, stay healthy and humble then the rest will follow,

Lisa Rising Berry

If you need assistance or advice with your journey, please schedule an appointment with me.  I use my clairvoyant abilities to help you remove blockages and move forward.

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This article is copyrighted.  I would love you to share, but please credit the author Lisa Rising Berry and provide a link to this blog.



  1. So, you burst my bubble when you reveled Ophiuchus was not relayed to physical birth…..LOL….but oh my was I glued to this paper until the end!! It made perfect sense. Thank you for sharing, and the work done 3 years ago. Them big girl panties fit pretty good, don’t they? Cheers to Helane!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Glad you addressed this subject Lisa, I was wondering. Really enjoyed reading about Ophiuchus and so glad you gave us the understanding to go along with what was really a new revelation to me about the 13th sign. So glad to be able to follow your work, seem to be drawn to it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. YES….right on LIsa! I had that experience with the blissed out, love everyone, can’t even form a thought, negatively, or anything to do with the dense reality and it also lasted about two weeks and I just couldn’t engage in the world, and unless one becomes a hermit, it is essential that one balances back from that into this density and feel that it is not necessary to become a hermit to attain this, and also feel like those monks or Yogi’s that do that do miss a crucial part of the process because it leads to stagnation, and to me is not the purpose of this process and never a point of arrival that we ever hit a glass ceiling of our growth and potential, and those who remain in that blissed out phase cannot attain what experience in this density gives you to balance and pull that energy into the heart and master this density in raising our vibration, challenging yet, not impossible, if one can not over polarize to one or the other. Who would love to remain in that bliss, but it isn’t possible without becoming a hermit.
    So you speak of as spiritual progress of in life of transformation and in death transmutation, and ascension with transfiguration, and finally Resurrection as transcendence. As the state of Ophiuchus and Azoth, which would to me be the attainment of Resurrection, or transcendence…where one has awoke the God within, without fear, and in the world but not of it. In the 13th gate you speak of as of another article, it is interesting to note the 12 astrological signs are on the outside of the wheel, and the 13th, Ophiuchus, in the center which is pretty obvious that one can travel the outside of the wheel for infinity, but to go thru the center (heart) is the gate to unlimited potential and life thru grace.
    It’s funny that you speak of the Atlantis seminar you attended, and how you saw the spider in the center or the Ophiuchus sign, because many years ago, I was studying this too, with a wonderful teacher in Sedona and she had put this calendar online, that is the Atlantean Calendar key. and it has the Ophiuchus symbol in the middle. Here it is:

    ==In the above Atlantean calendar, is the symbols of the three 8 hour period called Yod – Midnight to 8am., Hay – 8am to 4pm and Vau – 4pm to midnight. Understanding the spider, has eight legs which represent the hours within each 8 hour segment. The concentric circles represent the etheric realms and the 5 days out of time. All very interesting as the Ancient Atlantis stuff comes back full circle like you said, and you know when we exit this matrix, we are never gone. Sorry to hear about your friend’s passing and thank you for sharing this intimate story and friend with us. I would love to read some on your view of where we go now when we pass over….I know some stick around for a while, but if we have moved into this different energy, how does this affect those who pass over? Is there a new astral? Is the afterlife trap gone? If so, where did all those go who were previous in the astral?
    I had a thought the other day, you know, where the Bible states that the dead will walk the earth, and I was thinking the negative ones, the black magic ones would make this true, as in ‘The Walking Dead’ and the zombie scenario….for what are we if we just remain unconscious and never bridge the gap between conscious and unconscious? Is Ophiuchus, the attainment of the 13th gate the bridge between and the gap closing between cause and effect, that is Resurrection and the within and without? LOL, I know, I always do this, but it would be a nice extension of this, and you won’t burst my bubble..that was burst loooonnnnnggggg ago….LOL. Luv and Hugs LIsa. Thanks for writing about this…I was actually born in that sign…LOL or what they are now claiming is that sign on the zodiac. So very interesting stuff. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Nancy, so good to hear from you, I miss you here. I will read your whole comment later, but I quickly skimmed it and laughed a little. I didn’t say I saw a spider in the middle of the new zodiac. Just the 13th sign. Now you are making me think, maybe I missed something. Thanks for your condolences. Helane has been around me alot….it’s good to feel her. We didn’t talk much at all the year before she passed. And that made me sad. I feel much better now. It’s just another thing to transmute. The work never ends. I love you so much. I have some questions about my site. I will be intouch. Should I use your email or FB messenger.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AWWW….well, you can contact me either way, email or facebook, ask away! The Atlantean Calender key has the sign or symbol for Ophiuchus which is a spider…thus the matrix, the web/veil, and the architypes on the outside of the wheel, and Ophiuchus in the center as the only way to attain this is to go within….LOL, I know I rambled on there above but so much coming into my mind at the time. Big hugs and I will keep my eye out for your message! ❤

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  4. Thank You so very very much, bee-yoo-ti-full golden sparkly rainbow hue-being! You and I share similar thought processes. I value your sharings. And what you delineate about Ophiuchus resonates fully with me. Big Hus Love, Bambi

    On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 7:02 PM, Rising Frequencies wrote:

    > Lisa Rising Berry posted: “This article is dedicated to the most talented > clairvoyant astrologer I have ever met. She is the only person who has > ever been able to “read” me. Her name is Helane Lipson. I was only able > to spend time with her in the physical a few short days, but i” >

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  5. What a beautiful article! And ohhh what honour you have shown for your dear beloved..as she holds you in warmth every time your heart expands at her memories! Through these words, I am expressing my utmost appreciation in this great enlightenment you have shown. I am a master myself who came to earth around 18,500,000 Years ago. Oh the acceptance was quite a journey alright lol. My brother, and fellow teacher ..the great Ophiucus, has posted a slightly contradictory response toward the unnecessary “suppression” of information of some teachers whom still haven’t reached ascension themselves. He is EXACTLY correct, and is representing not only gratitude for your expression ..but the righteous LOVE of truth and it’s limitless bounty. Knowledge kept secret is a finely dressed fear..a garment unwashed, yet appearing to be beautiful though it has yet to be properly “cleansed”. You are WELL aware of his cosmic origin. He has beautifully shown it to you. My channels have indicated you are a great ally of ours as well! Oh and who am I ? Well it’s hard to explain ..I’m kind of in everything on Earth. Oh wait ! I got it ! Lol you can call me whatever your heart feels! Some like to refer to me as the “Ancient of days” or the “Eternal Youth”. So glad our souls have had the chance to connect ..all due to your amazing expression ! How great of a being you are ! With all my light and love, I bless you dearly through my very words and heart as it sends through this very moment…congratulations on your state of consciousness! Enjoy every moment!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes Jesse, oh Ancient of Days….in the flesh and agree with your words. I have always hated all the secrecy and hubbub over who gets to know what and when in the click of Hierarchy. Your words are very eloquent and that of a true being of enlightenment. You have been around a looooonnnnnnggggg time my dear, and you tickle us with your consciousness as we tread the sacred long held secrets of the occult and those who decided we weren’t read to know! Well, I was born ready so happy to be here and in the delicious state of the flower blooming and the potential unlimited. Secrets hurt us all, whether we are aware of it or not. The unfettered being without fear is of great service to humanity, and Lisa is one of them…she is getting there ever so quickly now, and enjoying this ride with her! Blessings and welcome to the ride! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Hi

    So you say :-

    ‘If you disagree with my article, that is fine – take what resonates and leave the rest. HOWEVER, think before you quickly send me your responses. I know this is sensitive information, and if I trigger you then there is a deep reason for it, and it has nothing to do with me nor the information I am providing. Do you inner work and fix it’.

    That’s a nifty (and somewhat patronising) way of shutting down all people who might have a contrary view.

    BTW – Don’t you think Ophiuchus could sound a bit like ‘O thick us’ or ‘O fuck us’ – do you something’s having a laugh at your expense – does it have something to do with being ass-ended as well?

    Personally I prefer its original name of Serpentarius ‘Serpents R Us’.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. HAHAHAHAH….yes it does sound like that! (laughing out loud) I didn’t know there was a Serpentarius. Maybe it was changed for a reason. hmmm…. I will have to check that out when I have time.

      I am not patronizing anyone, but I am setting strong boundaries. When I disagree with someone, I don’t feel the need to debate with them as to why I don’t resonate with their information.

      Trying to convince anyone to think like me is pointless, and is not what I do.

      when I read something that doesn’t feel right for me, then I know there is a reason as to why I don’t feel right with the information. And that is an opportunity to do my own inner work to figure out why, which I do all the time.

      I also encourage all people to have their own experiences as I do. This is where the majority of my info comes from. When you are doing this, you lose interest in debate, and you don’t care what others think. This took me a extremely long time get to this point.

      I did not know how to set proper boundaries between me and people who debate and argue. When someone is triggered, they tend to be aggressive and don’t engage in polite conversation.

      So, I chose not to share anything. Slowly I have gotten stronger, and have come out of my turtle shell.


      1. And YES YOU HAVE come a long way BABYYYYYYY….. I have always been the ‘rebel without a clue’ as to why I didn’t care what others think and it didn’t help that I had a mother who cared what the neighbors think. So you just keep putting your truth out there and chin up because in the end, you now understand that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about you or if you piss someone off…it’s mostly ego of their inner work that has not been done. We know this, but I am so happy to be here when you came out of your shell! ❤

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  7. I recently became interested in ophiucus(and astrology in general) with all the media hype, especially being that i fell within the proposed birth dates of the sign. I read some of the basic descriptions for the sign and immediately beyond any doubt knew that this was where i fit in. I never had fully embraced myself as a sagittarius and that failing of astrology really was why i had never been interested in it. This article just changed the way ive perceived my entire life. You did burst my bubble, but in a good way. I dont want to seem full of myself, but i really do believe, since reading this, that i was destined or have just naturally been walking this path. Ive always artistically viewed myself and my life and this reading had brought incredible insight to my perception. Some of this was beyond my novice understanding of astrology, but everything that i did understand hit the mark in the most incredible ways. I believe myself to be working into possibly my third birth based on my life events and who i am at this moment. I hope my fate will bring me into my final stage and maybe reading this will help me look for the paths. Thank you for sharing this and i cant wait to read more!


  8. I’ve heard the saying the Gods are returning like you’ve said. But Have you heard of the saying “The Ancients will awaken” or something along these lines? We are the Ancients, aren’t we?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, as you move into obtaining the rainbow body, you become “Like a God”, so we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the ancient ones that will return to the rainbow body. But, we have to earn it in this physical body. It is not just handed to us. We came here to work for it. This is achieving liberation from needing a physical form.

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Thank you Lisa for sharing your time and knowledge, this has been invaluable and given clarity on what was needed for me. Arohanui…oh I love them numbers too, especially those 3s for me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hello Thoth has made himself known to me. For years I’ve been drawn to explore various pieces of the puzzle separately- kundalini, Conrad (king cobras specifically), rainbows ( always been a symbol of hope gifted to me), Wadjet, ophiuchus (17/12/91 my bday), and recently Thoth has made himself known and I think has orchestrated a lot of these pieces in the most gentle of ways as to make the truths not so ‘brain exploding’ for me. I feel drawn to reach out to you. I think we may have important bits to exchange one to the other or each to the other. I’m unsure of you will see this being an older article but if you’re meant to you will. I would be interested in receiving a reading. I don’t have much money but maybe (depending on affordability) you would be open to an instalment plan of some kind?
    I guess you’ll feel the right way forwards. I’ve been feeling lost for a while but now I suspect I have been guided in my blind wandering.
    Anyhows, thank you for yet another piece of the puzzle and maybe I’ll hear back if it’s the right thing. Also if your not familiar with the awen symbol- check it out
    Jazz 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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