I thought this article was going to be a quick energy update, but no.  I decided to share what I am currently experiencing in the hopes that others like me will not feel alone and crazy.  We are in very intense and chaotic energy at the moment.  I feel it will calm down a bit towards the middle of October.  (I hope)  Right now I am going through the biggest shift that I have ever gone through since August of 2008.  My entire energy signature is changing and evolving into something new.   

This started for me early this month and began to really increase last week and into this weekend, and then last night the switch was flipped on.  It was triggered during a prayer ceremony I attended on-line for His Holiness Lungtok Tenapi Nyima Rinpoche (the 33rd head of the Bon Tradition).  The cremation of his body started last night, and can take up to 3 days, then it is followed by placing offerings into the fire.  Towards the end of the prayer ceremony my head started shaking, and I could “see” and feel my old energy, stream into the cremation chorten to be purified.  Then last night, it really began.  This is the hardest thing I have ever been through.  We all go through small or medium shifts from time to time.  But, ones this big come once in awhile.  My first was in 2008 and now my second is at the end of 2017, almost 10 years later.  I can feel through my own body that we are ending one cycle of time and beginning another one.  I will try to explain what I am going though because it is a bit bizarre.  I hope this article makes sense, because I am writing it as I am going through this, and not after it is done.  So, my writing skills may be a little…off!  

This is where my white horse comes in.  I have written articles about the white horse energy, and I suggesting reading or re-reading them.  WHITE HORSE PROPHECY          DNA Activations For Gaia Leading To The Ultimate Shift In Consciouness

Last night was a very long and physically painful night.  Transformations like this are physically demanding and can be painful.  Unfortunately, this is case with me. My body was less equipment to deal with this in 2008.  I actually would wake up with marks on my skin, and I would look so horrible that I couldn’t leave the house.  This time around I have a bad Achilles tendon injury.  The universe is keeping me from any gym/dance energies.  Apparently, there are certain energies that I am not to be connected with during this time.  After last night I can see why.  I have been working hard at my spiritual practice since 2008, and even though 10 years is not a long time, I feel I am better equipped to deal with it.  

White horse in FlorenceAs, I was laying in bed last night, I had a strong vision blast in front of my face.  It was the white strong legs of Petrol.  Petrol is the white horse that belonged to Gabriella Orlando she is discussed in my article, and  was on one of the radio shows.  When I say legs, that is because all I could see was LEGS.  I was seeing him from the perspective of my new energy system, which is not connected to me yet.  It is very small, so when I looked up to see him, all I could do was pet his muscular legs.  This did make me laugh, because, I was thinking how the heck am I ever going to learn how to ride you…oh man!  I can’t even see his back yet.  Petrol will be my new energy’s permanent companion, guide and protector.  When I learn how to travel in my new energy, it will be on the back of Petrol that I will ride.  I am seriously looking forward to that, but I think it will be in 2018 before I get to that point.  He is a huge presence.  His energy is surrounding me and as my old energy leaves me, and my new comes in, he will slowly continue to integrate into my new energy signature.  He will become a permanent connection that never leaves me.  I am truly blessed.

The hardest part of this process for me is the incoming outer energies that I am being bombarded with.  I was not expecting this to happen.  This is something I went through in 2008.  These outer energies are entities that do not like the shift I am going through, and they are energies that I have a past karmic connection too.  On top of dealing with transforming I am being attacked.  This may come as a shock to some, but it really is part of the process.  I just thought I would escape it somehow.  Nope…silly me.  What is very different this time is me and my response to it.   This is making my new energy signature much stronger.  I am practicing what is called in Tibetan as Chod.  I am doing a form of this practice, where you offer yourself to what is attacking you.  I am sure I sound crazy to many people, but if you can generate the compassion, it works.  These attacks are like lead balls raining on me.  Sometimes they physically feel like bee stings, and other times they make almost vomit.  Last night when I would relax and enter into that in between state of sleep and awake, I would see images being sent to me.  They were demonic, vulgar and to gross to describe here.  I got very little sleep.  This is day one, I have a few more days of this to go.  

swordHere is where the crazy part comes in, and this is where I learned the most amazing lesson. Instead of a hiding under a umbrella to avoid the rain of lead balls, I am standing with my hands reaching up to the sky.  I am inviting it!   Instead of using my sword to fight and battle, I have humbled myself and peacefully laid it down.  When these attacks came on me, I felt so much compassion that I just laid there in silence and breathed.  I could feel the pain, anger, jealousy of those that were attacking me, and I wanted to help them.  As soon as I thought that,  Petrol covered me with his white wings, and as a lead ball would hit my energy field it transformed into a golden feather and was sent back to the sender.  The gold feather will heal them and hopefully it will help them to not feel the need to create suffering.  I am basically letting them eat my old energy body that is dissolving in the gold feathercremation chorten.  With each bite they receive healing, compassion and unconditional love.  Chod means to cut off.  I am cutting off my ties to my past.  There is no damage being done to my body, but it feel like there is.  The visions I see are illusions trying to scare me.  They worked at first, and then I remembered one of my Tibetan teachings I learned.  Vision is mind, mind is emptiness, emptiness is clear light, clear light is union and union is bliss.  I did not hit the bliss state, because I was hurting, but I tried.  Mixed in Petrol’s white feathers, I felt peacock feathers.  The peacock in my Bon tradition takes the negative energy and uses it to make it’s energy stronger. I also can feel the monastic robes of my Tibetan Bon Teachers giving me support and love.    

not-my-circus-not-my-monkeys-women-s-t-shirts-women-s-scoop-neck-t-shirtWe all have heard the saying “Not my circus, not my monkeys”.  But, it implies that we should just turn the other way and pretend that people are not suffering.  I don’t agree with this.   We need to have compassion for the monkeys, no matter how crazy they are, and we need to respect and not judge the circus they live in.  And most of all help them without jumping into the circus ourselves.  When we join the circus, then we become the circus.  Our energy shifts to the circus, and others will automatically have to disconnect from us, because they have already learned those lessons and don’t need to jump into the old circus again.  What I am doing as part of my transformation is helping the crazy circus monkeys without joining in their circle of existence.  Heal, do no harm, leave no trace, and do not get attached.  Now, here is the million dollar question.  If you are healing the monkeys in the crazy circus, does that mean you, yourself are not a monkey?  Absolutely not!  I know for a fact that I am a monkey in a crazy circus to my teachers.  And they help me without jumping into my world.  I also know I am a crazy monkey to some of my friends as well, but most of them love me anyways.  

I can tell there are people going through something similar to what I am going through right now.  The entire Earth is ending a long cycle of time that is full of suffering.  It feels to me that next week could be the very beginning of the new cycle.  I have been saying to a few of my friends for years, that I did not see myself here on this planet in 2018.  Even my passport expires in 2018.  Once I began this shift from one energy signature into a brand new one, this has changed.  The reason I never saw “me” or my energy here in 2018 is because, my old energy will not be here.  But my new energy signature will be here in 2018, and eventually I will learn how to climb and ride on my huge white horse.  I can totally see myself on this planet in 2018.

I always dedicate all of my meditations and spiritual practices to the benefit of all sentient beings.  I pray and dedicate all the benefit I received is sent to those that are suffering.  I wish to do this with my article.  If I can convince just one person to offer their body to those that want to destroy you, and send them off with golden feather, then I will be happy.  Just think how many people we could heal, one angry person at a time.  I am not going to lie, it is not easy.  You have to have compassion to angry, crazy monkeys.  You have to be more brave than when you are fighting.  But it can be done.  I don’t recommend this practice to everyone.  Most people get angry when they are cut off in traffic, or have harsh words said about them, and they will lash out and even threaten the other person.  

As I have stated, last week and this week will be the hardest I have experienced in 10 years.  I cancelled my afternoon appointments today, and I will most likely cancel more this week.  I need to place my focus on letting go of the only energy signature that I can remember and integrate a new one, while I am being pelted with lovely lead balls.   I may also have to separate myself from social media for a while.  I am not sure at this point.  I am taking it one day at a time.

While this shift of mine is anything but fun.  I am really trying to take it all in, because I know it is a once in a lifetime experience.  And after all, that is all it is….and experience.  And as the old saying goes…  This too shall pass.

Big Luminous Hugs,

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. “When we join the circus, then we become the circus.” I love that! I have been going through a Kundalini awakening since last February, and this summer was so hard (and it still is, to a point), and hearing about other people going through changes such as yours helps me feel not so alone. My experience isn’t exactly like yours, but it’s being amazingly transformative as well. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Many blessings of love, courage and grace to you beautiful sister as you go through this great transformation. Praises and thanks for all the beauty going on. May all life be transformed for the highest good of ALL. May all life experience transformative Divine Love.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Hi Love , I am glad that I am not doing it alone . Going through in a less harsher way , as my body is handling it and by the way my passport also expires in 2018 ; it has been a incredible ride but the difference perhaps is that every time a choice to invite presents itself and I just totally surrender with compassion and Love the winged white horse , which is actually a Unicorn brings a new creative gift in just like a reward almost and then the cycle plays up again and again …Have not been able to do much..
    All I can say is , all old work is becoming erased as each day passes ..
    I am on my way to the US to run two or three already planned workshops , what will I actually run , I wonder ???
    Reforming, restructuring all new … Interesting ..
    Was also blocked from facebook as soon as I started bringing the new gifts /codes too soon prematurely before integration was taking place ..
    I think fb interference called it spam and on an appeal they said , they are protecting their clients!

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