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I just finished uploading my favorite show to our YouTube Channel that was recorded in June of this year. (I am bad at my uploading), and as I was listening I didn’t realize how important the information we covered is during our current time.  I feel what we discussed is needed more now, than when we recorded the show in June.  I understand why I have been so slow with our YouTube Channel.  To release this show too soon would have been a waste.  I am so glad I waited, energetic timing is everything to me.  I included many pics during our presentation to aid in the understanding of what we are discussing, and to make it more fun.

We begin with discussing the entire history of the Wave X phenomenon, and how it relates to Azoth.  Which actually began in 2008.  We go into alot of detail.  The we move onto how people can obtain their own information without relying on someone else to tell them what is going on in the Universe and beyond.  This is something that every person on this planet can achieve with no exceptions.  It is our birthright, but no one explains it.  So, I do my best to explain how this is done from my personal experience.

Next, we discuss the gem of the show!  Our personal experience with the real living waters of Azoth that we had in the Natural Caverns in Texas, during my visit with Andrea.  We were present in such a sacred place, as the waters of the Divine Feminine rose in the caverns a few days before I arrived.  It was a life changing event.  Not just for us, but for what it brought to the planet and humanity.

I hope you enjoy listening.  I didn’t get how precious this information is until I had to listen in order to add the graphics.  That is when it really hit me.

Here is a link to the article about our personal experiences that this show is about.

Link to the Divine Feminine Article


Lisa Rising Berry

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8 thoughts on “The Rising Waters Of The Living Divine Feminine

  1. Wow Lisa, I already love the graphics, you did a lot of work, I will listen today, and watch it too! I noticed a spelling error in your article, and I do not mention this to pick on your spelling, but one switch of letters and it has a whole different meaning…LOL, and another reason I bring this up because I was reading an article yesterday, and they had the very same error, although I know what you meant, and in the article yesterday I knew the word was sacred instead of scared….I just thought I would bring it up because it had happened twice in a matter of 24 hours for me, and noticed it…here is the part that has the error: ‘ We were present in such a scared place, as the waters of the Divine Feminine rose in the caverns a few days before I arrived. It was a life changing event. Not just for us, but for what it brought to the planet and humanity.’ Great work, and will listen to the show and maybe I will have some questions!~!!!! ❤

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      1. That is funny, it was just interesting to me that the same word was misspelled as was in another article I read the day before….and I am not the spelling police…LOL, I just thought it was something I was to notice, as sacred misspelled the way it was ‘scared’ which to me is a message to monitor fears and not let it all consume me for it’s nothing to fear so thanks for misspelling..LOL, it was a message!
        It’s also interesting to note that in 2008 was the market crash, although my life didn’t seem to notice at all, it was a big one for those in the financial market…I am about half way thru the video…I love the graphics, and especially so far the one that shows how we have moved to a new place…and the history of Azoth, plus your direct knowing teaching, I am listening to that now, I have experienced direct knowing before….it’s a bizarre feeling when you know that you know but you don’t know how you know….I know you know that I know that you know what I mean! LOL Have a great weekend Lovely Lisa! ❤

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