Many of our ancient teachings began in the East, where the culture witnessed many miraculous events that can happen from intense spiritual practices.   These events, which can seem like miracles, are the results of many years and hours of hard work (spiritual practice). Eastern students tend to rely on their experience with doing the practices and don’t ask their teachers intellectual questions. They aren’t concerned with the why and how a practice is done, or how the practice works. Their culture is based on spiritual experience and faith.  They know it works because they have seen it work in their elders, so they don’t need to know why and how.  Also, their culture is respectful of the teacher, and doesn’t ask questions.  It seems to ask intellectual questions means you are questioning the teachers mastery of the teachings, and this can be perceived as disrespectful.  So, they have trust and faith in the teachers ability to teach what is necessary.  There is nothing wrong with this approach, but something is missing.  It is only one wing of the bird

When the ancient Eastern teachings moved to the West, they entered a culture that grew from intellectual thinking and questioning everything.  Children grew up taking apart their toys to see how they worked. This created an atmosphere where students need to know more about the technical details about the teachings and why things are done in a certain way.  But, the Westerns tend to not put in all the hours required to get the experiences necessary for balanced growth, due to their busy schedules and other priorities.  Many are not having the same results as their Eastern brothers and sisters.  There is nothing wrong with this approach either, but something is missing.  It is also only one wing of the bird. 

I feel both are essential.   Intellectual questions must be asked first, then the hours of practice must follow. Knowing the background and how a practice works is important for the practitioner to go to a deeper level.  For this to occur, questions must be asked.  That way, you will not only understand the teachings at a deeper level, but also create the experiences necessary to transform your body, speech and mind.  Wisdom and clarity, two wings of the Dharma bird.

Perhaps if the Eastern students were taught the intellectual reason for the practices, their physical results would be even stronger. And if Western students practice longer and harder, their experiences would also be stronger, and they will experience fewer of the 5 negative poisons.   I believe in my heart this true.

I feel this is why the prophecy of Drenpa Namkha, which states the Dharma will leave the East and come to the West, and then return back to the east, is so important.  We live in a historic time period where the teachings are evolving in the cauldron of Western culture, and in the hearts of the Western people. Many Eastern teachers complain that the teachings are becoming Westerized, as if this is a bad thing.  But, I see it differently.  As long as the integrity and purity of the teaching remain, then the Westernization is not hurting, but helping.  It is evolving the teachings for the next stage of service to humanity.  

I feel the role of the westerner is to re-introduce the intellectual aspect of Dharma, and it is the Western practitioner’s responsibility to practice what they learned. So when the westernized teachings return to the East, the Dharma bird will fly with two wings fully extended.  There is no other way.  Westerners need to ask many questions, and then practice like their hair is on fire.  Which brings me to my next topic of water and fire.

It appears the teachings in the East are connected to water, which are our emotions. And the teachings in the West are connected to the fires of the intellect.  When fire and water are combined in the alchemical process, we have a substance known as Azoth.  Which is taught in the ancient Gnostic lineages.

The Dharma bird I keep referring to is the fire-bird, which rises out of its ashes.  Which is known in my Bon tradition as the Red Gauda.  I personally see the Garuda of Dharma being burned by the fires of the Western intellect, and will then rise from those ashes reborn. Then it will make it’s journey with both wings balanced, back to Tibet at the top of Mt. Kailash. 

This activity is also connected to the rainbow prophecy, which states East meets West, which brings about unity.   I feel the two Wings of the Dharma bird returning to Kaliash is a piece of this puzzle. 

When the Eastern way of teaching meets the Western way of teaching, the two wings of the Dharma bird will be completely restored.  Wisdom and clarity will rise again within humanity.

May all beings benefit,

Lisa Rising Berry

If anyone wants help with learning a good spiritual practice, I am willing to help. Your practice doesn’t have to take hours. We can develop something that fits your schedule. Doing anything is better than nothing at all. I understand this energy is very dense and difficult. We are in troubled times at the moment. But, it’s nothing that a good solid spiritual practice can’t handle.

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Much love to all,

Lisa Rising Berry

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