Spiritual/Physical burnout and the importance of self care during these chaotic times

I did a radio show this week with Sheila Corona of Conscious Conversation Central.  We have decided to join forces and do a live show every other week.  We are calling the show Rising Consciouness.  This week we discussed self care and why it is so important right now.

As I have noted in previous articles and shows, we have an tremendous influx of very high vibrating energies.  These energies need to be integrated with our physical bodies.  If we are not taking care of our physicality, then our bodies won’t vibrate equal to the incoming energy.  This makes it hard for the body to accept the energy with ease.  In the past, if someone’s body was not inline with high energies, then the energy would not enter the body.  But now, things are different.  I see everyone receiving the energy at the same level.  If you have not prepared the body, then you will suffer. 

It’s easy to become unbalanced in today’s modern world, where we have so many responsibilities, and the last thing on our mind is the changing energetics of our reality.  This is where a spiritual and physical practice comes in handy.  If we do these things on a regular basis, then we will not be in such a state of chaos.  

I give some tips at the end of the show, and as always, we talked about many other different topics. 

If you are interested in going further in your learning about how to stay balanced, then please write to me at risingfrequecies@gmail.com to schedule a session.  

Here is a link to our radio show

Much Love to all,

Lisa Rising Berry

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