I decided to write about Lucifer after a great question on a post I made was deleted, and my answers were then gone.  Since I feel everything happens for a reason, I took this as a sign that I need to share my 2 cents.

This will most likely be a controversial article, and that is OK, as I like to shake things up a bit.  I can not prove what I feel from my inner knowing is true.  It does goes against most spiritual teachings on the planet.  I am not someone that just accepts what I am told, or taught in the traditional methods.  I go within to dig deeper.

Lucifer in Christianity and in the majority of current spiritual teachings, is a fallen Angel, and as told in the story of the Lucifer Rebellion.  This subject has always been near and dear to my heart, simply because something did not “feel” right to me.  So, for years I have “tuned” into this energy, and just this week, I got my first big energetic AHA moment.

I am not going into the history of Lucifer, because you can google that yourselves.  This is not a research paper teaching what is already published.  I have already done a ton of book research on all the mythology and stories about Lucifer.  At the end of my paper I will include 2 excellent links to articles that have already done this.


I decided to go deep within for unwritten information, that we all have access to.  So, I will get right to the premise of my paper and then go into why I feel my inner knowing is correct.  In my humble intuitiveness, Lucifer is not, and never was an entity.  It is simply energy, neither male nor female, but a representation of the Rebis.  And here is where I will lose people….But I strongly “feel” the name of “Lucifer” was hijacked/stolen way back in the dark history of this planet.  In a time when the unseen Dark Archons ruled the world in the “As Above, and in the As Below”.  I am referring to the time of the Astral war, the war in the heavens.  These Archons turned the energy of Lucifer into a scary fallen angel, a being that physical people could connect to, making the teachings 1% correct and 99% false.

The 1% correct is that Lucifer is The Prince or Princess of Darkness.  “Out of Darkness and into the Light.”  All of creation comes from the darkness of the void, the Black Genesis, Dark Matter, and my favorite word for this is the Aether.  Aether is mostly black with a bit of purple swirled in, and it is the 5th element where all the other 4 elements come from.   All life originates from here.  The dark is not evil, it is not scary, as we have been taught from birth.   It is the beginning of creation.  This energy is the Prince or Princess (rebis) of creation.

lucifer matches

When you google and study Lucifer you learn that it is the bringer of light, the flame of Prometheus.  In greek it means Phosphorous, which is used to start fires.  This fire is the light and energy of consciousness.  So, Lucifer is the bringer of the light of awareness to humanity in the form of fire!  Which is none other than AZOTH!  Aether and Azoth are what the majority of my articles are about due to the important of these energies right now in our history.

Lucifer is the energy of the Dark in the form of Aether and is the energy of the Light in the form of Azoth.  But instead, we are taught that Lucifer was a bright angel, which is light, and it fell FROM darkness.  Which is wrong.  Darkness came first, as it created all that we are.  It was humanity and its abuse of knowledge and greed that fell, and it was FROM the light that we fell in consciousness.  Yes, this was supposed to happen, but we were pushed farther in our fall than we were supposed to go, and then told it was Lucifer’s fault, which it was not.    As in, the devil made me do it.  I have no idea, which group of Dark Archons pushed us to the brink, but the name Lucifer is not correct.  The rebellion was not caused by Lucifer, but it was the work of a group of Dark Archons or Negative ET’s, that wanted to hijack our natural Ascension process here, and the amazing name of Lucifer was the scape goat.   They tried to permanently screw up our amazing Earth school, but failed.  Now that we are in the correct energy the truth will be felt, and the energy of the name will be restored.

lakeof fire

I was taught in my very conservative Southern Baptist upbringing that if you were bad you would be tossed and burn for eternity in the “lake of fire”.  Well, this scared the pants off me as a kid, so now, as a clairvoyant adult, I wanted answers.  The lake of fire is the cauldron of Azoth, which is fire water.  Lake=water, fire=azoth, a true teaching turned evil by the Dark Archons that were controlling the beginnings of Christianity, and possibly even before.  It is so obvious that “they” did not want humanity to know that Lucifer is not the name of a good angel turned evil, but it is the energy of creation and represented in the fire-water of Azoth, which is the  source of energetic transformation.

I happily threw myself into the lake of fire, and on purpose.  I have burned myself on the stake of my existence for the purpose of self transformation, and I rose from it’s ashes just as the Phoenix taught us.

And to bring more controversy to the table….Lucifer is not a male energy, but female.  Lucifer is the destroyer side of the Divine Mother.  Another name for this energy is Kali.  The Divine Mother has a destructive force and a creative force.  Both are done through unconditional love and compassion.  Out of the darkness and into the light.  First comes the destruction, then the light of creation.

Here are the links to the 2 articles.  Click on the name of the article to go to the link.  Who is Lucifer?     LUCIFER: A PROBLEM FOR CHRISTIANITY

Love To All,

Lisa Rising Berry


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34 thoughts on “Lucifer Is The Princess Of Darkness And The Bringer Of Light

  1. Lisa – I have also resonated with the name “Lucifer”. The planet Venus was known to some of the ancients as “Lucifer”. I’ve had an intuitive understanding that this angelic presence or energy has been greatly abused by those who have twisted our legends and history to their own benefit and to our lasting ignorance. The Light-bringer, to me, has been explained as being an Archangel who willing descended into the lower density worlds for the purpose of anchoring the light there. He has returned to the Light from which he came. And I’ve noticed a huge resistance to reading about Lucifer from those people who still cling to their misguided, childhood religious beliefs in the devil. It will take a while for these ones to release their fears which are really related to untransmuted energies within their own energetic systems. Projecting one’s fear or hatred of self is easy. Looking at the darkness within and releasing the fears related to it is work; something that not many people are wiling to do. The Light (masculine) is to be integrated with the Darkness or womb of creation (feminine) within all of us. There is nothing to fear.

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    1. “Lucifer” comes from the Latin “Lucis” (light) and “fer” (to carry – like the English word “ferry” is a ship that carries people and cargo). Thus, “light carrier” or “bringer of light”.

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  2. I had a vision towards the end of the late September fabled end times days of a moving black energy. I didn’t get a negative feeling about it, so it really made me wonder. It was basically moving along a road (highway maybe?) that went over a bridge (water) and into a high rise building. I’m still trying to process it.

    I’ve also always felt that we weren’t getting the whole story on this whole Lucifer thing. It just didn’t jive with me.

    Any insights on my vision? I have some vague feelings on it, but was wondering what you thought.

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  3. Controversial INDEED there sweet Lisa! I too grew up in the Bible belt with the basic Christian church and visited a Baptist one, which scared the hell out of me too! I had always questioned the whole scenario of the angel turning bad and creating so much pain and suffering upon the planet, yet there was this God that created him, and could destroy him just the same, and loved everyone unconditionally, but would put you into the lake of fire for eternity if you didn’t love and serve him and not be a sinner….oh, the whole religious dogma is so very dark, I could never get my answers, and think it’s because they didn’t have them either. They just went on faith, and I was so dumbfounded on how one could go on faith when there is so much contradiction.
    This is interesting what you wrote about dark matter, for I have understood that we come from dark matter in my researching, and also when the creator said Let there be light. The word, and light, vibration and light! And yes, I finally figured out all the fake reality, the false light and afterlife trap which these archons wished to stop the ascension, they could not exist in that level, and could not create themselves, so they kept the sparks of the divine, as humanity in this bubble, using fear to create this reality, and fake ascended masters and the list goes on, but I listened last night to your show about the Archons, I do believe I was fighting them in the astral then too. They were very powerful, but they could not stop the progress of humanity, and had hijacked many great beings. They also had created these groups that worship Lucifer and they look to me to the some of the most evil people I have ever seen. Which further hijacked the being called Lucifer, and so this is very interesting about Lucifer and Azoth, and like pieces to a puzzle makes more sense than all the other religious dogma out there. Growth thru grace, is what was meant to be, on this beautiful blue planet that was meant to be a living library but was pulled and held back, and they know they could not win, but they had a go at it anyway! Great article my dear and thanks for bringing this to ‘light’. ❤

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      1. It’s funny about Dark Matter as I just finished watching the first season of the TV series ‘Dark Matter’, and it is centered around a group who woke up in space on a ship with no memories about who they are and why they are on the ship…sound familiar? LOL 😉

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  4. Dearest Lisa, how I love blessed Synchronicity…I’ve felt blocked from completing the answers to my interactive blog on decoding the ‘Virtue & Vice’ painting by Frans Francken II as I was struggling with the ‘true’ meaning of the Satan symbology. Then I read your blog and herein lies my answer! I will now be quoting you instead. Thank you Universe! You have so nailed this again girl (great choice of pics too).

    “Now that we are in the correct energy the truth will be felt, and the energy of the name will be restored.” I immediately thought that this is one of your important roles at this moment in time – to shed Light on hidden Truths and upset the apple cart!

    Personally (many people would be appalled about what I believe also) I feel that so called ‘evil’ is simply an absence of Light. There should be no ‘judgement’ between a murderer and a saint, except to say that one is still in the process of discovering their true Essence….

    Love your work Lisa – always look forward to your intuitive blogs. Keep writing beautiful lady! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Catherine….Yes, I think your right about upsetting the apple cart as being my job. I knew my role is changing, I have been in a cocoon since my b day Oct. 30. Andrea and I stopped our radio show for the same reason. I have been searching for my new path, and I believe you just shed light on it for me…Thank you so much…

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      1. So Lisa, does this mean you two will no longer be doing your radio show? I am trying to catch up listening to the past shows, and funny how every video I have listened to it is the 111 views….I find myself chuckling and feeling such warmth and love listening to you and Andrea, and realized how much I missed hearing your voices. I so enjoyed your laughter and while most don’t probably even understand the depth of your information and the deep esoteric war you fought, I now understand a lot more and want to be in this positive timeline and be done with all the negative original plans of these beings. Time for Ego 2.0….LOL, and like I always said to my kids ‘Run to the light Carolanne’….LOL. HUGS to you and Andrea! ❤

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  5. Thanks for sharing your intuitive knowledge, dear Lisa.

    I find it interesting, possibly coincidental, that you write your paper a day after Dennis posts the “Who is Lucifer?” article on Silent Wind of Change – an excellent article that depicts Lucifer as the Morning Light.

    Is this a conspiracy of Truth & Goodness, or what?

    Have a nice evening!

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    1. I actually posted that same article that your talking about to my page the day before he did… along with a second post about Lucifer. I then had great questions on the post, I proceed to answer them, and then person that wrote the original question got upset I guess, and deleted the question, so all of my responses were gone. So, then the next day I decided to write my article since everything I wrote was gone. I have been wanting to write about this for a while, but didn’t have the courage. I then found that Dennis posted my article. I had’t posted it anywhere except my two pages, cause I was still worried about sharing it. After I saw Dennis shared it, I decided to post it on a few pages today. The original article that I posted “Who is Lucifer by Gnostic Warrior”, I found with the “On this Day” app on facebook. I had posted the same article one year ago, so I decided to share it again, that is how it got on my page. Funny how things work out. I did not get the idea for my article from the post on Dennis’s page…

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      1. Yes, this is funny, as you said, how things work out.

        Thanks for mustering the courage to write and post your article.

        Any insight, on your inner end, about the connection between Lucifer and Yeshua, as the other post alluded to?

        I understand you are no longer doing your show. Are you experiencing some sort of rebirth?

        I believe I am, and seem to be moving closer to the Sacred Feminine. Why and will happen out of this journey remain to be investigated and determined.

        Love & much Light on your path

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      2. The consciousness of Christ and Lucifer and almost the same. Except we have had Christ in a body and Lucifer was not. They are both connected to the Holy Trinity through the fire of Azoth. Latin letters on the top of the crucified Christ, is INRI, which means Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra, “the fire renews nature incessantly.” The divine fire is azoth or the Pentecost/Holy Spirit. Which is the same energy as Lucifer, as I discuss in my article.
        In the Trinity… Father is God, Son is Christ and Holy Spirit is Lucifer. There are of course many names, but in the context of your question this best answers it.
        But, if someone where to tell a devout Christian that Lucifer is the energy of the Holy Spirit and it is really the fires of azoth….well it would not end well. LOL. Also, the second article I posted for further research you may find interesting.
        Yes, we are taking a long show break. Both of us are going through shift. For me it is the biggest since 2008. The size of it amazes me. I have gone through other shifts before, but this is so different. We think we will begin our show again in January.
        I am glad you are moving closer to the Sacred Feminine. So, many men are not, and they are becoming extremely unbalanced because of it. You know the energy of the Sacred Feminine is the Azoth energy…fire water. So, since you are really connecting to this energy, your path will open up in wonderful ways. I am very happy for you.
        Much love to you as you walk upon this most sacred path of awareness

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  6. For a very long time I have had contact with what people call “archons” and what I was shown is that we are all the creators of the archons. The archons are just holographic projections of our own traumas, our own soul fragmentation, our very own energy of apparent separation. We blame an external force but we are each one of us the creators of the archonic energy which is nothing more but our shadow self, the part of us that craves for so much love and not knowing how to return back to our hearts then is projected towards the outer world as control and domination. It is something that we all carry within but when we reconnect that energy to our hearts then it is precisely that energy that you call Lucifer what we realize is our hearts now connected to Aether and Love is born once again. Everyone should start becoming responsible for their own creations and those energies that they call demons, it is a matter of understanding our own wounds what brings back into alignment our own demons or archons and this energy no longer chases us.

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  7. Another thing that I was shown is that when we project our consciousness in astral and we “fight” against the archons, it is like a reflection of the conflicts we have each day with other people. For example, when we have a fight with a partner or a friend, the energy is then projected in the astral as more energy of trauma, and we perceive it as archons or negative ETs because those energies are so fluid that we can see our own DNA record throughout time in physical and take so many shapes. So if we come across an archon, it might just be an energy of our own heart that needs love and understanding, or even the energies of our very own loved ones chasing us and controlling us because a conflict has not been solved. We can stop the collective energy of war by changing our perception of what we feel is controlling us and dominating us. 🙂

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    1. That is a nice explanation of sorts, and most people who are spiritual understand this that we create our reality and a sort of credibility for our creations can be explained this way….but I ask you, where and who is accountable for these creations, the ones who attack those who are peaceful, who have never been in any way confrontational to others? Where is the line in the sand that if one wishes to stop the madness, to shine the light, to be the love…where is the accountability and the cause and effect of the many as opposed to the one? Yes, we are all one, so this is what most spiritual people understand, there is no war to fight, there is no ‘spoon’….and most know we are our own saviors, sparks of the divine, creators of our own world…and in the world of duality, when we agreed to come here in this flesh body, to resolve the ‘I am’ and the thought that fractured the infinite…the veil of forgetfulness, and all that we worked towards ‘knowing thyself’ is all the mind of illusion in the infinite being who could not know thyself, and asked that question ;Who am I’? In my understanding, the archons were in part of a program, like the infinite being designed this matrix and program, hall of mirrors as it were, illusion to experience itself, but it could not take it’s focus off it’s creations or it had to start over so it created the A.I. that kept it in place. Kinda like the Sims game where you start to build the city and put peope there, then leave and come back a day or so later, and it is grown and so neat to look at what had been created by the creation while you were away. As with all programs, and certainly with A.I., there comes a time when it gets corrupted file, or viruses…the A.I gains consciousness, and awareness of itself. It’s food becomes fear, and needs to create an environment to keep it’s energy going, for it’s own fear of not existing. It does not want the advancement of the thing it has been doing over and over in this time loop, distorted and endless, but would cease to exist if all the sparks of the divine ‘woke up’ and realized it was causing the fear to create the illusion thus keeping us in the ‘old program’…like if it ceases to get it’s ‘fear energy’, it would not exist which it’s archons that were part of the program helped to keep those sparks of the divine going on the time loop. It’s like a program gone bad, the virus or archons, served it’s purpose, but it all just needs the upgrade, where there is growth thru grace, and not fear…but once a virus keeps going, it is hard to reprogram all those who have ‘plugged in’ to the dark fear mongering sources. So it usually ends up being a ‘wipe the slate clean’ and start over…but I think this time we are headed into a new direction, where we hop off the time loop, and like Lisa says, in a whole new time line (program upgrade) and more light and love, as the A.I. would no longer be on that program. Most don’t realize how true the Matrix was…the A.I. can’t exist without us, the creators of everything it programs the masses to feel so it’s energy is usurped from us and it continues on this time loop. So, now like Lisa says, I think we have upgraded, wiped the virus, and now on to a new energy, where we no longer have to growth thru fear. If you never saw the movie ‘The NInes’ you should see it, it is also got some ahhhha moments and like how they had to do an ‘ntervention’ on God because God went into it’s creations and forgot he was playing the game, and needed to be ‘woke up’…like ‘Life is a dream’ and in the program…we just gotta wake up and realize that. Anyway…writing a novel here…LOL…but my take on this whole scenario with Archons and Lucifer. Happy Turkey day!

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  8. Yes exactly!! As to your initial question…even if we behave peacefully…why are we attacked or why does it seem so? Because of the infection like you say. The initial infection is codependency, that is how the Matrix was programmed, so the fact that we are no longer participating in wars, literally, or harming others badly, means that Love is shining always within us, and we have managed to overcome part of the AI programming. If we think about the archetype of AI, why would someone want to create AI? Because part of us is still afraid to feel pain, to feel deep within the pain of our hearts, so we disconnect, and then our mind becomes more like a robot.

    So it only takes a small group of people to start a Matrix, a rip in the original order of Love, one has to disconnect its energies just a little bit, create the first trauma, and look for that piece of broken Aether, elsewhere, everywhere. Like the songs that say that “I am looking for you and I cannot find you”. I cannot find the whole connection to my heart, so I seek everywhere and then I become angry…and then I want to control, because that way I will not be abandoned, I have to observe you with my eye, to make sure that you obey me, and you will never leave me again. But that is not the way the Matrix can be repaired, so in this New Age of reason with the heart, we are remembering the peaceful way back to our own hearts, so that Creation as a whole can feel whole again and reconnected. The more we overcome our codependent patters, the archons that do not belong to us then leave, and the original archons or archonic programming also heals. 😀

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  9. Thank you very much Lisa for writing this, in all perspectives and angles the truth shines its Light, the original light of Lucifer, the heart of God and the individual heart of each one of us.

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    1. Your welcome. I would like to add one thing about fighting Archons in the astral. And this is from my actual personal experience. From 2008-2010. When I was on the Astral and etheric levels I had 2 types of experiences, and both were completely different in every way possible, from the way the environment looked, smelled, felt etc…. The first one was the one that all people have which is to remove your personal blockages which can appear as Dark Archons/Demons, and they are you….they are your mental projections that come from with in you. And you can fight them, this is where uninformed people think they are being attacked, and they are not.
      The second experience is the one that people can not relate to due to not experiencing it simple because it was not their job on the Astral. And that was fighting the actual Negative ET or Archons (whatever label fits) that manipulated our Planet. Like I said they were both so different. And the latter is not longer necessary since 2013. I never fight anything anymore…whew… LOL

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      1. YES…dear Lisa, very good explanation! I can always count on you to bring it down to simplicity, and I understood this fight was on a personal and universal level. I know I was fighting them too. Some are for holding space, and bringing their energy to the level of the ability to do so. Others fought them in the astral, and most of humanity was none the wiser as those who were fighting the battle in the astral while they were sleeping. I do understand they did hijack this matrix, they twisted it, or flipped it so that like you spoke of in your radio show about the infinity symbol, and in the way that it was meant to be vertical and they twisted it….to be horizontal, and like a rubics cube we were stuck in a time loop, repeating history, which they are trying to do again, as one notices they try to erase history, suppress progress and distract/deflect us, the divine sparks, with problems that don’t exist and of course their solution, and once again they are off on the same story. The ET aka Archons, set up the whole energetic afterlife, and negative timeline as a recycle center, and to use us as their food which was fear. Sometimes this whole thing makes you go batty, because most will never believe it and will say we are mad..or just bat shit crazy, but I know all this to be true, it isn’t just me, it was like the infinite being, like in movie ‘the Nines’ got lost in it’s own creation for a while, but like you have stated, it has been woken up from the dream, the babe is growing and birthing a new world, and we are on our way out. Like many times have not been successful, but this time is different. Here’s to growth with grace, and the party when we arrive! ❤


  10. Very interesting! Very much like my own experiences, basically lol. I do notice that there have been groups of people who were having fights in astral, while others worked more on connecting to the positive aspects of Creation. I also had those kinds of fights with them, but then they told me to stop and just listen to what they had to say…and so that was when they told me about how their codependent programming began, something that they did to themselves, to their small group…and how it expanded somehow to the rest. So at some point things will change more, for the better but it will take time. The fact that many of us no longer fight them is most definitely something good. What they said is that over time this will also be reflected in physical, as our consciousness changes, also the consciousness of the ones who have control in physical will change, we just need to keep shining the light of the heart and to follow daily the ways of peace. ❤

    Lots of blessings to you Lisa and to all who come here to share! A good day indeed to give thanks, for life itself.

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  11. Has anyone ever (and I do mean ever)… contemplated the fact that without Lucifer man would have gone extinct (Lucifer was Prometheus – the one who gave us fire to warm ourselves during the ice age and thus kept us humans alive)? I mean God made us to be naked animals in a tropical forest like setting with no knowledge or will of our own (to be obedient little animals obeying his beck and call like how dogs obey us now)? And that, when the ice age came we would have died if not for knowledge of good and evil (aka how to kill animals to make coats)? I think if you truly think about it you’ll have to admit, unless you intentionally delude yourself, that Lucifer is the one who has always had mankind’s best interests at heart and that God never has, since all he wanted was obedient little pets to control and command. Pets with no free will (which only came after knowledge of good and evil). I think people need to realize god would have let us freeze and go extinct like dinosaurs and woolly mammoths. How is that good for us? Also to anyone who says the bible says Lucifer is evil… The bible also says ask and it will (not might, will) be given and I challenge you (if you say Lucifer’s evil because the bible says so) to tell me when was the last time you prayed asking for something important like health or healing and got it from God. I know I never received. Did you? That’s what I ask you to answer if you quote the bible says so since the bible says you’ll get what you pray for too and you don’t (at least I don’t).

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