twin-flame-swirlEver since I was a teenager, I have always felt that another person’s energy could not complete me.  I would get frustrated when I would be introduced as someone’s “other half”, even it they said I was the “better half”.  It didn’t matter, because somehow I knew deep within my soul that I complete me. However, I absolutely did not feel complete at the time, but I knew it was not another persons job to complete me.  This very basic understanding or inner knowing really help me on my spiritual journey.  I wanted to find the key that would open something inside of myself that would give me the completeness and wholeness that I longed for.

It wasn’t until 2008 when I was first introduced to the Twin Flame Theory.  I had always heard of someone finding their soul mate, but this was different from the Twin Flame New Age Belief.  In fact, 2008 was the first time I had any experience with the New Age Community at all.  I was shocked….actually, because it felt very much like a lighter fluffier version of other organized beliefs systems.  If I just stepped on your toes…I apologize.

What was being presented as truth in the New Age Community, including the Twin Flame information just felt so weird to me.  It was like half-truth covered with Chocolate Icing to make you feel good, so one would not question what was being presented as spiritual facts.  Something was fishy, and I knew I would put the puzzle pieces together eventually.

 I always knew their were two parts of me, and a third that I would create.   I have to laugh, because I would tell people this and they would ask me, how do you know this?  I would say, ” I have zero idea, but I know it’s true.” Then I began to deeply study the Esoteric Knowledge of the Magnum Opus…our Great Work, and I finally found my key that I had looked for.  For the first time I did not feel crazy, and I had proof in so many ancient writings that I was right, and I had names to what I knew inside.  I needed to merge my ego with my soul…my upper self with my lower self, which is also the feminine and masculine energies within me.  This divine union would create the new Christ Consciousness within my heart.  Psalm 51:10 “Create in me a pure heart and renew a right spirit within me.”   The 2 shall become 1, had a brand new meaning to me.  I am my own Twin Flame, and I was so happy.  Then I began to wonder why the majority of spiritual people did not know or accept this information.

There are two reasons why this is not a widely accepted teaching.   The biggest reason I learned from listening to Mark Passio at the Free Your Mind Conference in 2013.  Mark is a whistle blower on the New Age Deception, as he was directly involved in the creation of the New Age Belief Systems.  During many interviews, and especially during his New Age Deception presentation, (which is on YouTube), he describes how he and others that were involved in the Dark Occult created the ” New Age Religion.”   I was sitting on the edge of my seat listening how the Dark Occult saw many people becoming disgruntled with organized religion, and so they decided something had to be done.  Religion, which most people know, was created to control the masses, and since many were leaving the confines of controlled thinking, something had to take its place.  That something is the New Age Belief System.  Now, the Dark Occult is very smart and cunning, they knew that people were waking up in droves and could smell the lies of the Churches, so they decided to create a new belief system that had only about 1/2 of the actual true Ancient Esoteric Truth.  The rest is lies and deception designed to keep you a prisoner.  You change one cell of the Church to one with fluffy bars of the New Age Religion.  Unfortunately, the Twin Flame Theory is at the top of the list of 1/2 truths.  If the Dark Occult gave the whole truth, which is you complete you, in order to create your highest expression of yourself, which is your Christed state of being….well, then they would no longer be able to control the newly liberated from Organized religion masses.  So, they created the fairy tale of finding your Twin Flame outside of yourself in a romantic, sexual relationship.  It’s much more fun to think that a relationship outside of you, will complete you, rather than doing your own inner work, and you completing you. So people are going around in circles looking for true love in all the wrong places.  They are on an endless search for their long lost Twin Flame.  When all along it was with them the whole time, just waiting patiently to be discovered.

Now, this does not mean that a special someone is not to be enjoyed.  It’s quite the opposite really.  When two separate individuals both complete the merger of ego and soul, and are balanced within, magic happens.  This type of union of two fully balanced individuals is called Hieros Gamos.  Which is a very ancient concept of a God and a Goddess coming together as a couple, plus much more.  We are now preparing to exit the Golden Gate of the Gods, which will prepare humanity to enter into the next stage of the relationship evolution…Hieros Gamos.

Now is the perfect time to become one from within yourself and with yourself, so you can find your Divine Counterpart which will be a mature Spiritual Companion of the highest vibration.  Out with the old Twin Flame Theory and in with the correct Heiros Gamos relationships.

Written By:  Lisa Rising Berry

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13 thoughts on “Spiritual Companions and the Twin Flame Theory

    1. Yes… I think more people are starting to wake up to the fake truth that has been feed to us. I agree with your word choice….wonky, is a perfect way to explain how it felt to me. LOL.. 🙂 🙂


  1. Ever Since 39 yrs ago when I been just 25 when my Mother tied in a nuptial wedlock with women four years younger to me from the same culture even following nearly some traditions, it did not matter to me Cuz somehow I sensed deeper within me in matter of few days that the marriage is not giving me ny sense of completion whatsoever I tried to feel good and have positive outlook and hope did not work t ll. In our smiles marriages were solemnized by the elders and Now even after 40 years I did not feel complete but for future of growing children and or to honor olden traditions to not run away from responsibilities of 2 grown up daughters I had to bernd tell this sense of incompleteness ll through and through 39 years did not separate and till this day hopeful to find my other prt of soul mate….if she be somewhere. 63 yrs now. I still believe and tells me that my inner knowing my higher self hs kept me on this arduous journey of life with women where we e poles prt not t ll sharing lest our heart mind or body for decades BUT perhaps I might meet the key that would open something inside of myself that would give me the completeness and wholeness that I longed for.

    I believe in Twin Flame Theory since 2004 and till today— yearn to find her somewhere or silently pray the Universe to let her find me….even if that sense of completion comes for few days , months or years or whatever
    of my more destined time out here on earth would not matter perhaps.

    Ashok Sharma

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  2. Reblogged this on esxtaylor west and commented:
    lOve it — Reading this and I remember the words Hieros Gamos from when I was younger , when I was always so curious about Greece . I want to relearn because I`ve blocked out so much of my life .. I met my diving counterpart already . Just waiting for him to stop running from reality and find himself . I know he will soon , he`s like , whoa . So good at everything . I lOve how we are the same but not , we have everything the other doesn`t . It`s amazing to be able to find someone I`ve been looking for all my life , never even knew I had an image of the person I wanted and all of a sudden he exists lol 🙂

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  3. This article was very, very informative for me. As the man I considered my twin soul is 25 years older than me and married. I am also married. We both learn a lot from one another and have a very loving and deep connection. But trying to figure out how to make this work was becoming impossible. Our personal flaws and my obligations to my daughter (11 and recovering from a cancer called Osteosarcoma) only add to our difficulties. I feel free now knowing that I don’t have to have him in my bed in order to be complete. I can do the work and complete myself fully with him or without him or without anyone. Now I can put him and our relationship and its proper place, and be free to grow without romantic obligation. I am excited to do the research you mentioned. I can’t tell you enough how this frees up my soul that I don’t have to “make this work” in order to evolve. Thank you very much for what you’ve written.

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  4. Hey there, i started my new job and for some reason theres this new guy who i sense keeps looking at me.
    One day i went into his office to deliver his mail he thanked me and when our eyes meet i sensed like i knew him spiritually.
    Fast forward after a month i started experiencing synchronicity like seeing his name randomly in tv, billboards and characters. Also seeing men that look like him.
    I even bump into him every 20th of the month and i felt his presence before i saw him.
    I have also beeing seeing the number 11:11 and white owls

    Does this mean something?

    Thankyou i am looking forward to your reply.

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    1. I feel everything means something if life. I take every sign I get from the Universe to heart. It seems you are dealing with men issues, and at the same time receiving guidance in numbers. I think you need to take a step back and separate the two things going on in your life right now. 1 being men and the 2nd being your spiritual journey. I am sorry for the time delay in getting back to you. I have been on vacation, I am trying to catch up on everything today. LOL


  5. Yes! So very true…I have always felt like the whole soul mate/twin flame thing was a distraction and was false. I would always get frustrated with friends who would ‘fix’ me up because I didn’t have someone ‘special’ in my life, as if I was not complete on my own, but then later understood that it makes them uncomfortable to see me alone, and not so much about me. Maybe they had good intentions but I never saw the purpose of having to have someone, another hal, as they put it to make me whole, or needing companionship. It’s a social conditioning and program while almost all the commercials or shows tell us that if we don’t have our ‘significant other’ then we are incomplete, that we need someone there by our side. Thanks for writing this Lisa! I think that the ‘holy marriage’ they speak of in the Bible is just what you said about, the merging of the masculine and feminine and not an actual marriage as we see it here! ❤

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  6. Thank you Lisa. I am now in what is supposedly called the twinflame surrender phase, and all it has made me realize is that(1) there is no such thing as a twinflame and that I trully need no one to complete me the Lord has already provided all I need within me to be fulfilled.(2)I was obviously highly emotionally immature. I’m excited about life now because finally I feel and know in my heart of hearts that all is well and I’m gonna make it all on my own regardless of having a soulmate,twinflame, life partner blah blah blah! other people are born with this knowing #revelation which is a priceless gift to have. well most of us, myself included have to go through painful experiences to finally wake up. very sad. Once again thank u Lisa I wish the were more blogs like this on the internet.

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