Hello Everyone,

It’s been a little while since my last article.  A lot has been happening in my world. Like everyone else, I have been letting go of the old and bringing in the new.  Which will be a theme for this article today. I have started my Lama training, which has made my life very interesting.  This training also takes place in the astral and etheric as well, and it is really affecting my current physical body. I have been reading a book called “Daughter Of Fire”, which was written by Irina Tweedie.  It’s about her experiences while she was being trained by a Sufi Master. I have considered keeping a journal of my experiences while being trained in the Bon Tradition. There are not many, if any American female Bon Lama’s because it takes many years and the training is extensive.  I think people might want to know more about how it’s done, especially since I am starting later in age in this lifetime. Perhaps, I will write a book in the future?

Getting back to the dust that has settled.  It has taken much longer that I anticipated for things to clear up, so I could “see” what is going on now.  For those that did not read my articles about this energy coming in, I will do a recap. I wrote my first article about this in October 2018.  But, as always this is a continuation of my work that began over 4 years ago.

I will do a short recap…

  1. We saw the increase of the Azoth/fire energy connected to the Red Gaurda (fire bird) at the end of October, it increased until Sagittarius season.
  2. Then Sagittarius dipped the point of the bow into the fire filled with some type of new code.  (I first saw this code in 2013, and I drew it)
  3. All during Sagittarius season the bow was pulled tighter and tighter, and then it was released on December 26th, and it exploded.
  4. Then we waited for the dust from the explosion to settle.  I saw new particles entering into the physical world.

Now, the dust has settled, and I see new energy (Azoth) on this planet that has not been here before, at this level.  This new energy is changing the infinity symbol as well. In October 2017 I saw the infinity symbol open to a circle, but then it closed again.  I had no idea what that was about, but now I get it. Things are trying to come full circle. I will write Secrets of Infinity Part 3 next month, if not sooner.  In that article I will discuss this circle from the bigger aspect of our reality. Today, I will discuss it from the personal/individual perspective. And I feel it will not be a popular message.  

If you look back through time, this new energy has been prophesied.  It is Azoth, which is also known as the Holy Spirit as well as many other names.  I began seeing this energy emerging and coming in slowly over the past several years.  It is this energy that drove me to write my articles. Now, after the explosion, I see all Azoth, and it is mixed with a new code for humanity.  

“A body have you prepared for me” Hebrews 10:5.  This Azoth energy is what we have been preparing for since before Biblical times.  It mostly disappeared after the fall of consciousness. There was such a little bit left it was basically undetectable.  Once I saw it begin to return a few years ago, I would see it come into people’s bodies at a level they could handle. If the body was prepared to receive a certain amount then they would receive that specific amount.  I used to see some of my clients that had large amounts of Azoth around their bodies because they couldn’t receive anymore. They weren’t ready. For these clients, their lives became unbalanced, and they had to work hard to pull themselves back into the center, so they can receive more.  I would see a straw coming from the top of the crown chakra, and when they were full the straw would disappear. When they were ready, the straw would reappear. It was like a custom-made process. Only those ready would receive it and only at the level they could handle. There were some people that were not receiving any.  The bodies couldn’t handle any level. As we know, time waits for no one, and things have changed now. I have been writing and speaking on my radio shows for years about the time we are in right now. I kept saying that people need to prepare the body to receive the new energy coming. We are in that time now. The wait is over.  Full powered Azoth carrying new codes is here for everyone. Azoth has a no one left behind policy.

Here is the downside.  Most people are not prepared.  The time of preparing the body is over.  We were supposed to have been doing that for the past thousands of years.  A body have you prepared? Ponder this question truthfully. This energy is not waiting anymore.  The time of the custom “downloads” are over. All people and I mean all people, are receiving this Azoth energy at the same level and on a continuous basis.  It doesn’t matter if they are prepared or not, because this planet is shifting into its next cycle at lightning speed, and it’s not waiting for humanity to be prepared.   

I am seeing many people coming unhinged, freaking out, lives falling apart, and rampant illnesses.  And this process has only just started. We are in the infant stages of this energy. It is coming in at a drizzle right now.  It will continue to increase in strength and intensity. How quickly? I don’t know…not yet, and I may never know the answer to that question.  It’s sad to say, but we have entered the time were if you can’t keep up, then you will leave. As I said earlier, the time of preparing the body is over.  Whatever capacity an individual is at is what they have to work with. So, you can imagine what a person who eats unhealthy, and has never done a spiritual practice in their life must be going through.  If they thought life was hard prior to 2019, they haven’t seen anything yet. When I say prepared the body, I mean mind, body and soul. This includes your physical health, how you eat, your physical lifestyle.  The physical body is your house. If your house is dirty and unhealthy, then this energy will make you sicker. If you haven’t been working on mastering your emotions, then this energy will make you crazy, with huge ups and downs.

Since we are not trying to prepare the body, what are we doing?  We are trying to keep up with the increasing intensity. So, all’s not lost on those that did not prepare for this time period.  They can still improve, but it will be twice as hard as it was before. That being said, if an individual works hard they will get twice the benefits.  However, from my point of view, most will continue to not improve, and will be leaving the planet. For some, they “know” they can’t keep up, and it’s okay, they weren’t supposed to.  They will stay as long as they can and then exit. But, I feel the majority could have and should have kept up, and they didn’t for reasons too many to mention here.

This brings me to my next controversial topic… Light Workers.  I really don’t like this name of “Light Workers”, but I know most of my readers know what I am saying when I use this terminology.  But, for those that don’t I will explain what a Light Worker is. It is a soul that has a contract to help the planet shift into its next stage of evolution.  We have millions of people on this planet that fall into this category at one level or another. Prior to 2019 souls could assist the planet while working on themselves.  Now, this has changed a little. Earth is a living consciousness soul, and is on its own ascension path. It’s our job in a human body to keep up with our planet. Earth is no longer living in the past, it has come full circle.  This is where the changing infinity symbol comes in. Now, we must do the same. We have to completely move on from our past, just as Earth has. If we chose to live in the drama of our past, we will not come full circle in our personal lives, and we will not keep up with the planet.  Therefore, we will not be allowed to assist the planet any longer. Because we will not match its frequency. The wider the gap in frequency, the more likely that person will exit. It’s like in sports, players get benched, or they get kicked off the team. I know for many people, healing a traumatic past seems impossible, and for some it might be.  But, for many it is not impossible. I see the bench full right now, and it makes me want to cry. Many people that were helping the planet are no longer assisting, simply because they haven’t come full circle and healed or moved on from the past. They are still holding onto anger, judgments and have not forgiven or made amends.

This may seem like a momentous task, but it’s not.  And it’s what we have signed up for. We can’t change the past, so let it go and heal.  We as humanity don’t have time to baby ourselves any longer. We have to put on our big girl or boy panties and move forward to keep up with this planet.  I was half-way on the bench for the month of January, February and part of March. Once I saw what was going on, I came full circle. I was tested many times, which was not fun, but, I am better off now.  I have made full amends with my past, including my past lives. I did everything I can do, and I moved forward. I actually had a vision of a large white ball in the sky of my backyard. Now, does this mean I will never be benched again?  Nope, it doesn’t. If I don’t do what I do to keep up, then I will not be allowed to assist this planet. I feel many of us will be on the bench and then off the bench until we can get a better grip on this Azoth energy. What we don’t want to see is an overcrowded bench with few souls assisting with this shift.  

I had a session this past weekend with my Mayan Master friend, which was amazing.  He helped me to come full circle with my past lives with his rituals. I will be having him on my radio show this Spring.  I am so grateful that he is a patient man, because the topics to be discussed on the show keeps changing every time we talk.  He will give us the Mayan perspective of this article, and what their prophecies say about this year and the future years. My experiences are very much in line with his great wisdom.  

Love to all…. Lisa Rising Berry

If you need assistance or advice with your journey, please schedule an appointment with me.  We all need help from time to time. I am grateful to my teachers and healers that assist me.   I use my clairvoyant abilities to help you remove blockages and move forward. Please read our website to explore what I have to offer.  You can also read my Bio on our page to see my qualifications. Click here to schedule an appointment….LINK TO SCHEDULE

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6 thoughts on “The Dust Has Settled, Time to Move Forward

  1. I read this article a while back when you first posted but just wanted to comment on this energy…it is so AMAZING and mostly the ringing in the ears, as you know about my ears, is sort of annoying but working on that, as this energy has kinda leveled out for me, the ringing not so loud now and other physical pleasures I can’t go into all of them but I am enjoying it. I lost alot of weight at the end of last year and beginning of this year, and lost alot of ‘baggage’ so to speak, but just wanted to say thanks to you for telling us about it, at least I know what is going on here and I say KEEP IT COMING!!!! LOL
    BIG HUGS there LIsa pisa pudding pie….I am happy you got all the past worked out, and bet you lost weight too….isn’t it funny how the body reflects what is going on inside, like holding onto the past and gaining weight?
    Can’t wait for the rest of it… 😉

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