Hello everyone,

I decided to write an article about the energy we have been in for the past month.  It’s all leading into Scorpio season and will make its big debut the 2nd week of January.  Confused? I was too. I wasn’t going to write about this until I could better understand what I was seeing and experiencing.  And I didn’t think that would happen until next year, but as luck would have it, I have a better grasp on things now.

Before I go further into my article, I would like to give a shout out to my friend Sanna Tärnström. I was on her wonderful Heart to Heart radio show on Sept. 10th, and at the end of the show she asked me what I saw for the upcoming months.  My response, was, “I don’t know because I haven’t looked recently.” I was honest. My life has been busy in the most wonderful and fulfilling way, that I hadn’t looked. I knew Scorpio season would be hard, but then, isn’t every Scorpio season challenging.  YES, they all are.

However, when I connected to the upcoming months I was shocked, and the more I became intune with this energy, I became even more shocked and surprised.  I want to point out that what I am about to write is 100% from my clairvoyant abilities as a “seer”. There is no written information about what I see. I completely understand that what I see and feel may be wrong.  I “see” from the purity of my own perception, and I am not perfect by any means. This is another reason why I almost didn’t write this article. But, I am here to be of service, and if this information can help just one person deal with the Scorpio energy coming, then it was worth it.  I can’t prove my information to be true, and will not waste my time doing so. No two people are the same, what is good for one is bad for another. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

I will describe what I saw on Sanna’s show, but I will go into deeper detail about each section.  There are 3 maybe 4 parts to this energy we are currently in. I decided today was a good day to write, as the numerology supports me on this process.  

I would like to describe the first part of the energy that we just left.  This took place during Libra season. Libra is all about balance, but this Libra season was not balanced at all.  This was evident not only in the lives of my clients, but also the weather was crazy. Libra resembled a sliding board that we were sliding down, with no control whatsoever.  I would like to add this is occurring to every person on this planet. No one is left behind, but each experience down the slide is unique. Some of my clients went down the slide with their hands in the air laughing with joy, while others were like oh hell’s no, and they tried to climb back up, which of course did not work.  I was in the middle of the two. I went down willingly, but I had my feet on the slide trying to go too fast. This is the descent into the underworld of Scorpio, and a new type of balance (Libra scales of justice) is the goal. So, in a sense our scales of justice is changing and evolving. This is amazing, things are anything but balanced right now in this current reality.  Our world is still upside down. As the scales of Libra are being purified and balanced, we as individuals will be more balanced as well. To what extent, depends on where each individual is on their own private spiritual path. We also need to consider that being unbalanced has become many people’s identity, and therefore, being balanced will not feel good at all. Where does our slide dump us into?  Scorpio season.

This is not just any Scorpio season, this is the darkest and most transformative one I have ever felt.  It is 100% Aether is the color black and purple. I have been writing about Aether and Azoth for close to 5 years now.  There are too many articles for me to refer to  here. Scorpio season is a pool of Aether. I see everyone one, and everything plunging into this pool, and we will all swim in this energy for the entire Scorpio season.  The word I used to describe this energy when I was on Sanna’s show on Sept. 10th was a re-set of some kind. I assume since the Libra energy in all of us is being purified our balance will be re-set, or it could mean something deeper.  I don’t want to make assumptions. I really don’t like the word re-set, but that is what it came out of my mouth. I will try to describe what this energy feels like, but it’s hard to find the right words…it feels… Thick like tar, haunting, hot, mystical, little scary, powerful beyond anything I have felt.  Aether, is an element connected to the 5th element, which is Space. Aether is black and purple, and the Space element is white. The Space element is connected to our heart portal. As everything is coated with Aether is burns and is transformed for one month. This can trigger people into a quick dark night of the soul, but it will only last for one month. It’s a fast and furious trip directly into the middle of the underworld.  NOW, since we are entering the underworld from Libra, our underworld is also changing. It’s not only the Libra energy changing, but also the underworld of Scorpio as well. Scorpio is all about death, destruction and rebirth. It is the 8th house, so we will be changing the infinity loop once again. Once we are finished cooking for one month, we will leave Scorpio season and enter into Sagittarius.

The day we leave Sagittarius, we become a giant ball of Azoth energy.  Scorpio is a water sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign, which make Azoth.  Sagittarius is about freedom and travel.  We will be traveling one step closer to creating greater balance with this crazy process.  We will travel an upward climb out of the underworld with wings of flames. We will resemble the Phoenix or in my  Bon tradition the Red Garuda…the firebird.  It is the archer of Sagittarius that will shoot us out of the underworld and onto our journey as the firebird. Sagittarius is about freeing us from the animal nature of our minds.  This is what is being purified in Scorpio and then set afire in Sagittarius. After, we leave Sagittarius on the 21st of December we enter into the sign of Capricorn which is the sign Christ Consciousness/Buddahood was born in.  But, this time it will be a new type of Consciousness, one that comes from the purified scales of Libra and Scorpio bringing us greater balance.

The next thing I feel coming, I don’t completely understand, but I will write what I have so far, and I will follow up with another article.  I feel and “see” around the dates of December 27-31, a type of explosion of energy. The firebird explodes and the new energy is created. This is NOT a physical event. (2022 update:  There was a physical explosion…more on that in later articles)  There will not be a physical explosion, not one that I feel anyways. It is energetic. Then after the 31st, beginning on January 1, 2019 the dust settles from the explosion.  This dust settling phase lasts for 2 weeks, then by the third week of January we will each have more clarity about our individual paths. As, a collective this is huge. The new energy rises from the ashes of firebird explosion.  That’s all I can see for now. I can’t see anything past the second week of January, it’s like another re-set of some kind, and it just looks like dust particles.

I hope this crazy information will help explain why some people have been feeling a little off, or a lot off.  You’re not crazy, your transforming.

Be safe and take care,

Lisa Rising Berry

If you found the information in this articles insightful, and helpful, and you would like to work towards spiritual transformation through true inner alchemy, then consider scheduling a session with me.  I can assist you in navigating these current energies.

I use my clairvoyant ability, along with esoteric knowledge from many different spiritual modalities, to assist you on your path.   Dream Interpretation, Tibetan Meditation and Breathing Practices, Healing with the Elements, are just a few of the methods I explore with my clients.

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This article is copyrighted.  I would love you to share, but please credit the author Lisa Rising Berry and provide a link to this before posting.


  1. This explains alot…and just getting around to reading this now as September was one HELL of a month for me! Funny you said the word purity, and just read that word but as purification and know that this process is purifying us for this….Thank you so much for sharing this and glad you decided to do so….explains so much! ❤


  2. Yes….the rising Phoenix from the ashes…..the ashes of the past that no longer serves us. We are doing this now…individually and universally…finally catching up! 😉


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