Greetings to everyone,

I just have to start off by saying that I am amazed at what is occurring right now.  

I had a session with one of my clients this week, and she asked me a couple of questions that really triggered  me into contemplation.  I started to put so many puzzle pieces together about this upcoming alignment on December 21, as well as the eclipse this Monday. And then I remembered my articles from many years ago leading up to this alignment.  I went back and read what I wrote, and it is occurring right now, especially in astrology. 

I am absolutely amazed that what I saw is actually happening now.  I didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime.  Basically all my work, since I started writing articles, doing radio shows/podcasts, and seeing clients, is coming together full circle for me right now. I am in total shock at the moment.

 WOW!!!!  We are wrapping up many loose ends, and I can prove it within my past articles.  

Shiela Corona and I will be doing a live show on December 21, and I will go deeper into my article at that time. You may ask questions during the show.  And I hope to have some additional information that will occur after the article is published.

Before I begin, I would like to explain to those that are not familiar with my work, what I have been doing and how I operate.  I have clairvoyant visions while I am awake, with my eyes closed.  They will appear like movies sometimes and other times they are a picture.  I have also will see words scroll across my vision.  I can also remote view.  I will have my eyes closed and a pin hole of light will open up and it will get bigger and bigger and I can see a location as clear as if my eyes were open.  I also have experiences during the dream state.  I will write my information down, and just sit with it for a while, then I will find research that shows what I experienced is a real thing, or a prophecy.  I always have the experience first and then the book knowledge second.  I have been having experiences about the future of this reality since childhood, but I didn’t start to take it seriously until 2008.  This was the year a had the most profound spiritual experience of my life, which changed me forever.  Then I began writing everything down that occurred in my life.  I knew I was supposed to go public with the information I was receiving, but I was terrified.  I am naturally very shy, which most people don’t notice in me now…but I am.  LOL…  The thought of writing my information for all to read was something I couldn’t do until 2013.  I started to write my information in Facebook posts.  Then many of my friends convinced me to start a blog, so I did.  I wrote my first articles in 2014.  They have followed a chronological order showing the shifting energy of this planet and reality step by step.  And now, I can see everything I have written about is all coming together in one big ball.  Writing this article is overwhelming for me.  Because I have to pull together 6 plus years of experience and research.  Whew….  I will do my best to show how this has all unfolded, and how it will proceed.  I believe this may be the longest article I have ever written.  

I would like to first point out what is the obvious to most people reading this article.  On December 21, 2020 we will be entering fully into the Age of Aquarius.  We have been dipping our toes into this energy since December 21, 2012.  If we look at the numerology of these dates we can understand why we didn’t enter the golden age of Aquarius in 2012.  12-21-2012 reduces to the number 11.  11 is a master number, but it represents a gateway.  It was only the gate way to the golden age.  Alot of work still needed to be done.  12-21-2020 reduces to a 10, which means completion.  Also, the number 10 plays an important role in my experiences since 2014, which I have written about.  Now, just because the numbers of this year line up, and the astrology lines up, doesn’t mean that we automatically move into the new age.  This is a vibrational event, and if we were not ready or willing, then the alignment this year would not be anything special, it would simply be another cool occurrence in the sky.  But, this is not the case, we are moving into the next 2,000 year age.  I had an experience in the beginning of June this year.  I didn’t write about it, but I discussed it on a pod-cast.  I was in a room with a young Bon (Buddisht) nun, and she was chanting a prayer.  I knew the prayer she was chanting, and I knew what it was for.  I started chanting with her.  Then I saw her turn a wheel.  I knew the wheel was the kalachakra, the actual wheel of time.  When I woke up I knew instantly that time had been speed up.  The collective has grown weary of the iron age and wants to move into the golden age, no matter the cost.  Since majority rule, the wheel turned. I knew this was a mistake, because the energy was not ready for the golden age.  I then had an experience of talking to a grand council, it was after this, that I had another crazy experience of time changing.  I was sitting at my computer, when I got very dizzy, with energy pouring through me.  This happens from time to time, so I didn’t think anything of it at first.  Then I could feel that things just seemed different, I still didn’t think anything of this.  Then I picked up my cell phone and the colors on my phone were different, it didn’t look like it did 10 minutes ago.  I then thought that maybe my phone updated in the last 5 minutes, and I missed it.  Still, not believing this was anything significant, I went upstairs to get ready for my day.  I wandered into my bathroom, and the lighting in the room was different.  If fact the lighting in my whole house was different.  I have had similar experiences to this in the past, so I knew what happened.  We moved to a higher timeline where our shift to the golden age could occur ore gracefully.  Before this shift, we were on a collision course with the golden age, and it would have been entirely too much to handle, even for those that were ready.  Now, the energy is much better, and it will be an easier transition.  It will still not be as smooth as silk, because so much is changing, which I will go over in this article.  

Let, go over the basic astrology of this shift, then I will go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.  The highlight for most people is the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius.  This creates the “Star of Bethlehem” that announces the golden age as well as the new age of learning.  0 plays an important role in this alignment.  0 represents new beginnings, starting over.  It also represents infinity.  If we twist the 0, we have the upward infinity symbol that I have written about many times.  This new age of learning is the Maitreya energy.  Maitreya means future Buddha.  Buddha, is not a person, but a level of achievement.  However, there will be many teachers that will teach the Maitreya energy over the next 2,000 years.  The lesson of the last 2,000 years of the iron age, the age of Pisces has mostly been Christ Consciouness.  Christians use the sign of the fish and call themselves fishers of men.  Now that we are moving into the Maitreya energy, the symbols and teachings will be different.  Our new star of Bethlehem will announce the Golden Age of the Maitreya Buddha teachings.  In addition to this we have Mars in an exact conjunction with Aries, which represents Kali at 23 degrees of Aries, and an exact square at 23 of Capricorn.  And of course, the sun in also in Capricorn.  23 reduces to a 5, which means change.  The Kali Yuga is changing.  This same day, black moon Lilith will move forward to an exact conjunction with Uranus.  We need to look at the energies of Kaili and Lilith in mythology.  We all know myths and legends carry truths.  Kaili and Lilith have both been very destructive and crazy energies during the age of Pisces.  This is due to the fall of the divine feminine energy, and the age of Pisces was a male dominated age.  These two mighty goddesses were not compatible with the male teaching of Christ Consciouness.  Infact, all the spiritual traditions have been male dominated with few female leaders.  This will all change with the Maitreya energy, and the energy of the new water bearer, the astrological sign of the Age of Aquarius.

But, before we dive into that information, which is profound, I want to discuss the new energy of the Golden Age of Maitreya, and how it all formed.  This energy first started to make its appearance in 2014.  I was in dreamtime when I had another experience of time changing. I decided in my dream state to drive around my neighborhood to see what everything looked like.  I saw enormous gold circles with scared geometry in them moving on the ground, and the sky was a mix of various shades of purple.  Then I woke up in my bedroom and my energy felt like it was spinning in circles for days.  I knew the shade of purple was an increase of a certain type of energy that was already on this planet, but I didn’t know what the golden circles were.  It took some research to find this purple/black energy is called Aether.  Also known as the 5th element, also known in my Bon tradition as the space element.  This energy was plentiful in the past Golden Ages, as the Ancient Societies were connected to God, and could connect to this Aether and do amazing things with it.  They used it to build the temples and other ancient sites.  Now, don’t laugh, but this energy is what is known in Star Wars as the “Force”, and when you have enough flowing through your body you can levitate any size object that you want.  If you have a little flowing through you, then you can levitate small objects.  Imagine what a whole Society can do if they have substantial amounts of Prana moving through their body energy systems.  Their are Yogis right now living in caves that can produce this energy from their hearts and float off the ground.  When you clear your energy centers and allow for more Aether/Prana to flow through you, your body will heal in ways that would be considered miracles. But this is only one half of the energy of the Golden Age of Maitreya.  The other half came in later, and has not been on this planet for a very long time, and this energy is called Azoth.  Aether and Azoth has been the main focus of my work since before 2014.  But I went public with my information in 2014, and I was so afraid that people would think I was crazy.  Now, I can show I am not crazy.  LOL…  

Now, let me explain and recap what Azoth is and how it is formed.  Azoth first is created from the merging of the silver and gold frequencies. They are actually gates, the silver gate is known as the Gate of Men, and is where a soul passes through to incarnate here. The Golden Gate is known as the Gate of the Gods and is where a soul travels through when it completely leaves this Universe. The Gate of Men is guarded by the constellation of Taurus, and the Gate of the Gods is guarded by Scorpio. Scorpio’s tail points to the center of the Milkyway and shows the way to home. The highest spiritual sign of Scorpio is the Eagle, which is shown in the drawing of the Aurora Consurgens Hemetic text.  This drawing shows the making of Azoth. The Gate of Men is now closed and the Gate of the Gods is finally open. This gate has never been open before, and the key to opening it was created when the two gates equaled in vibration and merged together. This gave birth to the Azoth/fire water energy. This new alignment, brings a spiritual element that is a combination of elemental water and elemental fire. This makes Azoth, which is ultimately the combination of fire and water.  When this article was written we where working on the Scorpio and Taurus gates.  The Golden Age is based on the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac, which are Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius.  We needed to open the Gate of the Gods to create Azoth.  Now we are working on the gates of Leo and Aquarius.  More on that to come.  

Azoth is an advanced form of Kundalini energy that travels up your spinal column, and changes everything within your system.  Once the proper gates were open, I saw the Azoth energy falling down to the planet.  It was a gradual process at first, then it increased in intensity until it looked like a water fall this year.  In the beginning people would only take in the amount they could handle.  Most people have not prepared their bodies for this energy.  The Bible says, “Have you prepared a body for me?”.  The me is the Azoth.  It is only through spiritual practice that you prepare the body, and most have not done this.  Now, we are at a time when everyone is receiving the Azoth energy at the same rate, and the same amount is entering the body.  As I said earlier, the wheel of time has been speeded up, so things are moving faster now.  People are not ready for this amount of Azoth in their bodies, and it is causing significant disturbances, in our reality.  The time of preparing is done, and we are moving on.  As if this wasn’t enough, already for humanity, there will be more to come.  The Azoth and Aether will merge and create one energy system and will enter people’s bodies after December 21, 2020.  I saw the creation of this energy many years ago and I received the name.  

I wrote in 2015 about this new energy before I knew anything about the Maitreya energy.  I received the name Monoauah, which means single gold energy.  Mono means single, Au is the element gold, and ah means from God in Hebrew.  Ah is also connected to the space element in my Bon tradition. The title Jesus, has the gematria of 888.   Monoauah has the simple gematria calculation of 88.  It seems fitting that Monoauah is the Jesus equivalent for the Maitreya energy.  Monoauah is the energy of the Golden Age of Maitreya.  M is the 13th letter of the alphabet and is connected to the 13th Gate, the gate of the gods. The Maitreya energy is definitely a single gold energy system.   I find all this simple astounding.  Aether/Azoth has the gematria of 858.  It has the two 8’s of Monoauah, and the 5 represents change.  It shows perfect balance.  Monoauah is Aether and Azoth, but it is also connected to the wind element.  Let me explain…

We can see how the Monoaurah energy is connected to the wind element by looking at the sign of Aquarius.  The sign of Aquarius is represented by the Water Bearer, which is female.  She is pouring water from her vase, but she is an air sign.  She is part of the 4 fixed signs that I spoke about earlier.  Directly across from her is Leo, a fire sign.  These 2 signs work together, just like Scorpio and Taurus work together.  When you combine the water from her pitcher with the fire of Leo, you have Azoth.  Now let’s look at how the air sign plays a role.  When we breath air, we are not simply breathing in oxygen.  We are mostly breathing in Aether/Chi/Prana/Space Element.  This is how the Water Bearer is the combination of Azoth and Aether which is Monoauah.  Now, let’s look at how Kali and Lilith play a role.  This information comes from my “inner knowing”, and I can’t find any research to back me up, so bear with me.  You can take this as a grain of salt, it doesn’t matter.  Deep in my heart I feel Kali as Azoth and Lilith as the Aether.  However, they are also one and the same.  They are both aspects of Gaia, but have been taught as separate Goddesses.  We do know through mythology that Lilith is Gaia’s first born.  Now we are moving into a period of time when they are combining forces.  In my Bon tradition we have 3 aspects of the Divine Mother energy.  The wrathful aspect is Sidpe Gyalmo, the peaceful aspect is Sherab Chamma, the semi wrathful aspect is Yeshe Walmo.  Sometime during the Golden Age of Maitreya the 3 will become one.  This will take some time, and our spiritual practices will change.  My Bon tradition has 3 separate healing practices for each of these aspects.  In the future we will have 4 separate healing practices, the fourth one will be all 3 aspects combined as one, and will be extremely powerful.  In 2019, I had 2 visions with my eyes closed, while awake.  During each vision I saw a Tibetian text.  I can read Tibetian well, but the text disappeared before I could read it.  I now sense at this time, that the text I saw is about this new practice of combining the 3 aspects of the Divine Mother in my tradition.  When you combine the words sherab, sidpa, gyalmo you get the gematria value of 858, which is the same value you get when you combine Azoth and Aether.  This is all the proof I need.  This will change all spiritual practices on the planet.  Those that do not honor the Divine Femine will die away.  How quickly will this change?  I don’t know, I certainly hope I appreciate it in my lifetime, but I am not sure.  I will, however, do my role in working to bring this new energy forth.  I had a good friend of mine, who is a clairvoyant healer, and she also lives in my area, sending me a text yesterday.  She wanted to tell me about what she saw in the sky this past Friday evening.  Here is what she wrote to me. “Hey Sister Lisa!  You’re the only one I am tell who I think will believe me.  Last night while going out to the store I saw a fire ball in the sky, but it was expanding and not shooting down like something about to hit the Earth.  By the time I went to grab my camera, it turned into a small star like object.  It literally twinkled all night.”  What she saw was Azoth, in the form of a fireball merging with the sky/space which is Aether.  It formed the Star of Azoth in the night sky.  Yes, there is such a thing as the Star of Azoth, I am reading a book called “The Star of Azoth, or The Star In The East.”  So far, it is not telling me anything I don’t already know, but the title is all I need.  Finding information on the Star of Azoth is nearly impossible, but my heart tells me all I need to know.  I am thrilled the Star of Azoth made its appearance in my neighborhood sky.  However, I didn’t think it would happen so soon. I guessed it would come the evening or day of the eclipse, which takes place in Sagittarius.  In Novemeber of 2018 I wrote an article about how I saw new codes on the tip of the Sagittarius bow, and it was shot and exploded in 2019. I had another friend in 2018 write to me in December, 1 month after I wrote that article showing me an article about how the night skies light up in several locations in one night. Wow!!! I wrote that these new codes were designed to help humanity get rid of their old baggage before entering into 2020.  Well, as we know 2020, has been all about letting go.  Since we are not on linear time, but “new time”, the bow was shot early, and my friend saw it.  To make this more interesting, I can feel in my heart as I write this that energetically the Star of Azoth will combine with the Star of Bethleham on December 21, 2020.  This will complete the formation of the Golden Age of Maitreya, and bring in the Monoauah energy fully to this planet.  And a new age of time will be born.  We have to remember that birth is an explosive event, and I see 2021 as an explosive year.  Not all people will experience this in the same manner.  Explosive doesn’t have to be negative, and it doesn’t have to be positive either, it can be neutral.  Leave it as it is and watch the magic happen is my advice.

The next aspect to look at is what happens to our planet Earth.  In 2016, I received the information that the nodes of our moon were changing and the name of the new earth is changing too.  I had no idea what this meant, until I started having experiences.  I am including this in this article, because this explains future and current changes, and there have been current experiences with this as well.  Two demons have controlled our moon named Rahu and Ketu.  And they are connected to the Nagas, which are water beings.  These two demons were negative Nagas.  I have written many articles and done a few pod casts about my experiences with the Nagas, so I won’t’ go into all of it right now.  But, they played an important role in the shifting into this new age, and I need to mention them.  Before the 2 demons left the nodes of the moon, I had this experience during a lucid dream state.  I visited the main demon Rahu controlling the North and South nodes. I have an extensive history battling this particular demon that goes back lifetimes for me. During this visit he attempted to connect me to a box that had two different electric currents flowing through it, one on each side of the box. I talked to him and tried to get him to stop destroying and controlling. I tried to explain to him how this is not helping anyone and not even him. I tried teaching him etc… It appeared like he was just about to switch to a compassionate being when he plunged me into his machine. I took the plugs out and reversed them and stared at him with a silly face. I sent him the message that this isn’t working…please give up. Then I simply unplug the machine and it no longer was working. Then I woke up with a jump.  Shortly after that, I was gazing at the full moon, when I saw it shaking with energy.  It was literally moving in the sky.  I thought I was crazy and imagining things.  I didn’t want to get too excited.  Then the next morning I received a message from one of my friends that I wrote the article with, that she saw the Moon shaking.  She lives in Australia, and she actually took video of the moon shaking and sent it to me.  It was exactly what I saw.  You can see this video on my Rising Frequencies Facebook Page.  A few days after that, I had a client schedule a session with me who was confused at what she was seeing with her eyes open in broad daylight.  She lives in near Mt. Shasta, which, as the legends explain, it has demons and Naga in an underground city, connected to ancient Leumeria.   I can confirm this based on my spiritual experiences with this mountain in 2008.  It basically was where Rahu and Ketu lived and worked from and attacked from.  I suffered too many attacks from them during that year.  I had lucid dreams where I was in my back yard looking at the full moon, when it would begin shooting powerful balls of energy at me.  Then it got to the point that Rahu would enter my normal dreams and put a full moon in the sky and try to shoot me.  When this didn’t work he literally woke me up from sleep in my bedroom and sent a ball of energy across my room, which my husband and I both saw with our eyes open, because we were sitting up in bed watching it float across the room.  I could not stop it from entering into my body this time, and it fried me like electricity was shocking me.  It was painful.  Then our room exploded in light like lightening was inside our bedroom.  Once that calmed down, there was lightening flashing outside, but there was no thunderstorm.  I was so scared I did not open the windows.  I knew a war was taking place, and I stayed out of it.  Getting back to my client.  She told me she noticed a being that was not quite solid looking sitting on a bench near one of the stores she was visiting.  He had a dark cloak on and it was covering his head, which he was trying to hide, but was not successful because she could observe him.  She noticed that no one else noticed him.  She went back into the store, and he was still there.  She could sense he was upset.  She went back the next day, and he was in another location, and he was almost gone.  What she saw was Rahu.  When the nodes of the moon shifted energy back to the positive Nagas, he was no longer allowed to hide in Mt. Shasta.  This change of energy in the nodes of the moon was necessary for our Golden Age to come in, if this had not happened, we would still be waiting for our new age to shift.  After the shift occurred I had my eyes closed and immediately after I woke up I saw the words scroll across my vision saying Ka Yoni Ra, I also heard these words spoken to me.   It is the new name and energy of the Nodes of the Moon.   I will take this new name and energy syllable by syllable.  Remember the names of the old nodes of the moon?  RAhu and KEtu?  Well, please welcome KA and RA.  They are the names of the new nodes.  Similar, but balanced.  KA is the light body energy and is connected to the Golden Kati channel that runs through our body.  This channel  is not written about very often because so few have activated it.  It is an upper channel that is separate from the 3 channels that are used in the 9 Breaths of Purification.  This channel connects the heart to the eyes.  When someone begins to reach this level of attainment they will “see” while they are awake, with their eyes open, the lusters of awareness called vajra-strands.  Which appear like moving, floating threads of gold. That is the initial phase. After awhile they appear like pearls threaded on a string, and finally they emerge in the form of full and half-lattices.  The use of the Kati channel is available for everyone.  The Thogyal practice which begins with the preliminary Zhine practice is the way to connect to this channel.  I wrote about the Zhine practice in my last article.  It was too hard to get this channel moving with Rahu and Ketu around.  It will be easier now, but it is something that requires spiritual practice and is not just handed to you.  And this Channel is the channel of the Golden Age.  It will be our job in the Age of Maitreya to full activate and use this channel in our bodies.

The Kati channel is connected to the 13th Cranial nerve that I have written about.  It was first discovered in fish, which is why Rahu and Ketu where controlling the Nagas, which are fish, snakes, and yes…frogs. The 13th Cranial nerve will be activated during our Golden Age.  KA is connected to the sign Aquarius, which is depicted as a woman’s body pouring water energy over the world.  RA is connected to the sign of Leo and  is fire, male, purification.  Together they make Azoth.  YONI is the female creation, the void of creation.  It is the location of the wind horse.  We actually have all the elements present here.  KA is light body, but also physical body, Aquarius is the wind sign of the zodiac.  Earth is with RA as this is what will cremate Gaia’s body. And finally we have the 5th element of Space or also known as Aether.  This is represented in YONI.  The 5th element is where all the elements and everything in creation comes from.  It is the source of the energy that exists in the birth canal. YONI is the link between KA and RA.  YONI is where this gold energy is coming from.  It birthed the Golden Moon Egg.  This Golden Moon Egg is connecting to the Golden Egg that is in the center of Gaia’s body, which contains all the codes and information for Grayson.  Two weeks ago, I had someone write to me that is not familiar with my work.  She was outside watching the full moon, when she saw it shaking.  She was watching with her husband and a few other people.  They were so shocked that she googled the moon shaking in the sky and my article was the only one that showed up, so we wrote to me.  Here is what she wrote,”Hello, I found your website because last night (about 8pm from central Florida) my partner and I were admiring the moon, it was large and bright golden orange. We love the moon, and me in particular will feel my energy change with the moon phases  I love the moonlight, but I don’t make it a habit to go outside every night as life with family can get busy. However on this night we had to stop and stare.   After a couple short minutes it began to tremor, soon then shaking violently up and down and side to side. It looked like a bright orange ball buzzing with too much energy ready to explode. It was so real my heart raced and I forgot to breath. I looked away into the dark trees for several seconds allowing my eyes to readjust and when my eyes returned to the moon it was still doing its energetic dance. It’s scary and amazing because I had someone next to me who saw it and confirmed what I saw they were seeing too. The whole phenomenon lasted no more than 2 minutes. I soon typed in “moon shaking in sky” on the internet and your story was the first and only to pop up. It was an energetic night and I was wondering if this is a common experience for dedicated moon gazers? Is this something amazing? I also must add that yes both my partner and I are completely sober. We had just put our toddlers down to sleep for the night and went outside to feed chickens. It was unforgettable and I find it amazing that it led me to your page. Anyway, I’d love to know your thoughts. Am I losing my marbles?”  No, she was not losing her marbles.  She was witnessing the final adjustments to the moon energy.  The moon is also being infused with Monoaurah energy, which is why she saw it as orange.  It may have been more yellow/orange for her, which is close to gold.  When I read this I was so happy.  This energy will be necessary for the creation of Grayson which has the gematria of 99.  When we are living on a new Earth, hundreds of years from now, we will be moving from the energy of 88 to the energy of 99.  9 represents the higher consciousness and I have explained this also in previous articles.  When this occurs, our reality will shift once again.  Many people believe that the shift into the Golden Age is a one time shift, and then we are done.  That is not the case, there will be many shifts to come in the next 2,000 years, and this is merely the first.  We are not in higher consciousness yet, and we still have significant work to do.

Once we are past this first initial shift, we will enter into the following one which is the churning of the milk into gold butter.  This has been taught in many spiritual traditions, and it occurs before each new age and each new epoch.  I have also written about this in past articles.  The last time the churning of the milk occurred, we were dealing with negative demons, mainly Rahu.  Imagine one group of people on one side, and another group on another side.  In the middle is a vase of milk, which represents our Universe.  Wrapped around the vase is our Mu Chord, the Chord that connects heaven and Earth etc…  (Yes, I have written tons of articles about our Mu Chord and how it has changed over the past 4 years…it is not the same anymore).  One group is holding one side of the MuChord and the other side is holding the other end.  The Mu Chord is depicted as a snake, a benevolent Naga.  As each side pulls, the vase spins and churns.  The last time, the churning got out of control and Rahu decided to spill poison in the milk.  This led to many factors including the fall of mankind.  The milk and the Universe was spoiled with poison.  This time around, the other side are positive Nagas that have our best interest at heart.  The churning will be successful, because Rahu is gone.  The milk will turn to Gold, and will extent to the ENTIRE Universe.  But it all begins with our tiny planet Earth heading into the Golden Age, first from there the churning of the milk will begin and the ENTIRE Universe will be covered in the Monoauah energy.  Ultimately, this will help humanity not to fall into a darker epoch of time.  But that event could be millions of Earth years away.  Epochs of time are millions of years, however, we need to begin the process of moving back to the positive epoch now, or it will be too late.  Millions of years may appear alot to us in physical bodies, but in reality it is brief.  

This leads me to my final experience.  I had the vision of seeing a circle with a line connected to it.  The circle was on top of the line, then it formed a keyhole.  I then remembered what Phi looks like.  It is a circle with a line through the middle.  I feel that thousands of years from now, we will move from Phi into this new symbol of a line with a circle on top.  I will go into more detail about this during the live pod cast on December 21.  So please tune in.  From that new symbol we will then move into the keyhole symbol.  The keyhole symbol was used in ancient times after the fall of mankind and after the great flood.  It was also used before the fall.  It is a gateway or a portal, which lead to where we fell from.  More on that during the pod cast.  I will also discuss the Rainbow prophecy, the White Horse prophecy and how they play a role in this shift  And Yes, I have already written about both of them.

In summary, we are in the energy the Fool card in Tarot which is a 0 card…. The Fool is shown at the beginning of his journey with unlimited potential. The sun rising up behind him represents the beginning of his journey. The sun is the energy of the Golden Age. He/She is facing north-west, the direction of the unknown. She/He is gazing upwards, toward the sky, or Spirit. He is about to step off a cliff into the material world but is he prepared?  Can he merge spirit into matter this time around.  The Golden Age of Maitreya is about the spiritual.  The Age of Pieces was about the material.  Are we prepared to shift our thinking from material attachments into spiritual practices?  Some are ready, and most are not.  But the goal is to merge our spiritual practices into our material bodies and life.  To fully live our lives as one vast spiritual practice.  We are to accomplish bringing Hevean to Earth.  The Kingdom of God is within each one of us, within our hearts.  

She/He has all the tools and resources he needs in the bag on his staff, but he has not opened the bag yet. The white rose in his left hand represents purity and innocence.

He has a guardian in the little white dog who will protect him throughout his journey but who will also push him to learn the lessons the Fool came here to learn. The mountains behind the Fool represent the realms of Spirit that he has just left and will spend his life trying to regain.  Will humanity regain our connection to Spirit, and make the ultimate merge happen????  Time will tell…I hope to see you at our live podcast on Dec. 21, 2020 at 2:30pm EST.

If anyone wants help with learning a good spiritual practice, I am willing to help. Your practice doesn’t have to take hours. We can develop something that fits your schedule. Doing anything is better than nothing at all. I understand this energy is very dense and difficult. We are in troubled times at the moment. But, it’s nothing that a good solid spiritual practice can’t handle.  

I also recommended connecting to the 5 Elements in an authentic way at this time. Everything is composed of the 5 Elements, including the virus. I can perform the 5 Element Soul Retrival for you, and I also teach this ritual.

When your inner elements are balanced, then you will be more effective at making decisions with clarity.     If you want to schedule with me, then please visit this link.

If you want to schedule a 5 Element Ritual then please contact me at The ritual session will be about 2 hours, and I schedule those manually.  

Much love to all,

Lisa Rising Berry

6 thoughts on “The Dawning Of The Golden Age Of Maitreya

  1. “But the goal is to merge our spiritual practices into our material bodies and life. To fully live our lives as one vast spiritual practice. We are to accomplish bringing Heaven to Earth.” This is beautiful Lisa. Thank you for such an article. I also feel similar. Blessings… Tracie

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  2. This is so deeply moving and personally relevant : ” Also known as the 5th element, also known in my Bon tradition as the space element. This energy was plentiful in the past Golden Ages, as the Ancient Societies were connected to God, and could connect to this Aether and do amazing things with it. They used it to build the temples and other ancient sites. Now, don’t laugh, but this energy is what is known in Star Wars as the “Force”, and when you have enough flowing through your body you can levitate any size object that you want. “

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  3. Good read

    On Sun., Dec. 13, 2020, 10:07 a.m. Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry, wrote:

    > Lisa Rising Berry posted: ” Greetings to everyone, I just have to start > off by saying that I am amazed at what is occurring right now. I had a > session with one of my clients this week, and she asked me a couple of > questions that really triggered me into cont” >

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