Archons-300x197I had fully intended to write an article on the mis-information about implants.  It was to be Part Two of my article about Chakara removal.  I have decided not to do this.  I am fully disconnecting from ALL old time-line information.   These issues have been resolved, as I fully participated in its elimination.    Implantation did exist…but not NOW!

sinking shipHumanity will continue to find a way to blame their own issues on outside sources no matter what I write or say.  Any excuse not to do inner work to eliminate the uncomfortable negative Ascension symptoms is what many are choosing, as they pay others for implant removal services.  I want nothing to do with this very misguided choice.   Implants DO NOT exist on this new energy and on this new timeline.  I will no longer write about or connect with the foolishness of the disappearing reality.  If others want to stay on a sinking ship,then so be it, I hope you have a good life raft.

You can chose to remain stuck in the past of 2009 and descend or you can get on board with the new energy that is increasing and accelerating our journey to amazing heights.  Plant seeds not implants….  Seeds are organic and real, implants are inorganic and DO NOT  exist on this very real and organic timeline.  If you want to know if implants exist on this current timeline, then do your inner work, clear your mind, connect to the organic internet that resides within you.   Then you will see for yourself that the only implant your body contains is the lies that have been feed to you, in an attempt to keep you from clearing your own mind, and realizing your own true nature.

be what you live

Be careful what you mentally align yourself with.  You can energetically become what your mind believes to be true…  You essential will live what you believe….   You will Be what you Live.  If someone tells you that you have implants, and you Be-Live it, and they remove them for you….of-course you will feel better.  That is how powerful the mind is.

True-Freedom I hope more will chose true freedom, which is realizing that YOU are in-control of YOUR energy, and no implant, person, archon, AI, ET has control over you.  We are sovereign beings and we are the ones we have been waiting for.  We are not slaves to any outside forces…time to take our power back, grow up and become the WARRIORS OF LIGHT that we truly are.  Ok, my rant is over…moving on!


Lisa Rising Berry

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19 thoughts on “Got Implants??? No You Don’t! Now Can We Please Move Forward In this New Energy?

  1. I am with you goddess warrior. I thank the old information because it is what I needed back then. I am being shown that looking inside is where our power is, not surfing the net for the latest word from others. Thank you for sharing your truth because it is my truth also! Let’s raise our swords, look inside for our power and get this mission done. Sending you encouragement to keep on speaking your truth!!! Something huge is being unlocked in each of us!!!

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    1. Well said Ada!!!! I am with you every step of the way!!!! Thank you for the encouragement, it is greatly appreciated! I am agree that something is being unlocked in each of us, and it’s call the Truth!
      Love you,


  2. Right on Lisa! The truth is all that is asked, and even then some will not believe it, and it’s ok…they don’t realize that ‘THEY ARE THE IMPLANT’…there are no implants in us, and it’s what we choose for our mission if we focus on the illusion of a battle which are two sides of the same coin. We no longer need to be warriors or engage in feeding the beast/timeline of the past! We are sparks of the infinite being, the fire of the new flame that stands on it’s own, and burns away the fuzz of sticky fearmongering. You can lay down your sword now, precious one….all the rest will fade away! ❤

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  3. You Go Girl!!!!! Thank you for the information and speaking your truth. You have lit a fire w/in me and I feel so empowered by your words as they are full of strength and love. The new energy has been a bit tough on me, but it’s cleaning and clearing out the old and I feel blessed to have found you and Andrea and this site. May we all go forward in this new beautiful loving energy and truly create a heaven on earth while we are here. Blessings to you ❤

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    1. Hello Leslie!

      I can hear and feel the “fire” in your words. Woooohooo! You empowered me by reading your comment! Thank you for your words, and I am glad you found Andrea and I too!!!

      Onward and Upward we go to Infinity and Beyond!!!


  4. Wow guys by just reading url comments makes me excited and giving me the strength to take them on fully charge. I am still new in my experience and everyday now seeing them and hw its moving, guys I am living with a couple and a child that is un human beings and I have it on video and the yard looks like Satans Den (Hell) and just watchin them moving around like lost souls screaming from hell is scary at first I need url help please.

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    1. I agree with Lisa, get out of there. These are a part of the program, the ones who usurp the energy of fear from those who don’t know what’s going on. Do you wake up tired and drained? Well, you need to move out of the space that they have created the negative energy that is very similar to vampirism. You could probably make your room positive and sacred, but surely there would eventually be a clash….Disengage! Find a place…best of luck, and put a gold light around you and ground, protect your energy, and they will go bizerk like cockroaches when you turn the light on! I hope you can find something…put it out there to the universe. Keep us posted! ❤

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  5. I just started coming across more of this stuff about implants on youtube and it was something I had not heard much about before except in ET abduction/ MILAB related stuff but then I thought of it as some sort of advanced tech that was a very tiny physical device not so much a advanced tech that operated as a higher frequency vibration/dimensional object that only showed in other dimensions. ???
    Only two people so far I have came across that speak with so much furor about this subject of “need to have implants removed” and this is a “Kellie Coffee” on youtube and “Rich2150x” on youtube.
    She is so “way out there” when it comes to this, she makes it sound like everyone has a multitude of some sort of implant or weird creature device that works on multiple levels and is different in different dimensional vibrations.
    Rich also is big on this subject but then also throws in that we have such n such agreements that we have set in place from before we came to this life and they have to be disavowed or cancelled by us in an almost ritual way of retracting the agreements r whatever and then he also talks about all these implants that have to be removed.

    I was trying to find other that spoke about this that I trusted but couldnt really find much about this until I found your page.
    The Kelli Coffee also makes a statement that she sees chakras look to her like some sort of artificial structure that is a hindrance to getting complete freedom of energy flow. Which she speaks of removing them or something when she does astral energy work on some people.

    This sounded kinda weird to me but she seems authentic when ya watch her speak and so does Rich.

    So what Im wondering is how can some of the metaphysical practitioners be so off-kilter on some aspects of these matters?, I mean, I think Im pretty good at seeing through garbage and I can sense things that arent right or true, but I have a hard time getting a bead on these two exactly. lol As Rich does state things that I feel are true and so does Kellie. She seems to truly help a lot of people as she gets positive support for clients experiences,so thats why it seems odd that she’d be so way off in what she believes or perceives is reality going on in other vibrations.

    What is your thoughts on this?

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    1. Hello, I really don’t know why they say what they do. I clairvoyantly do not see what they do anymore. I did see everything that they discuss back in 2008-2010. After that point it began to lessen. Then by 2013, the planet began to rise energetically to the extent where those things simply can not exist anymore due to the law of vibration. I clairvoyantly watched them disappear. I honestly have zero idea what they are looking at. I literally watched implants and other artificial “things” disappear from this planet as I watched the vibration rise. There are many people that are stuck in the past, and for some reason they don’t see the energetic progress that is taking place right now. I just respect them, and honor where they are on their path. I hope that one day, they will clairvoyantly see what I, and many others like me “see”. But until then, I use my abilities to know what is currently going on. I do a ton of inner work on my issues and keep my energy very clear, so this enables me to have the highest amount of clarity I can have. It is so crucial right now to be able to “see” for yourself what is current and what is no longer occurring. I truly feel that even though they may not be “seeing” the truth, they are not trying to hurt people. I really feel they are doing what they can to the best of their ability. We all operate at different levels according to where we are on our path. The drama of implants and other subjects that are no longer influencing people can be difficult to let go of. It can also be scary to let go of, for fear of the unknown future is not desirable to some individuals. For some people this fear will cause them to stick with what they know, rather than move on to the new. I try my bet to keep my mind open to all new information and experiences, no matter how uncomfortable they make me feel. I hope this helps.


  6. Thanks for your thoughtful and very helpful reply and answers! I felt that it seemed hollow,like there really was not anything to be concerned with, I dont know why,I just had that main feeling that I didnt need to deal with it or get involved with it. I agree that there is so much sensationalistic drama in so much of this that is trying to alarm and stress out people so they get distracted.

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