blessed and balancedA friend of mine posted an interesting comment about the meaning of the word Blessed.  He then asked for some thoughts on the subject.  He showed how the word Bless is really BE LESS.   I have been studying how to take a word and pull it apart to see it’s true meaning for a few years now.  I love using linguistics, gematria, and what I call spiritual Etymology to put the hidden universal puzzles pieces together.  I learned from first hand experience how words work as spells, while I attended Mystery School.  What I didn’t realize is how this also pertains to our everyday lives, until just last year.  We learn Spelling in grade school….which is the exact same thing as what I learned in Mystery School.  The average person has no idea this is true, and would accuse you of being a Satanist for even suggesting such a preposterous idea.  But it’s true.  Now, with that said, almost every word is “spelled” with 2 polarities.  One negative and one positive, you decided which you want to align with.  Without this knowledge you are at the mercy of the “Speller”.  Being awake to this information,  is the key to bringing about balance in our lives.  Just by realizing, that words are magical spells, with real vibrations, you can then understand how they create our reality. If you don’t like the idea that they are spells, then you can think of them as mini computer programs that we insert into our reality matrix.  When this sinks into your mind, and you know how things work here,  you can then,  take control of the “spelling” and transmute any negative intention that was placed on it.  Balance is the goal, and Etymology the key to understanding.  The gematria of these two words proves this to us. Etymology in English gematria equals 822, the word Balance equals 228.  The result is the mirror image.  Da Vinci was famous for using mirrors to reveal hidden Wisdom.

Looking at the word Bless or Blessed

This word when broken down means the same thing, but contains two different polarities.  B LESS  (be less), can be taken to be less than you naturally are.  Which means you would have to BeHave in a state that is underneath you.  This, of course, is the negative polarity, to be less than.   Once you have this knowledge you know that it is impossible for you to live at a lower vibration.  No one who is awake will try to be a lower version of who they truly are.

The positive side of the word is amazing and teaches us how to obtain Balance.  What is the one thing in our energetic make-up that we are tying to tame?  Something that we can not get rid of, but has gotten way too big in many people on this planet.  It’s our best friend the EGO!   We are always striving to Be Less in our ego.  When we bring our ego into Balance with our soul we are Blessed.  The gematria for “Ego in Balance” is 88.  That is double infinity in perfect balance.  Ego and soul in perfect harmony with the infinite nature of our creation.  We can turn to the Ancient Scriptures for deeper meaning into the word Bless or Blessed.  Take a look at Matthew 5:3, which says….

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Poor in spirit refers to the Ego.  When you are are less in Ego and Balanced in your Soul, you have to key to your inner Kingdom which lies within your heart.  Even the math and gematria of this verse shows the knowledge is truth.  Remember “Ego in Balance” equals 88.  8 is the number of infinity, and this passage is from Matthew 5:3….5+3=8  Taking it even further, if we look at the gematria of the words “Matthew five three”, the result is 188.  This is a extremely powerful number with 2 vibrations.  The 1 represents the vibration of singularity, new creation….the two shall become 1.  The 88 is, of course double infinity, but it also represents both aspects of you, ego and soul.  We can even go deeper down the rabbit hole and reduce 188 using Pythagorean Numerology and add 1+8+8=17     Reduced further….1+7=8  We are back to infinity with the number 8, the perfect balance of  “as above, so below”, and the merge of ego and soul, once we are less in ego and equal to our soul.

Looking at the word Balance

 Astarius Miraculii took apart the word Balance and discovered it means B AL AN CE….Be All And See!  So, when you follow the wisdom found in the word Bless, you will be in the vibration of the All, which is the great I AM of source energy.  Put the two word spells together and you have a positive incantation which is….


Why?  Because they have found the keys to their Inner Kingdom and entered from within.

Blessings to all that read this,

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Great post! I have often thought that about the word bless. I also sometimes wonder about cursive writing. Are there any ‘curses’ in that? All the best! Love daVid

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