Many of our friends are experiencing a feeling of intense heat coming from the center of their bodies, starting at the heart and then expanding out to their arms and the rest of the body. These are not hot flashes, and it is different from the old Ascension symptom of heat. I have had people of all ages talk about having this experience, including a 20-year-old male. It’s the next step in the inner alchemical process after you begin to merge ego and soul.

This stage will begin when an individual is in the early stages of merging ego and soul.   It’s not necessary for you to have completed the merge for this to start.  As long as you have hit the necessary vibratory rate that triggers the connection of ego and soul. In the beginning this is a choice, if you want to speed things up, you can ask for the inner heat to begin.  Once you have fully merged and reached the vibration of the complete merge, then it will start on its own.


Looking at the picture from the Aurora Consurgens Hemetic text,  pictured above.  This drawing depicts  Aurora and the dragon, you will see the a black crow which represents not only the spirit world  and your soul, but it is showing the beginning stage of the soul alchemy. The black crow sitting on top of the Black Eagle which represents the next step of the process. They are both the color black because that is the color of the current 5th element of Aether that is coming into and covering the planet. Black is the color of the void before the ultimate transition.  When this begins you will be in the black womb of creation, getting ready to create a new you. The cauldron seen in the drawing represents your physical body. The dragon is a representation of both spirit and matter merged, notice the head (Higher Self/spirit) of the dragon is connected to the tail (Lower Self/ego). It has fully merged from within, it depicts the first stage of completion of the Magnum Opus. The fire in the drawing is Azoth, which is fire water.

Let us explain how fire water is created…

Azoth is created from the merging of the silver and gold frequencies. They are actually gates, the silver gate is known as the Gate of Men, and is where a soul passes through to incarnate here. The Golden Gate is known as the Gate of the Gods and is where a soul travels through when it completely leaves this Universe. The Gate of Men is guarded by the constellation of Taurus, and the Gate of the Gods is guarded by Scorpio. Scorpio’s tail points to the center of the Milkyway and shows the way to home. The highest spiritual sign of Scorpio is the Eagle, which is shown in the drawing. The Gate of Men is now closed and the Gate of the Gods is finally open. This Gate has never been open before, and the key to opening it was created when the two gates equaled in vibration and merged together. This gave birth to the Azoth/fire water energy. This new alignment, brings a spiritual element that is a combination of elemental water and elemental Aether. This makes Azoth/fire water.

Following the principle of “As above and So below”, this Azoth is now combining in the bodies of those individuals that have either just started to merge ego and soul, or those that have completed the merge and have a visible ring of light emitting from the crown chakara, in the form of a halo. If a body has not started this merge it can not have this element of fire water running through their nervous system/spinal column, because it will fry their electromagnetic body.

As the Azoth flows in your body, you will feel inner heat (tummo) starting from within the center of your body, which is the middle cauldron. Once you have begun the merging of ego and soul, the lower cauldron is already purified, and the upper is balanced. Hence, this fire water works in the middle, the location of balance and then radiates outward. You will feel it move from the center of your body out to your arms and legs etc…. You are burning away all remaining dross, or what no longer serves you, to make room for your new Golden Energy. You are creating your inner Golden Egg/Philosopher’s Stone/Christ Consciousness etc….

You will notice in the picture the woman, who is Aurora, is shoveling in the mixture of the Gold and Silver energy to fuel your inner tummo fire. Aurora Consurgens means Dawn Rising, and that is exactly what we are doing. We are RISING to the New Golden Dawn Age of Aquarius. Take note that the sign of Aquarius is the water bearer, which falls right in line with the fire water energy of Azoth that is upon us. In the past practitioners had to spend a large amount of time creating a different kind of tummo and being very careful that the old energy of tummo did not get out of hand. Now that the Golden Gate is open, the new energy of tummo is Azoth and all you have to do is begin the merge of ego and soul to use it. It knows what to do….

Once this stage is complete, then only the Eagle will remain, risen up from the Azoth, and will become the true Golden Eagle, and with that comes true freedom. We are in the Aurea Hora, which means….Golden Hour…

So, let us begin and complete our Great Work, in this Golden Hour of the Rising Dawn..

Written by Lisa Rising Berry

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15 thoughts on “Azoth and Aether: Performing Inner Alchemy with Fire Water

  1. Always so very interesting Lisa! Your research delves deep!
    And thanks for the tidbit about what the dragon symbolizes. I had an amazing meditation on New Years Eve that was very much a personal Phoenix burning vision where my golden ashes reformed as a giant dragon. I had not seen anywhere that particular dragon interpretation…which finally fits! Yippee!

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  2. Very interesting Lisa,
    As always, I enjoyed this article because of all the symbolism, especially the crow…and how it flew into my heart center in my astral traveling…pretty intense stuff, and as I was reading about the merging of these and starting in the heart center makes sense since I had a knowing of the ‘black hole’ or ‘the void’ that is the womb of creation and in our heart centers, the sacred heart space…so many dots connecting on this, and the gold and silver chakra popped into my head as those would be merging and looked up their meanings, as they are the higher chakras: very interesting see:
    The Silver Chakra

    The Silver Level is above that of the Pearlescent and is the usual residing place of the Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Buddha etc. On this level the Christ Consciousness Grid can be accessed.

    This is a Divine Energy Grid that encircles the Earth. As your spiritual consciousness grows this level becomes more accessible. Here you can easily link your soul body with that of others, increase your manifestation skills and send healing to your loved ones and the planet Gaia.

    The Gold Chakra

    The Gold Level is above that of the Silver Level and represents the Divine Spirit, Universal Life Force. All creation emerges from this level. The Archangels move between the Silver and Gold Levels. All things are One on this level and it can be accessed for short periods of time as your spiritual understanding grows.

    The Black Chakra

    This chakra level is beyond that of the Gold Level and is known as the Void (the Nirvana of Old) and represents Pre Creation. This is the Level where all energy rests before being brought to the Gold Level for creation. During meditation this level is often accessed. It gives a feeling of just Being, (a warm, velvet, black), a womb-like existence

    And then as for the gates, is this God Gate to the God kingdom??? Yes? Well…anyway…LOL, just enjoy your articles and BIG HUGS!!!! ❤

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    1. Also…found this as it pertains to merging and the halo which you spoke of…
      The Lahun Chakra
      Depicted in ancient art and holy writings, a golden disc hovers above the heads of statues and on images of holy ones. This disc, approximately 10 inches in diameter for most, is the golden colored Lahun chakra. Whereas the Hara chakra in the navel area is amber and the third chakra is bright yellow, the Lahun chakra is a true luminous gold color.

      The Lemurian word for ten is “lahun”, meaning all in one and one in all. It is so named because during mastery’s advanced stages, this lahun or tenth chakra enlarges until it forms a large sphere reaching from just above the knees to about 2 feet above the head. At that point, the one is in all other chakras and all are in the one.

      But the true glory of the Lahun chakra becomes active when a later, most mystical union takes place: the union with the Braamish chakra.

      The Braamish Chakra
      The Braamish chakra is a beautiful silver color, usually about the same size as the other seven chakras. It is located about 2 inches below the perineum, or base of the spine
      The Merging of the Gold and Silver Chakras
      When the golden sphere of the Lahun chakra enlarges enough to incorporate the Braamish chakra, it is immediately sucked into the navel area, leaving its position at the base of the spine. Once there, it explodes into the golden orb of the enlarged Lahun chakra, forming a unified field. This merging (later in the scroll called the merging of heaven and earth) brings about two enormous benefits.

      1.) The ancient libraries of wisdom become accessible. This means the accumulated wisdom of the ages is at our disposal if we take the time to listen within.

      2.) The flame of white magic ignites. The depiction of the disc above the head in ancient murals often shows a cleft flame on either side of the disc. This is the awakened fire of the kundalini that causes a flame on top of the head. This is described in the New Testament as when the saints experienced the Pentacost. The power to do beneficial magic is directly proportional to how far up the spine the energy -also called the cold fire- can freely travel. This explosive merging clears blockages in the pranic tube and spinal column.

      This mystical marriage and resulting alchemical reaction can be available to everyone. It is the culmination of deep self-exploration and the gaining of insights from experience. This removes blockages from the centers of the chakras until, at the apex of human experience, the sacred gifts of the Lahun and Braamish chakras await.

      So very interesting!!! yes?

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      1. Yes, very interesting. My son can see my halo above my head. Most people confuse the light aura light coming from the top of their head with the actually halo. They are 2 different energies. I have purple/gold color around the top of my head which is my aura color and not my halo. The actual energetic halo is a thin white circle that floats above my head. So, I enjoyed reading what the ancients say about this. It pretty much matches what my son can actually see. I love it.

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      1. That is cool that your son can see chakras, a lot of the children who aren’t raised in an atmosphere that limits them or tells them they can do this or that lose these abilities I think we are all born with. Your son is lucky he has an open minded Mom! ❤

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  3. I had to come back to reread what the difference between Azoth and Aether were. Is Azoth one part of the Aether energy? Is the Aether energy now here on Earth coming at us in waves? And is Azoth the fire/water energy you transmuted into me during our session last week?

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    1. Aether came first to set the stage for the rest of the changes that took place. It is the 5th element known in Tibetan as space. Everything comes from this 5th element. So it was necessary for the amount of Aether to increase to support the appearance of Azoth.

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  4. Finally!
    It has taken a long time to discover the Lahun!
    It came to me when I was born. In the form of a dream friend. I knew “Him” as “Ma-Lahun”. He would come to teach me about this world… to share info and Insight.
    I was filled with joy with each visit. And would eagerly share with my Mum…all that he taught me.
    Now I know “Who” this friend was.
    It was the Lahun… Ma or my…. “Ma” is Gaelic for “My”.

    So his name was MY LAHUN.

    Thank you for this Onederful Insight.

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