Hello to everyone,
Once again, I have to apologize for not writing as many articles as I used to. My Lama studies have been intensifying every few months. I am learning new rituals, which I have to memorize the text, and I am also memorizing many prayers (all in Tibetan) and memorizing melodies. This takes up much my time, but I know deep in my heart, this is what I am supposed to be doing. I am also still seeing clients, and spending time with my family. I do share my information with some of my clients, and then I actually forget I need to find time to write an article. Each week seems to just fly by so quickly these days for me.
This article was very hard for me to write. I have been putting it off for some time now, hoping the energies would calm down. Since that is not going to happen any time soon, I just need to put aside 2 hours or so and write. I entitled this article, “What we have been waiting for”, because it speaks volumes. Everyone wants to move into the next age of our reality, and this is what is occurring right before our eyes, and most people don’t see it. Or they kind of see it, but that is not their focus.
I have been writing about this time for about 5 years. I have been telling people they need to prepare their mind, body and soul for the change coming. I told many clients, and friends that I “saw” many people leaving the Earth in the near future. That time is NOW! I wrote about the Bible verse that states, “Have you prepared a body for me?” The “me” is the new high vibrating energy pummeling the planet, called Azoth. Most people are too interested in material life to prepare for anything spiritual. Doing work on themselves for something that they can’t see or feel is too complex for most. And now, this tremendous change has begun with the Coronavirus. It doesn’t matter where this virus originated from. (I have my own clairvoyant information on that). What matters is what WE are using it for, and that is to bring about the catalyst we need to create change.
I see our society pulled into two extremes, with few people in the middle pillar. This includes spiritually minded people. This virus has ripped people apart, when we should be coming together. How do we come together? By coming together within yourself first. If you are not making decisions from the point of awareness that is like the eye of the hurricane, then you are part of the problem and not the solution. BOTH sides of the extreme are making decisions from fear. Although they claim the other side is in fear and not them. Then there are the people in the middle, who can consider the merits of both points of view, and make decisions not from fear or a political agenda, but what is appropriate for them. This energy is perfect for going within, and coming together within yourself, and it’s being wasted on the two extremes.
I have been saying over and over again to do spiritual practice on a regular basis. A practice that makes you less triggered into anger, fear, hatred, jealousy or pride. The energy we are in right now is pure chaos. It will trigger every negative emotion you have. It shows you what to work on. The only way to avoid this is through mind mastery, and that comes from a good solid spiritual practice. Thank goodness I have brilliant teachers that I work with on a regular basis. I do the work, but they give me the information and keep me in line. My advice is, look at yourself right now with honest eyes. Are you being triggered to go to one extreme or the other. Are you being triggered into negative emotions more regularly. Are you arguing more about politics etc… If yes, then you need a spiritual practice to balance your energies, so they match this new energy. I don’t care if you have been doing a practice for 30 years. If you are still triggered, then it’s not working for you, and it’s time to find a new practice. We are in the time of unlearning and relearning over and over again.
While things are crazy right now, it’s not the end of the world. This too shall pass, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. But, how you use this time is crucial. The more you prepare in this current energy, the easier it will be when the next “event” comes. If you choose to not do a spiritual practice, and keep putting it off, then things will get harder for you. In past years the energy would intensify, and then taper off. I believe that will no longer happen. I see it continually increasing at a steady pace. If you vibrate with this increase, you will flow with it and not fight against it. This month we had an alignment that showed us a smiley face. This is an auspicious sign. Things will be OK, but how you get through it is what is important. You can go kicking and screaming or be comfortable. The choice is ours to make.
Now, why the Coronavirus. We need to move out of the polarity of positive vs. evil to comprehend the mystery of what lies beneath the surface. I feel this is connected to the Mayans. We all know how crucial the Mayans are too shifting this planet. There was an influential leader of the Mayans named Pacal Votan. He presided over the construction of many of the Mayan Temples, and it is said he could time travel. He delivered a prophecy that great change would come to our planet after 2012 as we continue to destroy our planet. He wasn’t the only ancient leader to make this statement, but what makes him stand out from the crowd is where he was from. The section of the Mayan community that he was from was called La Corona. The gematria for his first name is 33. Which is the number of high spiritual achievements. The gematria for Palcal Corona is 99. Nine is the number of higher consciousness, 99 simply makes it double strong. This is not some coincidence that doesn’t mean anything. I believe this shows us that this virus is in fact the beginning of the change the Mayans have been publicly speaking of.
There is not only change coming for our planet, but also for each of us. Earth will be taking advantage of this time of enormous change, and we need to do the same. As this is done, each “event” needed to bring about change will not have to be so severe. We need to do our part and change from within with an excellent spiritual, self balancing practice.
If anyone wants help with learning a good spiritual practice, I am willing to help. Your practice doesn’t have to take hours. We can develop something that fits your schedule. Doing anything is better than nothing at all. I understand this energy is very dense and difficult. We are in troubled times at the moment. But, it’s nothing that a good solid spiritual practice can’t handle.
I also recommended connecting to the 5 Elements in an authentic way at this time. Everything is composed of the 5 Elements, including the virus. When your inner elements are balanced, then you will be more effective at making decisions with clarity. 
I will be decreasing my hourly rate from $88 to $66 until this virus is under control. I still offer a Spiritual Scholars Program which is $44 a session…with a 4 session requirement. I will also drop the price of the 5 Elements Ritual from $176 to $99. These prices will remain in effect until I feel this virus has calmed down.
If you want to schedule with me, then please visit this link. https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=12398844
If you want to schedule a 5 Element Ritual then please contact me at Risingfrequencies@gmail.com. The ritual session will be about 2 hours, and I schedule those manually.
I look forward to working with you,


  1. Namaste Lisa,

    Been following your articles for awhile which I enjoy tremendously. Was surprised to hear of your new endeavors with Tibetan Buddhism. It had been my sole path for over 40 years. After my 2 gurus died, I travelled the East visiting and practicing in many holy places. So many practices over the years and yes, all read in Tibetan.

    Anyway, life has now led me at the base of the majestic and magical Mt Shasta receiving many initiations of another kind perhaps but all leading to the Oneness.

    May we all benefit each other as we anchor in the light for our beautiful Gaia.

    Peace & Blessings.💜 Gwendolyn

    On Thu, May 28, 2020, 11:19 AM Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry wrote:

    > Lisa Rising Berry posted: ” Hello to everyone, Once again, I have to > apologize for not writing as many articles as I used to. My Lama studies > have been intensifying every few months. I am learning new rituals, which I > have to memorize the text, and I am also memorizing” >

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  2. Wow, I am blown away. A few years ago I had a fire Dragon guide come to me and I asked him what was his name and he said “Azoth” I had never heard this word before and thought it was made up. Then I looked it up and it had to do with Alchemy! That really meant something to me. So anyway when you said this energy is called Azoth I was stunned! Thank you Lisa! ♥

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  3. AHHHHHHHH yes, love the Azoth energy! You are so right Sweet Lisa. So happy to see your article. The last round of intense energy last year from Jan-Mar. was AWESOME!!! And in the big picture you are so right…the political scene is just a stage, we know how they divide everyone, but I hold hope for humanity’s GREAT AWAKENING as the truth comes out and mostly people gotta snap out of the mind control or brain washing, whatever it is to them that triggers them. I see this as more of the lifting of the veil and people making choices to rise about it and turn up the lights!!! Which also makes people face their fears….fear of a virus is just the catalyst. We are not sheeple and I am not falling for this scheme of division and understand what you are saying about coming together instead of picking sides…this isn’t about a virus….it’s about AWAKENING! Thanks you Lisa and so good to hear from you on this topic, I know it’s all connected….yes, many will be leaving but I hope they choose to wake up and do the work cuz Azoth is amazing! Big HUGS TO YOU!!! ❤

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  4. Hi Lisa. Many thanks for the blog. I’ve enjoyed your blogs over the years but am now receiving guidance elsewhere and would like to unsubscribe. I tried the Unsubscribe button but it told me I wasn’t subscribed, can you please remove this email from your list? Regards and best wishes, Michael

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  5. I am very grateful to have found your words Lisa, the timing and the wealth of info you share has been enlightening for me. I know nothing is a coincidence and all Divine timing. The 3s have led me here and I am happy to share 🙂 Thank you for your time and work Lisa.

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