I came across a very old prophecy by accident.  I can’t even remember how it dropped in my lap.  I love it when the Universe works with us in schycronistic ways.  I have become the “Azoth girl,” as I have been writing about my knowledge and personal experiences with this energy for the past year. This ancient energy has increased in potency and even transformed into something bigger which is beyond Azoth.

8th fireSo, I guess since Universe knows this about me, it led me to this ancient prophesy confirming that we have indeed made it to a grand mark in the planetary Ascension path.  This prophecy is called, The Prophecy of the Seven Fires – in which an 8th fire will be lit at the end of times!  It not only involves Azoth, but it also speaks of the Turtle, which is representative of the Divine Feminine energy that has returned to our planet.

The Prophecy, the 8th Fire and Turtle Island

tolturtleislandThe Prophecy of the Seven Fires has been passed down by the  Ojibwe/Anishinabeg people of Turtle Island, the native name for North America, since their time began. The first six parts of the prophecy describe the migration of the Anishinabeg people from the Atlantic coast of North America to the Great Lakes and then the turning points faced with the introduction of European settlers. The prophecies span hundreds of years and seven generations in time.
It is at this time we have come to the final prophecy, which states:
In the time of the Seventh Fire New People will emerge. They will retrace their steps to find what was left by the trail. Their steps will take them to the Elders who they will ask to guide them on their journey. But many of the Elders will have fallen asleep. They will awaken to this new time with nothing to offer. Some of the Elders will be silent because no one will ask anything of them. The New People will have to be careful in how they approach the Elders. The task of the New People will not be easy.

If the New People will remain strong in their quest the Water Drum of the Midewiwin Lodge will again sound its voice. There will be a rebirth of the Anishinaabe Nation and a rekindling of old flames. The Sacred Fire will again be lit.

It is this time that the light skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. If they choose the right road, then the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth and final Fire, an eternal fire of peace, love brotherhood and sisterhood. If the light skinned race makes the wrong choice of the roads, then the destruction which they brought with them in coming to this country will come back at them and cause much suffering and death to all the Earth’s people.”

An important concept in the Seven Fires Prophecy is uniting of the people (red, white, black and yellow).  This is something that must be done in order to assure peace and harmony and continue life on the planet.

Turtle Island



The Sea Turtle is also a powerful Goddess symbol with 13 sections on its shell representing the 13 moons of a year and 28 sections surrounding that representing the 28 days between each moon, mimicking the female menstrual cycle exactly. The goddess energy (holy spirit) is also associated with the waters and the sea as we have discussed in an earlier blog post.   In Chinese and Hindu mythology, the turtle represents the joining of Heaven and Earth. The top shell is heavenly and the bottom shell earthly with the turtle’s body joining the two.





It is clear that in order for the 8th fire to be lit, we as humanity had to hit a critical mass frequency.  This was achieved, and the 8th fire was lit.  The Azoth fire water energy is increasing so quickly since it evolved, that I can hardly keep up with it.  Every time I get a handle on what it looks like, it changes, and so I clairvoyantly start all over.

gold-infinity (1)One of the most significant points about this 8th fire has to do with the infinity symbol.  The infinity symbol has been a sideways symbol for such a long time.  It represented a closed system.  Once critical mass frequency was hit, the symbol “shifted” to its current upright position, which ignited the 8th fire.  Azoth and the upward infinity symbol are deeply connected.  Yes, Azoth has never left this planet, but the level has been at the lowest it could be and still remain here.  Now that the infinity energetic template for the Earth is in its upward and open position, we are fully receiving its transformational powers.  Since we are connected to the earth this has changed our energy centers as well!  I have noticed for some time now that our chakras do not look the same anymore.  In fact they have changed so much, that I can’t put it into words yet. At this point, we do not have 7 centers anymore. It is so much greater now.  They are more unified. This directly correlates with the 7 fires and lighting the 8th!  With the  the lighting of the 8th  fire and the return of the Azoth, we have risen beyond our 7 chakra system!


Shows how 8th fire frequency shifted up to a upward open position.
Shows how 8th fire frequency shifted up to a upward open position.

The very lucky number 13 plays an important role in this big puzzle.  The turtle is connected to the number 13 as its representation of the Divine Feminine, which is returning and showing us the way to the new paradigm.  The upward infinity unlocked the 13th gate that lead us to move above the plane.  (I wrote about this in a previous article)  The 13th gate is connected to Scorpio and Ophiuchus, and is the Golden Gate.  The upward infinity is the Golden Gate and the sideways infinity is the Silver Gate. The golden is a open system and the silver is a closed system.  Scorpio’s tail points to the center of the Milky Way, which is “home,” and Ophiuchus is the serpent bearer.  The snake has been the symbol of kundalini.  This symbolizes how the planet raised its kundalini in a upward motion, up the vertical infinity symbol.  Our DNA is currently moving from 12 stands to 13 as well.  We are leaving the system of 12 and moving into the 13.  And it just so happens to be Friday the 13th today, as we write this article.  I guess the reason we have been taught that 13 was unlucky, was because those that were in control did not want us to know the power of the 13 and how it unlocks the key to let us out of here.  It is the number of the Divine Feminine that has been demonized for centuries….  Well no more!  Rest assured, the power of the 13 and the Goddess energy is Rising and transforming everything that we know as our reality.

The 8th fire of the transformed Azoth energy is burning, the infinity is in its correct position, and we as humanity achieved what no one thought we could achieve.  We literally moved to infinity and beyond.  But let’s not forget that we have many friends who on a energetic level are still living in the old Earth energy.  We need to keep them in our hearts and let them know that we have the real home fire burning for them.  All they have to do is follow its incredible glow.

Below are links to the 2 articles we wrote about infinity and how it has moved to its current upright position.  And for those that would like to really study the book knowledge on Azoth, here is great article, it is one of my favorites…CLICK HERE TO LINK TO A GREAT AZOTH ARTICLE



Much love to all,

Lisa Rising Berry

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31 thoughts on “8th Fire Prophecy Connected to Infinity and the 13th Gate

  1. Isn’t it interesting how we have been deceived with the number 13? We have given it fear and trepidation prior to it’s arrival and so focusing negative energy on that day. Shame, we could have moved a bit further! Life is filled with synchronicity, my day too. Thank you for this wonderful information. I know things are changing rapidly as I am starting to remember in my astral travel all the different experiences I am having at the same time. I actually see a few people that I am having experiences with and they are very dear to me in this reality. It’s exciting times, but also sad to see so many people not understanding that instead of feeling victimized, we should be celebrating.

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  2. I only know that the number 13 in the Holy Qur’an has a very significant meaning. A number of great spiritual importance.


      1. Dear Lisa, I’ve read the info about the number 13 in “The Book of Knowledge” transcripted by Mrs. Vedia Bülent Corak from Istanbul. As I am traveling I can’t look it up, but I’ve asked a Muslim friend of FB, if he could supply me with some additional info. So I am waiting and hope to get some useful info about the “13”. Bye Uta

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  3. Very synchronistic, and always no that synchronicity is key to getting answers if only we are paying attention to it. I have read that our chakra system had changed, in that the colors are different in different places and in the expansion of the chakras we access more of them…is it a 13 main chakra system now? I would love to learn more about what you see on this energetic level of the new chakra system. When I was reading about the infinity symbol you mentioned it had returned to the open system, very fascinating, because in the shifting of the directions, this would make sense in the chakras and the infinity symbol…now I don’t know if you remember all the hub bub about the infinity symbol that some were seeing on their forehead, like in the third eye area, but it was on it’s side…do you remember all that, new creature and infinity symbol stuff…it’s very fascinating that you say that it is not vertical, and thus lighting the 8th fire, and is this to do with the 8th chakra, and the merging of the silver and gold chakras, which creates the lahun chakra? The halo effect? I will have to go back and read more about the infinity symbol, I know I read it before, but you know how the mind likes to wonder…LOL. Great article Ladies! LUV U and BIG HUGS for your info…oh, and also, I had read where some turtles had been born on some island, as it is the first time in over 100 years…kinda curious as to how they even know that it’s been 100 years but never the less, interesting!~<3 Oh, and very cool that you two finished this article on Friday the thirteenth! Much negative history surrounding that number mostly what I read that it was because of the nights of Templar were murdered on Friday the 13th…a whole mark on that date and number since then as a negative anniversary date of a high spiritual order according to their point of view and fascinating how they were able to put much superstition around it and to even not build a 13th floor, wild! To them it was unlucky, but also, their mission was pivotal in that they were in search of the Holy Grail…so connecting the dots..VERY fascinating! 😉

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    1. OOPs correction, in the part about you saying it’s not vertical, I meant horizontal…LOL…I should read better before posting but my granddaughter is distracting me…LOL, that’s my excuse and I am sticking with it! 😉

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  4. Hi I would first and foremost like to give Glory to God! ……and boy are u right about the universe working in cycle with us. The past year has been remarkably great in the way of wonders for me…..spiritually was well as energetically! I have been embracing all signs and visions while my eyes, mind, body and Soul encounter new life! I am a descendant of Samuel Bruno of Citizen Potawatomi Nation and have been on roll since 2000 when I found out I was of Indian heritage. When I was younger, 14 to be exact I was visited in the woods by an Indian but knew nothing of the significants at the time. That night I saw the brightest bluest light ever. Years would pass until I come to the realization that I would be the one to light the eighth fire! The reason y it fell on your lap on the 13th is because that is the day much has started. You see the night b4 was an experience I’ll forever hold within my Soul! I am not sure who to speak with or how to explain everything without proper guidance. I fear that consulting with the wrong person could alter all. Also lately I have been drawling and carving symbols that could be of significants. Plz tell who need know that the time is near and I am in quest of the elder that will guide me through the ceremonial process….Love…Peace….Unitity

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    1. Hi Ray,
      I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I saw your post, it does bring to light many native indian prophecies…..you would be best to ask your higher self in a meditation, ask for the face or location to be shown of your purpose and who this person is. The universe, or God/source, will answer your question and won’t send you blindly stumbling around in the dark. Maybe in your native tribe community, where ever that is, are waiting for you….you simply need to show up. I have read some stories of people who had missions once they realized they needed to get somewhere, and they are given answers to where they need to go for a ceremony, and be present as your energy is required. So, sit quietly in contemplation and ask to be told either in a dream or with some way to let you know where you need to be. It sounds like there is some urgency in your desire to fulfill your mission so don’t delay, ask and sit and listen, pay attention to the signals…if you do this, it will be given to you where you must go!
      Good luck and keep us posted, very interesting your journey and what some would call a ‘vision quest’.
      Nancy ❤


  5. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    This article by Lisa Rising Berry is especially relevant now for North America given the continued increase in chaos, unrest and civil disobedience… all of which is needed to break down the old rigid systems and prepare for the advent of the new…

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    1. Carol, I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t know who Bill Devlieger is. It is obvious that I wrote all the articles on this blog. I am the owner of this site. I have had my articles stolen before which is copy-write infringement. Which I dealt with promptly. That is where my legal background comes in handy. I will look into this matter and see if my work has been stolen again.

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  6. I remember reading Omnec Onec material for a brief time and she talked about the original four races who were told by the Gods to begin life in this Solar System. She said these races were the Black race, White Race, Red Race, and the Yellow Race. When reading this article I saw you reference these four races as well.
    In her material she claims the White race originally settled on Venus, the Black race settled on Jupiter, the Yellow race settled on Mars, and the Red race settled on Saturn. Each race brought something unique with them. The White race brought spirituality. The Black race brought rhythm. The Yellow race brought technology. And the Red race had a deep understanding of the land and were deeply connected to it.
    I’m wondering if either of you have heard about this or resonate with this information? Do you believe there is something to it?

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    1. I have, but I am not sure if she has the locations correct. It is a blood lineage, and I don’t think we can tell were they originated from, just that they are here now, and they were designed to be here for the purpose that they serve.

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      1. I was about confused with her material as well. Thank you for your quick reply. I was confused about the Red race settling on Saturn since I’ve heard numerous times from different sources that Saturn was our original Sun. Interesting that in Saturn… S is the first letter, U is the middle letter, and N is the last letter.

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  7. I hope you are not charging monies for your gain. if so may your devil help you. if you are true then you know who I am.


      1. Very Bizarre, Joseph Patrick Azar, who ever you are…Note here Lisa that he has December 13, 1979, probably his birthday, and don’t think that is his last name, Even you can’t go to his profile on here and looks like he just posted or deleted his profile.

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      1. Well you were pretty calm, so the last name was fake…..I had to stop myself from saying all I wanted to say…LOL

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