There is still time to sign up for my Tsa Lung class.  The official name is, 5 Root Winds of Thrul Khor Yoga (Tsa Lung) from the Mother Tantra of Sharza Rinpoche.  I have been granted permission to teach this by Tempa Dukte Lama Rinpoche.  I was required to study Tummo every week for 3 months before I was allowed to teach Tsa Lung to a group, as Tummo and Tsa Lung are connected.  Tsa Lung has been part of my normal practice for almost 10 years.

All proceeds from this class are being donated to Olmo Ling for creation of a Sherab Chamma statue.  (diving loving mother) I wrote about this and did a video on this subject.

In ancient times, people used practices like Tsa Lung as part of the medicine for physical and mental health.  Tsa Lung clears the chakras and channels of the body in a way that other practices don’t do.  This clearing of blockages can lead to higher levels of self awareness, and heal diseases of the body.

Anyone that has taken the 5 Elements Class with me, this would be the natural progression of classes, as this practice also balances the inner 5 Elements of your body.  If you don’t have any experience with the 5 Elements Class, then don’t worry, I will be going over the basics in this class.  I will also add some deeper knowledge of the elements and how they are connected to Tsa Lung. 

 I understand that not everyone can attend in person, so I will provide everyone with a recording of each class, as well as a detailed handout of the Tsa Lung practice.

Tsa Lung combines the power of the 5 Elements with yogic breath, movement, visualization and meditative awareness.  The movements are very easy to learn and you remain seated on your meditation cushion or just the floor.  If you are unable to sit on the floor, then I have modifications for you using a chair.  Also, I will be teaching a visualization with each of the 5 exercises.  This is useful for when you are too sick to move.  Tsa lung uses the breath to create a giant scrubbing brush that works on the chakras and channels of the body.  This super cleaning process creates physical and mental health.  In ancient days, the people used practices of Tsa Lung as their medicine, since hospitals were not existent. In fact, these practices are still in use today in the upper himalayan regions because medical care is still sparse.

This class will be taught in 4 sessions, each session will be about 2 hours long.  In the first class you will learn the Tsa Lung Prayer meaning and melody.  When you chant this prayer before you do Tsa Lung, it creates a more powerful energy of healing.  I like to say that it makes the scrubbing brush bigger.  It’s not required to use the prayer before each Tsa Lung practice.  I know Westerners don’t have a lot of time for practice.  But, I feel just hearing the wisdom contained in the prayer brings great spiritual benefit.

To register, please email me at

Lisa Rising Berry

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