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This research may not interest everyone. Some may read this and say, “So what”. That is ok with me. I don’t know if my findings will actually help anyone in their journey inward, but this is something I felt I needed to do. I am not sure why yet, but to me it was important.

I started this research in January of 2015.  I made an announcement on my Radio Show Rising Frequencies that I had discovered some very interesting things. That show is available on YouTube. I waited to write about this, because it sounds crazy that I found the name for the vertical infinity loop. That was my goal….

This paper is about the sideways infinity symbol and the vertical infinity symbol, and their connection to the Silver Gate of Men and the Golden Gate of the Gods. This is where I began my own research. These findings I am presenting are my own. I know many other writers have written about the Silver and Golden Gates, in relation to Astrology and Ascension. The knowledge of these Gates have been known for thousands of years. Once I found what I was looking for I did find some published works in Mythology that backed me up. I was thrilled to locate them, it took a lot of time, because not much is out there on this subject, in the way I approached it.

This is my conclusion based on the science of Gematria and the use language. Numbers and words are the keys to unlocking mysteries unknown to us. You have to really think outside of the box to find tiny treasures, and that is just what I did. I connected to my very active Inner child energy, and just let my intuition and imagination run wild. I feel there may be a slight chance that I have uncovered something new using these two sciences, however crazy that may sound. I know there is nothing new under the sun, but I can’t find anywhere the use of the name I have discovered, and the math 100% supports my findings.

I took apart certain words according to what they sound like when spoken, and did not pay attention to the exact spelling. At times I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants, and some invisible force was guiding me in my research.

I started with the word Lemniscate, the sideways infinity symbol. I have felt for many years that the sideways infinity symbol represents the Silver Gate of Men, this is the Gate which humanity enters into this Earth School. This loop is guarded by Taurus. The sideways infinity symbol is a closed loop. Once you come in you can’t get out, you feel trapped. I feel the vertical infinity loop represents the Golden Gate and is the open loop that leads humanity to Infinity, and out of this reality matrix. The Golden Gate is guarded by Scorpio.

The name Lemniscate means decorated with ribbons. When a soul enters through the Silver Gate of Men and walks into a body, thus becoming human, they are decorated with ribbons. These amazing ribbons are called our DNA. We exit using the Golden Gate which is the vertical gate.

I could feel both Gates are essentially the same, but used for different purposes, so they have different polarities. We know what the name of the sideways infinity loop which is Lemniscate, but there is not a name for the vertical infinity loop. At least I could not fine one. I knew there had to be a name, and that name would prove my theory.

I looked at what each Gate did, what their main functions are, and it is really simple, when you look at this from the eyes of your inner child. One Gate let’s you in, and the other Gate let’s you out. Let begins with letter “L”, just like Lemniscate. I decided to start there. I really pronounced the word Lemniscate slowly, and I heard Lem…in…gate. Like…. ”let me in gate”. I did the Gematria for the simple phrase, “Let in gate”. Since this is what it does. The results are 558 which is a great number. If you add them all together you get the number 9, which is the number that represents consciousness. Also, when you look at the number 9, it is ½ of the infinity loop. By entering through the Silver Lemniscate or the “Let in Gate”, you are starting the first half of your journey. The second half is getting out. I decided to taking this number 558 a step further, and looked at it by dividing it in ½, since it represents ½ of our journey. If you add 5+5 you get 10, which is the number of completion. The number left is 8, which is the upward infinity loop. This shows us that the upward infinity loop is the completion of our journey.

The vertical infinity loop represents the last ½ of our journey, which is the way out. Since the Lemniscate is the “Let in Gate”, I figured the vertical loop is the “Let out Gate”. The gematria for “Let out Gate is 885. Same numbers showing they are both Gates, but in a different combination showing they serve different purposes.

The next step I took was finding the name for the vertical “Let out Gate”. I use the same method that I used to find the Let in phrase, but in reverse. I figured since they are the same Gate used for different purposes, that the spelling would have to be close. Through a lot of trial an error I discovered the name Lemnosgate, and the “Let out Gate”. Here is the gematria for Lemniscate using Simple and English versions equals 606 and 101. The gematria for Lemnosgate equals 666 and 111. When you look at the gematria for Lemniscate (Let in), you see a separation between the numbers. This is representative of the separation from the divine we encounter when we enter this closed loop reality. The gematria for my word Lemnosgate shows the connection is regained when we leave through the now open Golden Gate of the Gods.

The infinity loops, both of them are the time loops that everyone talks about. We are finished with the old time line loop of the Lemniscate and the new Lemnosgate is open. You can chose which one you want. Stay stuck or leave. I can tell from the posts on facebook that the majority are stuck in the very old time line of the closed loop. That frequency and information is almost completely gone, and I do not know what will happen to those that chose to resonate with false light information. They are feeling that everything is a trap, including the New Earth energy. They cannot feel the vertical infinity loop at all, which is very sad, and time is running out.

Back to the research….

I was very happy with the results I had so far, but I wanted more. I could not find anything on Lemnosgate. So, I decided to Google Lemnos for fun, to see what would pop up. What I found just astonished me! I am still shocked even as I type this, because as far as I am concerned this piece sealed the deal. I found that Lemnos is used in a Science fiction book, entitled “The Gate of Lemnos”, by Francis Jarman. And, it just gets better… Here is what the book is about. “The Gate of Lemnos is the entrance to a new world, one of the wonders of the universe, and Terra’s only planetary colonly containing alien life forms. We are on the brink of the new Golden Age of Aquarius, which is the new energy of the New Earth. FANTASTIC!!!!!! The vertical infinity loop that I call the Lemnosgate is the entrance to our new reality.  And this is just the beginning!

Onward and Upward we go!

Written by Lisa Rising Berry


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Much Love,

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Good morning, dear Lisa. Thanks for sharing the outcomes of both your research. It is intriguing. As to the “lemnosgate,” the symbols that come to mind are two triangles playing with each other, one moving upward, the other downward. The point where they meet, which I conceive as a point in flux at the moment, means to me the point where our Higher Self and lower self merge, or blend, if you will. This is a dynamic point for me, and perhaps it will become fixed at some point, in order to fit the image you describe, that of the lemnoscate.

    Interestingly, a few weeks back, I’ve had a dream about an hourglass. Pretty clear to me, but not sure about the movement of “cosmic sand” within. I couldn’t perceive any movement between the two parts of the hourglass.

    Are the two parts of the lemnoscate just the same, and do you need to switch them around at some point?

    Love & Light

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  2. The two triangles you see make up the science of the star tetrahedron, better known as the Merkaba. And yes, the triangle that points down is red and represents the ego/matter. The one that points up is blue and represents soul/spirit. The upward infinity symbol (lemnosgate) is part of this. The center point of both is our heart. We have 3 chakara above and 3 chakars below. “As above”, “So Below”…. Both parts of the Lemnosgate are the same and do not need to be switched. Instead we merge both aspects of ego and soul in the center/zero point…our heart…. and create the golden energy of Christ Consciousness. They can’t be switched around because they are not separate they are part of the whole. If you un-twist the infinity symbol you have a circle representing wholeness Interesting you mention your dream of a hourglass and the cosmic sand. Once a person merges the ego and soul in their heart it creates an energy at zero point, that removes the blockages in the heart chakara and the energy flows freely. However, until this happens the energy doesn’t flow and it gives the illusion of being separate. LOL…. I wish I would have added this to my paper.

    Great question.

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  3. Thanks, dear Lisa,

    I was asking about “switching around” because this is what you do with an hourglass once one side gets empty! Could there be a spiritual equivalent to this?

    I recently learned about the Higher Chakras, and this is what I am studying now. Apparently 4 Higher chakras “above” and one “below.” intriguing…

    Love & Light

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    1. Good point….I believe that is what has occurred when the silver gate was closed and the golden gate opened. The time of the silver gate ran out, and we are now in the exit of the golden gate. I agree about the chakaras. Our current knowledge about them is at a preschool level. The Egyptians taught and used a 13 chakara system. With 7 above and 7 below, with the merge in the heart. But they had access to those. Once someone merges the first basic 3 above and 3 below, then they will open up the many others. When you clairvoyanty look at someone you can see what system they are operating on. Most people are running the basic 7 with no merger. I have seen very few people that have obtained access to the higher chakaras both above and below. I do see some people that have very faint new ones above and below. They are always in balance, with one new one above and one new one below. Following the Universal Principle of Correspondence. I personal don’t teach about the upper chakaras until I see someone has mastered their own very basic 7.

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  4. Incredibly interesting. However it makes me feel like the work I still have to do is insurmountable! I have really only come to do the real inner work for about a year & ½ now. Even though I come from folks born…as my old timers say…with a veil, i.e. seers, I have found my journey rather slow going. I feel such pressure to get to my life’s work RIGHT NOW!! But I’m in hostel territory in my home so I have to keep quiet about my meditation & inner work. It feels very childish to have to do so seeing I’m 43! That’s a whole another story though. This information is deliciously satisfying to my spirit. I know it is my spirit cuz though I understand what your saying here I do not comprehend its full meaning….hence I show my ignorance. Thank you for sharing what you have learned. I need to read it a few more times so this seed can drop deep and bloom with much fruit in my inner being. So much to do. Seems like I’ll never make it!… That statement sounds like the cry of someone who needs more shadow work first…huh? Lol.

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    1. Angela…You are way to hard on yourself. You are such a sweet and very humble soul. Humbleness is the strongest and rarest quality to have. You are so much farther along on your journey than you give yourself credit for. Many of the people I talk to tell me about how great they are, and talk about all these amazing abilities they “think” they have etc… When the real truth is, that they are so deep into their own ego, that they see themselves as something they are not, due to lack of self-confidence. Angela, you are a breath of fresh air to me. You are progressing at a natural rate that suits you and your journey. You are not forcing anything. Your journey and your path is organic and not fake. You have such amazing energy. All you need to do is get out of your own way. LOL…. Once you do this, your path will open up, and not only will you get the deeper meaning of this blog, but you will have your own inner-knowings and I will be reading your writings someday.

      Andrea and I recorded a show about this blog where we explain this new concept in greater detail. I just added it to the show archive if you want to listen to it. It’s at the bottom of the show page…episode number 12.

      Thanks for your comment, and much Love you to you Angela!!!



  5. Thank you for your words of support. You are a teacher! Truly you are a teacher. I am crying right now over your words of encouragement. Your typed words are powerful. I can only imagine what it must be like to hear you teach and see you through your windows of your soul. Thank you again for the encouragement. I really needed it today. You have given me that little push we all need sometimes to continue on our journey, especially when you find yourself walking your path alone. Much light and many blessings to both you and Andrea. I so look forward to the new mysteries the Divine will reveal to us all through you both.

    Thank you.
    Angelique (that’s my full name)

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    1. Thank you so much Angelique! I am crying reading your response Angelique! Your full name is as beautiful as your soul. We all need encouragement, and today we both helped each other. Your a teacher as well…I learned from you today the lesson of being in service, and how important it is. Just when I think the struggle is too much, a soul like yours shines through the darkness.

      Thank you Angelique for being you!


  6. This is so fascinating and rings so true ! Since being a child exspierences I’ve had dreams exsetara. But in my life growing up I’ve had bullying put down etc many times trying to get a head in life. But seam to be blocked on purpose ! I’ve had many healing sessions and Rakie ! Seen many past life images. And every thing in this life time seems to be so mutch struggle ! Family kids etc ! Thanx for post ! Love and light !!

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  7. So glad to have found your article. I had a very moving, spiritual lucid dream in which I asked for a sign that would help me “understand” this life more; I was shown a vertical infinity symbol that also was an hourglass. I would have never conceptualized this myself, so I don’t really know what/who showed me this symbol, but it was a very powerful message. Been trying to find information on this ever since …

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  8. My husband was playing the acoustic guitar tonight, and i think what i may tell u may add to your article an unusual telling of what just happened… my husband of 16 years, he is 35, has never been schooled in music but is always drawn to it and has always said that when he plays his brain feels like its not in the physical world. Crazy as it sounds i always just chopped it up to him feeling the waves of the notes… well… tonight he was playing and as he was i was drawn to a change to the back of his neck… im still baffled and struck by what happened… the infinity symbol apeared at the nape of his neck… i was so shocked i grabbed my phone and immediately asked him to lower his neck so i could take a picture… i decided to google frequency and the infinity symbol… i was drawn first by your article… we would really like to know your take on this… please contact us…thank you

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  9. So pleased to have come across your article. After reading “the power of the infinity symbol”, I have begun my own exploration, and wanted to purchase a pendant to wear but today I found a vertical one (lemnoscate). And today while walking home through the woods I was visualizing an infinity symbol repeatedly drawn across my throat and then drawn across my eyes. After some time the word “Tranquility” came to me – as I entered a state peace and quiet where nothing else mattered. There were no thoughts and I was fully immersed in this soothing experience. Thank you for your research, it resonates deeply within me, and I feel this is just the beginning.

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