Happy Thanksgiving to All,

Ahhh…the Chaos is here. And it is here for a reason.

I know that this year has been a very difficult one for most people, myself included.  This year was the worst year of my life.  I discussed what I went through in a radio show with Sheila.  It was the second to last show I did with her, so I won’t go into all of that here.

However, I can say that everything happens for a reason, and I am so much stronger having suffered so much.  And even though I have been through 6 months of hell, I am thankful for it.  With the help of my family and teachers, I am doing great.  The stress is not over yet, by all means, but I see light at the end of the tunnel, and I am better equipped to handle it.  I have so much to be thankful for today, my heart is overflowing.

In addition to the Virus anxiety that everyone is feeling, we are dealing with the strongest energies this planet has ever felt in history.  I have been saying for the past several years in my many articles that this time would be upon us, and here it is.  I also wrote about, and spoke on my radio show how I saw masses of people leaving the planet.  I didn’t understand how this would happen, but now I do.  There are many people dying of the virus.  Once the virus is over doesn’t mean the mass of people leaving will stop.  I see it continuing into 2022.  Once the virus pandemic is over, I see a mental pandemic coming.  Too many people have not prepared for this highly spiritual time we are in.  They don’t have a spiritual practice, and they are becoming more disconnected from Earth, the 5 Elements, the Universe, and most of all they are becoming disconnected from themselves…their heart of compassion.  As a result, they will become so lost, that they will take their own life to end the suffering.  They have no idea what a precious gift the human body is at this time, and how hard it is to be able to incarnate here.  

Our wonderful planet is moving into higher energies, and it is not waiting for humanity to keep up.  The human population has held this planet from moving into higher energies long enough, and it is moving up without many of them.  In the past the Earth would wait for all to be ready, and as a result we kept falling down into the lower energies.  I clairvoyantly see this is not happening at this time.  If this planet doesn not move into higher energies this time around, then we run the risk of moving into a lower vibrating epoch than we are in right now.  Which is what we have been doing in the past.  This is why so many are leaving.  They do not have the vibration or the positive karma to stay on this high vibrating planet, and they will not hold the collective back that is able to keep up. Are they being forced to leave?  Absolutely not.  I see a mutual understanding that we have a small opportunity to avoid falling deeper into lower vibrating energies, and these souls are willing to leave.  It is their contribution to the shift.  

There are prophecies that say we won’t make it, that we will fall deeper into a lower vibrating epoch than we are in right now.  And there are some prophecies that think we can make it.  I feel we have a great chance of moving higher and not lower, but the current time we are in right now is setting the stage.  I refuse to believe that we can’t avoid disaster.  I know it won’t be easy, but it can be done.  I will never give up on the heart of humanity returning to oneness and compassion.  And I will never stop being of service even after my last earthly breath.  

I pray every day during my morning smoke offering that humanity will find a spiritual practice that will lead them back to re-connecting to the 5 Elements, the Universe and their own hearts.  You can’t just wish this connection to happen, you have to be proactive, and this is where western culture is lacking, because they are lazy. I am sorry to say this, and I don’t mean to insut anyone but they are.  This is my first time being in a western body on this planet.  I feel more like an Asian eastern person, which I guess is a result of my past lives.  However, the western culture is key to shifting this planet.  Which is why I am in an American body in this lifetime.  I want to inspire the estern people to return to their heart with a spiritual practice that will reprogram the physical body.  Our bodies are on loan to us from the Earth, we have a direct connection to her.  Our vibrations affect hers, and she is shaking off those that can’t keep up in a loving way.  West must meet East.  This means they must meet at equal vibrational levels, and the western culture has a lot of catching up to do.  I hope that by being in a western body this lifetime, that I can make a small contribution to this mutual vibration meeting.

We don’t have to suffer during this shift, it is possible to maintain balance at this time, and even raise your vibration to higher levels.  I am doing it and you can too.  It is not easy, I work hard on myself and my practices, but it is what is necessary at this time.

The 5 Elements Soul Ritual is a good way to connect to the elements and recover the soul pieces that have been lost.  If this is something you are interested in, then please schedule with me.  If you mention that you read this article or watched the radio show that I will post at the end of this article, then I will drop my price for the 2 hour ritual to $99.00.  I also teach others to perform this ritual on themselves, which is crucial at this time.  The 5 Elements Ritual is one of the key practices that brought me back from the depths of darkness.  There were also other practices that I teach that pulled me out, and I will be discussing them on Sheila’s show as well.  I hope I can inspire more people to schedule with me and learn the tools that I have to offer.  I have always known my practices were powerful, but now that I have come out of the darkest place that I have ever been in, I REALLY appreciate them.    My practices are from the Bon tradition of Tibet, and it is the oldest spiritual tradition of Tibet, and perhaps on the planet.  Tibet is the roof of the world for a huge reason, and we need to return to its roots now.  Bon is not about religious dogma.  It is about teaching humanity how to transform our negative emotions into wisdom.  It is about teaching how to return to your heart and find the clairity that singularity has to offer.  It is about teaching you how to return to your true nature of mind, which is pure without obusrations.  And mostly it teaches humanity how to shift this planet.

If you want to schedule with me please write to risingfrequencies@gmail.com.  It takes about 2 hours of your time, and I will have to schedule manually.  You can’t schedule from my website for this service.  We will find a time for your appointment that fits your timezone and mine.  I do my sessions via zoom.

Well, I didn’t intend to write so much when I sat down at my computer this Thanksgiving morning.  I had just planned to post the radio show video.  But I guess the Universe had other plans for me.  I will be returning to my writing, and I will be doing a show with Sheila every other week, in addition to returning my own radio show Rising Frequencies.  The time is now to be of service, and I hope to reach as many people as I can.  We don’t have time to waste anymore.  

May all beings benefit

Here is the link to the radio show

3 thoughts on “The Shift Of The Ages Continues During The Chaos

  1. I’m very interested in the 5 Element ritual with you. I’ll start saving my pennies and contact you via email in the near future. Thank you for your service and Happy Thanksgiving.

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  2. Soil Retrieval is necessary to enable releasing patterns and triggers.

    Through a breath work journey I did that for myself. Since, I have assisted others in their soul retrieval so they have the visceral memory of having done “their work”!

    You have a wonderful offer.

    This morning, one more trigger point showed itself which is released to the past and put in my tool basket. Perfect timing.

    Perparing, conscious, aware… Knowing I am safe!!! You get it!!

    Blessings Lisa Rising Berry

    Crystal Wind Walker

    RuthAnne Brown

    On Thu, Nov 26, 2020, 11:35 AM Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry wrote:

    > Lisa Rising Berry posted: ” Happy Thanksgiving to All, Ahhh…the Chaos is > here. And it is here for a reason. I know that this year has been a very > difficult one for most people, myself included. This year was the worst > year of my life. I discussed what I went th” >

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