Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I am offering 2 classes in the month of October.  All proceeds from these 2 events will be donated to my home Temple Olmo Ling.  I am currently raising money for us to build a large statue of the Divine Loving Mother.  I will explain more about that, as well as the benefits of being involved in this project.  This newsletter may be a little long.  I will also record a YouTube video on this topic next week.

The first class is called Tsa Lung.  The official name is, 5 Root Winds of Thrul Khor Yoga (Tsa Lung) from the Mother Tantra of Sharza Rinpoche.  I have been granted permission to teach this by Tempa Dukte Lama Rinpoche.  

Anyone that has taken the 5 Elements Class with me, this would be the natural progression of classes, as this practice also balances the inner 5 Elements of your body.  If you don’t have any experience with the 5 Elements Class, then don’t worry, I will be going over the basics in this class.  I understand that not everyone can attend in person, so I will provide everyone with a recording of each class, as well as a detailed handout of the Tsa Lung practice.

Tsa Lung combines the power of the 5 Elements with yogic breath, movement, visualization and meditative awareness.  The movements are very easy to learn and you remain seated on your meditation cushion or just the floor.  If you are unable to sit on the floor, then I have modifications for you using a chair.  Also, I will be teaching a visualization with each of the 5 exercises.  This is useful for when you are too sick to move.  Tsa lung uses the breath to create a giant scrubbing brush that works on the chakras and channels of the body.  This super cleaning process creates physical and mental health.  In ancient days, the people used practices of Tsa Lung as their medicine, since hospitals were not existent. In fact, these practices are still in use today in the upper himalayan regions because medical care is still sparse.

This class will be taught in 4 sessions, each session will be about 2 hours long.  In the first class you will learn the Tsa Lung Prayer meaning and melody.  When you chant this prayer before you do Tsa Lung, it creates a more powerful energy of healing.  I like to say that it makes the scrubbing brush bigger.  It’s not required to use the prayer before each Tsa Lung practice.  I know Westerners don’t have a lot of time for practice.  But, I feel just hearing the wisdom contained in the prayer brings great spiritual benefit.

In the second class, I will finish teaching the prayer, and then I will teach the prerequisites for Tsa Lung as well as information on the Tsa, Lung and Tingle.  Which is the channels, breath and chakras.  This will be more of the medical information on this practice.  

In third and fourth class I will teach the actual practice of Tsa Lung, where you will learn how to do the movements, breath, visualization etc…

The cost for 8 hours of teaching, the hand outs and recording is $111.00, and all proceeds are being donated.  This class will be every Thursday at 10:00am New York Time zone.  Beginning on October 7th and ending on October 28th.  I encourage attending live so you can ask questions.  More on the donations…..

The second series classes will be a monthly group meditation on the Divine Loving Mother. Each week, I will use a quote from my teacher’s book, “Heart Drop Of The Loving Mother”, and we will contemplate and discuss the quote.  Then, I will lead a guided meditation on the Divine Mother.  Each of these classes will be 1 hour long, and will cost $44.00 each.  Or, if you are planning on attending all 4, then you can sign up for the whole month of practice.  I will provide a copy of each quote, and a recording of each session. These monthly sessions will be held for 4 Fridays in October at 12:00pm New York Time Zone. The first session will begin October 1st and end on October 22nd.  There are 5 Fridays in October, but I can’t do October 29th, because I will be in Pittsburgh with my teacher on that day.

To sign-up for my classes, please write to me at risingfrequencies@gmail.com.  Please let me know what you are signing up for, and include your mailing address.  I will send you my Paypal link as well as the zoom link for the classes.

All the money I receive from these teachings will be donated to my home temple, Olmo Ling.  I am raising money to build a large Sherab Chamma statue for our Pittsburg temple. Sherab Chamma in my Bon tradition is the Divine Loving Mother.  There are many names for her in all traditions, but the name does not matter, it is the energy that remains the same.  

There is a great benefit to the planet when a large statue of the Divine Mother is built.  After the statute is created we do rituals to literally bring it to life.  We place a spine in the statue along with prayers etc…  Then it has its own aura and will continuously produce the Divine Loving Mother energy to the planet.  It will always be connected to the mind stream of humanity as well as the ley lines of the planet.  When someone donates money to a creation like this, they also receive great personal benefit.  Being involved in the physical creation of the Divine Mother statue can create physical healing and mental well-being.  It is also said that it can heal illnesses that are connected to the karmic ancestral lineage of the body.  I am not making any personal guarantees, but these things have been known to happen.  

If you are not interested in any of my classes, then please consider making a donation to the creation of the statue.  The height will be 2 feet and the width will be 1 ½ feet and the depth is 1 foot.  As far as statues go, this is a large one, and will contain big energy.  Here is a picture of the mold so far. It is not finished….   I will mail a small thank you gift to all those that donate to my endeavor and participate in the classes. 

Sherab Chamma Mantra

“Om Ma-Wa Ma-De Ma-Hi Mo-Ha E Ma Ho Ma-Ye Ru-Pa Ye-Ta Du-Du So-Ha.”

Sherab Chamma

Much love,

Lisa Rising Berry

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