flat earth vs round earth

I was shown a piece of information last night about the shape of the Earth.  I was in my altered state of consciousness, which for me is the strongest when I am in between sleep and awake.  The funny thing is… I could care less about the shape of the Earth.  I have never done any research on this subject, and I am so tired of the division between Flat Earthers and Ballers, (yes, they have names for the sides they take).  It’s a battle of the egos, about who has the best left-brained research.  It doesn’t appear that any of these people have ever had an actual mystical experience with the shape of the Earth as our Ancients did.

Well, I did last night, and my first reaction was…yeah okay, big deal, thanks for showing me – now can I continue to re-charge my batteries so I can be productive tomorrow?  LOL…    When I receive information that I did not go looking for, normally the accuracy is fairly reliable.  I am a mystic not a scientist, and I did not want to write about this, but I could tell “spirit” wants me to.  It is not my intention to enter into this debate because my main priority is my inner work/spiritual practice that leads me to higher frequencies and ultimate liberation.  Maybe this is why I was shown this….because I don’t care.  I am tired of the division this debate is creating.  They are only using left brained logic to argue. There is not a sage or mystic among them.

I saw the Earth in the shape of a thick coin.  It was tilted to the right.  It was flat on the top where I saw the green and blue of land and water.  It was round in the middle.  Thick coin is the symbol I heard.

cylindar earth

So when I got up this morning, I could not shake the feeling that I had to write about this. I got on the computer and was surprised to find a picture of what I saw in my vision.  Not only that, but I discovered that a Greek Philosopher by the name of Anaximander actually drew the picture I was looking at.  He was born in 610 and was the first to develop a cosmology or systematic philosophical view of the world.  He regarded Earth as the top portion flat and the bottom a cylinder, whose thickness is one-third its diameter.  And that is what I saw.  In his cosmogony, he stated that everything originated from the apeiron, which is infinity.  This aspect ties into what I write about.

Anaximander1-e1404416709345     coin earth

Looking from this point of view, the Earth is both round and flat.  However, I am not a scientist.  I am a mystic, sage, clairvoyant…whatever label you choose to use.  I saw what I saw, and that is it.  I don’t know why I was shown that, and it doesn’t matter to me.   The physicality of this word is an illusion, and so is its shape.  It only appears solid when our attention is placed on it.  Nothing here is solid, it is all made up of 100% pure consciousness which is Aether.  Aether can be broken down farther to represent infinity, which ties into Anaximander’s apeiron.

Mother Gaia’s energy is so vast it cannot be viewed as a shape or perceived as one.  This is where people get hung up in the left brain.  Her energy is beyond shapes, and at the same time she is connected to sacred geometry.  One needs to be able to experience the wonders of infinity to feel or understand anything.  If you need to put a label on the shape of the planet, it would have to be a wave, because that wave is the frequency of infinity that gives us the illusion of a shape of form.

wave of energy

I have no idea why I saw what I did.  I find it hilarious that people put so much time and effort into debating the shape of a consciousness that is ultimately formless.

The living condition of this planet is the “shape” we need to concentrate on, as well as,  connecting with its true source, which is the energy of infinity. It is this energy that creates the wave.

I want to make it known, that I am not entering the debate about the shape of the Earth.  Please do not send me e-mails and comments to try to get me into any debate.  I have nothing to defend.  Thank you!!!!

Much love,

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Hi Lisa, just want to say thank you for this message. We “see” things in the very same way, through visions and often whispered/spoken words to accompany the vision, and “confirmation” usually appearing within days (but not always a confirmation, so some things remain in the aethers! You’re the first I’ve known to receive spirit like this. I have many spiritual friends, but you are the first to openly articulate what clearly resonates within my heart & soul. I know what I “see” and what I “hear” are gifts from the great consciousness and should be regarded as truth. Love and peace to you! ~Laura

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    1. Excellent Laura! I think there are many like us, but they are silent. Which is fine. I don’t discuss all that I see, and I know I shouldn’t. I do hope that some will come forward and discuss a little of what they see. It’s easy to tell when someone is centered in the truth. we need more sages to come forward.

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      1. I have only just begun depth work, but, I am amazed to see this yellow ribbon! I have seen this in a vision and I didn’t know what it was! It was suspended in space …..I seen this 2 months ago or so….please do you know what this means?

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      2. Hi, Kelly! That is a personal message for you! Research the meaning of the yellow ribbon, the meaning of ribbon, the meaning of yellow, and then stop thinking about it and just let your research cook in your consciousness for a while. You will then have a deep inner knowing that is a feeling, not a thought, and you will know.

        I will give you a little help with the ribbon symbol. Ribbons can mean your DNA. Yellow could also be gold.

        I am not saying this is the case, but instead giving you some food for thought. Good Luck to you!!!


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  2. LOL, great! I have no debate about the shape of the earth…perhaps the round photos that we see are from one side, and always wonder why it’s never the other…but then again, I never cared to debate it for what purpose would it be that we would have to object to either as what the end game would be…so if they are right, then what the heck does it matter….LOL, I have seen the debates about this a lot, and so I wonder if they ever were proven right, what they would say next. A lot of things in society are about us vs them and division, and can’t understand why perhaps astronauts or NASA would lie about it either…what is the purpose of the illusion! Anyway, it matters not, for like you, I can not care less about who is right or if the world is flat….it just doesn’t matter! I did hear an interesting debate about it and wondered some basics like how the sun is shining on the other side but no on this side at night. It also makes me wonder how physics or even how we perceive our revolution for which would mean we don’t orbit the sun! Not like any of it matters but it does bring more questions than what we have taken for granted and were taught in school. Maybe you can ask, why this was shown to you, and how this effects this illusion or if it even matters to us in this reality if the earth is flat like a coin or round like a ball, what about the moon? Sometimes it looks like a big light in the sky and fake, and one time was full when it was not time for it to be. LOL, here I go!!! It IS interesting that they showed this to you and I don’t want to debate, just to understand it all….wink, wink!! ❤

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  3. it doesnt matter practically to us whether earth is round or flat. yet v shud know the truth as it definitely opens the darkest sides of nasa which they r showing the wrong info with fake proof. they r getting billions of taxpayers’ money just to fool us.

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  4. earth cant b a globe. water characteristic is to flow from top to bottom. how can one hold water in a round ball like position. cant b possible. water can b stable on flat position only.


  5. Hey Lisa. You’re right about many people getting into pointless arguments about this topic. It makes so much sense people are using left brain logic yet they don’t think of it with their creative side which is the right brain.

    I heard this argument being discussed by Sarah Adams. She said to look at this from the point of view of layered frequencies. We see UFOs in the air sometimes just vanish without a trace. We think they may have either raced away or cloaked themselves. However, they most likely just left this frequency and entered another one.

    Sorry my example may be a little off point but what do you think about point of view of layered frequencies?

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    1. Well, I don’t clairvoyantly see layers at all. There is just one frequency around our planet. UFO’s can either match it to be seen or raise their own frequency to not be seen. Same with people. It is the objects and the people that vibrate different. Not the other way around. This is why one person will see a UFO, and the other person will not. The UFO will match the frequency of the surrounding planet, but if the person is not of the same frequency they will not see it.

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    2. It’s very interesting about perception, and how frequency is what it’s about, as the orbs are alot of times 5th or 6fh dimensional beings that we can only perceive as orbs but in their frequency they might look totally different. I saw a video on you tube of all places that explained this so well, starting from 2 dimensional perception to 3d and beyond…What do we look like in their eyes or perception…so very fascinating!

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  6. I’d like to see the Flat Earth retards try to ‘explain’ why the seasons are ‘out of kilter’ ie we get winter here in NZ when it’s summer in the US, and vice versa.

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