I decided to change the topic I was going to write about today.  I was going to write about how Azoth is connected to the Red and Blue Kachina energies.  But, I changed my mind after I had a vision of the virus. I feel like the virus came to me in a weird way.  I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but that is what happened.  

Before I go into my article, I would like to give my sympathies and compassion to all that have been affected by this virus.  This is not an easy situation to deal with, and my heart goes out to everyone that has had their lives disrupted.  

There is a side to this virus that everyone is completely forgetting about, and that is the spiritual side…the energetic side.  Yes, this is a physical virus that we need to fight with physical means, but there is the other side as well. We can fight this virus energetically, just like the ancients did in times of epidemics.  As above, so below. Since we are in the time of degradation, many people have lost track of this side. Most people don’t know how to deal with a virus energetically.  

My focus of this article will only be on the energetics of the virus.  I will not go into any physical statistics or treatment methods. I will leave that for the reader to decide.  My purpose is to give people information about the energetics of this virus only.

virusNow back to my vision.  I was sitting in my family room doing a quick mid-day meditation with my eyes closed, when all of a sudden I saw a virus ball drop into my field of vision. It was a black virus ball that was attached to a string from above.  It is being controlled by whatever is holding the string. I feel there are two things controlling this virus. One is the creators of the virus and the second is the population. I could feel it trying to communicate with me, as if it is alive.  And then I thought, of course it is alive, everything is made of energy.  

Now…I need to share something about myself.  When positive and negative energies, entities, demons etc… need help, they contact me, and I help them.  This is something that I have talked to one of my teachers about, and they are helping me deal with this.  The last time this happened was when a bardo being (deceased person stuck in the afterlife) contacted me and wanted help to move on. This being was or felt like pure evil, but it needed help, so I provided it with the space to pay it’s karmic debts and move on.   My teacher told me the correct ritual to perform, and I followed his instructions. I believe the same thing is happening with this virus ball. It wants help. Which I know sounds crazy, but that is how I feel.  

The next question is how do we help this energy.  I say that we need to feed it positive energy etc…  This virus is full of dark demonic energy, that is creating large amounts of fear.  We can feed our outer and inner demons with spiritual practice. I discovered this about 6 years ago, and then I discovered 2 years ago that a book has been written about it.  My methods and the methods used in the book I found are very similar.  

There are two aspects of this virus that need to be energetically fed.  The first is the personal fears that this virus triggers in you. We all have them, no one is immune from this.  But, you have to really know yourself and be honest to find them. The second is the virus itself. We can change the polarity of the actual virus with spiritual practice.

chod picOne of my favorite spiritual practices is called Chod.  It is an extremely ancient ritual using the drum and bell while chanting a long prayer.  The purpose is to feed demons, both inner and outer. In ancient Tibet, Chod practitioners would take their drum and bell into areas that had epidemics.  And they would go into the burial grounds. They where changing the polarity of the disease, which is seen as a living demon, and it worked. I am currently using the intention of feeding the Coronavirus with my evening Chod practice.  I am not qualified (yet) to teach anyone Chod. But, there are other methods you can use to feed the virus.

The next most powerful method is using mantras.  Reciting mantras will form an energetic field of protection around you.  But you also want to send the energy of the mantras right to the coronavirus.  This way you are also healing the energy of the virus. Most people only think of healing themselves, but we need to heal this virus as well.  I know it feels weird sending healing mantras to a virus, but I feel this is what we need to do.

If you don’t know any healing mantras then I suggest feeding the virus in meditation.  First begin with yourself. Give the fears that have been triggered in you a face. What does this fear look like?  Once you see it then feed it. You can use your imagination as you see fit for this part. There is no wrong way to do this.  Just feed your inner demon. What you’re feeding it is your own energy, your heart energy. When I started doing this for myself many years ago, I breastfeed my fears.  And it worked. No one told me to do this, I just did it on my own. I gave my fear, Mother’s milk. The milk looked like a golden elixir.  

After you have fed yourself, you need to give the Coronaviurs a face as well.  Then feed it as you did yourself. This takes some courage. It’s not easy to call an outer demon close to you, and then feed it your own energy.  Even if this demon is screaming for help as this one is, it’s still not easy. Some of the most powerful things in life require the most courage. This is one of those times.  This is why we are here on this planet. It’s our responsibility to try to combat this virus on an energetic level.

If anyone wants help with which mantras to recite or guidance with the meditation to feed the virus, I am willing to help. I know many protective and healing mantras.  I understand that this energy is very dense and difficult. We are in troubled times at the moment. But, it’s nothing that a good solid spiritual practice can’t handle. 

I also recommended connecting to the 5 Elements in an authentic way at this time.  Everything is made of the 5 Elements, including the virus. When your inner elements are balanced, then you will be more effective at feeding the virus.  You can’t give what you don’t already have.

I will be decreasing my hourly rate from $88 to $66 until this virus is under control.  I still offer a Spiritual Scholar’s Program which is $44 a session…with a 4 session requirement.  I will also drop the price of the 5 Elements Ritual from $176 to $111.11. If this is not your first ritual with me then the price will be $99.  These prices will remain in effect until I feel this virus has calmed down.

If you want to schedule with me then please visit this link.  https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=12398844

If you want to schedule a 5 Element Ritual then please contact me at Risingfrequencies@gmail.com.  The ritual session will be about 2 hours, and I schedule those manually.  

I look forward to working with you,


6 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS FEAR

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Great article, and especially the reminder about keeping up personal practices during these times.

    Re: sending the virus healing energy – I have been tossing orgonite pucks all around this area, hoping to strengthen people’s resolve remotely in that way (and also cancelling out the 5G frequencies here, as the virus seems to be worse in such areas).

    But I was reminded after reading your article, that WE ourselves are living “life force” generators; and when we come from that space we can do exactly as you said. Yup yup!! We can, when properly grounded and balanced, provide infinite energy for healing simply because that is who we are innately. But anyone who owns orgonite can also dedicate the infinite energy that it provides towards the same means, in addition to their practices.

    I’m a biologist by trade, though; and what I’m seeing around this virus isn’t so much virulence caused by the virus itself, but those who are using it to achieve their own nefarious ends. Those people and entities involved in this, however, *also* need some of that healing energy!!

    Thanks again!!

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