I have been able to see what is occurring in this Universe through my clients as I do the 5 Elements Ritual on them.  This doesn’t happen with all of them, just the ones that are connected in a certain way. My dear friend and client Sanna Tärnström sent me a video to watch by Terence McKenna.  He took DMT with a shaman and had experiences with the elementals. I normally don’t watch other people’s videos or read other information. The reason being, it will contaminate my mind, and could influence my experiences. So, I like to just keep to myself.  As, I have said in previous articles, I read one other person’s blogs because, what she sees is in line with my experiences. I have the experience first, then I read about it in her blog. It’s never the other way around for me. I have always learned through my experiences first, then I find the book knowledge to support my experience and teach me more.

Since, this video was about his experiences I watched it.  As I listened to his voice, I could go and see and feel what he experienced.  I was shocked to find the elementals all in one heap. There were Earth elementals with the Fire etc…  It’s not supposed to be like this. Each element and the elementals connected to that element should be in separate realms of light.  Not in one gigantic pile. All I felt was confusion, anger, fear, and intense sadness. I immediately knew how they ended up this way.  Without going into great details about this, it occurred when the level of consciousness fell on this planet. It is known as “the fall of man”.  When this occurred, the energy actually did fall down many levels. So, each of the elemental realms collapsed one on top of the other, this is why I felt no separation.  This opened the door for unruly spirits to take over and many of the elementals turned to the dark side. The leaders were either blown to bits, which caused their soul consciousness to scatter everywhere and become lost or stolen or they were turned into one of the mechanicals that I previously wrote about.  Sanna did say that in one of Terence’s videos he mentions seeing mechanical elementals. The ones not attacked went into hiding and many of them hated mankind. And I don’t blame them one bit.

The element that was the most upset by this collision was the water elementals.  I call them Nagas. Above them is the fire elemental realm. Fire and water hate each other as elements unless they are combined with aether/space element and they make Azoth.  (which I wrote extensively about since 2014.) When the fire elementals collapsed onto the water elementals (nagas), the nagas could barely exist. They fell onto the earth element, which dries up water.  The water left for them on an energetic level was heated up by the fire element that fell on them. I wrote about my experience with a naga/water elemental that visited me because it was dying of thirst. When you read this article you will see more about the evil that took advantage of the fall of mankind.  Here is the link…Naga article    In my Bon tradition I have learned about the Nagas and how they cause issues for humans.  This explains why. No wonder they are so mad. Not all of them are, but many. Instead of just trying to pacify them and subdue them I figured they should be helped in a different way.  Thousands of years of subduing has not worked. I had no idea how to separate them until my session with Sanna.

Everything happens for a reason.  Sanna is a client that has me do this ritual for her on a regular basis.  We have discovered she is a leader in the Fairy realm. She is a green fairy.  Green is the color of the wind element. She is also connected to the female lineages of Buddhism.  Wind is the 4th element and the only one above that is the Space element. Space is all pervasive and is where everything comes from.  It doesn’t exactly have any elements living in it. It’s more like the source of energy for all. The wind element didn’t have anything fall on it, so it was in a position to assist.  I am 100% convinced that on a sub-consciousness level the reason Sanna sent me the video about Terence McKenna’s experiences was she wanted me to know they needed help. This is exactly what happened during her session.  As soon as we started talking I knew right away. As the ritual progressed I could feel my energy of the ritual being sent to Sanna and her consciousness lifted each of the realms. Each of the Elemental Goddesses created a separation between each of the realms.  They received the much needed boundaries. Sanna’s energy being air, enabled each realm to be lifted so the Goddesses could create a separation barrier. I was in awe of this and humbled to be a small part of it. Nature is amazing, the elements are amazing, the Goddesses are unstoppable.  They just needed some air or space to work, and the ritual combined with Sanna’s energy provided that.

As I did the ritual my lower body rocked from side to side, and I felt so heavy as each boundary was created.  Once we got to the wind I felt my chair pop. Yes, it felt like someone hit the underside of my chair. I then felt like I was sitting on top of all the Elemental Realms.  What I felt was the locking in of all the boundaries. When we got to 5 elmentsthe Space/Aether element. I saw a white circle of Space Element surround all the Elemental Realms for protection.  That made me tear up. I then immediately remembered what one of my element cards looks like, and it was what I saw in my minds eye. I am crying as I write this, because I am so amazed by the power of the elements on an energetic level.  There is a whole entire world of the elements that most people can’t see let alone interact with. I have been gifted entrance into this world of wonders, and I am so greatly humbled. A lineage of mankind nearly destroyed them, and yet they have more compassion and love within them than most souls today.  And most people have no idea they even exist.

Blessings to all,

Lisa Rising Berry

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4 thoughts on “The Colliding Of The Elemental Realms And The Boundaries That Followed

  1. Amazing! As are, all of your writings Lisa. Being one, who is just “awakening”, my mind is blown by this article. 🤯 I hope that’s the right emoji, as I’ve broken my new glasses. 😊

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  2. OH my Goddess!!! it makes soooo much sense. i have been plagued by fire all my life, my mouth dry, feeling like I was dying of thirst. my very soul feeling sucked of all moisture. Wow!!! I love to know that this has happened. yesterday I was in meditation with my friend, and I think we were tapping in with this work of the boundary restoration! Thank you, Lisa and Sanna !!!


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