Wow, what crazy times we are in huh?  I know I have never experienced such chaos before.  After everything I have been through, I really thought I wouldn’t have any information to write about for some time.  That is until I fully connected to the new energy I was moving into.  Then I knew I needed to write it.  The name of this energy is Maitreya.  The prophecy makes it sound like it is only a single person riding in on a White Horse to save humanity from the chaos.  So, just like how the Christians are waiting for Jesus to come from the clouds, the arrival of a single male named Maitreya has been a long anticipated event.  As many know Christ Consciousness is not Jesus Christ as depicted in the Bible.  We all have the ability to create Christ Consciousness in our hearts.  The name Jesus is a title, a level of achievement.  It is connected to the number  888.   We all have the ability to create Maitreya consciousness in our hearts as well.  


Maitreya_Buddha_the_next_BuddhaThe arrival of the Maitreya energy is said to usher in the Golden Age.  This I believe to be true.  Everything about the Maitreya energy is gold.  But it is not a single male person, it is not a single female person.  Just like Christ Consciousness, it is an energy that all people can embody if they chose to work for it.  Christ Consciousness is more of a male energy.  And there are men and women (more men)  that fully embodied Christ Consciousness, and have served as world teachers.  These individuals are fully self realized beings.   The Maitreya energy that is here now will also produce world teachers that are fully self realized beings.  In fact, my Tibetan teachers, are playing this role.  It was very hard to achieve full liberation from the samsara reincarnation wheel of suffering before this energy was here, but some made it.  Now that this new energy is here, it opens new doors for the rest of us to walk through.

I saw and wrote about this new energy coming in many years ago, when first I saw gold energy emerging from the purple and black Aether that arrived.  This Maitreya energy encompasses just about all of my articles.  I think I could write a book just on this energy alone, so it will be a challenge to condense it into one article.  This energy was brought here by many individuals.   Each soul who was in a body, played a different role.  Each role not being better than the other, but all pieces of a puzzle that was so much bigger than I think anyone could imagine.  This Maitreya energy has not been on this planet for 2 Galactic years, and most people are not familiar with it.  Just like Christ Consciousness is completely misunderstood.  This energy will most likely follow the same path of confusion.  There will be people that most likely will think this energy is evil, even though they have zero experience feeling it.  They will draw their conclusions from the media and opinions of others.  Which is fine, at least it is here and will carry into the new Earth/human realm experience.  That is what matters.  I did accidentally discover while recently reading some books on very ancient Tibetan Buddhism (not Bon), that there where individuals in the first and second galactic year that embodied the Maitreya energy and this same name was used to describe them.  The name Maitreya back then was used as a title to signify a certain level of attainment and knowledge.  So, sit back relax, grab a cup of tea, and I will attempt to introduce you to the new Maitreya energy as I have personally experienced it and how it relates to my years of writing.  Enjoy…


The Maitreya energy is a continuation of Christ energy.  With Christ energy a person golden child buddahgives birth to “baby Jesus” in their hearts.  With the continuation of the Maitreya energy a person gives birth to a “golden child” in their hearts.  I do not know definitely the esoteric name of the golden child that is created out of the Maitreya energy.  I have a guess, which I will discuss later.   The golden child is something we can decided to work towards giving birth too.  Maitreya is depicted as having golden skin, this is why.  After the birth of the golden child within you, it will continue to grow and mature just as “Jesus” did with Christ Consciousness energy


In order for a person to even consider working towards this energy there are achievements that must be reached first.  The first thing that needs to happen is Kundalini must have risen up the spine several times.  Most people think that Kundalini is the ultimate in awakening, and that is not true.  It is the very, very beginning, that sets the stage for the rest to follow.  Once Kundalini is flowing nicely up and down the spine bringing the much needed Claustrum oil, this energy settles in the heart and creates kundaliniChrist Consciousness.  From there the new Christ Consciousness energy moves up to the throat to the Gate of Daath, which means death.  Here is the first time a person will energetically die to the old and be reborn into new energy.  Once Daath is completed you enter through the 13th gate, which is connected to the 13th Cranial nerve in our brain.  Here is where you decide what is next for you.  Do you work towards the next step which is the creation of the Maitreya energy or do you stay with the 13th Gate achievement.  Either choice is fine.  If someone dies at the 13th Gate level of achievement then, this is where they will continue in their next incarnation.  If you chose the Maitreya energy then your life will once again be turned upside down, so the Christ energy can evolve into Maitreya energy.  


Once you decided that you fully want to connect to this Maitrea energy, your claustrum oil will be set on “fire” to really begin the ultimate in purification.   The next step is to fully embody the Christ Consciousness energy.  This means you live it in your physical body.  Or, in other words you in a way walk the walk that Jesus walked, according to the astrotheology wheel.  I did this a little bit, not fully but part of it.  This will be different Pegasusfor everyone, as no two paths are the same.  I have memory of two highlights of this aspect that I experienced.   The first is silly but it was fun and it had great meaning for me.  If you remember I have been writing about the White Horse.  This white horse energy is connected to the Maitreya energy.  The “Maitreya” who can be any of us once we reach the highest level rides a white horse.  I had the opportunity to ride a white horse in January of this year.  I did not pick the horse, it was picked for me.  It was female, and energetically connected to her instantly.  It was amazing.  After we were finished riding, I asked the owner what her name is and I was told Freedom.  Well, that is exactly what this Maitreya energy is all about.  When you are at the highest level, and you are able to ride your white horse, you ride to Freedom from the wheel of reincarnation.  If you remember in my last article I wrote about healing with the White Horse energy, I saw my horses legs.  And he was so huge.  This is my personal level.  I am nowhere near riding my horse yet.  I am only carrying this energy.  When someone rides their horse then they become “A Maitreya”.  That is not me, and I don’t think I will achieve this in this lifetime.  But that is ok, I will keep on growing close to my horse’s back.  I know jesus did not ride a horse he rode a donkey.  But since it is the Maitreya energy that I was creating in me, it was a white horse.  Everyone that is working towards connecting to the Maitreya has a white horse.  And remember this is metaphor.


betrayedThe next aspect that I experienced was the hardest, but was the most necessary.  It is what pushed me completely over the edge of my comfort zone.  It burned me to the ground so I could rise of from the ashes.  And that was my Judas experience.  In the Jesus story, which is a metaphoric teaching for everyone.   Jesus is betrayed by Judas, who is one of the twelve disciples.  Judas represents Scorpio the scorpion.  Judas is not the bad guy that everyone thinks he is. Most people view Judas in the Bible as the adversary, but Judas was my greatest support.  He is shown as the scorpio stinging or stabbing you in the back, right at the location of the 13th Gate.  There is a great old ancient picture that I can’t find.     It shows the scorpio energy in the sexual organs.  The scorpio tail raises up and stings at the base of the neck.    Without judas you will not die and connect to the Martyria energy….however, everyone will be different.  My gossipexperience was horrendous.  I was betrayed and gossiped about at a level that threatened my personal integrity, and my professional career.  What was said about me was beyond shocking.  I was even accused of things that did not even happen.  Which is very bizarre and unbalanced.  It was flat out slander.  I was going to discuss the details because ironically some of them relate to this article, but in the most negative light.  I have decided not too.  I was gossiped about to serve a higher purpose, and I know that I am not the energy of the gossip.  But, it knocked me down to a level I needed.  Without my Judas person, I would not be in the Maitreya energy now.    I am discussing this now, because the purpose of the gossip is over.  I need to energetically dissolve the gossip in the ethers, so it has a chance to stop spreading.  If it does continue to spread verbally, then I will remain silent, as my Tibetan Bon teachers have taught me.  I will let it be as it is, with no response.  I can not control what others think about me…period.  My personal energy signature is all I need.  I may sound like I am ranting about this most negative experience….but I am a stubborn Scorpio.  Enough said…LOL!


With Christ Consciousness we have the Rose that blooms at the heart center.  In the Maitreya energy we have the golden flower that blooms at the heart center.  There is a secret of the golden flowerbook entitled “The Secret Of The Golden Flower.”  This book speaks about how the Buddhist Patriarch Asaṅga is said to have spent many years in intense meditation, during which time he often visited the Tuṣita Heaven to receive teachings from Maitreya Bodhisattva.  When the Rose that was grown through the obtainment of Christ Consciousness is replaced with the Golden Flower, you are connected to the Maitreya  energy.  It is so interesting how there is a connection between Christ Consciousness and Maitreya energy.   The actual name of the Golden flower is not mentioned anywhere that I can find.  However, I strongly feel it is the Sunflower.  The Sunflower follows the Sun throughout the day.  In Tibetan teachings, the Sun represents the clearlight of awareness.  This is something that we all should follow and hope to someday obtain.  Christ Consciousness was the first “buddha” achievement and Maitreya is the second “buddha” achievement.  The Sunflower has many deep meanings.   The pattern of the seeds within a sunflower follow the Fibonacci sequence, which is connected to the Golden Ratio.  The Golden Ratio is connected to infinity.  The Sunflower is the perfect symbolic representation of the flower that replaces the rose.  I have always loved Sunflowers.  I had an opportunity to be in a field of them this September.  I bought a single Sunflower to take home with me.  And when my husband took my picture with it, my first instinct, was to hold it at my heart.  This was before I knew this information.


gold-infinityI wrote in 2015 about this new energy before I new anything about the Maitreya energy.  I received the name Monoaurah which means single gold energy.  The title Jesus, has the gematria of 888.   Monoaurah has the simple gematria calculation of 88.  It seems fitting that Monoaura is the Jesus equivalent for the Maitreya energy.  M is the 13th letter of the alphabet and is connected to the 13th Gate. The Maitreya energy is definitely a single gold energy system.   I find all of this simple amazing.

I am excited this new energy is here, and it is available for people to connect to.  Cheers to all the future Maitreya’s to come.  May we all find true freedom riding our white horses to the ultimate liberation from suffering.  

Lisa Rising Berry

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15 thoughts on “The Return Of The Maitreya Energy To Earth, The Continuation Of Christ Consciousness

  1. So is this energy the Azoth energy/fire/water? Or…is it a part of the resurrection (three stages) energy, like as in the dragon magic and the merging of the prana tube and kundalini? Why do you say that you may never reach that level in this lifetime? What’s the end game? I know there is stagnation when we stop at any level and don’t achieve higher levels of consciousness, but not many have the entire day to meditate or work on these processes like the monks do or the budda’s of the world. I guess I just don’t understand why we can do this in one lifetime if we choose to and if there is a way to achieve this level without incarnating thousands of times or spending your life or many lives meditating…LOL, I know questions, questions….what is the end game? Do we all go and create our own galaxy and become God Beings or yeah, and just frustrating as if you may not reach this in your lifetime here, why even try so hard to get there when you cannot do it in one lifetime? LOL…I know…I am not the microwave generation but basically don’t care to keep coming here without my memory to learn all this over and over again…I know…patience grasshopper! > 😉

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    1. This is the new energy that Azoth has supported to come in. I don’t think I will obtain a Rainbow body in this life time, cause…I know what is required. LOL….

      There is no end game, but before you really move on, you MUST obtain a rainbow body in at least one physical incarnation.

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      1. Well, you know me, every day is a challenge to do any spiritual work and try to maintain balance and just trying so hard to attain something, and a rainbow body…just don’t want to incarnate again and again for this, Do you know what happens once a rainbow body is attained? I know this never ends but I am all for the advanced, no fooling around, let’s get it on, and up and over type of deal….LOL, I know, I might be insane but I do try! LOL

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      2. Once a person obtains the rainbow body they no longer need to take physical form for the purpose of evolution. They still continue on their journey but without a body. The exist on realms and realities that are designed for light bodies only. They continue on moving back to the point of becoming one with source energy. Returning to the point of origin.


  2. Hi Lisa; The links on your website are not working. I wanted to have a look at your oils. Your classes and sessions are a big draw. I look forward to getting some work done soon.

    Thank you, Ronda

    On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 6:05 PM, Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry wrote:

    > Lisa Rising Berry posted: “Wow, what crazy times we are in huh? I know I > have never experienced such chaos before. After everything I have been > through, I really thought I wouldn’t have any information to write about > for some time. That is until I fully connected to the new ener” >

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    1. First, you need to have already created the first level of achievement in you heart which is the merging of ego and higher self in the heart. Which most people call Christ Consciousness. I cover this aspect and the movement out of Daath in this article. I discuss Daath in previous articles of mine. The total combination of your mind, body and soul must vibrate equal or higher to this energy. Which is the same requirement for any spiritual achievement. How you chose to accomplish this will be different for everyone.

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  3. This article was very helpful to me. I now understand what’s happened after I surpassed my Judas. I’m in the rainbow body now. I how I can confer with you at some point, as there’s a lot to share. I think you’ll be able to achieve rainbow body in this world.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I hope to achieve rainbow body upon death. It is the dissolution of the elements at the time of death that creates the rainbow body. This is taught in Tibetan Medicine as well as in the Medicine Buddha text. So, one must wait until then. You can not be in the rainbow body while alive since it is the body created after you die. However, If you have totally mastered your mind along with all negative emotions and are never triggered by outside events. Meaning you respond to all external issues with love and compassion, and never anger. Then, yes, you are a fully self-realized being, completely perfect, with full mastery over your thoughts, then when you die you will achieve the level rainbow body that your inner lamps vibrate at. I appreciate your offer to confer with me. I currently am working with 5 Tibetan Bon teachers that are either Geshe or Rinpoche and I am doing fine. No matter where I am on the path or how advanced I may get, I will always consider myself a beginner and a student. That way, I will be a humble sponge, which absorbs all information and experiences. To think I am at the end of my journey will stop my progress. There is always more to achieve.

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