isis__the_egyptian_goddess_by_orange_feathercanary-d6b8d53I have to write about something that is really bugging me.   As a woman who knows her ancient knowledge, I am appalled at how the name of ISIS is currently being used as the name of a Military Group/Movement, and is associated with terror and blood shed. I don’t care what it stands for.  It’s so obvious what is being done here, and I don’t like it, and I choose not to align with that energy.  I may not be able to stop those that use this name in the manner that they are, but I can certainly stand in my power and neutralize that rotten energy in my personal field.   It seems even spiritual people are asleep and unaware at the attempt to make the Divine Feminine energy evil and violent.  This is the time of the Rise of the Divine Feminine Energy, after thousands of years of being suppressed.  We are fortunate that the current planetary alignments do not agree with this use of the name ISIS. 

Isis is one of many Ancient representations of the Divine Feminine and Goddess, just like the names Gaia, Sophia, Magdalene etc…  This is just another last minute attempt to suppress what is becoming more powerful and balanced by the month, and this is the Divine Feminine energy.  The “powers that are on their way out”, do not want the symbolic divine process of Heiro Gamos to naturally occur.  The name Isis is the perfect balance of the word IS.  It is the word IS twice.  I feel deeply that the Elite know that they can not truly knock this Divine Lady off balance,so they are trying sub-consciously, make the Mother Energy Evil, and the asleep masses are unaware of this.  Most think its just an Abbreviated name.  Well, it’s NOT!  We are entering a time of energy battles, my friends, and we have the upper hand.  We have the rising vibration of Gaia and the Planetary Alignments on our side, and we must stop this nonsense.  We are seeing, and will continue to see, the REAL ISIS RISING.  She is standing up to be counted, let us stand with her and put an end to the false use of her name.  We can do this together on an energetic level.  Who do you align your energy with.  Your vote counts.

Onward and Upward,

Lisa Rising Berry

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8 thoughts on “Will The Real Isis Please Stand Up? (This article has been re-written on 11/27/15)

      1. I need to figure out how to fly because I don’t do immigration and I need to be in New York in the not too distant future 😉

        yes also my daily cigarette has recently become a peace pipe!

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  1. Thanks for clarifying this. Some refer to this horrifying group as ISIL, but there seems to be a deliberate attempt to change the pronunciation to ISIS, which is completely different. Makes one wonder if this is being done consciously by the media. ISIS is rising and perhaps someone feels threatened by her. Thank you for the post and thank you for defending her.

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  2. I felt the same way when I heard that too. Then I read a post on fb and it made lots of sense. The part of the world that that need the Isis energy most is that group of men committing atrocities. It was about the goddess Isis manifesting her power through her name into that group. It’s not an accident. She is directing her power there, she,s not concerned or offended for indeed she can never be for her compassion shines through and she never judges. She knows the suffering of those men for indeed we are all one with her and she sees how far they have moved away from her love. Therefore she has manifested there with her name in order to work, in ways we probably don’t understand, her magic.

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