Rising Frequencies presents Mayan Masters Zaculew Ix Ba’lam, and Tze’ec Ba’lam Part 2

I had the pleasure of interviewing my good Mayan Master friends a second time. They are Zaculew Ix Ba’lam, White Earth Jaguar Woman, and Tze’ec Ba’lam, Two Realms. We discussed the following topics. The disappearance of some of the Mayans, the portals of Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, Andromeda, the Prophecy and significance of November 2026, and many other topics. Both Zaculew Ix Ba’lam and Tze’ec Ba’lam teach Mayan time keeping and Mayan healing methods, as well as many other Mayan subjects. You can contact them at gingergallivan@yahoo.com. Master Tze’ec can be found on Facebook.

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