lisa-iris-egyptianAs a woman who knows her ancient knowledge, I am appalled at how the name of ISIS is currently being used as the name of a Military Group/Movement, and is associated with terror and blood shed. I don’t care what it stands for.  It’s so obvious what is being done here, and I don’t like it, and I choose not to align with that energy.  I may not be able to stop those that use this name in the manner that they are, but I can certainly stand in my power and neutralize that rotten energy in my personal field.   It seems even some spiritual people are asleep and unaware at the attempt to make the Divine Feminine energy evil and violent.  Many people chose to believe that the name ISIS was just a coincidence, which it was not.   The physical Archons we are dealing with know Ancient Esoteric Occulted Knowledge better than people who claim to be awake.  This precious Occult information (Occult means hidden), has been keep from the general population for too long.  Which made it very easy for them to fool the public by using the name ISIS. This is the time of the Rise of the Divine Feminine Energy, after thousands of years of being suppressed.  We are fortunate that the current planetary alignments and the rise of the evolved Azoth energy, do not agree with this use of the name ISIS.   It is not in resonance with the location of time and space that we are currently in.  Which of course will help to break it down.


Isis is one of many Ancient representations of the Divine Feminine and Goddess, just like the names Gaia, Sophia, Magdalene etc…  This is another attempt to suppress the Divine Feminine energy.  The “powers that are on their way out”, do not want the symbolic divine process of Heiro Gamos to naturally occur.  The name ISIS is the perfect balance of the word IS.  It is the word IS twice, a perfect mirror image of the Hermetic Principle of “As Above, So Below.”  In Gematria ISIS equals 22, which again shows how powerful this name is.  The actual esoteric name of ISIS is a perfect  balance of the Heiro Gamos energy of BOTH, the Divine Feminine and the Diving Masculine.  Which are mated in perfect balance and pure unity.  This IS why the letters IS have been used twice in this name.  Because it IS the epitome of perfect balance.

I feel deeply that the Elite know, they can not truly knock this Divine Lady off balance, so they are trying on a sub-conscious level to make the Mother Energy Evil.   Since most people are unaware of this, it is doing some damage.  Most think its just an Abbreviated name.  Well, it’s NOT!  We are entering a time of energy battles, my friends, and we have the upper hand.  We might be a little down on this one, but we have the Rising vibration of Gaia, the Planetary Alignments, as well as the all powerful burning fires of the Azoth energy on our side.


 It is interesting to note the torch that the Statue of Liberty (which is ISIS), holds in her hand is the eternal flame.  That eternal flame is the Holy Spirit that burns within each of every one of us.  Which is the Azoth energy that I write about.  The very flame that she carries will be the demise of those that seek to control her.   We are seeing, and will continue to see, the REAL ISIS RISING.  She is standing up to be counted, let us stand with her and put an end to the false use of her name.  We can do this together on an energetic level.  Who do you align your energy with.  Your vote counts.

Onward and Upward,

Lisa Rising Berry

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35 thoughts on “Will The Real ISIS Please Stand Up!

      1. And the Statue of Liberty has also a beautiful connection with Paris. As you probably know the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the US and there is a smaller replica of this statue in Paris as well on Ile aux Cygnes…

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  1. Yes! It seemed that no one was making this connection, but all of a sudden I’m seeing so many posts about the true Isis. The Divine Feminine is rising indeed and Her love prevails! Thank you! Aleya

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  2. Very well put Lisa, I could not agree more! I knew why they called it this, for their group use to be called Al-CIA-DA aka Alqueda, and it is the CIA and other factions of the secret government, who are steeped in the occult, with their rituals and so on, who wish to repeat history or force the Biblical prophecy of an apocalypse and third world war. They own everything, and as we know with how they have suppressed, and imprison the divine feminine from the days before the fall, as that particular religion does it’s best to do so, they are doing things to get the rest of the world on board for this war they want to have and with our permission, because they need our consent, but I see that a lot of people are not going along with the script, the planned Biblical agenda of these physical archons, and how they try to keep humanity on the time loop where they can wipe everyone out who doesn’t agree, and keep those they can enslave on the negative timeline. I see it all the time, in movies, and in TV shows, they plant the seed, it’s a subconscious battle for consciousness to fall again into the old time loop pattern of the malevolent and matriarch energy. A group who just started up, stating to stop using the name ISIS like you said, that they have girls with that name and to a lot of people the name ISIS is sacred…so this is the shadow or secret government, the ones who are losing their grip and will continue to get more desperate for their plans. Recently, the show Heroes Reborn shows a scenario where they have the evos, which are genetically evolved humans with powers, who the regular humans were afraid of, and it’s the same divide and conquer thing they do to separate us, and also that they were predicting a pole shift in which would wipe out humanity and are using the evos powers to send things to a future timeline before the pole shift. Planting the seeds as usual, also in the TV show Helix, where they have a virus that if one survives it becomes immortal, and then we have the immortals and the regular humans fighting with each other as the immortals think they are superior and don’t want the regular humans to know about them…so much in the TV shows and movies if you watch them from an awareness point of view, you can see their agenda, what they plan to do next. It all becomes so obvious, so with their GMOs, their vaccines, and wars, they are doing their best to gain our consent, and I just hope that like you and me, they see it for what it is, and don’t fall for the divide and conquer strategy and consent to their agenda of wiping us all out and suppressing the feminine. I know they won’t win, in the end, but I just want humanity to wake up and see what it is really about. Thank you for writing this, for it exposes their agenda of suppressing the feminine energy which they know will overpower the matriarchic energy. You are wise grasshopper! 😉 ❤

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  3. Yes! It seemed that no one was making this connection, but all of a sudden I’m seeing so many posts about the true Isis. The Divine Feminine is rising indeed and Her love prevails! Thank you! Aleya

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  4. The dark powers are fighting to keep their power and use any dirty trick they can to fool the sleeping public, even sacred names to confuse. But it won’t work, the light is rising and will reconcile all the lies.

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  5. Well, this is interesting, Mr Astrotheology just uploaded a video, in which he mentions how our universe is set up on the number 12 and how Isis-ra-el is in the Bible as of course, allegory, and I knew this but it is interesting what he states. But also, that I had thought in ancient times, which he doesn’t mention here, that there were actually 13 signs and and in the ancient calendar of the moon cycles was actually 13 months….anyway, it would be interesting to learn more about this 13 and Santos has some very interesting stuff, but curious as to his take perhaps on the 13 like I mentioned above. Here is the video: The Holy Bible is Science
    He also has some other very interesting and deeply profound videos, but anyway, this one is short and a lot packed into it.
    Also, I happened to listen to Michelle Walling’s latest video, which I don’t really do much and don’t have time for but for some reason, listened to it anyway, and she talks about her trip over the Thanksgiving holiday and how she got deterred to a dead end and somehow ended up or not so coincidentally ended up in the area of a healer/psychic friend named Nancy…LOL, and anyway, this was is Kansas, which is where I am from, LOL, and how they did a session and she spoke with none other than Doloris Cannon and how she has always felt blocked on her path to opening her third eye and wanted to know why…what she got was that she was scared, in past lives as she saw things that she could not bear to witness, and blocked her ability to open her third eye. I thought this was so interesting because I have felt like that my whole life, like I am blocked, even though my third eye wants to open, I felt like it has always been blocked…thus the ‘sacred and scared’ that I kept seeing, as they were errors in spelling but not really so, it was mainly a message for me, which in turn, I felt like Michelle’s show which I listened to was very interesting…some great AHA moments! Anyway, here is the video she speaks about her session with Doloris Cannon and Nancy! How to exit the Matrix
    Big hugs ❤

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    1. Interesting about the number 13. I have written about this quite a bit. Before the infinity loop fell to a sideways position. the 13th gate was open. Which is the Gate of the Gods, and our way out. Once it fell, the 13th Gate was closed, so we went back to the 12 system. Now that we are in a brand new location, the 13th Gate is open again, we have new Monauah energy (my name for Azoth trasformed, wrote about this too), old systems are gone….I mean gone. We are now on new astrological system yet to be written about or even tuned into. People are stuck in the past still, and can not see the new which is right in front of their eyes. Which brings me to past lives. They are gone too. Right now you don’t have any past lives, which is hard to conceive of. We are starting new, no past issues are there to remove. We do have body cell memory that each person has to clear, but that is a piece of cake now that everyone’s past lives have been resolved, and are with them only on a energetic level. It’s like they are on your Earth resume, all accomplishments and failures are on record only. This is the beauty of starting a new cycle that people are missing. Your are new…you have new contracts that you want to accomplish and they have nothing to do with past lives. It is so easy to let go of the past on the physical level right now, because it does not exist on the as above level. That is ancient history. This is the biggest reason Andrea and I are not doing shows now is because people are stuck…. which is fine, that is just how it is now. But we feel we are supposed to connect with those that are not in the past, and there are so few, so we feel it’s not our time yet. A good example comes from Doloris. She saw 2 energetic Earths. (I wrote about this too) She was correct. Right now 99% of the population is on the old Earth energy dealing with issues that are no longer there. The 1% left are on the new Earth energy, and have fully let go of the old systems and past, and are finding there way in uncharted territory. It is so easy to make the jump from the old to the new, but people are not wanting to let go of the past. Until they realize they no longer have unresolved issues, and they are in a brand new school with new rules, new classes, and new goals, they will remain stuck. There is a time limit for this to be accomplished, or people would just stay there forever. What happens when this time limit is up? I am not being told.

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      1. Wow…LISA!!! You said a mouthful! Literally! This is what I have been feeling too, that there is nothing to resolve in past lives anymore, and all the old ways of hours of recapitulation and old concepts of contracts and karma…so THANK YOU for that tidbit, I am all for the ‘breath of fresh air’ and the new place…yes, I had heard Doloris Cannon speak of the two earths, the splitting of realities and so forth. This makes perfect sense about the 13th gate because I think this is how they energeticly shut it down. This is also how they blocked us from source, and kept us trapped in the afterlife and reincarnating here…Michelle also talked about a guy who spoke of a new stargate, and he wrote a new book about getting our new bodies, in ‘The Skingulariy is near’ by William Henry, and it’s free to read if you email him for the link although, surely he can’t tell you nothing new, that you don’t already know! LOL, What does happen after the time limit is up? That is a very good question. Maybe it’s like Doloris stated and it is some go to another world in the level they are in, and the others who are ready go to the new energetic place. Anyway, thought that was interesting, and THANK YOU! LUV U and BIG HUGS!!!!! ❤

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      2. Yea, I did say a mouth full….I have hesitated to say any of this publicly. But, I knew you would get it right away. I am not telling you anything you don’t already know….LOL… Since most don’t read my comments to people, I don’t think I will create a fuss. I have heard of William Henry, but I haven’t read his stuff. Yea, the stargate he is writing about opened last year, or the beginning of this year. I would have to check my articles. But is the 13th gate. Singularity is near if you leave Earth and go to the next location. But if you decide to come back here, there will always be some kind of duality on Earth, but the level of extreme duality will not exist. You can’t grow quickly when we are in singularity, and if you are in any kind of physical form, you have duality. But your right, when we were trapped here, moving out though the 13th gate and into singularity was not even a choice here. Which sucked. Now we have a choice. Yea, maybe Doloris is right. I didn’t think she was right about 2 earth’s until I saw it with my own “eyes”. I was so surprised. I just know that when the time limit is up, we better go through a huge change. I don’t even know how long the time limit is… that info is blocked as well. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      3. I’ve read that article. Thanks anyway. I made it a point of duty to read all of your previous blog; an attitude Lisa Renee thought me. I’m currently on 2016

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  6. Yes My Dear Lisa, I already knew this, but it was like a flood gate of confirmation when you let it out!!! Did that not feel sort of good to let it out? LOL, I know, but if someone reads the comments, it is most definitely a truth seeker and should not make a fuss about truth. I am not that much into Singularity, the hive mind of sorts….LOL, I know we are one but it is sort of nice to not have everyone else in there…LOL. I do think that it should freely be an option though to leave or stay, and if there were not so much density, or duality, I would come back on the condition I did not forget everything else. I realize there is not much growth in singularity, not that I would want to stay there, maybe visit, but I sure would love the option, unlike the past where we were manipulated into reincarnating over and over. William Henry’s references scripture a lot, I listened to some of his shows. What was cool is at the Rennes-le-Chateau he spoke of there being in Isis throne there and a lot of mystery surrounding this place and the other temples in that area. He also speaks of the Watchers a lot and the rainbow body coat of many colors, in which they had and we are to get if we go organic and ascend with the earth, and not do the transcendence, or grey machine sort of immortality that our so called elites are working for, like the cyborgs. I don’t want that sort of hive mind or that sort of body where I am a machine because I could not change that and don’t think that is what we are suppose to do. I do think we are suppose to get our light body, and it maybe the Rainbow one he talks about and says is in scripture as a ‘Coat of many colors’. What do you think about the Rainbow light body and or the Coat of many colors? Big hugs! ❤

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    1. It did feel good to let it out!!!! AHHHH!!!! I like options too! I was going to comment about the coat of many colors when you mentioned it at the end…so cool. We already have the coat of many colors, and this is taught in the Bible. It is the light body we currently have. Our different energy signatures create different colors over the physical body and it looks like a coat. So thee light body is the coat of many colors. And it changes colors which is dependent on many things. When we are in a body the colors are more vibrant. When I see beings that are not in a body they are harder to see, the colors are more pastel and not as bright. Kisses to you!!!!

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      1. Ok…I knew we had the Auras and so on, but this sort of light body he speaks of states that it comes with abilities, or superman/woman abilities, and I know in our way, we can do a lot of amazing things if we don’t limit ourselves. I had an aura photo done once a few years ago…it was very cool, it had purple on top and bottom (or like a fushia) and most of the chest area was green, and the rest outside area was a indigo blue…was really cool. My friends was white as we know that all colors combined is white. Isaac Newton discovered that the white light is the rainbow of colors when he split it thru a prism…didn’t know he was the one who discovered that till the other day…anyway, so if we already have the coat of many colors, then what is the next light body…white? Gold? LOL, I know…always questions! 😉

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      2. Every single person’s light body coat is completely different, depending on where you are on your path, what you have completed on your energetic resume, whether or not you go into a body somewhere. All light bodies, including the ones we have now contain our abilities that we have earned. Great question

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  7. Hi again ,Lisa…I have a question, when IS is in a name, such as your first and last name, is the energy changed or different? Just wondering…could you expand on this thought? Thank you again for a great article, Deb

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