I wrote this article exactly two years ago today, and I decided to publish it again on it’s anniversary for a special reason.  The shift of the energy of infinity in our lives was the first of the big changes this planet went through.  This shift in infinity is continuing to increase at such a rapid rate.

Without this first shift, the Azoth energy would have never been able to manifest, and we would have never moved through the center of infinity to a new time in space.


This research may not interest everyone. Some may read this and say, “So what”. That is OK with me. I don’t know if my findings will actually help anyone in their journey inward, but this is something I felt I needed to do. I am not sure why yet, but to me it was important.

I started this research in January of 2015 and then, my partner Andrea joined me. We made an announcement on our Radio Show Rising Frequencies that we had discovered some very interesting things. That show is available on YouTube. We waited to write about this, because it sounds crazy that we found the name for the vertical infinity loop. That was my goal….

gate-of-men-to-godThis paper is about the sideways infinity symbol and the vertical infinity symbol, and their connection to the Silver Gate of Men and the Golden Gate of the Gods. This is where I began my own research. These findings I am presenting are my own. I know many other writers have written about the Silver and Golden Gates, in relation to Astrology and Ascension. The knowledge of these Gates have been known for thousands of years. Once I found what I was looking for I did find some published works in Mythology that backed me up. I was thrilled to locate them, it took a lot of time, because not much is out there on this subject, in the way I approached it.

This is my conclusion based on the science of Gematria and the use language. Numbers and words are the keys to unlocking mysteries unknown to us. You have to really think outside of the box to find tiny treasures, and that is just what I did. I connected to my very active Inner child energy, and just let my intuition and imagination run wild. I feel there may be a slight chance that I have uncovered something new using these two sciences, however crazy that may sound. I know there is nothing new under the sun, but I can’t find anywhere the use of the name I have discovered, and the math 100% supports my findings.

I took apart certain words according to what they sound like when spoken, and did not pay attention to the exact spelling. At times I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants, and some invisible force was guiding me in my research.

lemniscateI started with the word Lemniscate, the sideways infinity symbol. I have felt for many years that the sideways infinity symbol represents the Silver Gate of Men, this is the Gate which humanity enters into this Earth School. This loop is guarded by Taurus. The sideways infinity symbol is a closed loop. Once you come in you can’t get out, you feel trapped. I feel the vertical infinity loop represents the Golden Gate and is the open loop that leads humanity to Infinity, and out of this reality matrix. The Golden Gate is guarded by Scorpio.

The name Lemniscate means decorated with ribbons. When a soul enters through the Silver Gate of Men and walks into a body, thus becoming human, they are decorated with ribbons. These amazing ribbons are called our DNA. We exit using the Golden Gate which is the vertical gate.

I could feel both Gates are essentially the same, but used for different purposes, so they have different polarities. We know what the name of the sideways infinity loop which is Lemniscate, but there is not a name for the vertical infinity loop. At least I could not find one. I knew there had to be a name, and that name would prove my theory.

silver-gateI looked at what each Gate did, what their main functions are, and it is really simple, when you look at this from the eyes of your inner child. One Gate let’s you in, and the other Gate let’s you out. Let begins with letter “L”, just like Lemniscate. I decided to start there. I really pronounced the word Lemniscate slowly, and I heard Lem…in…gate. Like…. ”let me in gate”. I did the Gematria for the simple phrase, “Let in gate”. Since this is what it does. The results are 558 which is a great number. If you add them all together you get the number 9, which is the number that represents consciousness. Also, when you look at the number 9, it is ½ of the infinity loop. By entering through the Silver Lemniscate or the “Let in Gate”, you are starting the first half of your journey. The second half is getting out. I decided to taking this number 558 a step further, and looked at it by dividing it in ½, since it represents ½ of our journey. If you add 5+5 you get 10, which is the number of completion. The number left is 8, which is the upward infinity loop. This shows us that the upward infinity loop is the completion of our journey.

The vertical infinity loop represents the last ½ of our journey, which is the way out. Since the Lemniscate is the “Let in Gate”, I figured the vertical loop is the “Let out Gate”. The gematria for “Let out Gate is 885. Same numbers showing they are both Gates, but in a different combination showing they serve different purposes.

golden-doors-kaabaThe next step I took was finding the name for the vertical “Let out Gate”. I use the same method that I used to find the Let in phrase, but in reverse. I figured since they are the same Gate used for different purposes, that the spelling would have to be close. Through a lot of trial an error I discovered the name Lemnosgate, and the “Let out Gate”. Here is the gematria for Lemniscate using Simple and English versions equals 606 and 101. The gematria for Lemnosgate equals 666 and 111. When you look at the gematria for Lemniscate (Let in), you see a separation between the numbers. This is representative of the separation from the divine we encounter when we enter this closed loop reality. The gematria for my word Lemnosgate shows the connection is regained when we leave through the now open Golden Gate of the Gods.

gold infinityThe infinity loops, both of them are the time loops that everyone talks about. We are finished with the old time line loop of the Lemniscate and the new Lemnosgate is open. You can chose which one you want. Stay stuck or leave. I can tell from the posts on facebook that the majority are stuck in the very old timeline of the closed loop. That frequency and information is almost completely gone, and I do not know what will happen to those that chose to resonate with false light information. They are feeling that everything is a trap, including the New Earth energy. They cannot feel the vertical infinity loop at all, which is very sad, and time is running out.

Back to the research….

I was very happy with the results I had so far, but I wanted more. I could not find anything on Lemnosgate. So, I decided to Google Lemnos for fun, to see what would pop up. What I found just astonished me! I am still shocked even as I type this, because as far as I am concerned this piece sealed the deal. I found that Lemnos is used in a Science fiction book, entitled “The Gate of Lemnos”, by Francis Jarman. And, it just gets better… Here is what the book is about. “The Gate of Lemnos is the entrance to a new world, one of the wonders of the universe, and Terra’s only planetary colony containing alien life forms. We are on the brink of the new Golden Age of Aquarius, which is the new energy of the New Earth. FANTASTIC!!!!!! The vertical infinity loop that I call the Lemnosgate is the entrance to our new reality.

At this point Andrea joined me in this research and even took it further.

Hello everyone, this part of the story is being told by Andrea. Lisa has described the “As Above” information about the infinity loop and it’s connections to the Gate of Man and Gate of the Gods, and I will describe the “So Below” information – how it connects to the human body.

I have had the nagging feeling for nearly a year that something is wrong with the “LEMNISCATE” as a horizontal infinity symbol. In fact, I had a very vivid dream where I was shown a sideways infinity symbol shift from a horizontal position to an upright position, and I was told that the upright position was the correct position for the symbol.

blue infinityI saw the human body with the upright “LEMNOSGATE” infinity loop (using Lisa’s ingenious new term) with the top of the loop extending up, up, up to connect with source energy at the Galactic Center and the bottom of the infinity loop extending down, down, down connecting to the heart of Gaia – and the cross section meets right in our heart center.  

This energetic template is the source-connected human template and is in the correct energy. This is the template we are trying to regain and reactivate at this time.

The template that we have been working within the existing human energy body is misaligned. The top chakras form an upper vortex facing upward and the bottom chakras form a lower, downward-facing vortex. When spun on a vertical axis, and the horizontal, sideways lemniscate infinity loop is formed.

When the sideways infinity loop is spun, it produces an electromagnetic field that is torus-shaped (like a doughnut).  The issue with this form is that the faster it spins, the smaller it becomes, and it is disconnected from our source above (Galactic Center) and our source below (Gaia).

I now must give credit to Ashayana Deane who talked about this toroidal field, how it cannot re-eve-and-the-appleenergize itself and will eventually run out of energy. When this happens the body dies.  She called it the “poisoned apple” because the field looks a bit like an apple.  Like Snow White in the fairy tale, she bit the poisoned apple and fell into a death-like sleep.  And when Eve took the bite of the poisoned apple, she entered the form of the damaged human body and accepted death and separation from source.

Unlike the sideways infinity symbol, when the upright infinity symbol is spun on the vertical access it narrows and lengthens out to reach the source energy above and the source energy below symbolizing the infinite beings that we are!

I have seen many other signs and symbols of the upright infinity symbol. An image that looks like a backbone made of interconnected chain links has been seared into the front window of my house. My son brought home a unique crystal that we just discovered today is called an “hourglass selenite” and it represents the upright infinity symbol.

I have seen the number “144” repeated so many times and in so many places I cannot count. I was also given a message in a dream where I was shown a human light body facing me, and when it turned sideways it expanded into 12 layers of 12 luminous bodies.

All of these signs point to our DNA and the new 12 strand DNA that we must repair. The infinity symbol represents DNA, and there are 144 double-helix strands in our 12 strand DNA.

dnaimage1In an experience I described in Episode 10 of our Rising Frequencies radio show, I saw my own DNA strands as interlinked infinity symbols standing up from a lying down position and intertwining around each other in beautiful golden energy, repairing themselves and activating from my root chakra to my crown and above.

Our energetic bodies have been knocked off balance and disconnected and must be repaired.  We must form this upright infinity loop of energy traveling from the earth up through our heart and looping through our crown and going back into heart.

We must do this in order to pass through the Golden Gate.

What is so important for everyone to know is that YOU OWN EVERY CELL OF YOUR PHYSICAL BODY and YOU OWN ALL OF YOUR ENERGETIC BODIES.

This includes your higher chakras and any implants you may have!  Yes – our higher chakras from our upper energy vortex which has pulled false light into us. That is because false light was being fed to us.

But what is so important to know is that we MUST regain control of the upper chakras of our bodies!! You control your chakras – and you can take them back. Likewise – if you have any implants in YOUR fields – you can reprogram them with your intent to work for you.

You start at the root, and clear and cleanse and re-activate – and you move up and regain control of each one all the way to crown! You DO NOT stop at your heart!!  You must form an energetic link between the brain and the heart so that the heart consciousness (soul) directs your brain and your ego (seated in the brain) bows to your soul – and the two will eventually merge.

gate-of-men-to-gate-of-gods-infinityWe enter through the Silver Gate of Men at the start of our spiritual journey, and we exit through the Golden Gate of God at the end.  It is time to fix our DNA and our body templates!   Complete Your Own Internal Pole Shift to turn the Poisoned Apple into the Golden Apple – and prepare your temple to enter the Golden Age through the Golden LEMNOSGATE!

Written by Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Extraordinary! Puts everything into places in my mind!
    What does the third infinity loop mean? The picture says 2000AD? The time of Jesus Christ?
    I experienced in my inner work that template of disconnection from God and worked through it to find out that HE never closed doors on us and it was my Christian perception that HE was in rage and punished me. It turned out it was my choice to go thru this Earth 3d experience. This way I worked thru the collective template of Guilt and Disconnection from Source.
    Thank you, Lisa. Your articles are a treasure.
    About hald a year ago I made mandalas of the 4 elements. Now I feel that I am going to make the mandala of the new element that you are writing about. In my intuition eye it looks silver/grey and white like steam.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Olga! I am glad you like my articles! I am not familiar with a third infinity loop. Just the one that switched positions from closed to open. Your write about the color of the new element…it’s is grey/silver like you described. Your the first to pick up on this. wooohoooo


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