A fear or pain can become a great spontaneous bliss by following these 5 steps.


I originally was only going to share my experience with these teachings with just a few close friends. Because I am not a Tibetan teacher, monk etc… I am just someone that is learning what the Bon Buddhist Tradition is all about. I am learning very quickly, as I feel like a huge sponge. They teach you how to take knowledge and put it into your physical body, so you obtain not only wisdom through the experience of doing the practices, but your vibration will go through the roof. Your peace and happiness will be at a level that I can’t explain. You learn how to be the eye of the hurricane, the middle pillar of balance in the mist of chaos. In these turbulent times this is a necessity. This is just one of the teachings that has changed me.

So, here is my humble writing of the amazing teaching and experience that I have had. Please be sure to Google Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. He offers a lot for free, and also has excellent workshops for a charge. He is an amazing and humble teacher, and true diamond.

I personally had amazing experience with this teaching. I watched Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche teach this method of clearing negative emotions. I was doing the practice as I listened to him teach, and I could see my results instantly. He would say what you should be experiencing, and it was exactly what I saw and felt. It was simply amazing! It really worked, and it was so easy. I can’t grantee that everyone will have the same results, because we are all different, but for me it was extremely transforming. I will post the YouTube video at the end of this paper.

Once you have a fear or anger etc…. Look at that fear….really look at it. Closer and closer. The fear is a vision you have in your reality. What is it and where is it coming from? Well, it’s coming from your mind. Where your thinking originates. What is that vision of fear that you have in your mind?



What is a vision? It is something we have in our head. Vision of fear or any negative emotion. We have them from our Conceptional Karmic Body, which creates a Conceptional pain body. Either as a individual or as a collective.

The first part of this practice is to sit and look at your fear, anger etc… and Say “VISION IS MIND”. My mind is creating this fear, anger etc… The vision will be blown away by the wind of your awareness of it, and then you can’t “see” it any longer. Now, What is left? Pure Awareness of Mind is left. Your are aware of what your mind is doing to you. Your not finding what you are looking for, but instead you are finding WHO is looking at it.

So, what is a vision of fear really? It is mind and it is not solid. So, onto the next question, now that we know our vision is MIND. What is MIND?



So, what is MIND? It is empty. Does it have shape, color, etc… NO. Don’t look at this from a analytically way of thinking, but from an internal one. Look at it from Non-conceptual awareness. “Where is my mind?” Look closer, closer and closer…and the fear/anger disappears like clouds being blown away. Why? Because the wind of your awareness blew them away. You will experience openness, freedom, and peace in this clear space of awareness. The only way for this to happen is for you to learn how to directly observe your thought/visions without any judgment from the left side of your brain. No judgment…take no thought. In this first part of the practice you were observing the vision/fear, by observing the MIND. Rest in this feeling. This is the medicine for that pain.

So, now that we answered the question of what is MIND and we know that it is EMPTY, we now ask. “What is Empty?”



What is EMPTINESS? What does that mean? Some people stop here when they look and find that nothing was there in the first place, and this can lead to depression. When something is empty, it does not mean that nothing is there. When you think EMPTINESS is just nothing, you will become very rigid and stiff in your breath, body and behavior. EMPTINESS IS CLEAR LIGHT. To me it looks like a bright sun in a clear blue sky. The sun represents the CLEAR LIGHT. The EMPTINESS is the absence of the clouds which was the vision/fear. EMPTINESS is the solution. This space is like where all the stars are. Pure awareness, not nothingness. This is being in the space of higher consciousness, of being spiritually awake. Awareness is the sun with no clouds. Full sunshine and full of life. The joy of being alive. The fire in your belly that drives you to move forward with your life. It is bliss.

NOTE* when you get to this part of the practice and you feel like you are going to fall asleep, this is not good. It means you just lost that feeling of pure awareness, and you fell into dullness. Maintain this state of higher consciousness. It is of a higher vibration. Also if you feel your head bob when doing this, that is also a sign that you lost this state. Head bobbing can occur without even feeling sleepy. If this happens, just go back to seeing the sun on a clear bight blue sky. My head will bob at times, and this is what I do to regain my connection.

So, now we ask…”What is Clear Light?



CLEAR is referring to openness, and LIGHT is referring to awareness. These are not separate experiences. They are one experience. My first time doing this practice, once I saw my mind as empty, and I saw this clear blue sky, I immediately saw a bright white/gold ball in the sky. Before Tenzin said that CLEAR LIGHT IS UNION, I grabbed the ball of light in both of my hands, and became one with it. I could fee my connection to this ball of energy, I felt in moving though my body. I knew right away that, I was one with this energy, that we are the same. The he said CLEAR LIGHT IS UNION!!!!!!! I was amazed, because I was definitely in Union with it already. I have never felt so connected and at peace in my life.

The next and final question to ask is What is Union?



When we are connected we feel good, whether it is with friends, partners etc… When you are in Union with a deep level of open awareness, and balance, the quality of that connection increases. The connection to the clear light of consciousness, you are in BLISS. Clear light makes us happy.

I feel like I am the ball of light that I grabbed onto. This gave me a connection to my inner light that I have never felt before. I have always been connected, but not at this high of a level, and with such clarity. I am never satisfied with what ever my current vibration is. I know the path of Ascension and Liberation is an ongoing one, and my Tibetan studies and practices have taken me to a whole new level of inner knowings and understanding.

When I am aware of an emotion such as anger, fear, frustration etc…. I really look at it and once I know what the message is, I do this exercise. I ask each question, and see and feel each result. Once I am connected, the emotion is deleted. Then, once I am connected to clear light of awareness, and I can make a balanced decision and put that into a balance action. I am in a pro-active state of mind not a reactive one.



Here is a perfect 3D example of how this helps me. Let’s say our bodies are like giant super computer that have the ability to send, receive and hold onto tons of information. If you have too many folders open and too many emails, your computer gets clogged and will begin to slow down. Once you delete some of the e-mails and folders that you no longer need, it, it will run faster. This is true for our emotions. Anger has a positive polarity and a negative one. Anger alerts you to something that you don’t like, something is wrong. Once you receive the message by reading it, there is no need to keep it in your body. It will go straight to your liver and make you sick. This practice is one way of deleting our so-called “negative” emotions from our mind/ body computer. You selected the emotion or issue you are dealing with and delete the file.

My yoga teacher always says…”We hold our issues in our tissues”


My sincere hope for this blog is that it will help someone. Even just one person, and I will consider my sharing a success. If this helps you then pass it on along with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche’s YouTube channel where I learned these teachings. I have to say that I would not be where I am on my journey, and I would not be as happy and balanced as I am without him. I never thought I would call anyone my “Spiritual Teacher”, because there are so many bad spiritual teacher wannabes out there. But he is the real deal, he does not want followers etc… He is just teaching what he has learned in the hopes of helping humanity. I am proud to call him my teacher.

Written By: Lisa Rising Berry

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7 thoughts on “Transform fear or pain into spontaneous bliss….. The Tibetan way.

  1. I thought I had a problem and I was worrying about it. If it is, indeed, a problem I will know tomorrow and I am now ready to deal with it in a loving way. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this.

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  2. Thanks for writing this…I have been going back over some of your writings to connect the dots so to speak, and found this very profound in what is going on right now and how to deal with the wave…I understand this clear light as the silence of the mind and is very blissful, it’s the shutting off of the mental dialogue and chatter that always wants to stur up the illusory issues and drama. Thanks for the description of this and the wonderful process of how it works and how to do this! I have experienced this and it is wonderful unless you have to go somewhere, or deal with the 3d density of the world and the others…you can feel the density like a smothering sort of nausea, and to be in this high conscious state one can not maintain all the time but it is so wonderful to read your explanation and long over due for me to find that silence of the mind, the clear light as you stated of the union that is very wonderful! ❤

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  3. It helped me. I went to the YouTube video. I watched and when I said ‘where is my mind’ immediately connected with the white light, just like you. This will be very helpful in the future. Thank you

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