Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire

great balls of fire
In my last blog I saw the element of Fire playing an extremely important role in the destruction and rebirth of our collective reality.  However, this very powerful element is about to play a huge role in our own personal development as well.  Mars, which is represented by fire, moves into the fire sign of Sagittarius on September 14, 2014 (depending on where you live).  This is rebel energy looking for a cause, and the cause is YOU!  It stays in this position for 5 intense weeks of fiery transformation.  What a great opportunity to rise from our own ashes and be reborn into the amazing energy of the phoenix.  Now, of course we can do this any time during the year.  However, when the planets are aligned in certain ways, it can make our job much easier.
In the Gospel of Thomas, from the Nag Hammadi Codices, we find a verse quoting Jesus Christ, as follows: “those who are near me are near to the fire.”
This will be the best and most productive time to perform inner alchemy using the fire element.  This element burns away the dense layers of yourself, and transmutes them into a higher frequency.  It is truly the philosopher’s stone being created within our own body.  I know Alchemy has been pushed aside by many due to a lack of written information.  It really is not difficult to perform.  I suggest the practice of Tummo, which is the “Yoga of Inner Fire.”  When you create heat in your inner cauldrons and your chakaras you literally burn away the dross of your life.  It eliminates fear and trauma etc.  It doesn’t take a very long time, but it does take the will and desire to participate in the practice.  I can speak form personal experience with inner fire, that it does work.  
When I do my Tummo/Inner Fire work, I imagine balls of fire entering my chakaras starting at my root first, and use my breath to keep them going.  If your intention and will are strong you may feel heat.  It’s OK if you don’t, just don’t quit.  Have you ever heard the expression fire in the belly?  Well, I use this practice to create Fire in my belly, which is the solar plexus – it’s symbol is the sun, the center of our chakara system, and the source of our will.
So take this very special opportunity to explore the Ancient Practice of Inner Alchemy using Tummo.  Reading about the history of Alchemy is great, but it can only take you so far.  One needs to do the work and experience this amazing process in their own bodies to truly “know” the wisdom of Inner Fire and Alchemy.
I checked the Gematria concerning this subject, and “Yoga of Inner Fire” in English Gematria = 666 which is a representation of our human bodies.  In Simple Gematria it = 111 which correlates to spiritual awakening.  The Word vibrational equivalent for Yoga of Inner Fire = Humanity.  So, what does this all mean?  It means that through the ancient practice of Yoga of Inner Fire (Tummo), we can awaken our physical bodies – AND this will not only benefit us personally, but it will benefit all of Humanity.
Enjoy creating your great balls of inner fire.
Lisa Rising Berry

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