My two favorite topics to research, study, experience and write about is Aether and Infinity. After I recently had a lucid out-of-body experience where I was looking at our galaxy from the top down view, I started to receive and tap into the sea of Universal Knowledge.  At that moment I knew I wanted to write Part II of the Secrets of Infinity paper, so this is the continuation.

Before reading this paper, please read Secrets Of Infinity Part I.

Right now we see our reality from an upside down point of view.  Modern Medicine is making people sicker, along with GMO’s.  The legal, banking and political systems are backwards and corrupt.  Violence is an accepted form of entertainment etc…   The list goes on.  There is a scientific reason for this that I don’t think many people have considered, and it all relates to the secret of infinity and how the Aether flows with it.  I am going to attempt to explain my hypothesis in the easiest and simplest way I can.  This is my theory of what is occurring with our galaxy at this time in relation to the shift from the horizontal infinity loop to the vertical loop.  The silver gate/horizontal loop let us in and the golden gate/vertical loop is letting us out of this upside down  reality.

In Part One, I explained how the vertical loop comes from the center of the horizontal loop.  As I was researching the movement of Aether in relation to gravity, I found a diagram that shows how the vertical loop occurs.  I was stunned to find this.

How the Lemnoscate is formed
How the Lemnoscate is formed

If you look at numbers 1 & 2, you will see the two sections of the horizontal infinity loop.  Now, look at #3, this is where the beginning of the vertical loop/golden gate began to form.  Here is the link to the website where I found this graph.  According to this website this is the point of intrusion.  I love the use of the word intrusion, because that is exactly what has happened.  The golden gate of the vertical infinity loop intruded on the old closed horizontal loop.  If you combine the 2 small circles shown in this diagram you have a vertical loop.

We have now switched to the new path of the Aether, which is the vertical golden gate infinity loop that I call the Lemnoscate.  So, what does this mean for us, and our experience of this upside down  reality?  It means that our view and perception is switching, as we travel up the Lemnoscate.

galaxcyFor a moment, visualize the horizontal infinity symbol laying flat on a glass table.  The glass table represents our spiral Galaxy.  Following the Hermetic Principle of “As above, So Below….it is quite obvious our perception of reality is in the “As Below” aspect.  We, temporarily fell from the “As Above” perception.  So, if we are looking up at our galaxy, it will seem to be rotating counter clockwise.  Counter, in this circumstance refers to being in opposition with the flow, which is why our world seems upside down.  We are down…looking up.  The only way we can “see” and “experience” this reality is the counter opposite to what it really should be.  So, again, what now….how do we “see” a different reality?

The next thing I want you to visualize is the vertical golden infinity loop/Lemnoscate going right through the middle of the glass table.  As we travel along the now open golden gate, vertical infinity loop/Lemnoscate, it leads us out of the upside down view of the Galaxy, and we move to the “Above” perception.  When you are above the Galaxy you will see the spiral moving in a clockwise direction.  The counter opposite is no longer present.  We will then completely perceive and experience a totally different reality.  In my opinion and hypothesis, this is what the Great Shift In Consciousness really is.  Does the Galaxy start turning in a new direction?  No, of course not.  The only thing that has shifted is us, as we travel up the Lemnoscate to a higher view.  The great spiral is still spinning in the same direction, but our perception of it is no longer the same, as we left the “As Below” and entered the “As Above”.

Once we are fully “flipped”, and are existing in the right side up reality, our relation to this new flow of Aether and gravity will shift.  Anti-gravity only exists here in a counter clockwise reality.  And that new aspect I will discuss in Part III of the Secrets Of Infinity.

Peace and enjoy the flip,

Lisa Rising Berry

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5 thoughts on “Secrets of Infinity Part II

  1. Once again, thank you. Reading part II simply blows my mind and as I read your words I am reminded of this. A few years ago I had a vision where I saw all the oceans on this planet below me – dead, lifeless, grey, without any motion. I was standing on the earth with my hands raised over my head touching the new ocean above me – teeming with life, pulsing with colours, filled with motion! Returning to the as above perception – thank you!

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