owl in flight

As far as I can remember, I have always been connected to the energy of the Owl.  I encompass all polarities of this majestic creature of silent flight.  The owl, through out the ages, has been a symbol of both light and dark, just was we have both light and dark within us.  In some cultures they are seen as wise and noble symbols, and in others they are associated with black magic and evil.  My personal journey, as some know, has been to experience and overcome both of these aspects of this reality.  In my opinion the Owl is a symbol of balance and how to obtain balance even while being in the mist of evil.

Nature is our greatest teacher, and we can look to the Owl and learn one of the greatest lessons in life.  This lesson is how we are supposed to maintain balance and gently  flow through life no matter what adversity we encounter.  We learn how to do this from the Owl simply by looking at it’s intense polarity in Mythology and Legends.  It’s seen as the worst and the best of the Shamanic worlds.  It represents both light and dark.

night_owl_11light owl

                                                                                owl ying and yag

The Owl, is the perfect balance of light and dark with-in all of us.  A friend of mine posted a video to my Facebook page today, her name is Marta, and it is her post that truly inspired me to look deeper into why I am so connected with the Owl.  The video recorded different birds flying past very sensitive microphones and showed the pattern of their wings in flight.  Here is a link to the video.

I know the physical reason for the Owl’s silent flight is to catch prey off guard, but all that is NOT the most important reason why they fly in silence.  Notice the pattern of the wing beat in the video, take a really close look at it.  It is in the shape of the wave. Perfect flow and balance with time and space, it glides through life and it’s environment grace and majestic ease.  I have to admit that I cry happy tears of admiration every time I watch this video.  I am the Owl…you are the Owl…we ALL are the Owl.  We don’t have to experience the pain of the sharp spikes of life’s up and downs.  The Owl shows us the way.  This wave can also be found when we look at the Ecliptic Plane.

Sine Wave Diagram 2

What is the spiritual reason for the silent flight of the Owl?  Because, their is great wisdom to be found in the stillness of silence.  This is where we go in our deep meditations, that connect us to our true selves, that deepest part of our inner knowing.  The more we connect to that energy that lies within all of us, the more we let go of the effort of fighting against the elements and the more we flow freely and guide through the space of our reality.  There is also wisdom to be found in the silence of our speech at the appropriate times.  This requires great balance,knowing when to be silent and when to speak up. There is endless wisdom in silence.  I have experienced this on a personal level, when I was verbally attacked on the internet several months ago.  It took a lot of courage and willpower for me to remain calm and silent, but it was the only way to end the situation.  Confrontation sometimes adds fuel to the fire, and we must learn when to speak our mind and when to be the middle pillar of balance and hold our tongue.  If I were to have engaged in the battle, I would have thrown myself out of balance, trying to fight a situation that I could not win by physical means.  So, I engaged on the subtle realms of reality that the Owl represents.

knowledge is knowing when to speak

So, here’s to the majestic and ever mysterious wise old owl.  May your silent flight and wisdom be a lesson for us, for all of eternity.

I wish you a gentle and upward flight path full of wisdom and grace.  Peace be with you…

Lisa Rising Berry

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