I have been reading alot about not being in judgment and moving into Unity Consciousness. I feel many people are afraid to determine what is bad from good or wholesome from unwholesome, because they don’t want to live in judgement or Duality.  As a result they are left running around in circles not quite sure what to do, and having the attitude it’s all good.  By being so focused on Judgement and Duality, they are forgetting how to observe and discern.

There is a huge difference between judgement and observation.  Just by stating you want peace…you have made the observation of the opposite which is violence.   The ability to observe the environment around us, the ability to discern one thing from another, is what comes with evolving to a higher level of consciousness.  You use this observation of your surroundings to decide what you do and do not want, what is wholesome and unwholesome.   Now, in absolute reality wholesome and unwholesome doesn’t exist, and I understand that, however, we live in the relative reality, and wholesome and unwholesome activities exist.  

Observation is the act of seeing something; it is the simple act of witnessing . Discernment is the act of differentiation; it is the simple act of telling one thing from another.   If you can not tell what you do not what, then how do you know what you do want?  We are not living in the higher realms, we are living on a 3D planet where we need to learn how to determine what we want, and what is unwholesome and what is wholesome.  

  Humans have a desire to notice what is going on around them. Indeed, they have a responsibility to do so. We are still operating under 7 Hermetic Principles, one them being The Principle of Polarity.  Take Darkness and Light as an example…Where does Darkness leave off and Light begin?  The Principle of Polarity explains these paradoxes.  The New Age Community has distorted this Principle of the Universe and now calls it Duality.  Duality has become a dirty word in the New Age Community.  All truths are but half-truths until you learn that there are two sides to everything.  Ignoring the Principle of Polarity will not move you into Oneness.  Unity consciousness is about you.  You merge spirit and matter within yourselves, this is the science behind the Merkaba.  That is your goal…. to become “one” in you.  This simply cannot be achieved if you don’t know how to use the Principle of Polarity within yourselves.  You merge two opposite poles (duality) within yourselves to become one.  How can someone be in Unity with another being until they have completed this process within themselves?  You can’t!  Unity Consciousness begins from within yourself first… by using inner Alchemy and the Principle of Polarity.  The two opposite poles within you become one…only then have you achieved Oneness.

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Lisa Rising Berry


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