egptian onion

I have always felt from deep with in my soul, that searching for wisdom and raising your consciousness is like peeling layers of an onion. It’s a process that takes time and patience.   I feel this is why the onion is connected to Egyptian and Hermetic Knowledge….

The homely onion was revered by the Egyptians as a symbol of the universe because its rings and layers represented the concentric planes into which creation was divided according to the Hermetic Mysteries.
It was also regarded as possessing great medicinal virtue. Because of peculiar properties resulting from its pungency, the garlic plant was a powerful agent in transcendental magic. To this day no better
medium has been found for the treatment of obsession. -Manley P Hall

The Egyptians, perhaps the inhabitants of the most revered and studied ancient civilization of all time, were so fond of this symbol of unification, they actually took oaths and pledges while one hand was placed upon an onion.  The onion was also used in religious ceremonies of ancient civilizations.  Especially in Egypt, it was a symbol of eternity and endless life.  They used the onion in their burial rituals, and painted onions on the walls of their structures and pyramids.  The onion was included in normal everyday meals as well feasts and offerings to the Gods.

I personally eat onions everyday, I love everything about them.  I also have noticed that if I peel an onion too quickly, my eyes tear.  If I go slowly and take my time, not as much of the gas is released and my eyes do not water.  Since, in my opinion, our journey to higher levels of consciousness, is like peeling layers of an onion, going to fast and furious will make you cry.  Clearing and releasing takes time, and is a fluid activity.  It requires little effort if you go with the flow, instead of just ripping into it.  As you are in your own flow, you will develop the necessary spiritual maturity needed.  It will just happen naturally as you move along at your own pace.

So, the next time you are peeling an onion, contemplate your journey and how many layers you have peeled back, and how many more you have to go.  Since the onion was used by the Egyptians as symbol of eternity, I feel that is a clear sign that our journey never ends.  We will continue to peel back our layers one at a time, as we continue on our Ascension path.   Not just here , but as we continue our journey to other realms and realities.

Enjoy your onions!

Lisa Rising Berry

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