Oh well, I made a mistake in my most recent article on the Elementals.  I can do editing for other people, but when it comes to my own writing, I tend to make stupid errors.  It is what it is…right?

I wrote “ Way in 2018 I had an experience that is difficult to put into words.”  It should say 2008.

I am so sorry, I apologize.  A close friend of mine that edits for me was unable to edit this article, and I published it anyway.  She just now pointed out this huge mistake to me.

My brain goes faster than I can type sometimes.  I do my best to write as clearly as I can, and use proper grammar, but sometimes some mistakes fall through the cracks.

I will be writing an continuation on this article next week.

Here is a link to the corrected article.   LINK

Have a great day!

Lisa Rising Berry

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