WAVE XI have been writing about the energy wave that opened the 13th Gate for a couple of years now.  It was called Wave X.  However, it was not a wave in the energy sense.  It was an influx of energy, but did not recede like a wave does.  In the past, before the arrival of Wave X, which is Azoth (fire water), energy would come in waves,  the frequencies would increase, and then recede. Humanity would get breaks.  The old system was under the closed infinity loop system, so, of course the energy would flow sideways like waves do on the beach.


NumerologyofYearsNow we are in a new system, and it doesn’t operate like the old closed system.  As I have stated in other articles, we are now in the energy of the upward infinity symbol, which is an open system.  No more sideways waves of energy coming in, only upward increases.

  We are no longer dealing with waves at all, it is far more powerful than that.  Not only have we moved to the upward infinity loop energetically but this has occurred within our own bodies.  Our 13th mysterious cranial nerve has been activated, as it is the entrance to the 13th Gate of the Gods.  If we were still in the closed system this would not have occurred, but since the LAST wave came in and did not recede like all the others,  it has lifted us up to the 13th Gate and the 13th nerve.


13th cranial nerve....The 13th cranial nerve is known as the terminal nerve or nerve zero.  From the esoteric and spiritual point of view, this is so correct, as it perfectly describes what occurred with the last “wave” of energy.  The number 0 is a circle which has everything in it.  It is the void of creation, which all there is comes from.  The simple circle is the most powerful sacred geometry symbol for this reason.  The word terminal means ending, finished.  This LAST wave of energy brought in the ending of the old system (and the need for future waves),  and created the new.  When you twist the 0 you have the upward infinity symbol that we are currently under.


When this change occurred, new energy was created.  I wrote about this in a previous article.  I clairvoyantly saw and felt the name, which is Monoaurah.  For a full explanation on this please click here to go to the article.  The M is the 13th letter of the alphabet and it is also the middle letter.  And….we have 26 letters in the alphabet.  2 + 6= 8   which is of course, infinity.  After this change occurred we traveled through the center of infinity to above the plane of reality.  I also, wrote about this in great detail.  But that is a different subject.  Back to 13.


trinity in brain
Trinity in the brain

The official medical communities are mostly in the dark when it comes to the purpose of the 13th nerve.  This is because it was not operating.  Now that it is, those of us that are “tuned” in can learn what the true function is.  I “felt” this 13th nerve was connected to the Thalamus, Pineal, and Pituitary glands.  Which is the Holy Trinity of the brain.  My medical research proved this to be true.  This trinity is our cosmic egg in our brain, and the LAST wave of energy (Azoth), also known as Wave X, fired the triangle.  People have been led on a wild goose chase, trying to find their third eye.  Some were able to locate it and fire up the trinity on their own, but most could not.  The goose has laid the golden egg, and it is open to all of humanity.   All thanks to the 13th gate, the 13th cranial nerve and Wave X (Azoth/fire-water).


Lucifer,_The_Light-BearerOnce the trinity in the head was fired, the amygdala is now fully functional, as it once was in ancient times.  This is such a huge gift!  The amygdala gland is directly connected to Mary Magdalene energy, which is headed by Lucifer, who is female.  The light bringer is Lucifer.  Lucifer is connected to the number 13.  The 13th gate opened the 13th nerve and brought light to the trinity located in our brain.  The true rise of the divine feminine has occurred, as we rose up the 13th gate to the 13th nerve.  And to think we have been programmed in our subconsciousness to believe the number 13 to be unlucky.  WOW!  


Fire-triangleAll three glands that make up the trinity in our brain are connected to our sub-conscious mind.  This is what it means to be Thrice Great, to have all 3 glands working at the same time, completing the circuit.  The 13th nerve which is the terminal nerve, or nerve 0 completes the circuit.


crystal templeTaoists call this location of the brain where the trinity lies the crystal palace, as it provides a way back to Source/God.  Our crystal palace has been light, and is shining in all its glory.  


13 and the turtleThe symbol of the turtle is also connected to the 13th gate.  The turtle is a old symbol for the divine feminine energy.  Interestingly enough a turtle shell has 13 sections on it.  I guess you could say we rode upward along the vertical infinity loop on the back of the sacred turtle.  Our planet earth has been described by ancients as Turtle Island, as it is not flat nor round.  It is the land of the Divine Feminine energy which has risen.  


We can not leave astrology out of this event.  Ophiuchus is the missing 13th sign, it too is obviously connected to the 13th gate and the 13th nerve.  Along with the 13th nerve, Ophiuchus, has been a mystery that most astrologers want to ignore and pretend it is not there.  Well, those days are over.  The 13th sign is fully functional in our charts.  


OphiuchusThe most interesting fact that I love about the 13th sign is that it is the only sign that does not have an opposite.  Taurus is opposite Scorpio, but Ophiuchus stands alone.  Why?  Because the energy of this sign took us up the vertical infinity loop into the space beyond duality.  We are still in duality, yes, but the new space of wholeness and oneness (zero/0) has been activated.  Ophiuchus is the serpent bearer, the holder of our kundalini.  Now that we have total access to this energy; and it has reached our 13th nerve,  our reptile brain that Ophiuchus is connected to, is being re-programmed.  Ophiuchus is the transformer, and through this new healing power our badly damaged subconscious brains are getting a new start and becoming reconnected and “whole” again.


To sum things up…the God Particle is located in the 13th Gate that we have traveled through.  The 13th cranial nerve was activated and the God Particle in our brain is now fully functional.  What is the God Particle in our brain.  The Holy Trinity of course!  The Thalamus, Pineal, and Pituitary. This little light of mine, I am going to let it shine!

I will go further into the Amygdala gland and the amazing things that the full activation of this gland will bring.  The full activation of the Amygdala gland give new meaning to the use of Essential Oils.  

We aren’t in Kansas anymore!  Everything is different.  The wave of change came in and stayed, and it continues to carry us higher through infinity and beyond.  More to come in Part 2.


Blessing to all,
Lisa Rising Berry

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14 thoughts on “The 13th Gate, The God Particle, And The Connection To The 13th Cranial Nerve Part I

  1. I read this three times and still get more out of it each time! The Ophiuchus symbol looks much like the medical caduceus in our society. And always knew there was more to this sign than just some Doctors. What fascinates me about this is the kundalini that this represents and the feminine and masculine channels that weave up the spine and activate once the energy is connected. It also brings me to finding Dragon Magic which is about the merging of these masculine and feminine energies of kunkalini in the sacred fire.
    IExerpt from the Secrets of Dragon Magic) The dragons of Avondar, is life-altering in its scope and power. The magical life is as natural to them as breathing, requiring no learnt methodology The powerful influence of these sacred records is designed to restore the magic of man in two ways: Firstly by removing the blockages to these innate and natural abilities and secondly to enhance consciousness through increased perception. With increased consciousness comes increased resources and hence, also enhanced abilities. The crux of the magical life is the reduction of the gap between cause and effect; between intent and manifestation. To achieve this, density has to be decreased. It is also the key to magic by reducing density in our lives. The magic of humans was lost when the spinal column separated from the pranic tube and the interaction between the prana and the nervous system was lost. There are 75 windows of alchemy, abilities presently dormant in man, that open within the spine when this interaction takes place.
    There are three stages of resurrection.
    1. The First Stage of Resurrection:
    In the first stage of resurrection, the inner schism of the awake body (the physical) and the dream body (the soul) is healed. The master learns how to balance the feminine (receptive) and masculine (pro-active) within by living them not alternatively, but simultaneously. In doing this he or she becomes wakeful in the dream and able to feel the dreamlike quality of the awake times. This allows one to take full responsibility for the part of our existence lived while we sleep. Eventually sleep and awake states seem equally real and can be lived simultaneously. Life and death lose their claim on the master. The many become the one in this stage In the first, the body moves into the soul level and unites as one with its soul. This is different than death where the soul leaves for the soul level and the body is left behind to decay. This first stage can also take place when the soul, or dream-body, merges with the physical (as is described in the Bible as the resurrection of Christ). The first stage, in which the feminine (soul) and masculine (body) become one, enables one to become free from life cycles (incarnation) and death cycles. But it is only in the second stage where one has the necessary power to move between the soul level and physical reality at will.
    2. The Second Stage of Resurrection
    When the inner conflict of masculine and feminine, body and soul, life and death come to a resolution of integrated co-operation, resources are released that deliver power to the master. He or she becomes able to move at will between the physical and the soul realities. The master knows the mirrors of life and death, dreaming and awakening to be equally unreal or real. They become tools of the poetic expression of his being. The mirrors between which he stands, lose their hold over him as he sees them for what they are. The key component to achieving this stage is to live with exuberant authenticity (this shatters the mirrors) and without any attachment to the reflection and opinion or judgment of our mirrored environment. The second level of a resurrected master enables the magical abilities that once belonged to man, to be restored. White magic is the ability to reduce the delay between cause and effect by accessing the indivisible essence within. The second level of a resurrected being occurs when the prana merges with the spinal column, precipitating the alchemical openings of inter-dimensional gateways in the spinal column. This again represents the merging of the feminine (prana) and masculine (nervous system). The pranic tube is a straight tube which lies in the etheric dreambody that overlays the physical body and occupies the same space. At night, the dream-body travels into the parallel reality of the soul, attached by a silver cord to the physical body so that it can be called back when the physical body is awakened.
    The pranic tube has the same circumference as your middle finger and thumb placed tip to tip to form a circle. It travels from the top of the head to the base of the spine, straight through the body. When it merges with the spinal column, it has to assume the same curvature as the spine. The first prerequisite for this merging to take place is through the understanding of 75 very specific insights, which then yield the frequencies of the rapture of eternal romance in the joining of masculine and feminine.
    3. The Third Stage of Resurrection
    During this stage, called the magical existence, instantaneous manifestation becomes possible as the gap between cause and effect closes (the definition of white magic). The deeper understanding of the perfection behind the appearances; the purpose of expression beyond the details, becomes apparent. The deeply mystical concept of the expresser and the expression being one becomes clear. The inner fall of consciousness becomes healed as the current and ocean remember their inseparable oneness.(end of excerpt)
    So, this trinity of the 13th gate and the kundalini and sacred fires of the Dragons..so it falls in line with a lot of what you have said and I have always wondered about the gap between cause and effect, and how things happen faster now. Which would also hurl us into ‘no time’ as the gap closes, and held the space for delayed manifestation, and perhaps a paradox, who knows…but interesting about the merging of the kundalini energies and so on….see??? You got me going!!! Will be interesting for part 2 about the fragrance alchemy or essential oils that would help in this process.
    Big Hugs and lots of love! ❤

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  2. Hi Lisa – love this! So clever the way you’ve tied all your previous blogs together in this excellent summary.

    The synchronicity of you mentioning the Essential Oils gave me goose bumps….you might be interested to know that I’m presently working on a display for them at my crystal market stall (in Australia). I’m currently using Peppermint Oil… as you’re probably already aware that just a few drops on a handkerchief (or in an oil burner) instantaneously helps with breathing and clears your head (also great for relieving headaches). The interesting thing about it though is that it’s associated (same vibrational frequency) with the crystal Clear Calcite. So all the amazing mental, physical and spiritual healing properties of calcite are in this oil, and going by what you’re saying it would appear that it’s doing even more now that the 13th Cranial nerve has been activated…..so much more to learn….we are only touching the tip of the iceberg….

    I’ve posted your brilliant work on Google, but also have a request – is it possible to put ‘Pinterest’ as an option for sharing please?
    Thanks Lisa. Looking forward to Part II!
    Love & Big Hugs

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    1. Hello Catherine,

      It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.I am glad you enjoyed the blog. This article has been in the making for 3 months now. LOL…. I am glad you saw how I tied my previous articles together and added new information. That was my intention. I will be talking more about how essential oils will be even more powerful now. Its all connected to the 13th nerve, and ties into everything. I will look into adding a pinterest option. That’s a great idea. I plan on writing Part 2 tomorrow.
      Have a great day!

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    2. Wonderful Catherine, I listened to a video, made me chuckle, of how a woman used pure peppermint oil to cool off in the heat since her airconditioning was broke, and so she thought she would put it all over her legs and arms…boy did she regret that…she said she was FREEZUNG….and had to wash it off…mostly important to only apply it on the pulse points like wrists, behind the knees and so on…but interesting that it can also keep you cool!

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  3. This is one of my favourite articles on here. And I absolutely love some of the posts people have left on here. The first post by thankyourmuse was very informative.

    Something compelled me to come back and re-read this article after our session today. Well I always re-read your articles. Every time I come back to read them I always pick up something new.

    I don’t understand how I didn’t pick up there are 13th Zodiac signs now. I guess I wasn’t ready for the information when I first read it. Do you have an idea of which is/are its ruling planet(s)? Or when it will start to appear on our calendar? And what time of year? I hear it’s going to cut into Scorpio’s time frame, is it?

    Anyways, thank you for this brilliant article.

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    1. Oh dear, I skipped over your article on Ophiuchus as well. If the information is in there sorry for asking the dozens of questions I just did lol. I don’t understand how I missed this information. I feel I wasn’t ready for it maybe.

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