All people desire happiness yet they chase after suffering why?

Because of our attachment to our emotional responses.   We need to use emotions properly.  Instead of saying I am Angry…. you should say I have anger, because you are not the anger.  Anger alerts us to the fact that something is wrong.  But if we sit in that energy we will become sick.

holding-on-to-anger1“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” Possible quote from Buddha

Once you received the alert signal of anger, it has done it’s job, and now it’s time to transmute that emotion into the strongest of all emotions which is Compassion/Unconditional Love, and generate Bodhicitta.  This is what people are….LOVE, not anger.

Bodhicitta is a spontaneous wish to attain enlightenment motivated by great compassion for all sentient beings, accompanied by a falling away of the attachment to the illusion of an inherently existing self.

When you realize that you are not the anger that you feel, that it is just a signal to you to change something, then your perspective shifts.  When your perspective shifts, your body chemistry shifts, and this will allow you to move into your heart and fill it with compassion for what just made you angry.

head-in-the-sandThis does not mean that you stick your head in the sand, and ignore this issue.  What happens is just the opposite.  You will fix or change the issue using clarity of the clear light of compassion and wisdom.  The energy of anger does not contain the vibration of change.  Compassion, love and wisdom do.  Each serves a different purpose.  Anger alerts us, and compassion makes the changes.

The energy of Kali is a perfect example.  Her energy is the destroyer energy.  She is feared due to a lack of awareness.  She only destroys from compassion, love and wisdom.  She kali_the_destroyer_by_chocologicalcytus-d6ibk7eknows this is necessary to create the new.  When you fix issues in your personal life that make you angry you need to do so from your heart of compassion, which is full of the clear light of wisdom. Then you are a force of correct destruction that will lead to amazing new creations.

When someone is fully in their heart and they destroy what is not good for them, it is done with the highest integrity and clarity.  When it is done from anger, because they are fooled into believing that is how they have power…. then they are no better than the problem.  They are the same energy as the problem.  They have not risen higher than the problem.  This is why humanity suffers.  Simply because they have not learned what emotions are for, and what their intended purposes are.  Mastery of the mind is a requirement to end personal suffering.  Knowledge is power, you must live through the physical body what you learn.

master-your-mindWe need to train our minds to shift from anger to love, like downshifting a car.  By gradually reducing  the focus we ordinarily place on anger, we will begin to identify with the transmutation to love and compassion more.  We will only sit in anger for a few seconds, just long enough to get the message we need.

Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. Be mindful of how your moods go up and down. Be mindful to the emotional responses you have to all situations.  See how long it takes you to move from anger to love.  Journal it and live it.

You could be sitting alone in a room and all of the sudden feel anger or fear out of the blue.   When this happens, try something new, since it is hard to see the cause.  Instead of looking for the outside force that made you feel like this. Instead train your mind, to understand how these emotions can appear from absolutely nothing. By training your mind to know how volatile it is and how it just pops up out of nowhere you can take control of your emotions.  Then you will have clarity of mind.  There are times we feel angry for no reason at all.  It just happens as a result of having an untrained mind.  If you exist in clarity, then it is easy to see if there really is an outside cause.  However, there are a lot of times when there is no cause.  It’s just the monkey mind.

Humanity is addicted to suffering.  Most would like to remain in a familiar hell, rather than an unknown bliss.  Solving problems that bother us from love doesn’t make sense to most people, so they continue to respond from anger.  They are living with blinders on, existing in complete unawareness of the true power that lives within their very own hearts.


meditation-opening-heartThe addiction to suffering is why we continue to practice meditation.  The way to mastering your mind and obtaining the ability to shift from the anger to love in your heart  takes practice.  Proper meditation is the key.  If you have been doing a spiritual practice for years and years, and you still can not do this, then sadly your practice is not working.

Many will have to unlearn what they think they know, or continue to repeat the same mistakes and make decisions from anger.

Put it Down. Let It Go. Turn the Page.

Lisa Rising Berry

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6 thoughts on “Why Are Humans Addicted To Suffering?

  1. Yes! This has been my mantra lately…’Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional’ A choice, per say, for those who feel vindicated in their anger to ooze the suffering onto those they project their anger towards…’See how you make me suffer?’ No one can suffer without permission, and in legaleze, as you probably know when you state you suffer losses at the hands of another, you immediately lose your case because it means you gave permission. So we all have times where we feel anger for no apparent reason, but alot of times it is an empathetic response to another’s energy in your area, it could be a neighbor, it could be another in the room, and not our own anger but a trained mind can look at it and say, there is nothing here for me to work on, this is just the empathetic energy you have linked into someone else’s sending out that energy because they have not learned how to let it go and pass thru it to see what really is going on. I am sure you have done this many times, felt someone else’s anger only to realize that it is not your energy but anothers. It’s a fine line between the struggle and suffering. like quicksand if one allows/gives permission for the pain and suffering. What exactly is suffering? Is is pain overwhelmed by helplessness or extended entropy? I have recently how our frustration and need to attach ourselves causes this loss of energy and aging, loving referred to as entropy. What are your thoughts on entropy? Just curious! Great article Lisa…BIG HUGS! ❤

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      1. Well, that sums it up but in my mind, I thought suffering was more painful that just frustration and struggle…and yes, this would be a long list! LOL, what about your thoughts on Entropy? Just wonder how you would stop it, as in balance and release but also reverse the damage of Entropy? I know, always questions! LOL ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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